Taste (Ava Delaney Book 5)

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She shows that she can be a leader while she think she isn't fit to be a leader. She gave people a reason to stand up for what they believe in. I recommend this book to anyone that loves anything dealing with paranormal. Mar 19, Shaly rated it it was amazing Shelves: I hate that damn council! More evil beings I've never read about, they have no conscience and are so absolutely selfish its just fucking disgusting!

I, for one, cannot wait until the Rebels rebel! Ava keeps constantly surprising me, her quick wit and funny comebacks make for a very engaging read! Apr 26, Lorri rated it it was amazing. May 28, Brittany Goodman rated it really liked it. Off to war The battle has been fought now to win a war Ava has lost much but there is still one more big piece to do. This book had all the feels. Still lots of adult profanity. Jan 13, Punkin rated it really liked it.

Oh boy Yikes phoenix. And holy shit yaga. And bahahaha evil eddie! I do wonder how the last book will go. Jan 05, Victoria rated it it was amazing. It is a great book to read. May 13, Freethings Forme rated it it was amazing.


Taste (Ava Delaney, #5) by Claire Farrell

Ava gets a brief glimpse of having a family while Peter and his son live in her home. The coming war has arrived. A major battle is fought and won. However, it leads to even more questions. Jun 09, B Greenwood rated it it was amazing. Best in the series.. I love Claire Farrell. Each book got better and better. Can't wait for the next one. Nov 04, Miriam Sanchez rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this book!

I have every book in the Ava Delaney series and this was by far my favorite. Ava really comes into her own in this book as she gets one step closer to being the great leader she is meant to be! Sep 15, Bee rated it it was amazing. What a great book!

Sep 10, Margaret rated it really liked it. Mar 17, Colleen rated it it was amazing. Can't wait for book 6, but sad that it will be the last book in the series, as Ava is such a great lead character, one of my all time favourites! Sometimes I read the book and think Ava is a complete bitch and then sometimes she is awesome. A good read but as per the number of reviews definitely more a female book than a male.

Apr 29, Kellee rated it really liked it. I actually really enjoyed this book. The plot and side stories of all the characters really start to come together. Ava is much less annoying and the book is pretty action packed. I don't know why this series was different than most like this for me, but I dealt with the vulgarity and am excited to read the next one.

Again, I would not recommend this my teen nieces. Mar 17, EndlessReading rated it it was amazing. I am shocked of what happened in this book. I hope that Pheonix turns out to be the twins father after all they have been through. I can't wait for "Traitor" to come out in June!

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Aug 13, Rebekka Cavies rated it it was amazing Shelves: Great book, the series is really starting to come together and you get an idea to what is going to happen in the final book, it's nice to see ava taking a stand now as throughout most of the series she's being doing as she's been told, looking forward to book 6. Jun 14, Nelta rated it really liked it. Another great book in the Ava Delaney series I thought the beginning of this book dragged on a bit but I continued reading and was rewarded with the action we have come to love from Ava Feb 09, Timeforme rated it really liked it Shelves: Its been about 2 years since I read the last book in this series so I was a bit slow in remembering who each of the characters were and what their relationships involved but once I picked it back up, I very much enjoyed this fast paced and intriguing story.

Jul 04, Veray rated it really liked it. I continue to enjoy the story, but not the language so I can't give it 5 stars. Eva keeps changing though out the story and getting stronger and more confident, but when her family leaves she is falling apart and I wonder why the author decided that had to happen. I hope we get to see them again. Apr 03, Michelle rated it it was amazing. Still loving this series but gutted I'm having to wait till June for the next book!!!

Seeing Ava come into her own is great but the poor girl never seems to get a break Only 2 months to see what life has to throw at her next! Mar 16, Glow rated it it was amazing. I'm just in love with this series, can't wait for the last book to come up on June. This book has a lot of action it doesn't let you need and is TO SHORT you can read it in a day but it will lead you to more questions while answering some others.

Jul 19, Bobbyyinkahlo rated it really liked it. A book a night for four nights love it. Just keeping an eye out. It will likely be next month; the exact date depends on when the editor and proofreaders are finished. Any new information on when Taste will be released this month? I want to read it so badly. I want to know what happens! Ava finally stands up for herself and now there is Emmet and things seem to be getting serious with Peter. I hope it continues! The suspense is driving me crazy!

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Please tell me everything is ok its april 2 in stockbridge ga and i feel like a crack head who needs a fix badly only my crack is ava……… lol………. You have a beautiful mind. OrOk so i finished taste freakn awesome now im waiting on traitor. So to pass some time i got the cursed series also freakn awesome i couldnt put it down. I read the whole series in a week. I love your books i wish you had more. I just got your short stories so maybe they will hold me over.

Whats the status on traitor? Traitor is still with the editor, so looks like a June release. Did you check out the giveaway I posted about? Thanks so much for that i will definatly look them up. And i would love free books but its easier to get books on my nook.

But the site you gave me is a good reffrence i am a horrable speller btw… lol im looking them up right now. Also i read stake you…….. Easier for me than browsing the millions of books by myself. I just hope everyone else reads your other stuff. I read death is a gift….

I totally missed this comment. I want to read them so bad. I am sooo excited to read your books Ava Delaney series!!! I read the first 2 series, and was totally thrilled to see that you released 2 more books for the lost souls. So much so that I am currently in the process of rereading all 6 books so it can be a smooth transition into the Lost Souls books!!! Thank you for being my favorite writer, I have recommended you to ALL my friends!

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email. The original Ava Delaney series Ava Delaney: Lost Souls series Share this: July 5, Reply. July 6, Reply. September 11, Reply. September 12, Reply. September 20, Reply. October 8, Reply. October 10, Reply. July 8, Reply. I cannot wait to read them!! February 24, Reply. February 26, Reply. July 10, Reply. July 24, Reply.

Sorry you have to wait, Lisa. July 26, Reply. Jus throwing that idea out there…… ; Forever waiting, Vanessa. July 17, Reply. July 18, Reply. July 20, Reply. July 21, Reply. July 22, Reply. I love ur books i been waitin on taken for a few months now cant wait to read it. July 27, Reply. July 28, Reply. July 30, Reply. July 29, Reply. August 2, Reply. Thanks for sucking someone else in.

Claire Farrell

But I love that you used a reminder on your phone. August 4, Reply. Thanks for the support, Maya! August 17, Reply.

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August 18, Reply. September 13, Reply. September 14, Reply. August 24, Reply. August 25, Reply. When is book number five coming… Read the first four books in 4 days!! August 31, Reply. Thanks so much, Michelle. September 26, Reply. Thanks for trying the books out. September 27, Reply. Thanks for sticking with the story so far, Monica. Forever waiting again lol Vanessa. September 30, Reply. Well, hopefully not forever.

Last one is Traitor. U wouldt happen to know a release date or atleast a year the next book will come out? October 4, Reply. October 14, Reply. October 15, Reply. October 16, Reply. October 18, Reply.

Taste (Ava Delaney #5)

There are two books after Taken, so six in total. Eagerly waiting, always Emy. October 24, Reply. PS You really need to get a movie deal going. This would bury twilight and hunger games! October 25, Reply. October 28, Reply. October 29, Reply. December 13, Reply. December 14, Reply. When will the next two books be out ive read all 4 at least twice lol. November 2, Reply. November 3, Reply. Thanks for the massive compliment, Connie — to you and your daughter. November 4, Reply. Hope you enjoy the next book, too. November 6, Reply. December 1, Reply. December 2, Reply.

December 16, Reply. Maybe if you can get a tv series about it. It will become more popular. December 20, Reply. December 19, Reply. December 23, Reply. January 23, Reply. January 24, Reply. January 28, Reply. January 29, Reply. When do you expect the 5th Ava Dellany book? February 5, Reply. February 7, Reply. February 8, Reply. February 12, Reply.

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February 13, Reply. February 15, Reply. Hey Claire I enjoy your books I am a male.

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February 17, Reply. February 18, Reply. March 2, Reply. March 3, Reply. I love this series! March 28, Reply. April 3, Reply. May 13, Reply.

Taste (Ava Delaney Book 5) Taste (Ava Delaney Book 5)
Taste (Ava Delaney Book 5) Taste (Ava Delaney Book 5)
Taste (Ava Delaney Book 5) Taste (Ava Delaney Book 5)
Taste (Ava Delaney Book 5) Taste (Ava Delaney Book 5)
Taste (Ava Delaney Book 5) Taste (Ava Delaney Book 5)
Taste (Ava Delaney Book 5) Taste (Ava Delaney Book 5)
Taste (Ava Delaney Book 5) Taste (Ava Delaney Book 5)
Taste (Ava Delaney Book 5) Taste (Ava Delaney Book 5)

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