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Wheeling one rtf the children In a baby carriage and followed by the others. Bergeman walked from Brlghtwood to the police sta- [ Uon In the broiling sun and from there to a Catholic Institution a mile away. She returned before asking for assistance. They had already pledged sufficient revenue to pay the running expenses for ten years. He was not authorized to say how much of a permanent endowment the directors would make, but us they are all men of large means and in the habit of doing things in a large way, he anticipated this endowment would be on no mean scale. About two weeks ago Bergeman was arrested for theft, but he was allowed j to go by Judge Stubbs, who saw the sor-: Several nignts later Bergej man was caught stealing chickens and Patrolman Rochford arrested him.

After Bergeman had I kissed his wife, who was in bed, he! Jumped through an open window and tan. Brown and Albert Sahm spoke of the methods by which It Is proposed to raise funds for the purchase of the Arsenal grounds and Indicated a san-.

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Ing these places, drinking and playing. He charged the open violation of the law to the Committee having the celebration In hand, and to the officers who sanctioned keeping the places opened.

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He told how he had been tendered drinks in the popular downtown saloons, and how he had been threatened with bodily punishment if he did not get out of the saloons and off the streets during the day. The sermon has caused much excitement. The regular prohibition workers were outdone by the coolness of his procedure. What the outcome will be Is difficult to.

His friends have told him they desire his nomination and he has agreed to accept. The convention will be held Saturday at Lawrenceburg. O'Brien was at headquarters to-day looking after the details of the organisation.

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  6. The Democrats have not indicated their plan of campaign but the Republican leaders think the fight will be directed against their legislative candidates. Politicians are discussing a rumor that A. Both Chairman Spencer and Secretary Ross, of the county committee, said today that they had never heard the report. Secretary Whittaker, of the State committee. He did not say where he is going, but it is understood he will spend most of the time In Idaho. He expects to return to take an active part In the campaign. The State committee will make all appointments for his speeches.

    Shipp, the Senator's private secretary, who is now at Atlantic City, will have charge of the office during his absence.

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    A number of Indianapolis Republican leaders will attend the Second district congressional conx'ention at Linton, Thursday. Some of the candidates on the State ticket will attend by assignment from Chairman Goodrich, who may also be present. Looking for County Headquarters. Chairman Elliott is hunting a home for the Marion county Republican committee. He looked at the rooms In a number of downtown blocks, but none Is suitable. He wishes to open headquarters within a few days. Resolutions ordering the construction of seven blocks of brick pavement in the residence districts have passed the City Council.

    Petitions are now being circulated, and are being generally signed, asking that this action be annuled. This is to plow. There has not been a licensed i saloon in Kempton for five years, and the people say there shall not be one, but the attorneys for the applicants have set up the plea that the names were signed by Joe Kemp, who has power-of-attorney. Since that time, they assert, many of the voters have died and moved away, and in order to prove the genuineness of the signatures and the legality of the alleged voters, the applicants hax-e demanded that every man.

    A number of nexv pipelines are being laid An the mxrthcrn section of the city and a nexv circulation of water established. This new circulation causes the precipitation of iron that has formed In the pipes to become stirred up, and thus impart a muddy appearance to the water. Relief from the present discoloration will come when the work of laying. L Whittier in hie place, approving the election of Adolph H.

    Kruse, of Vincennes, as second lieutenant. First Regiment, and of Benjamin O. Woman Declared to be S Fraud. Davty boO svhortemeter The board of directors win be with the executix-e committee of the been making house to house coUecitona.

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    Alderman Britton made some. But it has left us with altogether too many of the half-lined Suits. It is enterprising not to carry a single Suit over into next season, even in the face of such uncontrollable conditions. We want to clear them all out that they may not interfere with our own stock. The patterns are well assorted— light, dark and medium effects; perfect fitting and carefully tailored. It ended in the extermination of the brute, and the finale will be to-night, when tne citizens of the place will feast on bear meat.

    It being understood that the. There are more than 0 [ d company continued lighting the city,. The animal was the property of Matthew Doyle, who has a sort of a menagerie at his place near Van Buren. The bear escaped early In the evening, and first made Itself prominent by trying to enter the home of James Duel.

    JDuei heard the noise on his back porch, and when he looked out of the window he saw what he first supposed was a cow, but when he went out to drive the animal away he retreated. The bear raised up. A strong effort was necessary to prevent a collision. The trouble grew out of the city lighting contract. The Terre Haute Electric Company has been llght-. McCabe, serving as president of the board of trustees of the Methodist American University at Washington, has selected the Rev.

    About one-quarter of s million is to be raised, and the work will require about five years to complete. Bishop McCabe is now in Germany. Swadener Is president of the Ministerial i of. Series of Small Fires. Bates street, shed The loesee were amall. Looking for Stream Poltution. They will ztudy both forks of White river. Flanerty la said to be harmless. He was a member of the Lutheran church and of the. The north congregation of the T P.

    SI West Ohio street, to-day and to-morrow, the proceeds to be used for benevolent purposes. A musical program has been ar-. It was hoped to capture the animal alive and John McDougal finally lassoed the animal, but It. A fantastic master-strike of a coin. Islamic Dynasties Ottoman Empire. A resplendent beauty, blessed A fascinating issue of this Vittorio Emanuele I 2.

    Billon issue and a most unusual A simply dazzling example of this rare type, An elusive and quite spectacular offering. An eminently collectible piece, with handsome A beautifully choice example whose true NGC has attributed this piece A sterling example of a perpetually popular A fortuitous encounter at any grade this Sharply struck, with attractive iridescent Among the finest certified with only two listed A scarcer type and highly desirable in this elite The significantly rarer Utrecht variety and most desirable in Struck during Nazi occupation, all but 9, were melted.

    A well preserved specimen of a type that can be quite A fully choice example, well struck, A sterling and velveteen jewel, abounding with original luster Scarcely encountered in specimen strike, Question about this auction?

    Tiergem?lde (German Edition) Tiergem?lde (German Edition)
    Tiergem?lde (German Edition) Tiergem?lde (German Edition)
    Tiergem?lde (German Edition) Tiergem?lde (German Edition)
    Tiergem?lde (German Edition) Tiergem?lde (German Edition)
    Tiergem?lde (German Edition) Tiergem?lde (German Edition)

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