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The front is decorated with kitten-shaped patches embellished with rhinestones and rounded pockets. Perfect even for the youngest of girls thanks to the adjustable waist with an elastic band with buttonholes and internal buttons. The bottom of the legs are frayed. In most calico cats, this gene is on the X chromosome, so a cat with two different X chromosomes might have a gene for black or white on one and a gene for orange on the other.

In different patches of skin, one of the two X chromosomes is inactive, making that patch the color designated by the other X chromosome.

Kitten w/ Flower Crown Patch

The on-and-off pattern of these chromosomes is randomly set when the kitten is in the womb. It is nearly impossible to breed cats specifically to create a calico cat because the genetic activity of the calico trait is unpredictable. Most calico cats are female because male cats only inherit one X chromosome. However, male calico cats do sometimes occur if the male cat has a chromosomal abnormality.

The most common type of chromosomal abnormality seen in male calicos is the presence of three sex chromosomes. According to Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, the odds of a male kitten being calico are about 1 in 3, Most male calicos are sterile, but some can sire kittens when they grow up. The behavior of a calico kitten depends more on the specific breed of the kitten and its individual personality than on the kitten's calico coloring. A calico Maine coon is likely to display that breed's fun-loving, intelligent personality, while a calico Persian may be more likely to have a sweet, gentle temperament.

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What Is a Calico Kitten? - Pets

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Cotton pyjamas with kitten patch

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Patches the Cat - Giving Birth to Kittens

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Patches the Kitten Patches the Kitten
Patches the Kitten Patches the Kitten
Patches the Kitten Patches the Kitten
Patches the Kitten Patches the Kitten
Patches the Kitten Patches the Kitten
Patches the Kitten Patches the Kitten
Patches the Kitten Patches the Kitten

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