The Prophecies - (Les Propheties) of Nostradamus

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He is put to death with neither letter nor packet read. The false trumpet concealing maddness will cause Byzantium to change its laws. From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards. The city is beseiged and assaulted by night; few have escaped; a battle not far from the sea. A woman faints with joy at the return of her son, poison in the folds of the hidden letters. The tenth day of the April Calends, calculated in Gothic fashion is revived again by wicked people.

The fire is put out and the diabolic gathering seek the bones of the demon of Psellus.

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Before the Empire changes a very wonderful event will take place. The field moved, the pillar of porphyry put in place, changed on the gnarled rock. In a short time sacrifices will be resumed, those opposed will be put to death like martyrs. The will no longer be monks, abbots or novices. Honey shall be far more expensive than wax. A founder of sects, much trouble for the accuser: A beast in the theatre prepares the scene and plot. The author ennobled by acts of older times; The world is confused by schismatic sects.

Very near Auch, Lectoure and Mirande a great fire will fall from the sky for three nights.

Les Propheties by Nostradamus

The cause will appear both stupefying and marvellous; shortly afterwards there will be an earthquake. The speeches of Lake Leman will become angered, the days will drag out into weeks, then months, then years, then all will fail. The authorities will condemn their useless powers. When twenty years of the Moon's reign have passed another will take up his reign for seven thousend years.

When the exhausted Sun takes up his cycle then my prophecy and threats will be accomplished. Long before these happenings the people of the East, influenced by the Moon, in the year will cause many to be carried away, and will almost subdue the Northern area. From the three water signs will be born a man who will celebrate Thursday as his holiday. His renown, praise, rule and power will grow on land and sea, bringing trouble to the East. The head of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn. Eternal God, what changes!

Then the bad times will return again after a long century; what turmoil in France and Italy. Two evil influences in conjunction in Scopio. The great lord is murdered in his room. A newly appointed king persecutes the Church, the lower parts of Europe and in the North. Alas, how we will see a great nation sorely troubled and the holy law in utter ruin. Christianity governed throughout by other laws, when a new source of gold and silver is discovered.

Two revolutions will be caused by the evil scythe bearer making a change of reign and centuries. The mobile sign thus moves into its house: Equal in favour to both sides. I the land with a climate opposite to Babylon there will be great shedding of blood. Heaven will seem unjust both on land and sea and in the air. Sects, famine, kingdoms, plagues, confusion.

Sooner and later you will see great changes made, dreadful horrors and vengeances. For as the moon is thus led by its angel the heaves draw near to the Balance. The trumpet shakes with great discord. Through a slit in the belly a creature will be born with two heads and four arms: The day that Alquiloie celebrates his festivals Fossana, Turin and the ruler of Ferrara will follow. The exiles deported to the islands at the advent of an even more cruel king will be murdered.

Two will be burnt who were not sparing in their speech. An Emperor will be born near Italy, who will cost the Empire very dearly. They will say, when they see his allies, that he is less a prince than a butcher. The wretched, unfortunate republic will again be ruined by a new authority. The great amount of ill will accumulated in exile will make the Swiss break their important agreement. Fire, great floods, by more ignorant rulers; how long the centuries until it is seen to be restored. Pestilences extinguished, the world becomes smaller, for a long time the lands will be inhabited peacefully.

People will travel safely through the sky over land and seas: At night they will whink they have seen the sun, when the see the half pig man: Noise, screams, battles seen fought in the skies. The brute beasts will be heard to speak. A child without hands, never so great a thunderbolt seen, the royal child wounded at a game of tennis. At the well lightning strikes, joining together three trussed up in the middle under the oaks.

He who then carries the news, after a short while will stop to breath: Viviers, Tournon, Montferrand and Praddelles; hail and storms will make them grieve. The great famine which I sense approaching will often turn in various areas then become world wide. It will be so vast and long lasting that they will grab roots from the trees and children from the breast. O to what a dreadful and wretched torment are three innocent people going to be delivered. Poison suggested, badly guarded, betrayal.

Delivered up to horror by drunken executioners. The great mountain, seven stadia round, after peace, war, famine, flooding. It will spread far, drowning great countries, even antiquities and their might foundations. Rain, famine and war will not cease in Persia; too great a faith will betray the monarch. Those actions started in France will end there, a secret sign for one to be sparing. The marine tower will be captured and retaken three times by Spaniards, barbarians and Ligurians. Marseilles and Aix, Ales by men of Pisa, devastation, fire, sword, pillage at Avignon by the Turinese.

The inhabitants of Marseilles completely changed, fleeing and pursued as far as Lyons. Narbonne, Toulouse angered by Bordeaux; the killed and captive are almost one million. France shall be accused of neglect by her five partners. Tunis, Algiers stirred up by the Persians.

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Leon, Seville and Barcelona having failed, they will not have the fleet because of the Venetians. After a rest they will travel to Epirus, great help coming from around Antioch. The curly haired king will strive greatly for the Empire, the brazen beard will be roasted on a spit. The tyrant of Siena will occupy Savona, having won the fort he will restrain the marine fleet. Two armies under the standard of Ancona: The man will be called by a barbaric name that three sisters will receive from destiny.

He will speak then to a great people in words and deeds, more than any other man will have fame and renown. A promontory stands between two seas: A man who will die later by the bit of a horse; Neptune unfurls a black sail for his man; the fleet near Gibraltar and Rocheval. To an old leader will be born an idiot heir, weak both in knowledge and in war. The leader of France is feared by his sister, battlefields divided, conceded to the soldiers.

Bazas, Lectoure, Condom, Auch and Agen are troubled by laws, disputes and monopolies. Carcassone, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Bayonne will be ruined when they wish to renew the massacre. From the sixth bright celestial light it will come to thunder very strongly in Burgundy. Then a monster will be born of a very hideuos beast: In March, April, May and June great wounding and worrying. Nine will be set apart from the human flock, separated from judgment and advise.

Their fate is to be divided as they depart. When the great wooden columns tremble in the south wind, covered with blood. Such a great assembly then pours forth that Vienna and the land of Austria will tremble. The alien nation will divide the spoils. Saturn in dreadful aspect in Mars. Dreadful and foreign to the Tuscans and Latins, Greeks who will wish to strike. The moon is obscured in deep gloom, his brother becomes bright red in colour. The great one hidden for a long time in the shadows will hold the blade in the bloody wound. The king is troubled by the queen's reply.

Ambassadors will fear for their lives. The greater of his brothers will doubly disguise his action, two of them will die through anger, hatred and envy. When the great queen sees herself conquered, she will show an excess of masculine courage. Naked, on horseback, she will pass over the river pursued by the sword: Earthshaking fire from the centre of the earth will cause tremors around the New City. Two great rocks will war for a long time, then Arethusa will redden a new river.

The divine wrath overtakes the great Prince, a short while before he will marry. Both supporters and credit will suddenly diminish. Counsel, he will die because of the shaven heads. Those of Lerida will be in the Moselle, kill all those from the Loire and Seine. The seaside track will come near the high valley, when the Spanish open every route. Bordeaux and Poitiers at the sound of the bell will go with a great fleet as fas as Langon.

A great rage will surge up against the French, when an hideous monster is born near Orgon. The gods will make it appear to mankind that they are the authors of a great war. Before the sky was seen to bee free of weapons and rockets: Under one man peace will be proclaimed everywhere, but not long after will be looting and rebellion. Because of a refusal, town, land and see will be broached. About a third of a million dead or captured. The Italian lands near the mountains will tremble.

The Cock and the Lion not strongly united. In place of fear they will help each other. Freedom alone moderates the French. The tyrant Selim will be put to death at the harbour but Liberty will not be regained, however. A new war arises from vengeance and remorse. A lady is honoured through force of terror. In front of a monastery will be found a twin infant from the illustrious and ancient line of a monk.

His fame, renown and power through sects and speech is such that they will say the living twin is deservedly chosen. A man will be charged with the destruction of temples and sectes, altered by fantasy. He will harm the rocks rather than the living, ears filled with ornate speeches. That which neither weapon nor flame could accomplish will be achieved by a sweet speaking tongue in council. Sleeping, in a dream, the king will see the enemy not in war or of military blood.

The leader who will conduct great numbers of people far from their skies, to foreign customs and language. Five thousand will die in Crete and Thessaly, the leader fleeing in a sea going supply ship. The great king will join with two kings, united in friendship. How the great household will sigh: For a long time a grey bird will be seen in the sky near Dole and the lands of Tuscany. He holds a flowering branch in his beak, but he dies too soon and the war ends. Towards Aquitaine by British islanders By these themselves great incursions Frozen rain will make the soil unjust, The mighty refuge of the Moon will make invasions.

The blue head will inflict upon the white head As much evil as France has done them good: Dead at the sail-yard the great one hung on the branch. When seized by his own the King will say how much. Because of the solar heat on the sea Of Euboea the fishes half cooked: The inhabitants will come to cut them, When the biscuit will fail Rhodes and Genoa. From Monaco to near Sicily The entire coast will remain desolated: There will remain there no suburb, city or town Not pillaged and robbed by the Barbarians. That which is enclosed in iron and letter in a fish, Out will go one who will then make war, He will have his fleet well rowed by sea, Appearing near Latin land.

Near the gates and within two cities There will be two scourges the like of which was never seen, Famine within plague, people put out by steel, Crying to the great immortal God for relief. Amongst several transported to the isles, One to be born with two teeth in his mouth They will die of famine the trees stripped, For them a new King issues a new edict. Temples consecrated in the original Roman manner, They will reject the excess foundations, Taking their first and humane laws, Chasing, though not entirely, the cult of saints.

Nine years the lean one will hold the realm in peace, Then he will fall into a very bloody thirst: Because of him a great people will die without faith and law Killed by one far more good-natured. Before long all will be set in order, We will expect a very sinister century, The state of the masked and solitary ones much changed, Few will be found who want to be in their place.

The nearest son of the elder will attain Very great height as far as the realm of the privileged: Everyone will fear his fierce glory, But his children will be thrown out of the realm. Eyes closed, opened by antique fantasy, The garb of the monks they will be put to naught: The great monarch will chastise their frenzy, Ravishing the treasure in front of the temples.

The body without a soul is no more in sacrifice. Day of death put for birth: The divine spirit will make the soul happy, Seeing the word in his eternity. At Tours, Gien, guarded, eyes will be searching, Discovering from afar her serene Highness: She and her suite will enter the port, Combat, thrust, sovereign power. Shortly before the monarch is assassinated, Castor and Pollux in the ship, bearded star: The public treasure emptied by land and sea, Pisa, Asti, Ferrara, Turin land under interdict.

Naples, Palermo, Sicily, Syracuse, New tyrants, celestial lightning fires: The field of the temple of the vestal virgin, Not far from Elne and the Pyrenees mountains: The great tube is hidden in the trunk. To the north rivers overflown and vines battered. New, impetuous and sudden rain Will suddenly halt two armies. Celestial stone, fires make the sea stony, The death of seven by land and sea sudden.

Newcomers, place built without defense, Place occupied then uninhabitable: Meadows, houses, fields, towns to take at pleasure, Famine, plague, war, extensive land arable. Brothers and sisters captive in diverse places Will find themselves passing near the monarch: Contemplating them his branches attentive, Displeasing to see the marks on chin, forehead and nose. The ambassador sent by biremes, Halfway repelled by unknown ones: Reinforced with salt four triremes will come, In Euboea bound with ropes and chains.

The imprudent army of Europe will depart, Collecting itself near the submerged isle: The weak fleet will bend the phalanx, At the navel of the world a greater voice substituted. Palace birds, chased out by a bird, Very soon after the prince has arrived: Although the enemy is repelled beyond the river, Outside seized the trick upheld by the bird. Beasts ferocious from hunger will swim across rivers: The greater part of the region will be against the Hister, The great one will cause it to be dragged in an iron cage, When the German child will observe nothing.

The foreign guard will betray the fortress, Hope and shadow of a higher marriage: Guard deceived, fort seized in the press, Loire, Saone, Rhone, Gar, mortal outrage.

Because of the favor that the city will show To the great one who will soon lose the field of battle, Fleeing the Po position, the Ticino will overflow With blood, fires, deaths, drowned by the long-edged blow. The divine word will be struck from the sky, One who cannot proceed any further: The secret closed up with the revelation, Such that they will march over and ahead.

The penultimate of the surname of the Prophet Will take Diana for his day and rest: He will wander far because of a frantic head, And delivering a great people from subjection. The Easterner will leave his seat, To pass the Apennine mountains to see Gaul: He will transpire the sky, the waters and the snow, And everyone will be struck with his rod. One who the infernal gods of Hannibal Will cause to be reborn, terror of mankind Never more horror nor worse of days In the past than will come to the Romans through Babel.

In Campania the Capuan [river] will do so much That one will see only fields covered by waters: Before and after the long rain One will see nothing green except the trees. Milk, frog's blood prepared in Dalmatia. Conflict given, plague near Treglia: A great cry will sound through all Slavonia, Then a monster will be born near and within Ravenna. Through the torrent which descends from Verona Its entry will then be guided to the Po, A great wreck, and no less in the Garonne, When those of Genoa march against their country.

The senseless ire of the furious combat Will cause steel to be flashed at the table by brothers: To part them death, wound, and curiously, The proud duel will come to harm France. The fire by night will take hold in two lodgings, Several within suffocated and roasted. It will happen near two rivers as one: Sun, Sagittarius and Capricorn all will be reduced. The letters of the great Prophet will be seized, They will come to fall into the hands of the tyrant: His enterprise will be to deceive his King, But his extortions will very soon trouble him.

Of that great number that one will send To relieve those besieged in the fort, Plague and famine will devour them all, Except seventy who will be destroyed. A great number will be condemned When the monarchs will be reconciled: But for one of them such a bad impediment will arise That they will be joined together but loosely.

One year before the Italian conflict, Germans, Gauls, Spaniards for the fort: The republican schoolhouse will fall, There, except for a few, they will be choked dead. Shortly afterwards, without a very long interval, By sea and land a great uproar will be raised: Naval battle will be very much greater, Fires, animals, those who will cause greater insult. The great star will burn for seven days, The cloud will cause two suns to appear: The big mastiff will howl all night When the great pontiff will change country. Cock, dogs and cats will be satiated with blood And from the wound of the tyrant found dead, At the bed of another legs and arms broken, He who was not afraid to die a cruel death.

During the appearance of the bearded star. The three great princes will be made enemies: Struck from the sky, peace earth quaking, Po, Tiber overflowing, serpent placed upon the shore. The Eagle driven back around the tents Will be chased from there by other birds: When the noise of cymbals, trumpets and bells Will restore the senses of the senseless lady.

Les Propheties by Nostradamus - Rare Books Digest — Rare Books Digest

Too much the heavens weep for the Hermaphrodite begotten, Near the heavens human blood shed: Because of death too late a great people re-created, Late and soon the awaited relief comes. After great trouble for humanity, a greater one is prepared The Great Mover renews the ages: Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel and plague, Is the heavens fire seen, a long spark running. The great old enemy mourning dies of poison, The sovereigns subjugated in infinite numbers: Stones raining, hidden under the fleece, Through death articles are cited in vain.

The great force which will pass the mountains. Saturn in Sagittarius Mars turning from the fish: Poison hidden under the heads of salmon, Their war-chief hung with cord. The advisers of the first monopoly, The conquerers seduced for Malta: Rhodes, Byzantium for them exposing their pole: Land will fail the pursuers in flight. Behind their flanks there will be cruel wars, The ancient wound will do worse than enemies. The blood of the just will commit a fault at London, Burnt through lightning of twenty threes the six: The ancient lady will fall from her high place, Several of the same sect will be killed.

For several nights the earth will tremble: In the spring two efforts in succession: Corinth, Ephesus will swim in the two seas: War stirred up by two valiant in combat. The great plague of the maritime city Will not cease until there be avenged the death Of the just blood, condemned for a price without crime, Of the great lady unwronged by pretense.

Because of people strange, and distant from the Romans Their great city much troubled after water: Daughter handless, domain too different, Chief taken, lock not having been picked. In the conflict the great one who was worth little At his end will perform a marvelous deed: While 'Adria' will see what he was lacking, During the banquet the proud one stabbed. One whom neither plague nor steel knew how to finish, Death on the summit of the hills struck from the sky: The abbot will die when he will see ruined Those of the wreck wishing to seize the rock.

Before the conflict the great wall will fall, The great one to death, death too sudden and lamented, Born imperfect: Near the river the land stained with blood. With neither foot nor hand because of sharp and strong tooth Through the crowd to the fort of the pork and the elder born: Near the portal treacherous proceeds, Moon shining, little great one led off.

Gallic fleet through support of the great guard Of the great Neptune, and his trident soldiers, Provence reddened to sustain a great band: More at Narbonne, because of javelins and darts. When the hunger of the mule will be satiated, Fleet sprinkles, blood and bodies will swim. Bravo, ye of 'Tamins', Gironde and La Rochelle: Mars at the port of the arrow Behind the river the ladder put to the fort, Points to fire great murder on the breach.

Then suddenly one will see vengeance, Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run. He who will prepare the great wall against them, He will lose his life from the least at the wall. The people of Geneva drying up with hunger, with thirst, Hope at hand will come to fail: On the point of trembling will be the law of him of the Cevennes, Fleet at the great port cannot be received. The sloping park great calamity To be done through Hesperia and Insubria: The fire in the ship, plague and captivity, Mercury in Sagittarius Saturn will fade.

Through great dangers the captive escaped: In a short time great his fortune changed. In the palace the people are trapped, Through good omen the city besieged. The blond one will come to compromise the fork-nosed one Through the duel and will chase him out: The exiles within he will have restored, Committing the strongest to the marine places. The efforts of 'Aquilon' will be great: The gate on the Ocean will be opened, The kingdom on the Isle will be restored: London will tremble discovered by sail. He will cause his sceptre to flourish over the three parts, Against the cope of the great Hierarchy.

The dart from the sky will make its extension, Deaths speaking: The stone in the tree, the proud nation restored, Noise, human monster, purge expiation. The exiles will come into Sicily To deliver form hunger the strange nation: At daybreak the Celts will fail them: Life remains by reason: Celtic army vexed in Italy On all sides conflict and great loss: Romans fled, O Gaul repelled! Near the Ticino, Rubicon uncertain battle. Born with three arms the predicted warlike image, Through three crowns to the great Endymion.

From Sens, from Autun they will come as far as the Rhone To pass beyond towards the Pyrenees mountains: The nation to leave the March of Ancona: By land and sea it will be followed by great suites. The voice of the rare bird heard, On the pipe of the air-vent floor: So high will the bushel of wheat rise, That man will be eating his fellow man. Lightning in Burgundy will perform a portentous deed, One which could never have been done by skill, Sexton made lame by their senate Will make the affair known to the enemies.

Hurled back through bows, fires, pitch and by fires: Cries, howls heard at midnight: Within they are place on the broken ramparts, The traitors fled by the underground passages. The great Neptune of the deep of the sea With Punic race and Gallic blood mixed. The Isles bled, because of the tardy rowing: More harm will it do him than the ill-concealed secret. The beard frizzled and black through skill Will subjugate the cruel and proud people: The great 'Chyren' will remove from far away All those captured by the banner of 'Selin'.

After the conflict by the eloquence of the wounded one For a short time a soft rest is contrived: The great ones are not to be allowed deliverance at all: They are restored by the enemies at the proper time. Through fire from the sky the city almost burned: The Urn threatens Deucalion again: Sardinia vexed by the Punic foist, After Libra will leave her Phaethon.

Through hunger the prey will make the wolf prisoner, The attacker then in extreme distress, The heir having the last one before him, The great one does not escape in the middle of the crowd. The large trade of a great Lyons changed, The greater part turns to pristine ruin Prey to the soldiers swept away by pillage: Through the Jura mountain and 'Suevia' drizzle. The strange tongue in the Dalmatian land, It will overrun, devastating the entire land. The old full beard under the severe statute Made at Lyon over the Celtic Eagle: The little great one perseveres too far: Noise of arms in the sky: Wreck for the fleet near the Adriatic Sea: The land trembles stirred up upon the air placed on land: Egypt trembles Mahometan increase, The Herald surrendering himself is appointed to cry out.

After there will come from the outermost countries A German Prince, upon the golden throne: The servitude and waters met, The lady serves, her time no longer adored. The circuit of the great ruinous deed, The seventh name of the fifth will be: Of a third greater the stranger warlike: Sheep, Paris, Aix will not guarantee.

One day the two great masters will be friends, Their great power will be seen increased: The new land will be at its high peak, To the bloody one the number recounted. Though life and death the realm of Hungary changed: The law will be more harsh than service: Their great city cries out with howls and laments, Castor and Pollux enemies in the arena. At sunrise one will see a great fire, Noise and light extending towards 'Aquilon: Fire colour of gold from the sky seen on earth: Heir struck from on high, marvelous deed done: Very near the Tiber presses Death: Shortly before great inundation: The chief of the ship taken, thrown into the bilge: Castle, palace in conflagration.

Great Po, great evil will be received through Gauls, Vain terror to the maritime Lion: People will pass by the sea in infinite numbers, Without a quarter of a million escaping. The populous places will be uninhabitable: Great discord to obtain fields: Realms delivered to prudent incapable ones: Then for the great brothers dissension and death.

Burning torch will be seen in the sky at night Near the end and beginning of the Rhone: Roman Pontiff beware of approaching The city that two rivers flow through, Near there your blood will come to spurt, You and yours when the rose will flourish. His edition of Nostradamus gives the French text of each quatrain followed by the English translation, along with some short useful notes.

Later editions were published under the name Centuries , which together constitute the largest body of prophetic verse prepared in all of literature. More than any other writer in modern times Nostradamus knew how to titillate the vast craving of humanity to foresee the future, whether being immediate or distant. Thanks to the interpreters of Les Propheties , a great deal of the inhabitants on planet Earth will be anxiously awaiting the 21 st day of the month to find out whether the Nostradamus prediction was yet another misinterpretation. One prediction that is sure to turn out true is that the Nostradamus rare book will keep getting more valuable as time goes by.

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Article by Andre Chevalier. On the most serious economic crisis. Rare Books Digest An educational and informational site about rare, old and antiquarian books. Some scholars claim that this was a resource used by Nostradamus to evade the Holy Inquisition, for fear of being persecuted for heresy. Most of the quatrains deal with disasters, and Nostradamus gained notoriety for the belief in his ability to predict the future. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Transhumanisme et intelligence artificielle in French.

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The Prophecies - (Les Propheties) of Nostradamus The Prophecies - (Les Propheties) of Nostradamus
The Prophecies - (Les Propheties) of Nostradamus The Prophecies - (Les Propheties) of Nostradamus
The Prophecies - (Les Propheties) of Nostradamus The Prophecies - (Les Propheties) of Nostradamus
The Prophecies - (Les Propheties) of Nostradamus The Prophecies - (Les Propheties) of Nostradamus
The Prophecies - (Les Propheties) of Nostradamus The Prophecies - (Les Propheties) of Nostradamus
The Prophecies - (Les Propheties) of Nostradamus The Prophecies - (Les Propheties) of Nostradamus

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