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Well worth the effort. Oh my, I was overwhelmed by the variety of jackfuit available and just wanted to make sure which one to go for. Thank you for your always great recipes and for being a reliable source on my plant-based journey! I re-read the post and found my answer! I personally enjoy the different taste but BBQ purists you know who you are might be turned off by it. Looking forward to making this and the slaw tonight and possibly ruining everything!

This recipe is fantastic!! My two boys that are 10 and 12 have requested for me to put this into our weekly rotation. Since I have celiac I have mine in lettuce wraps but everyone else eats it on Hawaiian sweet buns. Thank you for your fabulous recipies! Made this last night with my bf, seriously incredible. Thanks for the recipe, will definitely be making this again!

Not sure what to cook?

I had some of the jackfruit left over in the pan from the day before. Reheated it and it was fine. The salad would be better made fresh though. Just made this for dinner tonight: I had to add quite a bit of water to thin and reduce the spiciness of the jackfruit. In the end, it turned out super delicious!! I served them with some baked sweet potato fries. My family absolutely loved this meal. I will definitely be making this again, thank you for the recipe! Thanks for the outstanding recipe!!

This is essentially a carb bomb. Way too much sugar and extremely high on the glycemic index.

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I bought th can of green jackfruit before reading a few recipes but it was in brine not water. I made this last night and just finished off the leftovers for lunch.

This meal is absolutely delicious! Another great recipe and thank you for introducing me to jackfruit. Tasted superb, great texture and a couple of meat eaters arrived as I was getting stuck in, tried it and were wide eyed with wonder at how good it was. Mine came out pretty hot but I failed to take into account the scotch bonnet chillies in the BBQ sauce I used and added a grind of chillies to the pan!

I made this recipe today and it was delicious! I let it soak in water for a couple of hours, rinsed it and squeezed the excess water with a napkin. I also did the cole slaw, I used purple cabbage, grated carrots and kale. Will defiantly be making it again! The only jackfruit I have available is in brine. If you give it a try, let me know how it goes! This was absolutely delicious!! As a recent pescatarian I definitely missed having regular BBQ.

I put everything together onto Asian steam buns found them frozen at the local Asian market and it was a divine combination. Thanks for such a great recipe: Hi- I am planning to make this recipe- it looks great. Does the jackfruit you use have some salt in it? What brand do you use? The brine will work! Just give it a good rinse before. I used the jackfruit in water and salt and it was delicious.

My husband loved it! I ended up squeezing some of the water from the fruit in addition to draining and drying it. I also made your strawberry rhubarb crumble which was so good. But I found at room temperature the crumble fell apart unless I refrigerated it. Any advice for this? I plan to make it again for the 4th of July! I am trying to find jackfruit packed in only water but am having a difficult time. The markets I have been to either have the ones packed in brine or syrup, but none just packed in water.

Salt and preservative is fine! Brine is fine, too. Thank you for giving me a non tofu vegan alternative to pulled pork, it even got a few thumbs up from the carnivores!! I made these sliders today without the added cashews and my own slaw and they were amazing! This is definitely going to be a recurring dinner at my house. Thank you so much for sharing! All I could find was jackfruit in syrup so I gave it a go anyway despite your warning haha. I just drained it and rinsed it thoroughly and used less bbq sauce, a drop of liquid smoke and a few dashes of chipotle.

Mmmm would be perfect in a taco! I might try adding shredded or minced seitan next time to see if I can inprove the texture.

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Just make sure you drain off as much liquid as possible. Can I make this with jackfruit straight from the fruit itself?? I just bought a real one, not a can. I know other readers had success with rinsing jackfruit that came in a brine, though, the syrup might be more tricky. Let us know how it turns out! The stuff in syrup is ripe jackfruit, which actually tastes like fruit. I recently have acquired some jackfruit for this recipe, but I did not realize it needed to be in water and not brine.

Can I still make this recipe work? Thank you so much, this recipe is absolutely awesome! The avo slaw is fantastic too. Will be checking out more stuff on your site for sure. Hi Dana, I just love the way your recipies are so innovative. BBQ jackfruit sandwiches sound delicious. Looking forward to trying this soon. Thank you for mentioning FUD! I get overly school-girl giddy when I see someone mention one of my local favorites! My Dad and I are going to put a dinner together this weekend all because I need to try this recipe.

Look at you bringing Daddy and daughter together for the best pastime, eating, with a beautiful side dish: I bought the jackfruit in a can and am waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime I spotted dried jackfruit at the market. Have you ever tried soaking dried jackfruit?

Will this recipe work with a fresh jackfruit?

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If so do you have advice on how to use it in this recipe? The slaw was great too! I made this alongside two kinds of macaroni, one of then a take on your recipe. So amazing thank so much!!: Normal eaters will also love this with some cheese grated on top and a bit of mayo in the slaw….

Perfect for non pork eating religions! I made these this morning. So easy and so yummy! Will have to try with cashews etc. Have you ever made it with fresh jackfruit? Seems like it may be a lot of work. I bought canned JF at Pan Asia market. This recipe never fails. I have made this 3 times and this past weekend I made it again and it reminded me how good and easy it is. We put this on a gluten free baguette and delicious! I was so excited to find tins of jackfruit at a market today I scooped some up to take home and make this, only to reread the recipe and find out i had bought jackfruit in brine!!!

Am I totally screwed or is it salvageable?!? The prep time for this took WAY longer than expected. It also does not serve Taste was amazing though and really hit the spot with coleslaw and corn on the cob! I have been wanting to try this but never went to the specialty store to get jackfruit. It is in brine — but it actually still worked really well and tasted delicious.

Easy Homemade BBQ Sauce

Also added red onions to the jackfruit pan… SO good! I enjoy vegan food but I have had it up to here with vegans going to Asian countries like my own and insulting the food there right before taking it home and eating it. I grew up eating jackfruit straight from the can, and fresh when available. Would it be okay to put it in a crockpot after I cook it? I tried this recipe last night. The BBQ spice mix adds a ton of flavor and the tip to remove the core of the fruit helps for the fruit to break into smaller pieces which improve the texture and taste of the dish. My Dad had eaten Jackfruit in the Philippines years ago, and said it was slimy and did not enjoy, but this recipe changed his mind about the fruit.

He loved the sandwich and had seconds.

Thank you for this easy and delicious summer recipe! I will definitely make it again. There is a place here in SLC that makes these on sourdough. They do slaw and guacamole, and add blackbeans to the jackfruit. I have 4 kids, so that adds up! Thanks for posting this recipe! We love your food! Hubs and kiddo loved it. I did caramelize onions first and add it to the fruit.

I was very curious about trying this ….. Made it with a quarter size of fresh Jackfruit. Let me tell you, this fruit tastes just like Wrigleys Juicy fruits….. I had to stop myself from eating it all. On the other hand I was disappointed with the result of the recipe. Followed it to a t with no alterations.

Just wasted my yummy fruit…oh well! This recipe calls for young unripened jackfruit which is typically used for meat substitutes. Also, I know fresh Jackfruit is pretty sticky so some oil on the knife would help. One thing though… no cashews! Lastly, avocado slaw is great! Just made this minus the cashews but added a splash of cayenne to the fruit recipe to a t and… OMG. My carnivorous son was not really hungry and only tried it after much guilt laying on my part.

Hey… where do I post a pic of it? Share your photos on Instagram and use the hashtag MinimalistBaker so we can see! I have never purchased BBQ sauce — is there a particular brand you would recommend? Something more spicy then sweet. It was not as sweet as others and I added a pinch of cayenne to spice it up. My husband who is a meat eater said he liked it better than regular pulled pork.

He liked the texture of the jackfruit. Thanks for this recepie, i havnt tried it yet but im on my way. Just got back from the supermarket and realised i have bought the wrong type of jack fruit in syrup. Can i use this, and whats the difference? Jackfruit in syrup is ripened fruit. They are yellow in color and look like little pods.

The ripe fruit tastes more like a very sweet combo of banana, mango, and Juicy fruit gum. Jackfruit in brine or water is young and green, before the sweet yellow pods develop, which are best for meat substitutes. If using fresh jackfruit, you need to purchase a very green one, which is hard to find in grocery stores. Most of the time, they are already ripe, which you can tell by the brown spots on the skin of the fruit.

Fresh jackfruit also leeches a thick and sticky rubber like substance when you cut into it, so it can be a cumbersome task. Excellent introduction into cooking jackfruit at home. The first time I came across this fruit, I was in Indonesia in and took a bit of what I thought was chicken at a pedant style restaurant — turns out it was vegetarian to my delight and fruit to my surprise. I made this recipe for dinner today and it was delicious — honestly tasted like a BBQ pulled pork sandwich and my boyfriend agreed.

Definitely a repeat recipe. I made the transition to vegan awhile ago, but have been struggling this summer because of all the summer parties and bbq goodness all around me. I stumbled upon this recipe and made it for my friends. No one could tell the difference, so thank you! Unfortunately this was not a win. It was super sweet and took awhile to pull apart. Did you use young green jackfruit in water and not brine or syrup? Winner winner jackfruit dinner! It was everything I hoped it would be. I doubled up on the slaw for leftovers. Might just eat it for breakfast. A light pulsing in the food processor cut time on the jackfruit prep and I was happy with the texture.

Thanks for another great recipe. They have consistently made plant-based eating a joyful adventure. Can I add more jackfruit? My mother and I have recently transitioned to a plant-based vegan lifestyle and we, being from Oklahoma and Texas, really wanted to find a vegan BBQ alternative. It is exactly like eating real BBQ and the avocado coleslaw was also insanely yummy. We fed these sandwiches to our non-vegan family members and they loved it too!

This was so delicious! My entire family said they thought it was pulled pork. I rinsed the jackfruit very well and soaked it in water for 5 minutes. I have read majority of the reviews. Yes it looks good but has anyone made this recipe? Unfortunately the reviews were not helpful. Also, very easy and fast. It took me about 30 min and just one bowl and one pan! I highly recommend it!

I wish we had the answer there! We made it without the cashews. Why do you use garlic powder instead of garlic? Does it serve some technical purpose? I banned garlic powder and onion powder and ginger powder from my kitchen because it smells and tastes … strange. We just prefer to use garlic powder, you can use cloves of garlic if you would like. I had to take my daughter to the Dr. Will definitely save this recipe. Will be a go-to for BBQ in the future! I just loved it. This is so confusing!! I did not make a sandwich, but had it with smashed red potatoes and coleslaw, I loved it!

I will use this recipe as the base of so many others! This is so good! Taste just like pork! Kids even liked it! Another delicious recipe from this website! I have never used jackfruit before but have a few cans in brine I need to use. I noticed the NOT in brine, but what would the brine do to the recipe? Could I make it work or should I save them for something else? My non-vegan boyfriend loves all of them. So I was only able to get jackfruit in brine, do you know if it can be rinsed or soaked or something? It took a little longer to cook than the recipe suggested but the flavor is great.

Picked things to well with BBQ anyway: Have you considered doing a combined version of this with your lentil BBQ to get more protein in while maintaining the pulled pork texture? I just wanted to see what the Pro you has to say about it. This is the best recipe I have made since becoming vegan, maybe even ever! Any one with a mouth will enjoy this recipe! This recipe is awesome! I only had jackfruit in brine and it still tasted great. Definitely worth the time to break up the fruit to get the right texture.

That was delicious too! As I did not have any previous experience with jackfruit I just rinsed it and lightly dried it and carried on with the recipe.

My mix had a strong vinegar taste and little hunks of the core which do not shread were tough and unchewable. After reading all of the posts I will try again and soak the The jackfruit to try to get the brine out and cut the pieces of core out before cooking. Albeit the texture AND taste was more like savoury fried banana than pulled pork from what I remember- 13 years since my last pork meal!

I tried this and it turned out well. However… There are a dozen ads on this page, and the page kept reloading until it crashed. Thanks for reaching out. I will pass along your feedback as this would be quite a frustrating experience when trying to follow a recipe and we will see what we can do.

Just want to add I have the same frustration. I ended up having to take a screen grab and just go off the photo. I have never had jackfruit before and it will, definitely, become a new staple in my vegetarian arsenal! Me of little faith — I only made half a batch. Would love if you did a refined sugar free BBQ sauce recipe, especially with warm weather coming up! Ok, I just made this and it was amazing!

I cut out the brown sugar for coconut sugar and only added half. I prepared my jackfruit https: Let us know if you give it a try. I added smoked paprika for extra smoke and cooked in the Instant Pot! I cooked on manual for 10 minutes, and let it naturally release. I have made 10 of your recipes and every one is the bomb. Will be making this for an outdoor event May 5th, do I peel the Jackfruit, cut in half to remove the core. The jackfruit comes pre-cut in the can. I will let you know how it turns out. I made this last night and WOW…absolutely delicious! My 19 yr old son announced it was one of the best sandwiches he has ever eaten!

I was a little disheartened at the lack of jackfruit even at Whole Foods the frozen bags were way too expensive , so I ordered a box of 6 cans from Amazon and just hoped to love the recipe enough… I made a couple of small changes such as using chopped spinach and avocado in place of the slaw.

Truth be told, I very likely will be making it for dinner again tonight…: I made this once before and it was delish! Any sort of reference picture would be really appreciated! This was a fantastic recipe, I made it for my daughters outdoor engagement party which was also a Kentucky Derby party. Served with the Slaw, even meatlovers like me enjoyed it. Last night I decided to put my big girl apron on and give it a go! Anywho, I rinsed the canned jackfruit since it was in brine and omitted salt from the recipe. It reheats very well! Accidentally substituted young jackfruit for fresh, fully ripened jackfruit, which resulted in a mixture that was way too sweet!

Will definitely try this recipe again with young jackfruit. This looks so good! Any thoughts on modifying the sauce to be low or no sugar? While I would highly recommend keeping at least some of the sugar content in this recipe, you could get away with cutting it down to half if preferred that way. I went to a BBQ recently and made this so I would have something to eat and enough to share. Will be making this again! Well without the brown sugar and it still worked out. And what better day to do it than July 4th.

I only had one can of jackfruit so I eyeballed the spices part. I did good for my first taste and bout with jackfruit. Thanks for the recipe. So excited to finally get around to trying jackfruit! I got mine from a local asian market in brine. Will definitely make again!

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Mano Mano, this is tasty. Im new to Jackfruit after having it on a salad at a restaurant I went looking for recipes and stumbled on yours. I used smoked paprika and chipolte chili pepper to the spice mix. And some smoked paprika to the slaw. I am now officially a jackfruit nut. This recipe was phenomenal! We ended up using a fresh jackfruit, making up the amounts of the ingredients, and using corn chips instead of bread to eat it with.

Either way this is something that every meat eater should try. This made going vegan much easier. Kevon, If you could share how you did it with fresh jackfruit, that would be amazing. Ps, yes this recipe is money. Made it many times. Julie, Hmm… it should smell like the fruit which is sweet and delicious. It was definitely sticky as the latex seeped out, but the alternative is using oil to lube the blade and your hands to keep them from sticking.

Just made this, but added diced onions to the pan, before the jack fruit. Pretty excited to eat this tomorrow for lunch with a lime mayo. RIP to the days when fake meat was flavoured wheat in various shapes. Long live the jack fruit! I made this as tacos! Maybe give a little more info about removing core and seeds, I had to look up further instruction.

The cashews are a great call. I made this into sliders for a work potluck. I liked the chunkier texture. I am not a vegetarian, but I challenge you fellow meat eaters to try this dish. You will love it. My daughter-in-law made it while I was in Cali. I want to make this for a couple of vegan friends attending a pre-wedding picnic. Can it be frozen? It does last a couple of days though if that helps! I have a bag of frozen jackfruit Whole Foods, maybe?

Do you think this might be ok to use? OMG it was perfect. This was my first time trying jackfruit, so I knew I needed to use one of the Minimalist Baker recipes to have a real way of knowing if I liked it or not. I Served on whole wheat hamburger buns and topped with microgreens and a few dashes of Tapatio.

I find myself making your recipes every night…Thank you!! Just saw this recipe. I had a can of jackfruit in the cupboard which i purchased out of curiosity. Decided to throw it into my pot of beanless chili. Yum, but now thinking about mixing in bbq and Turning it into a different meal for tomorrow. Ohh my this looks so yummy! I never heard of jackfruit until I came across this recipe so I did pick up a can of jackfruit.

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The process is so simple. This BBQ jackfruit sandwich is legit! Simple, minute BBQ jackfruit sandwiches that will fool any meat lover! A crunchy, cool avocado slaw and roasted salted cashews add even more texture and flavor. The perfect vegan substitute for pulled pork. Prep Time 5 minutes. Cook Time 25 minutes. Elisha, sorry, your question went under my radar. It is tomato sauce that comes in a can…literally labeled tomato sauce. A ounce can should be sufficient for this. This Made my sauce a bit thinner than normal BBQ sauce, but the flavor was exceptional!! Thanks, Cyd — glad you enjoyed it.

Chances are if you refrigerate it overnight, it will thicken up a bit. This sauce was amazing! Thanks, Rebecca and Kris — I make this a lot, as I find store-bought sauces have an odd aftertaste. I tried to make this as easy and as flavorful as possible and glad you enjoyed it! Zaeem, most tomato sauces taste pretty much the same, though I tend to choose organic products like Muir Glen. My family loves this sauce! We make barbecue lentil sliders with it.

Thank you for all you share on your site! Thanks for your kind thoughts, Kim! As well as all your other amazing recipes too. Getting off of processed foods etc is one thing.. Wish I had read the comments before making this. Are There Side Effects or Precautions? January 1, By Nava. Teriyaki Marinade Red Onion Relish. Garlicky Asparagus with Mushrooms August 20, Reply elisha June 27, at 2: Reply Nava August 7, at 8: Reply Cisneros Cares September 6, at 5: Reply Cyd January 6, at

5 Vegan BBQ Sauce Recipes (5 Vegan Recipes Book 2) 5 Vegan BBQ Sauce Recipes (5 Vegan Recipes Book 2)
5 Vegan BBQ Sauce Recipes (5 Vegan Recipes Book 2) 5 Vegan BBQ Sauce Recipes (5 Vegan Recipes Book 2)
5 Vegan BBQ Sauce Recipes (5 Vegan Recipes Book 2) 5 Vegan BBQ Sauce Recipes (5 Vegan Recipes Book 2)
5 Vegan BBQ Sauce Recipes (5 Vegan Recipes Book 2) 5 Vegan BBQ Sauce Recipes (5 Vegan Recipes Book 2)
5 Vegan BBQ Sauce Recipes (5 Vegan Recipes Book 2) 5 Vegan BBQ Sauce Recipes (5 Vegan Recipes Book 2)
5 Vegan BBQ Sauce Recipes (5 Vegan Recipes Book 2) 5 Vegan BBQ Sauce Recipes (5 Vegan Recipes Book 2)
5 Vegan BBQ Sauce Recipes (5 Vegan Recipes Book 2) 5 Vegan BBQ Sauce Recipes (5 Vegan Recipes Book 2)
5 Vegan BBQ Sauce Recipes (5 Vegan Recipes Book 2) 5 Vegan BBQ Sauce Recipes (5 Vegan Recipes Book 2)

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