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Never Think song meanings. Add your thoughts 83 Comments. My Opinion I am in absolute awe at how great a musician this boy is. This song is amazing, very Ray Lamontagne.

Robert Pattinson Never Think OFFICIAL lyrics

In fact, I'm guessing he is one of his influences. Everything about it - music, lyrics, feeling No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment I wish everyone would stop thinking of Rob in association with Edward, and stop immediately connecting his lyrics to Twilight.

He's said numerous times that he wasnt a large fan of the books,and I sincerely doubt he could sing something so raw and so passionately if he was singing about a topic he really had very little interest in. General Comment I love this song, so much. I agree with lilspicegirl. It's acutally "Before you're too far gone" "Your" shows possesion. Before you are too far gone.

Why Fascists Never Think They’re Fascists — but Victims and Heroes

Porter, thank you so much for pointing that out! It truly bothers me when people misuse "to" and "too," as well as "their," "they're," and "there," and "your" and "you're. Sorry about that, I just copied and pasted these lyrics from another site.

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General Comment i'm so sick of twilight, but when i heard this song i was like really suprised. My Opinion To me, this song comes from such a sad place; it's like, that person is your whole world, with them you have everything and also nothing because for some reason or another they are not good for you at all. What a position to be in. General Comment does he remind anyone else of ray lamontagne? I was thinking the same thing! Flag oletwilightfan on April 13, I was thinking that the first time I heard this song! Flag Hephzibah on May 18, I'd say it's like Ray meets Joe Purdy.

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I never think of the future - it comes soon enough. - Albert Einstein - BrainyQuote

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1. You have all-or-nothing thinking.

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Never Think Never Think
Never Think Never Think
Never Think Never Think
Never Think Never Think
Never Think Never Think
Never Think Never Think

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