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why is it so sharp?

Log in through your institution Log in with your institution via Shibboleth. More options Purchase digital access to this article Download and print this article for your personal scholarly, research, and educational use. Abstract Radiocarbon dating methods typically assume that there are no significant tropospheric 14 CO 2 gradients within the low- to mid-latitude zone of the Northern Hemisphere.

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Magnitude, Mechanisms, and Consequences. Message Subject Your Name has forwarded a page to you from Science. It took Teisserence de Bort almost 10 years and more than collected soundings to trust his results enough and have the heart to report his results to the French Acadamy of Sciences in April and announce the discovery of an isothermal layer "zone isotherme" in french.

Regional 14CO2 Offsets in the Troposphere: Magnitude, Mechanisms, and Consequences | Science

As little as three days! Assmann announced essentially the same discovery to the German Academy of Science referring to the isothermal layer as upper inversion.

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The isothermal layer as discovered by Teisserenc de Bort and Assmann represents the first few kilometers of what we now call the stratosphere a term introduced by Teisserenc de Bort around , as was troposphere for the lowest part of the atmosphere. And as stated above the lower boundary of the stratosphere is called the tropopause a term popularized by Sir Napier Shaw around Observational studies using data with fine vertical resolution m or better have documented that the transition from troposphere to stratosphere is on average extremely sharp, in fact almost step-like see graph below.

The best way to quantify this is to look at a measure of the degree of stratification of the atmosphere.

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  • The degree of stratification measures how hard it is for a fluid air parcel to travel vertically. This is directly measured by the so-called buoyancy frequency - this is the frequency with which an air parcel would oscillate if displaced from its equilibrium position. For stronger stratification stratosphere the air parcel will oscillate faster higher buoyancy frequency whereas for weaker stratification troposphere the air parcel will oscillate slower lower buoyancy frequency.

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    Anybody who has looked at individual temperature soundings will confirm that this smooth transition does not represent the transition found in most individual soundings. The problem with the conventional average is that the tropopause level fluctuates quite strongly in time and in space. In mid-latitudes the tropopause can be located as low as 5 km one day and as high as 15 km a week later even though that would represent an extreme case! The way out is to compute the averages relative to the position of the tropopause called tropopause-based average above.

    This is illustrated below taken from Birner But to come back to the original question: Well, this is the part we still don't fully understand.


    They all seem to explain at least part of the observed temperature structure but none of them is fully conclusive. For more on this see, e. Discovering the 3rd dimension in the second half of the 19th century.

    Coxwell and Glaisher image on the right became unconscious as they reached altitudes of about 10 km during their flight in !

    Troposphere (German Edition) Troposphere (German Edition)
    Troposphere (German Edition) Troposphere (German Edition)
    Troposphere (German Edition) Troposphere (German Edition)
    Troposphere (German Edition) Troposphere (German Edition)
    Troposphere (German Edition) Troposphere (German Edition)

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