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Furthermore, our columnist Gregor Kleinknecht takes on the interesting topic of miscarriages of justice. Discover Germany Issue 63, June Published Print Liquid Graphic Ltd. And wherever you might be for the month until the winning country is triumphant, you will most likely be unable to escape the hype.

If you happen to be in Germany, you are in for a special treat: While being almost two kilometres long, the Fanmeile provides several large screens and thus, much space for a gigantic area for football fans. Additionally, we met up with actor Daniel Rodic to talk about his love for Berlin and Cologne, why acting is his absolute dream job and much more. Other topics covered in our June issue are great products for the much-anticipated barbeque season, innovative German fashion brands, Swiss wine estates that are well worth a visit, as well as top restaurants and spa destinations, amongst other interesting topics.

Sit back, relax and thanks for reading. Material contained in this publication may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without prior permission of Scan Group — a trading name of Scan Magazine Ltd. Creative solutions that advance digital transformation.

Meet and mingle with creative thinkers, movers and shakers from business and society. The conference starts on Monday, the exhibition on Tuesday. Fashion Finds The sun is finally out, and so let us take a trip to the beach! Pack a good book, a comfortable chair or a pretty towel and, of course, do not forget an airy summer outfit. KG, that is known for its emphasis on the highest quality and a great fit. If you need a new bikini, look no further. These stylish sunglasses are a must-have for the summer season Designed by Solaris by APOLLO, they will not only be a great addition to your outfit, but will also provide that all important protection for your eyes at the beach.

The dress is inspired by indigo and folklore and with its design, it just screams summer! International, energetic vision meets purism You may know Germany for a lot of things, but perhaps fashion is not one of them. But in fact, the country has brought forward a diverse landscape of cutting-edge fashion designers that want to change that. We speak to some of the most innovative ones in the following special theme to find out more about their beautiful creations, their design approaches and more. Eye-catching graphic pattern lightens up rainy days.

Inventor Hans Haupt with one of his Knirps umbrellas. Sensational advertising campaign in the 50s. This year, Knirps — the original from Germany — celebrates its 90th birthday accordingly: Knirps made itself an anniversary present and designed an umbrella which combines its entire design and production know-how of the past 90 years. Dieses Jahr begeht Knirps — das Original aus Deutschland — seinen A Knirps can be repaired and represents a sustainable quality product; features that distinguish it from many cheaper products.

Bernhard Lindner, head of international sales and marketing, says: All of these quality features can be found in the limited anniversary edition.


Anton G. Leitner - Wikipedia

And, of course, function also meets design in this model: When she was only 13 years old, Kerstin Krause already had a huge interest in fashion. As there was not much choice in the s she learned early on how important creativity is. Today, she has her own fashion label: Heute hat sie ihr eigenes Modelabel: Today, Krause produces her creations in Germany and Italy and searches for the best fabrics worldwide.

For Krause it is important that the women who wear her designs blossom, thanks to good fits and feminine cuts: Heute produziert Krause ihre Kreationen in Deutschland und Italien und sucht weltweit nach den besten Stoffen. Dedicated to Design… This summer, we embrace the hot new trend of Alfresco living. No longer reserved for fleeting summer days in southern France or Spain, this trend is set on redefining our outside spaces and turning them into elaborate meeting points that can be used all year round.

Think outdoor sofas, outdoor kitchens, cosy fireplaces, bars, TVs and more. After all, Alfresco living is about making exterior spaces beautiful and useful, whatever the season. There is probably nothing better than a nice meal with all of your loved ones on a mild summer night. Fancy reading a great book on the terrace this summer? We might have just found your new favourite spot for this! Exclusively available at designbotschaft.

Not many things can change an ambiance as much as lamps do. No Alfresco living space would be complete without some pretty plants.

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This Mediterranean flower pot is a timeless, yet beautiful home for your favourite summer shrubs. Pocket sized games with simple rules — those are the trademarks of the Japanese Oink Games publishing company.

Anton G. Leitner

The Swiss family enterprise Board Game Box has been working together with Oink Games for two years now and markets their games in Switzerland. Spiele im Taschenformat und mit einfachen Regeln — das sind die Markenzeichen des japanischen Oink Games Spieleverlags. The board games published by Oink Games Inc, who have existed for ten years now, distinguish themselves not only through their small pocket size, but also through the simplicity of their rules, their particular design and diversity. In Europe, the company has so far published five games: He and his wife Swetlana, as founders of Board Game Box, not only value the good cooperation with Oink Games, but also love playing the games themselves.

Consider how you would have loved to swiftly turn your parka into an overall the last time you got soaked to the skin while cycling to work! Foldable into a neat little package, the city-smart rain garment leaves nothing to be desired. The motion-optimised design is available in seven unisex sizes and a choice of three colours, and can be changed from overall back to jacket in a flash. For safety measures, it features several reflectors — and last not least, the adjustable hood leaves enough room for the bike helmet.

Both easy to wear and nice to look at, it can be worn with a clear conscience, due to its environmentfriendly, EU-made qualities! And when the next sudden downpour starts, you are safely and stylishly equipped for all circumstances. Natural cosmetics by Vivian Weiss may be the answer to our fast-paced lives: With her passion for traditional Chinese medicine and a beautifully holistic approach, Vivian Weiss creates highly effective natural cosmetics. Naturkosmetik von Vivian Weiss ist die Antwort auf unseren schnellen Alltag: As a health-conscious woman, Vivian Weiss had the idea for her anti-aging line practically overnight.

After two years of development, the TCM anti-aging line with yam, goji berries, soy beans and hyaluron was born. My wrinkles are less, the skin is rejuvenated and looks fresher and younger. Nachhaltig bis ins Detail und ansprechend gestaltet: To guarantee a soft leather quality, Gregor Mair mostly uses vegetable-tanned cowhide and calfskin. The designer enjoys travelling to the tanneries and manufacturers for his handselected materials.

His products are marked by first class craftsmanship as well as a timeless, thought-out design. Equipped with three compartments, the classic dinA4 plus writing case, for example, allows its user to slip in their tablet, as well as any other indispensable office utensils — and is safe and stylish.

The fashionably streamlined grga messenger bag with extra notebook compartment has recently won the Design Award 17 in the fashion design category Tyrol Winner. Long-lasting creativity Motivated by a need to create his own design from first draft to finished product, Gregor Mair started his own label in The role is 17 years old but is still highly topical. After completing her acting training at the renowned Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts Berlin, she soon gained fame through playing the ambitious detective Nina Metz in Sat.

Other great roles followed: Since , she can be seen in the Austrian cult series 4 Frauen und ein Todesfall und most recently, she got a role in the history film Die Ketzerbraut. This comprehensive list shows that Uhlig is a rather versatile actress and embraces a variety of different genres. And ultimately, playing the role needs to touch my heart. Speaking of the diet craze — the mother of four children has also become a passionate author. Of course, we want to know what her worst diet was. But the worst was and still is that I participated in the diet craze for over 20 years.

For those wanting to see the actress on screen, the new movie Der Junge muss an die Frische Luft will come to cinemas this year. And also to the WDR improvisation film Klassentreffen. And what other dreams and wishes does she still have after already achieving so much? I wish that my husband and I can bring up our children in a way that they are able to stand on their own feet and that we both still have a long time remaining to accompany them during that.

Heiligendamm - 1 September: Homburg - 15 October: Hamm - 16 October: That actually works quite well if only you allow it and you accept yourself just the way you are. But in particular, to stories that can be experienced first-hand and stories that one might have experienced in the same or similar way before. This time, Uhlig tells the hilarious story of her own family vacation in Mallorca, which includes buffet battles, beaches filled with jellyfish and free-spirited children with a high degree of self-mockery. And one of the greatest yearnings that I have. Und das war unser Ansatzpunkt.

Denn der Chinarindenbaum wird umgangssprachlich auch Fieberbaum genannt, da das Chinin in der Rinde eine fiebersenkende Wirkung hat. Auch in den renommierten. In der Vietal Kitchen tut Gesundes nicht nur gut, es schmeckt auch fantastisch. Whether innovative coal, great barbeque shops or more, we have got you covered. Um etwas sehr Gutes herzustellen, braucht man ein ausgezeichnetes Ausgangsmaterial. Die harten Schalen einer Kokosnuss bringen diese Voraussetzung mit.

In ihr steckt von Natur aus mehr Energie als in Eichen- oder Buchenholz. Das hochwertige Ausgangsmaterial wird nun weiter veredelt, in diesem Fall werden die Schalen verkohlt. Die Tatsache, dass Kokosnussschalen immer gleich dick, bzw. Ein weiterer Vorteil von Kokoskohle ist, dass sie in stabilen Kartons verpackt ist. Das reduziert den Abrieb auf ein Minimum, vereinfacht das Stapeln und ist dadurch enorm platzsparend beim Lagern und Transport. In , the two young entrepreneurs Dr. Pia and Jonas Taureck acquired the trademark and began to revive and manufacture the legendary lantern again, as part of the Petromax group in Magdeburg and hence managed to keep up this skilful tradition made in Germany.

To this day, the Hurricane Lantern Baby Special is fabricated in the highest quality and in many individual colours in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Whether in the stable and on the field, in the garden, on the construction site, in traffic and on high seas, the classic lamp — sold a million times over — provided a warm, reliable and safe light. To celebrate the anniversary in style, Feuerhand has designed a limited edition of the Hurricane Lantern Baby Special in a lovely pearl gold colour.

The handy lamp is as simple as it is versatile in use. The new design unites the traditional past and the modern future, which Feurhand is taking by storm. There is, for example, the Feuerhand Pyron and Pyron Plate. Featuring a rustic design, it sets new standards with its unique, double-walled construction with elaborated ventilation, wood boiler principle and a chimney effect. The Feuerhand Pyron Plate, as extension of the fire barrel, is a plancha grilling plate, which stands out through its functionality. Different temperature zones of up to over degrees and a cooking support allow for perfect, culinary experiences.

A barbecue chef is no. Whether you are a fan of its functionality, a retro-design lover or simply fell in love with the iconic lamp itself: Feuerhand is the ideal brand for you. But the burning passion for the outdoors continues with many other products made by Feuerhand. Functionality and aesthetics at best workmanship are characteristics of the Hurricane Lantern and are the guiding principle for the development of new products.

Laut Frau Reuter geht die Grill-Tendenz mometan weg vom einfachen Holzkohlegrill und hin zum schnelleren und besser regulierbaren Gasgrill. Um die Nase grilltechnisch immer vorn zu haben, besucht Grillstar. Der Trend geht weiter in Richtung Pelletsmoker und Keramikgrill. Da kann der Sommer kommen! Discover the taste of Switzerland Switzerland is known for tasty treats like chocolate or fondue - but there is far more to discover as entrepreneurs across the country work hard to bring tasty new products and culinary treats to the market.

The Glarus-based company, founded in , not only holds the patent for the thin chocolate hollow spheres for Truffes, but also invented the unique FreshChocolate. The Chocolate Experience tour begins at the origin of the cocoa bean, the tropical forest. During the tour, suitable for the whole family, visitors will get to, among other things, experience how the cocoa bean is turned into chocolate mixture. Whoever wants to take some chocolate home after the tour, might like to pay a visit to the Chocolaterie. Here, they can even have their own FreshChocolate made according to individual taste, in milk or dark chocolate and in two different sizes.

Up to years old, these traditional transport casks had been used to deliver beer to regional pubs and restaurants until the beginning of the seventies. The oak casks were sealed on the inside with pitch to prevent the beer tasting of wood and to avoid carbon dioxide leakage.

However, the tar-like layer often became cracked so that over the decades, traces of beer soaked into the barrel staves. The barrels were always resealed and, as a result, the beer extracts were locked into the staves. Merging the old and the new Locher, who manages the family business in its fifth generation, was well aware of the fact that in , an old law from World War II prohibiting the distillation of barley in Switzerland would finally be amended.

The brewer was eager to find out if his idea to use old beer casks for new, unique whisky creations was feasible. However, before filling the oak casks with the first batch of distilled barley, they had to be repaired and the old layer of pitch was removed. Soon it became apparent that, over the years, the beer had soaked into the staves up to a depth of one centimetre. These century-old aromas and beer extracts are released from the casks in the same way.

For connoisseurs and collectors alike, it has now become possible to enhance a beautiful hike in the Alpstein Mountains with a certain something. Each mountain inn is storing its own special whisky on site. The in-house whisky is available straight from the barrel and visitors can buy their own bottles to take home — signed by the innkeeper.

He immediately asked for one of the uniquely stored whiskies for his own mountain inn. Brauerei Locher AG has always been open to new ideas, and soon the Meglisalp. The concept quickly spread, resulting in unexpected, yet great success. Fired up by the enormous demand at the Meglisalp inn, there was suddenly plenty to think about — both for the Brauerei Locher AG brewery and innkeeper Sepp Manser himself. It has been known in Appenzell for a long time that the individual will be better off if everyone else is also doing well — and thanks to this communal spirit, the Whisky Trek was born.

Bayerische Aspekte emphasizes that the usage of dialect corresponds well with the content of Leitner's poetry: Observations of everyday life are formed into an accurate portrait of Bavarian nature, sometimes coarse, sometimes profound, sometimes pigheaded, but always laid-back — this is indeed how Upper Bavarians sound.

Not only around the person of Anton G. The Truth about Uncle Spam: Consequently, his motifs and thematic concepts are developed in view of a real-reader situation that includes—but also searches beyond—academic special interest groups. His verse aims at reaching a wide public and achieves just this. He begins with a prying curiosity. Only curious readers looking forward to these books can help us survive, for poetry mainly thrives on the commitment of enthusiastic publishers. While some poets and publishers became angry over Kutsch's criticism of badly planned public endowments of poetry, Leitner defended Kutsch saying that "some comments by contemporary poets sound as though they have been written by moody children whose allowances have been threatened to be cut by their fatherland.

Thus the debate was not generally about governmental subsidies for the arts, in particular for literature. Instead, in Leitner's eyes, it was a debate on the conditions of and for aesthetic production. If a poet is to be funded by the state out of tax-payer resources, then such poets should accept the fact that it is "not poetry that is providing for their material needs, but rather subsidies and prize money, which are often provided from tax-payer money.

In the Eichborn Verlag, his audio book was published under the title Herzenspoesie, and includes love poems from Goethe , Heine , Klabund , Wedekind , and Gernhardt. Leitner's work as a publisher has shaped the face of German editing practice with respect to poetry. He has encouraged a fresh and uninhibited style in dealing with poetry that is aimed at a general audience. Noteworthy is Leitner's innovative energy in constituting poetic formats by centering a body of texts around a common principle — for example, his anthology SMS-Lyrik, on poetry in the text message format SMS: In such projects, Leitner's editorial work has defined many formal parameters in the art form under real market conditions.

This book is a fresh sounding out of the present-day literary scene in Bavaria. For Leitner, the poetic anthology is an editorial project that by nature always remains inconclusive, but still must be constantly undertaken. The very form of the anthology shapes literary history, in that it shows which texts are able to hold their position with a larger audience over a longer period of time.

In this sense, the anthology in Leitner's view is an "open project.

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In , Anton G. Since , Leitner invites a new co-editor each year. The magazine is published annually. It ranks among the most sold literary magazines in the German language.

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