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Riddell, by making commerce the theme of many of her novels, introduced a new element into English fiction, although Balzac had naturalised it in the French novel. She was intimately acquainted with the topography of the City of London, where the scenes of her novels were often laid. At the same time she possessed a rare power of describing places of which she had no first-hand knowledge. When she wrote The Moors and the Fens she had never seen the district.

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Riddell Charlotte Riddell in Supernatural Fiction Writers New York: Scribner's, , pp. Wilkie Collins, Le Fanu and Others. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. James Cowan died about the time Charlotte became twenty-one, leaving Mrs. Cowan and Charlotte with very limited means.

After a short period attempting to survive on Mrs. In order to achieve this aim she and her mother moved to London. The prospective author spent the exceptionally cold winter months of early hawking her manuscripts around various publishers with very little success. However, the remuneration from this is thought to have been minimal. Riddell used the different pseudonym of Rainey Hawthorne for her next book The Ruling Passion, which was published by Bentley in Riddell was a businessman and inventor, but seems to have been more adept at having ideas than making any money from his inventions.

This was a new subject matter to be depicted in such detail in English literature — many contemporaries tended to look down on anyone engaged in trade as not being true gentlepeople. Trafford pen-name, which appeared in The narrative concerns a chemist who becomes so absorbed with his experiments that he neglects his wife. According to an interview Riddell gave thirty years later, the kindly Skeet attempted to dissuade her from writing about business matters, as he believed it was a subject that no woman could handle well.

However, the Too Much Alone was quite well received. An critique in The Fortnightly Review makes it clear that the novel was already in its third edition within a few months of its original publication. However, any easing of money worries this success brought was relatively short-lived. Riddell later explained in an interview that she took this step: The reason for the continued fluctuating fortunes of Mrs.

Charlotte married Joseph Hadley Riddell in , a few months after the death of her mother. In an interview given to The Pall Mall Gazette in she informs us that her husband was a civil engineer. A little more detail can be gleaned from the memoirs of Arthur Waugh who informs his readers that Riddell was an inventor of impractical stoves.

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Joseph Riddell seems to have been a highly intelligent sensitive man, but hopeless in regard to practical business affairs and money matters. A young Irish cartoonist, Harry Furniss, who had an introduction to meet Charlotte in , later stated that he had the impression that Joseph Riddell was in prison.

Although this slur was denied by Mr A. Norway who knew Mrs.

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Charlotte Elizabeth Lawson Cowan Riddell. Life of Charles Dickens. Green Tea and Mr. His Life and Works.

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Works of Charlotte Riddell Works of Charlotte Riddell
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Works of Charlotte Riddell Works of Charlotte Riddell
Works of Charlotte Riddell Works of Charlotte Riddell
Works of Charlotte Riddell Works of Charlotte Riddell
Works of Charlotte Riddell Works of Charlotte Riddell
Works of Charlotte Riddell Works of Charlotte Riddell

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