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Schulz created the strip and produced the first few weeks worth of strips himself; after that, while Schulz was responsible for most of the written content and rough artwork, Sasseville was brought on board to provide some of the gags and all the finished artwork, done in Schulz's style. Schulz continued to receive sole credit for the comic.

Despite the resemblance to the children in Peanuts , most of the characters in these cartoons were adults. The comic focused on games, which could range from card games and board games to classic 'sporting' games, or even recreational activities. Unlike most other sports comics, the sporting activities focused on many amateur sports, like golf and ping pong.

The strip was modestly successful, although its unusual three-times-a-week publication schedule Monday, Wednesday and Friday may have limited its placement in many newspapers.

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Players with at least 10 RBIs in a game

A Sunday strip was also offered to newspapers, consisting of the three panels from earlier in the week, along with a bonus fourth panel in an elongated format. Given the growing popularity of Peanuts and the resulting demands on his time, Schulz canceled the strip after 63 weeks. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Becker, Comic Art In America. Simon and Schuster, , p.

Great American Sports Stories Series. Daily News "A warm slice of Americana. Much more than a story about…. This film takes us inside the world of cricket and the daily life of Montreal's Parc Extension - one of Canada's poorest yet most vibrant immigrant neighbourhoods. Little known in French Canada Quebec , cricket has hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. For the immigrant cricket players in Parc-Ex, cricket is….

Dad And Barkley, René Lacoste, Sri Lankan Cricket

Colorado Part of the Series: Colorado's Rocky Mountains provide some of the best and various types of rock climbing, which is why people come from all around the world to climb Colorado. This is an excellent documentary video about the little-known but fascinating history…. The Loneliest Mountain is an enthralling account of the courage and triumph of special individuals who embark on an epic journey to and across "the last wilderness on earth".

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In a party of six Australian mountaineers set sail for Mount Minto the tallest mountain into the Admiralty Range …. This Village Voice "Critic's Pick! Reeling from his mother's death and a subsequent DUI, Anderson faces haunting memories of childhood abuse….

Celebrate the Game - Gothia Cup

After a college writing tutor's colleagues are falsely accused in a university athletics scandal, he becomes determined to set the record straight. Along the way, he realizes he's up against more than he anticipated. Heart of the Sea: Kapolioka'ehukai is a breathtaking portrait of surf legend Rell "Kapolioka'ehukai" Sunn, founding member of the Women's Professional Surfing Association and beloved breast cancer activist. With exhilarating water scenes and captivating archival footage of surf culture, Heart of the Sea is an important look at Hawai'i's integral….

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Only a Game Only a Game
Only a Game Only a Game
Only a Game Only a Game
Only a Game Only a Game
Only a Game Only a Game
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