A Walking Tour of York, Pennsylvania (Look Up, America!)

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Faber developed the first self-pollenating sweet cherry tree. The new hybrid was named the York Imperial Sweet Cherry. The Trinity congregation dates to , this church dates to The pound cross was too heavy to be properly reinstalled so it has since been replaced with a light weight replica. Fluhrer Building 17 West Market Street. Dempwolf delivered this rare example of a Florentine Revival commercial building for Fluhrer Jewelers. The glazed terra cotta building sparkles like the wares on display inside.

The arches above the fourth-story windows mark the date the business was founded and the year the building was constructed The Rupps became merchants in York in Look for a brownstone bear on the facade that contains the date of construction and the name D. Schmidt, purveyor of mens wear and president of the York Athletic Association, bought the building in and it remained in the Schmidt family until This was the site of the former Globe Inn, a hotel that played host to such notable guests as Marquis de Lafayette.

Colonial Hotel 18 South George Street. It was built in the late s, not s and architect John A. Demwolf created a French chateau-influenced hotel with rooms and a top floor dining room for the York Hotel Company. The building once boasted a mansard roof with conical turrets but they were destroyed in a fire. The old hotel was renovated in the early s to house professional offices and condominiums. The congregation of the Christ Lutheran Church, organized in , is one of the oldest Lutheran congregations west of the Susquehanna River.

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Reineberg Shoes 59 South George Street. The original Reineberg Shoe store opened downed the street at 7 South George in The family moved the business to this location in the s, into this smart Art Deco building. Reineberg is no longer fitting Florsheims here but the business is still providing personal shoe service in York.

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Washington Hall South George Street. For many years it housed a theater on the second floor. This location served as a depository for flint lock muskets and rifles during the American Revolution. Benjamin Hersch constructed the brick building here as the Golden Swan Tavern around The tavern proprietor sold the business to Samuel Weiser in for use as a dry goods store. It was moved to a car barn and then purchased and moved to a parking lot on South George Street.

Eugene Stumpf bought it and planted it in his back yard as a playhouse at Whiteford Road. Eventually the city reclaimed it and. The trolley kiosk was returned to its former location on Continental Square in The bank was organized in , as the cornerstone attests. The Beaux Arts incorporates classical features features - double fluted Corinthian pilasters, roof balustrade - and a touch of Egyptian Revival symbolism in its prominent eagle overlooking Market Street. This building is located on the site of the National Treasury from , when the Continental Congress located in York.

Reinhardt Dempwolf teamed with his brother John to design this beautiful Beaux Arts vault in This is courthouse number three for York County. A replica of the first one was where the tour started; its replacement rose here in The ever-busy John Dempwolf was called in for a redesign in and he incorporated the Ionic columns you see today from that courthouse into his design. He topped the courthouse with three distinctive domes inspired by the Florence Italy Cathedral.

The new courthouse was initially covered in yellow brick, including the central portion of the building. The courthouse expanded in , receiving east and west wings and a facade replacement in red brick. This Greek Revival home was built in for local businessman Philip A. His company sold retail and wholesale dry goods and hardware. The house was purchased for an exclusive York club, founded in , and named in honor of the Marquis de Lafayette. Knowing that the city needed a high quality, modern hotel in the s, funds for the Yorktowne were raised through the sale of stock to the community.

The Georgian Revival structure opened the doors to its rooms on October 5, Design-wise, this building incorporates many features of theRenaissance Revival Style, including formal design, rusticated ground level, round arched windows with keystones, and roof balustrade. With the exceptions of the first floor and marquee, visitors today see the same visage that greeted excited guests in First organized as the Sun Fire Company in and then as the Laurel Fire Company in , this is one of the oldest continuously operating fire companies in the United States.

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This striking Italianate firehouse with Gothic highlights dates to Architectural features include high mansard roof, round and pointed arches, corner quoins, a heavy bracketed cornice, pediments over the garage doors, hood molds above the windows, paired arched windows, and modillions. The White Rose Motor Club built their Art Moderne headquarters along the lines of the streamlined automobiles of the day in With rounded shapes and sleek stainless steel and smooth stone the building practically appears as if it is ready to pull out of its parking spot.

The York Water Company traces its origins to when water was carried from nearby streams in hollow logs. This Neoclassical temple use Egyptian-inspired columns inscribed with symbolic fountain and water scenes.

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The interior ceiling, executed by the Philadelphia Decorating Company n , was restored to its original magnificence in Bonham House East Market Street. Horace Bonham was admitted to the bar and worked as a newspaper editor and a congressional aide before, at the age of 34, he went to Europe in February to study painting. He visited the great museums, met artists and sketched scenes wherever he traveled. He bought this house in , remodeling and enlarging it over the years.

Bonham is best remembered today as a genre painter who captured routine events with his brush; his work was unusual for its inclusion of diverse people in his scenes. Elizabeth Bonham, his oldest daughter, left the property to the Historical Society of York County in The Brownstone East Market Street.

Small, a railway car manufacturer, built this Italianate-style brownstone with corner quoins and arched windows with keystones in The interior parlor features elaborately painted wall and ceiling frescoes byItalian artist Philipo Costagini, famous for his work in the United States Capitol.

In the s a restaurant operated here, one of the first structures in York to be fully air-conditioned. Look for lighter colored patches on the facade, attempts to repair the notoriously fragile brownstone. Martin Library East Market Street. A graceful octagonal cupola, complete with weathervane, tops of his creation. This land was a gift of the Penn family to the English Presbyterian Congregation of Yorktown in ; the original church was holding services by This Gothic Revival expression in brick was constructed in A small chapel was added in Charles Billmeyer was a partner in the Billmeyer and Small Co.

The building features prominent quoins, cast stone trim around the door, arched windows with hood mold and foliate keystone, multiple chimneys, and an oriel on the east side. The entire confection is topped with a cupola on the hipped roof.

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Now on the National Register of Historic Places, the Billmeyer house was slated for demolition in the s before it underwent restoration for use as offices for the First Presbyterian Church. William Goodridge, a former slave, became a prosperous merchant. He reportedly hid runaway slaves in a secret room in the cellar of this house and in straw-filled pits in what was then the backyard. Architect Reinhardt Dempwolf purchased the house in and gave it the Colonial Revival style seen today.

In the s it became popular in large cities to use pre-fabricated cast iron as building facades. Often molded in Italianate style with ornate cornices and pilasters, cast iron cut the time of construction from months to weeks. It resides on the National Register of Historic Places. The pulse of the cultural center of York beat through these two theaters which, although similar in appearance, were two distinct structures, both executed by Reinhardt Dempwolf.

The Capitol designed in the formal Renaissance Revival Style with rusticated ground level, distinct horizontal divisions, and roof balustrade, was built first, in Bath, Maine, looks like what you would imagine a cozy New England town to be. A walking tour of the city is available, a good way to keep your spirits high during your trip. Not without rustic charm, Franklin looks to distinguish itself from its neighbor Nashville.

The city has a blend of historic preservation and modern sophistication, with a mix of antique shops, gift and bookstores, fashion-forward boutiques, art galleries, and restored homes that line Main Street. The city offers free rides in a charming green and red trolley to explore the district, built in the 19th century.

Some of the oldest buildings include the public square and courthouse, and the architectural styles differ as downtown expanded its reach. Now, Staunton has six historic districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and its Main Street, with an eclectic mix of architectural styles designed by TJ Collins from to , showcases the compactness of the 19th century. Collins designed or remodeled about buildings in Staunton, many of which are still in use. A quaint and quiet town, Woodstock is home to a myriad of historical brick homes, a covered bridge, village green, and a small main street.

Visitors and locals alike can explore the small, locally owned shops, art galleries, and country stores, all within walking distance. There are no big-box retailers in sight! Check out these astonishing facts about each of the 50 states. Listed as one of the Best Art Towns in America , the main street features some of the 50 murals woven throughout the city.

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The newly renovated historic Silco Theater, which was built in , is one of the major theater landmarks in the city. A few other theaters make up the Theater District, with some undergoing renovations. The city has also hosted its annual Lighted Christmas Show since , which displays impressive lighted floats and brings around 12, people to the main street each year.

Teaming with Southern charm, Charleston is brimming with beautiful homes and gardens along its charming avenues. History buffs will particularly enjoy Chalmers Street, one of only eight remaining cobblestone streets in the city. It also features the Old Slave Mart Museum, a massive structure where enslaved people were sold off to work on plantations at the Antebellum Slave Auction Gallery. The museum adds extra context for visitors who tour homes of plantation owners after the fact. About miles from Boston by car, this Cape Cod vacation town is known for its vibrant arts scene and friendliness to the LGBT community.

Homes, bed and breakfasts, art galleries, shops, and restaurants mix seamlessly on this bustling main street. Now, 25th Street brings together more than one million travelers, art collectors, and food and outdoor enthusiasts each year. Take a stroll down bustling M Street and take in the sights: The neighborhood is home to a world-class higher education institution, making it one of the best college towns in the country. Make sure to check out to historical standouts on M Street.

The second, made famous by The Exorcist , is the terrifying stone stairs that joggers and movie buffs frequent. On the verge of discovery, Fort Pierce has been compared to other notable small towns with charming main streets.

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Once located near natural hot springs, this wine-country town has a beautiful main square that offers visitors everything from a movie theater and exhibits to restaurants and boutiques. Most importantly, wine tastings are prevalent in the main square, which is dotted with buildings in various styles such as high Victorian and Mexican adobe. Next, check out the nicest small towns in America that everyone should visit before they turn

A Walking Tour of York, Pennsylvania (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of York, Pennsylvania (Look Up, America!)
A Walking Tour of York, Pennsylvania (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of York, Pennsylvania (Look Up, America!)
A Walking Tour of York, Pennsylvania (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of York, Pennsylvania (Look Up, America!)
A Walking Tour of York, Pennsylvania (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of York, Pennsylvania (Look Up, America!)
A Walking Tour of York, Pennsylvania (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of York, Pennsylvania (Look Up, America!)

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