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10 Facts about a Woman's Brain

Women may also have evolved extra-sensitivity to interpersonal cues as a way to avoid conflict, a state that can feel intolerable to women, according to Brizendine.

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The flood of chemicals that takes over the female brain during a conflict -- especially within an intimate relationship — is almost on the same order as a seizure, she explains. Possibly because of their overachievement in "mind reading," women often find blank expressions, or a lack of response, completely unbearable.

Girl with half a brain becomes fluent in two languages

A young girl will go to great lengths trying to get a response from a mime while a boy will not be nearly so determined, Brizendine said. For females in particular, a negative response may be better than no response at all. For women to get in the mood, and especially to have an orgasm , certain areas of her brain have to shut off. And any number of things can turn them back on. A woman may refuse a man's advances because she is angry, feeling distrustful -- or even, because her feet are chilly, studies show.

Brain cancer: Dying to Live, Living to Die in 4:42 minutes

Pregnancy, caring for small children and menopause can also take a toll on a woman's sex drive although some women experience a renewed interest in sex after The Change. Best advice for a turned-on dude?

She changes every day based on her cycle

For women, it is everything that happens 24 hours beforehand," Brizendine said. Progesterone increases fold in the first eight weeks of pregnancy, causing most women to become very sedated, Brizendine said. Don't worry; it returns to normal size by six months after delivery. Whether pregnancy causes women to think differently is controversial -- one recent study linked memory problems to pregnancy hormones -- but some researchers have suggested the changes prepare brain circuits that guide maternal behavior. These circuits likely continue to develop after birth.

Handling a baby releases maternal hormones, even among females who have never been pregnant, found researchers at Tufts University. While measured in rats, the finding offers a chemical understanding of the bonding that can occur among foster moms and children. The study was published in the journal Developmental Psychobiology in The physical, hormonal, emotional and social changes facing a woman directly after giving birth can be monumental.

10 Things Every Man Should Know about a Woman's Brain

Over the course of evolution, it was rare for our maternal ancestors to be full-time mothers, said Brizendine, because there was always kin-folk around to help with child rearing. And a mother needs a lot of support , not only for her own sake but for the child's as well.

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  • Her ability to adequately respond to her infant can impact the child's developing nervous system and temperament, research shows. One way Mother Nature tries to help is through breastfeeding. Nursing may help women deal with some types of stress, studies suggest. The word hemispheric kept occurring and we then came across an MRI brain scan and that is when we saw that there was only half of her brain left. Fluently bilingual, she had been arguing with her little sister in perfectly-constructed Dutch, then turned to answer her mother in Turkish.

    10 Things Every Man Should Know about a Woman's Brain

    Dr Borgstein said Busra's sight was impaired but that she could hear perfectly with both ears, the right side of her brain having compensated completely for the lack of the left side. I had to tell my students to forget all the neurophysiological theory they were learning," he said. If the operation is carried out before the age of eight, they will usually recover language.

    Before the operation Busra had had problems with co-ordination of her right side and some difficulties with language, a result of the epilepsy which accompanies Rasmussen syndrome.

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    • But as Christina grew up, she held on to her goals. Even though she lost motor skills on the left side of her body, the use of her left hand, and half her vision, she was determined to do everything her classmates were doing.

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      She received her Masters in speech pathology in — just five years after graduating high school. On the 20th anniversary of the surgery that should have limited her life, Christina is living it to its fullest — buying her own home and just married in My brother had his entire left side amputated after an accident on the railroad tracks.

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      He is all right now.

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