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Together, Dec and Liz, helped by a stray tom cat named Jefferson, try to puzzle out and disrupt the invasion plans of the hidden invaders. The aliens have enlisted the aid of members of the government and pose a deadly threat to humanity.

Quantum Cat Book Series:

To forestall them, the matter transporter network must be destroyed before all is lost. Desperately fighting their way across the solar system with captured weapons, Dec and Liz discover that the aliens' power is based on a horrifying symbiosis that is the foundation of the alien's strength, but which also creates an exploitable vulnerability.

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As a result of being captured by the alien leader, both Declan and Elizabeth gain unique mental skills that may help save mankind from destruction. Unfortunately, the invasion plot is multi-pronged and the aliens have set up a devastating final attack that can destroy human society, forcing the survivors into a survival lifestyle. This book stands by itself and does not leave you hanging in the heat of the action, but it is the first of a series. The next two stories in the trilogy, Second Wave and Confederation complete the first part of this series.

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Quantum Cat Series

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Write a product review. She can warn but not kill. She can make it clear to Man that he would do well, for his own sake, to mend his ways.

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And so the goddess adopts a policy of persuasion, roping in her relatives to assist her: I get tangled up when I read novels with complicated plots with an extensive cast list, and I cannot work out what is going on. As in my previous books "Jerome and the Seraph" and "Angelos," I have blended present and past, mingling the new with the old, for I am not sure that time passes like an arrow speeding forward.

Maybe what was, still is. Maybe there is just now , and the "ancient" gods never went away. Whatever; I hope that you will enjoy reading my story of the Earth goddess, her family and friends. The quirky humor and character antics had me laughing from page one.

Gaea Hits Back

In Blood Prophecy Stefan Petrucha succeeds in taking the vampire genre and turning it right onto its head, with this tale of a bloodsucker with a conscience. James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet Publishers: In the end, it is the elegant use of language, the fully realized characterizations, and the effective play of tension and conflict that all come together to make this fantasy novel a wonderful read that continuously moves forward with an irresistible force.

It is, in all, a rich and dazzling piece of work! This book is a great read for anyone. It opens up the mind of the reader while keeping the plot consistent. Those readers interested in Greek mythology, intermingling religious systems and in speculations about the afterlife, Heaven and spiritual beings will be very entertained by the book. I was truly amazed when I read this book.

A must read for its gripping premise, the fierce energy of the first half, and its frank examination of these flawed yet memorable characters.

Gaea (Quantum Cat Book 3) Gaea (Quantum Cat Book 3)
Gaea (Quantum Cat Book 3) Gaea (Quantum Cat Book 3)
Gaea (Quantum Cat Book 3) Gaea (Quantum Cat Book 3)
Gaea (Quantum Cat Book 3) Gaea (Quantum Cat Book 3)
Gaea (Quantum Cat Book 3) Gaea (Quantum Cat Book 3)
Gaea (Quantum Cat Book 3) Gaea (Quantum Cat Book 3)
Gaea (Quantum Cat Book 3) Gaea (Quantum Cat Book 3)

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