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I had often thought about long tiring hikes as "death marches". I think most hikers have experienced that at least once in their lives, but this hike redefined what a "death march" hike is for me. Reaching the summit of a particularly difficult peak often makes me a little emotional from the effort, but I keep those feelings in check. Hiking Kilimanjaro on the other hand was a completely different story.

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When we arrived at Stella Point the ridge to the summit , I had a complete breakdown. A year's worth of planning, training, and preparing for the most difficult hike to date was coming to the climax and I was going to be standing on the "Rooftop of Africa". One of the Seven Summits of the World.

All I could do is cry By the time we reached Stella Point, I was completely out of breath. I wanted to roar but I had no energy left. My friend Randy helped me out giving a tremendous roar for me! Completely exhausted physically and mentally, my excitement gave way to tears. Many of us were overwhelmed with the intense feelings of accomplishment. For the first time, we realized we could make it! The sun started to rise, and with it came even more hope and energy. The exciting views into the crater and walking among the impressive glaciers kept our minds from thinking about how tired we were.

The path to the summit was wide and nearly flat, still we walked slowly due to the elevation. The terrain on the approach looked like a moonscape more than the summit of mountain. We trudged along looking more like "the Walking Dead" than hikers. We stopped frequently to admire and photograph the beautiful glaciers. Glistening in the early morning ray's of the sun the glaciers looked like Superman's fortress.

A Life Changing Day on the Summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Rounding a turn in the trail we finally saw the two summit signs. After almost a year of preparation for this moment, finally being at the summit felt like a dream. Arm in arm the team walked to the signs. Numerous photos were taken and more tears were shed. I knew my life had been forever changed reaching this goal. I couldn't say that there is anything I can't do. Skip down to learn how to make it happen for yourself. Here are a few more interesting facts , albeit not necessarily statistically relevant.

All in our group made it to the crater rim. One woman did not continue because she had never planned to do so. She did not show any signs of being affected by the altitude, and I am sure if she had wanted to, she could have made it to the summit. One younger guy had to turn around because he was getting way too cold and weak. He had been struggling with the altitude for the last couple of days already. There were nine people in our group, the other seven made it to the summit. The operator had a second group on the same route at the same time.

They all made it to the summit. That is 13 people out of 15, or Route selection, climb duration, time of the year and last but not least the climb operator are all huge factors by themselves.

A Life Changing Day on the Summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro | HuffPost

Oh, and one more thing. When our group met for the very first time, for our briefing and to meet our guides, and after we had all introduced ourselves and told a bit about how we had prepared, there were two people in our group who the head guide said he can pretty much guarantee will summit. My mother an I. I hope I have managed to convince you that climbing Kilimanjaro is well within your capabilities and inspired you to read on. I will now take you step by step through everything you need to know and do to make it happen.

That includes things that absolutely NEED doing, like organising visas, getting vaccinations, insurance etc. You'll probably learn a bunch of interesting stuff along the way, too, so let's get going. Every issue that I mention here is explained in detail on another page, often several pages, but this is the place to start! Weather at Kilimanjaro - When to climb The weather on Mt. Kilimanjaro affects your climb and your success chances. Read about what to expect at different times of the year.

Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes There are seven routes and they vary in length and difficulty. Read about their advantages and disadvantages. Mount Kilimanjaro Tours One of the most important decisions you have to make is to pick a tour operator or trekking agency. This page tells you what to look out for. This page tells you where the money goes, and why it's money well spent.

So how difficult is it really to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

Mar 08, Olwen rated it liked it. Imagine hiking up Mt Kilimanjaro. Now imagine sitting down to a prepared meal on a chair, at a table, every day. With artificial flowers decorating the table.

That was the easy part of the expedition. The author describes well the emotional and mental drive required to achieve such a trek. I don't think I'll follow in her footsteps, even if there are regular meals, chairs and a table decorated with artificial flowers. I'm happy to admire the mountain from a distance. Jun 05, Patricia Murphy rated it liked it Shelves: I took several ideas from this book about what to pack on my trek. That's saying a lot considering I have already been preparing for 5 months.

While we're still dealing with the plodding chronological order that befalls all the Kili books I have read, at least this author likes the outdoors and has more to say than her feet hurt. Apr 27, Jeimy rated it liked it.

Been to Mount Kilimanjaro? Share your experiences!

This book provided a bit of insight to the Lemosho Route, which I shall attempt this July. As with all the other Kili travel accounts I've read, it recalls the pain and humor lived during the climb. Freeman and her international trekking buddies seemed to enjoy themselves amid the ache. Sep 14, Cheryl rated it really liked it Shelves: Taken Mt Kilimanjaro off my bucket list!

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Oct 17, Kristin rated it it was ok Shelves: Can't get into it I'm done. Jan 09, Brenda Nutter rated it really liked it Shelves: Well worth the read if one is considering the pros and cons of making a climb to the roof of Africa. Heather Fineisen rated it really liked it Oct 12, Karen rated it really liked it Mar 15, Mallory rated it liked it Jan 27,

Mt Kilimanjaro and Me Mt Kilimanjaro and Me
Mt Kilimanjaro and Me Mt Kilimanjaro and Me
Mt Kilimanjaro and Me Mt Kilimanjaro and Me
Mt Kilimanjaro and Me Mt Kilimanjaro and Me
Mt Kilimanjaro and Me Mt Kilimanjaro and Me
Mt Kilimanjaro and Me Mt Kilimanjaro and Me
Mt Kilimanjaro and Me Mt Kilimanjaro and Me
Mt Kilimanjaro and Me Mt Kilimanjaro and Me

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