Nova Nine: Trouble in the Tropics

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A million people have been ordered to leave the U. Seven-day rainfall totals are forecast to reach millimetres over much of North Carolina and Virginia, and even mm in some places. However, Hubbard said Florence is not expected to have any impact on Canada, given its predicted track into the U. By the end of the week, a high pressure system is expected to park itself over Atlantic Canada, blocking Florence from a northerly advance and bringing fair weather to the region. As for the two other tropical storms spinning westward across the Atlantic — Isaac and Helene — both are also expected to steer clear of Canadian territory.

Tropical storm Isaac is forecast to grow in strength, but it is expected to maintain a steady westward track through the Caribbean Sea into the weekend. As for hurricane Helene, it is on a predicted track that has the storm swinging to the northeast by Saturday, remaining in the middle of the North Atlantic. Last year, there were 17 named storms. The hurricane season officially runs from June 1 to Nov. We've sent an email with instructions to create a new password. Your existing password has not been changed. Our minders and binders, Whose blinders betray, Be fault-finders, stem-winders— No truth-finders they.

The period from to has a standard deviation for the differences of 0. They claim the more modern data has an uncertainty of 1Sd of 0. The two hemispheres seem to be very much in sync. Then from to , not so much and definitely not since Considering how little data there was pre , from buckets thrown overboard that could have degree differences depending on who took the sample and the type of bucket, then as the data gets better we see the two hemispheres are very different until the 70s. Then they do their own thing again after Its very clear that the need for the SH to follow the NH closely is more important than what the meager data actually suggests happened, except for the period where the half degree of cooling in NH data needs to be just a pause in the global temps.

Had to correct someone on another blog. That they get what they want to see despite the data not being fit for purpose does.

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Now you have Morrison talking Nuclear. Put it in the middle of Canberra then. Lots of graphs of temperature. Billions in cash required to help the third world cope. Perhaps they should just once show the graph of CO2 vs time and explain why nothing done in the last hundred years has had any effect on steady CO2 growth, up or down. The world was going to end 20 years ago. Then 10 years ago. I thought that had already happened in Australia. Especially in the Red Sea coral reefs which live in water 10C warmer than our Australian waters.

Obviously fatal to coral then. I wonder what the global temperature plot would look like if the modellers and their data homogenisers were looking for cooling! I am glad I am not a scientists tarnished with this obscene mess that has lowered the credibility of all scientists. Anyone taking pride in being labelled a scientists needs to be working through their professional bodies to correct this insanity. The spending would be better described as VAST.

And often it is not only state funds that are being spent but, rather, funds energy consumers are forced to pay to a third party. Actual observational data here. This photo was picked at random from many. If you examine this closely, you will see corrections that strongly suggest operator confusion. Run your eye down minima temperature of air. See the many over-written numbers? If you examine this sheet really closely, you will go nuts as you mentally calculate the huge job of digitising all these, millions of them, from all over the world, again.

But, it is not for you or me to do that. Thank you Dr John McLean. Please keep on digging, if you have not already gone nuts, because excuse after excuse will be found to paper over the errors you find. Set up a blog site so other volunteers like me can add example after example. That is an interesting page. It goes to show that HadCRUT ignored lots of available measurements for the earlier part of their reconstruction. As for the corrections; I think a lot of the thick strokes and blotches are due to the steel nib pen used, dipped in ink. Mark Levin interviews Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist and Joe Concha, The Hill, re the media, especially the coverage, or non-coverage, in relation to the uncorroborated accusations against Brett Kavanaugh:.

Mark Levin Fox News. October 7, https: Only way this will get anywhere is if sky news ask the pollies and then report on it , otherwise it will be erased from memory. Nor are we bound to go and tip money into that big climate fund. Australia committed to Paris agreement: We spoke and they listened. An end to the ban will ensure that Australian families and businesses are well placed to benefit from cheap and reliable nuclear energy in the long-term.

The ban has remained despite repeated scientific inquiries which have found that Australia is ideal for safe, cheap and reliable nuclear power generation within a smart regulatory framework. Australia has more natural resources than anywhere else in the world — and we still have the worlds highest power prices. With your continued support, the ATA will continue to deliver victories for sensible policy that delivers a fair go and improves the lives of Australian families and businesses.

When working in a mine at Warrego years ago I was told they had to dig through uranium to get to the target ore copper and gold and that uranium was pretty much everywhere up there. No, RR, That is wrong. No known uranium enrichments at Tennant Creek. Tennant was our company effort, mostly, finding the mines at Warrego, Juno, Orlando, Gecko, Argo, Ivanhoe, all copper, bismuth, gold operations. Our uranium discovery in the NT was Ranger One, the big one. The world has barely 10 years to get climate change under control, U. At the same time, however, the report is being received with hope in some quarters because it affirms that 1.

It is also likely to galvanize even stronger climate action by focusing on 1. The transformation described in the document is breathtaking, and the speed of change required raises inevitable questions about its feasibility…. The radical transformation also would mean that, in a world projected to have more than 2 billion additional people by , large swaths of land currently used to produce food would instead have to be converted to growing trees that store carbon and crops designated for energy use…. Risks of extreme heat and weather events just rise and rise as temperatures do, meaning these would be worse worldwide the more it warms.

And turning off most coal plants may not be the most radical change required. For instance, the document also contemplates rapid changes to agriculture, where methane emissions, produced by livestock, rice cultivation and other sources, also would have to plummet even as the world will have to feed a growing population… https: I look forward to seeing the the Chinese ambassador at the UN declaring they will stop building those hundreds of new coal fired power stations and begin dismantling the huge numbers of existing ones ASAP. Of course they would need to replace them all with nuclear power stations.

Perhaps then the UN can invade China to force them to do what the alarmists claim is best for the planet. I dare them to. Otherwise, the UN, Greens and everyone else telling us that coal is bad should just shut the xxxx up! Which is almost nothing. With a proven half life in the atmosphere of 14 years there is no problem. If CO2 was a problem, we would have seen an effect by now. Where are the sea rises, the extra storms, the temperature increases?

All hit and myth. Much better is some proper grown-up research, eg this effort from 17 years ago: And from 5 years ago: Other useful papers on errors and homogenisation of this data that have already been done include: The early instrumental warm-bias — https: A new data set from — https: But provides no previous audits. The MO publishes these unaltered, as they should. But they perform quality control before using them. You can find such a file of data as used here. I also seem to get the , nothing to see here we knew already it was shonky so nothing new spleel.

Phil Jones et al probably knew all this way back when he refused to release the data to Steve McIntyre.


Now we know why …. Meanwhile, Craig has done his job: The problems have been raised before. They do not do it very well according to John McClean. Just in case Craig actually wants to read it! So, if we could reduce the ocean blip by, say, 0. This still leaves an ocean blip, and i think one needs to have some form of ocean blip to explain the land blip via either some common forcing, or ocean forcing land, or vice versa, or all of these.

When you look at other blips, the land blips are 1. Let me go further. What is being discussed here is fitting the data to the theory. Or least that is my understanding from the long history of thought on the Scientific Method at the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Another climategate email of direct relevance to temperature data is from Kevin Trenberth to Micheal Mann on Mon, 12 Oct Our observing system is inadequate.

When the theory contradicts the data, it is the data that is at fault, a mindset similar to that in That is those responsible for the three major surface temperature data sets. That will be very hard to hide. Just a few years and it will all be arrant nonsense, which means it always has been. These are all peer reviewed papers if it amounts to more than a hill of beans for the Climate Change ideologues. Are They Real or an Instrumental Problem? A Spatial and Temporal Study. Surface air temperature records biased by snow-covered surface.

Reexamination of instrument change effects in the U. Spuriously induced temperature trends in the Southeast United States. Documentation of uncertainties and biases associated with surface temperature measurement sites for climate change assessment PDF. Unresolved issues with the assessment of multidecadal global land surface temperature trends PDF. In the Cosmic Rays and their influences on the climate section I quickly counted about peer reviewed papers listed in the Popular Technology. You are so obviously reading the wrong stuff such the climate change fiction articles you seem so keen on promoting.

Climate change fiction which we have had forced down our throats for close to thirty years now with continuous promises of imminent climate related destruction events that somehow always seem to be delayed or never even bother to turn up in that fancy climate destroying manner you and your climate change ilk are so desperately trying to convince us will happen, will happen, will happen!. Of course they 7 news put it on as total fact.

It is simply a lie. Nearly half of Indonesia is in the Northern Hemisphere. Almost none of the rest is lower than 8 degrees South.

Atlantic Canadians keep wary watch on advancing tropical storms, hurricanes

None of it is lower than 22 South, the Tropic of Capricorn. The equator is not the Southern Hemisphere. Most of it is water anyway, including Antarctica. So it has always been a puzzle how anyone could temperature map half the planet without satellites. No one just wanders around. Even where good records exist in the State records inherited by the BOM, they have been largely ignored. The technology did not change, so our records in Australia are extremely limited. So half the planet unmapped for half of the period. The other real problem is that the weather is so different South of the equator and much colder.

The average summer temperature in Antarctica is C. In the arctic, it is 0C. Where a city like Murmansk ,people can exist at 70North, you are in unliveable winter areas in the Antarctic bases. The Australian Mawson base is only at 68 South. Still, a bit of averaging, homogenization and voila, you have the temperatures for half the planet before industrialization. Political science with built in results. You can hardly expect the giant business of man made Global Warming to admit defeat.

It was invented by the IPCC in It justifies their existence. The Australian is running the story! Does that not mean that there is hope for science yet? The researchers have used these facts and numbers to paint a picture of the world with a dangerous fever, caused by humans…. What can I do? The report says there must be rapid and significant changes in four big global systems: Five steps to 1. Coal is expected to reduce to close to zero 4. Up to seven million sq km of land will be needed for energy crops a bit less than the size of Australia …. How much will all this cost?

The report says that to limit warming to 1. Is this plan at all feasible? So is any of it plausible? On the one hand, the global economy relies on carbon and key activities depend on it. On the other, wind turbines and solar panels have tumbled in price and more and more countries and states such as California are setting ambitious green targets. Ultimately, politicians will face a difficult choice: Campaigners and environmentalists, who have welcomed the report, say there is simply no time left for debate. We want to protect our forests and species.

This is the moment that we will remember; this is the year when the turning point happened. What questions do you have about this story? Kaisa Kosonen, Greenpeace https: Environmentalists used to bemoan the devastation from the slaughter of millions of buffalo which roamed America in great herds. Now they will cheer.

A rare green frog, to be protected but vast herds of cattle are to be wiped out. All to save the planet for the cute green frogs. At what point did ecology become a demand for mass extinction? At what point did the Carbon dioxide from which all living things are made become a poison?

When did the recent rapid sea rise threaten any place in the world? And where are all those terrible tropical storms which have nearly halved in frequency? The terrible prophecies of the IPCC, none of which have been realised. Yes, the world is under threat, from ecologists who want to lower Carbon Dioxide, stop heating and cooling, wreck the quality of life for many and starve billions.

At what point did man made global warming become a threat to all life on earth? When the IPCC invented it. And predictably, this is on the news displayed by the Microsoft Bing browser this morning. Jo speaks, indeed yells as loud as she can and who is she? Facts do not matter. They never have and probably never will. Only a terrible disaster will be newsworthy. So we are promised a really big problem now, perhaps as early as ? So only 22 years go to now before we see something, really, really important. Almost no one involved in this debate will be still commenting.

The Global Warming bubble will have burst. Michael Mann will be in his seventies and Tim Flannery Many will have shuffled off. Professor Bob Carter would have been Still Mann 75 et al will still be warning us to send more money. Al Gore will be You can only hope for his sake that Global Warming happens earlier. If it holds off until , he will be A long time to wait to be proven right about the danger of global warming. Even a rise of 1. With a temperature increase of that scale, of the , species studied, 6 percent of insects, 8 percent of pants sic and 4 percent of vertebrates lose half their habitat.

Those proportions double with a 2 degree gain…. To limit warming to 1. Renewables should supply 70 percent to 85 percent of power generation…. Organizations and investors that back green energy said the report makes it clear that the world should accelerate the shift away from coal, the most polluting fossil fuel. The report also highlights the risk to further investments in natural gas-fired power plants and suggests that more of them should be replaced by renewables, said Han Chen, who follows energy finance for the Natural Resources Defense Council… https: Climate change impacts worse than expected, global report warns The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says the world is headed for painful problems sooner than expected, as emissions keep rising.

By Stephen Leahy The past decade has seen an astonishing run of record-breaking storms, forest fires, droughts, coral bleaching, heat waves, and floods around the world with just 1. Global warming is like being in a mine field that gets progressively more dangerous, says Michael Mann, a climatologist and director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State.

The Special Report is like getting a troubling diagnosis from your doctor, said Katharine Hayhoe, a climate scientist at Texas Tech University. We the public decide which option to follow. For example, a widespread dietary shift to eating less meat and reduced material consumption would significantly lower emissions… https: The past decade has not seen an astonishing rise in temperature.

You know this for certain because if it had happened, it would be big news and included in the list. However we have seen record breaking snow at low latitudes, record breaking cold in Bangladesh, early and deeper winters, fewer storms and no actual warming and a recently plummeting world temperature. All caused apparently by global warming. The only thing wrong then is the data. It clearly needs to be adjusted to show the hidden global warming. How can you claim to know what the climate is doing at the same time as denying the validity of the data? Earlier and deeper winters citation required?

Like when the polar vortex descended into north america after the jetstream was disrupted due to far warmer temperatures in the arctic? Because Bork, you can save us all. Even under the current base-case scenario, with the emissions cuts pledged in Paris, the world is on track to warm between 3 and 4 degrees Celsius, he said. A better analogy is a minefield. The IPCC has a reputation of not describing high-impact, low-probability events.

That could have dramatic consequences, including a Scandinavian-like climate for temperate parts of Western Europe. The report should be a wakeup call to the world to start acting now, said Bill Hare, CEO of Climate Analytics, a climate science and policy think tank. Christopher Weber, global lead scientist for climate and energy for the World Wildlife Fund, said negotiators in Poland should focus on the underlying science.

Yes, it was good how he reported on the IPCC alarms and quickly switched to the news that the data is a mess. Of course everyone knew that but they did not have the funding or time over three decades to actually check the data. When you consider how much money depends on good data, you would have to think the IPCC man made global warming theory is more important than the facts, far more important. Displacement of people only happens during time of war, as witnessed recently with the flood of refugees into Europe. A global warming tipping point is a fantasy, but a global cooling tipping point is another matter, remember the mass migration period during the Dark Ages.

That is more than the federal government spends on public hospitals. BBC were blatantly acting like campaign advisers to the Workers Party before the first round of the election, and The Guardian is busy at it for the runoff:. Just to draw level with Bolsonaro, Haddad would need virtually every single one of the voters who opted for the third and fourth-placed candidates, Ciro Gomes and Geraldo Alckmin, to switch to his side.

Already on Sunday night there were signs Haddad would seek to do just that. The non science and nonsense of AGW. The political propaganda of rentseeker bureaucracies…. I think most skeptics did, but alas nothing happened. So lets hope that this time the lid will come off and Climate science is exposed as the funding scam it has become.

That is, the thermometers used only had markings on every degree Fahrenheit. One cannot produce predictions or trend lines that are higher accuracy than the measuring equipment. The temperatures 50, , years ago could have actually been 0. And yet the predictions are in hundredths of a degree. From the preamble to the Paris Agreement: Parties should, when taking action to address climate change, respect, promote and consider their respective obligations on human rights, the right to health, the rights of indigenous peoples, local communities, migrants, children, people with disabilities and people in vulnerable situations and the right to development, as well as gender equality, empowerment of women, and intergenerational equity.

This just in

To those involved, the means justifies the ends — even if it involves deliberate misrepresentation of the science to keep their ambitions alive. Mike You make an excellent point. Climate data should be to clear methods and data checks. It will be auditable against quality standards. My belief, through studying the data, is that the homogenization processes produce highly unstable results. That is, if you add a couple of years of data to an existing, homogenized, data set, it will produce some quite wierd results, including making adjustments to data from many decades ago.

Coastal sea-level measurement data are much better quality than temperature data, but even the sea-level measurement data contain some obvious errors. For example, the great 9. Sea-level could not have increased by one meter in anticipation of the earthquake! This is raw data. Hopefully you all now understand why homogenisation is important.

Take a look at the station data: From this post acknowledging that the data used by the IPCC are worthless, support is given to: The end result is achieved as desired, that is average global warming is.. This process used to be called GIGO but now, mixing bigger budgets, more computer power, and gross egotism the conclusion is that disaster is imminent with a tipping point in a few years unless we pay more money.

First ever audit of global temperature data finds freezing tropical islands, boiling town… [ There is no station Did anyone who paid for this what happened to open code and data? First ever audit of global temperature data finds freezing tropical islands, boiling towns, boats on land. For example, five adjustments downwards by 1. This is an important point that I do not have the computing power to deal with myself. Maybe your files are amenable to this type of analysis.

An adjustment applied to a selected portion of such a series can have an effect depending on 3 main factors -. How large the change is, e. The duration of the change, e. How far from the pivot point the change is. Current methodology keeps the most recent observation as the fulcrum point, so a change to a block of data dated dated years ago will swing the outcome more than a chnage of similar smagnitude and duration made 1 year ago that is like a torque in foot pounds can have the same pounds but many more foots.

So, each adjusted time series needs to be examined for the total effect of the adjustment considering sign, magnitude, duration and leverage. This is what I see as an analogoe of torque. The program to do this is not daunting to write, but easy access to each temperature-time series used in HadCRUT4 has to be there, preferably cleaned of the other errors you mention. Running this quality control test would put to rest a whole lot of speculation about the speculated effects of adjustments and homogenizations. They might have, but the full test does not seem to have been done yet.

Maybe they can redeem some reputation by doing it immediately. Hello to Steven Mosher, my old mate, and another friendly call to Nick Stokes, if you think it important enough. To report "lost" comments or defamatory and offensive remarks, email the moderators at: Thirty Years in the Making Edition 1. JoNova A perfectly good civilization is going to waste…. Advertising The nerds have the numbers on precious metals investments on the ASX. Big news coming tomorrow: October 7th, Tags: October 7, at 6: Why is this not a surprise ……..

October 7, at 8: October 8, at 7: The hoax and those involved must be punished. October 8, at October 8, at 2: As for an audit of the BoM it was tried; the pollies rejected it: Was the recent Slowdown caused by the super El Nino of ? Warning — the results of this article will be shocking, for some people. October 7, at 9: Put a piece of paper over the graph before There is a zero slope. October 8, at 6: Sheldon Walker, peddle your hyperbolic warning elsewhere.

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October 8, at 9: October 8, at 8: Poor fellow my country. Its a scandal the way science has become corrupted. October 8, at 4: October 9, at 8: October 7, at 7: Delingpole article not available yet. Clearly there has been an embargo on this story. David and I have been talking to John McLean for six months. John McLean — Climate Hero! And as Ive said many times: October 8, at 1: Three cheers for John McLean. The Labor government wants to start scaring children at age 3, they they will have them for life.

And some of them become the teachers of future decades. October 8, at 3: This has to get to everyday Australians! Bodge it an scarpa. The old saying, A Fish rots from the head first. Suggestions welcome of how they could get C? October 8, at 5: If so, which institution will be prepared to do this? Who would we trust to do it? October 9, at 6: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other storms of the same name, see Tropical Storm Ana. Retrieved October 26, Brennan May 5, Retrieved May 10, Roberts May 7, Blake May 7, Stewart May 8, Blake May 8, Stewart May 9, Pasch May 9, Roberts May 10, Pasch May 10, Archived from the original on May 11, Retrieved May 12, Hurricane Research Division Database.

Retrieved December 7, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Retrieved October 24, Retrieved May 11, Retrieved May 14,

Nova Nine: Trouble in the Tropics Nova Nine: Trouble in the Tropics
Nova Nine: Trouble in the Tropics Nova Nine: Trouble in the Tropics
Nova Nine: Trouble in the Tropics Nova Nine: Trouble in the Tropics
Nova Nine: Trouble in the Tropics Nova Nine: Trouble in the Tropics
Nova Nine: Trouble in the Tropics Nova Nine: Trouble in the Tropics
Nova Nine: Trouble in the Tropics Nova Nine: Trouble in the Tropics
Nova Nine: Trouble in the Tropics Nova Nine: Trouble in the Tropics
Nova Nine: Trouble in the Tropics Nova Nine: Trouble in the Tropics

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