The Chief Sinners Objects of the Choicest Mercy

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This is an awesome book for those who long for the Grace of God and the forgiveness of Great Sins. This book strongly encourages all to come to the altar of Christ. No matter how Dark the Stain. His Blood will make you more white than snow. One person found this helpful. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Set up a giveaway. It is remarkable that those women whose names are mentioned as the ances- tors of Christ, are perhaps, with one exception, of the vilest character! There is Tamar, who commits incest with her father-in-law; there is Rahab the harlot; there is Bathsheba the adulteress; and yet Christ sprung out of their loins! Why this black stream to mingle in with the current from which Christ should come?

Why, Soul, surely it was to show you that He was a Savior for sinners'Surely if He had not meant to lay hold on the vilest of the vile, this never would have occurred. But look again—what did Jesus do when He was here on earth? Where was He taken to when a Child? Why, to Egypt, where they worshipped leeks and garlic, and onions, and such like trash, that it might be said, "Out of Egypt have I called My Son. Why, by the coast where the people that sat in darkness saw a great Light!

What was His general society?

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He was once in the house of a Pharisee, but how often was He the friend of publicans and sinners? And of those who followed Him, what a strange sort they were. Pick out anyone you please, and there is little to be said about his previous character. These are the fishermen from the lake of Galilee, rough and uncouth; there is Peter who denies Him; there is Magdalene, out of whom was cast seven devils; there is that other woman who had been a sinner.

Who was the man whom He converted after He had gone to Heaven? There is only one case in the Bible where a man was converted personallyby Christ after He had ascended—and that is the bloody Saul of Tarsuswho was exceedingly mad against God's people, and was going to Damascus, that he might hunt after the disciples! The chief of sinners hears the cry—"Saul, Saul, why do you persecute Me?

Did He not save a thief—a vile thief—one of the scum and parings of the world—and did He not say, "Today shall you be with Me in Paradise"? Ah, Souls, my Master always went where He was most needed—among the chief of sinners! And you know His preaching.

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It was a preaching that was meant for the worst of men! Look at that parable of the feast, "Go you into the highways and hedges. Go after those who have not where to lay their heads—those who are filthy, ragged, and something worse—go and tell them to come in! Not the princes' sons, nor the great, nor the good—but bring here the blind, the halt, and the lame, and whomever you shall meet, and bid them to the wedding. He came to give Light to the dark, to give bliss to the miserable, to give life to the dead, to give salvation to the lost!

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Now what have you to say to this? I think such reasoning should bring you to this conclusion—. I can but perish if I go, I am resolved to try! For if I stay away, I know I must forever die. But if I die with mercy sought, When I the king have tried, That were to die, delightful thought, As sinner never died.? But I have not finished my reasoning yet—for there may still be some desponding soul who says—"Yes, God may do great wonders, but I should be the greatest wonder of all.

One of God's ends in salvation is to honor Himself—"that it may be unto the Lord for a name, for an everlasting sign, which shall not be cut off. Not by curing pin scratches; or by setting to rights, little cuts upon men's fingers. Any old woman can do that! It is by bad diseases, by things that are reckoned to be incurable, and then, as soon as the man has cured what was given up by others, he is sure to advertise in the newspapers his splendid success.

See what great engineers will do! When a man makes a railway across a good, hard, gravelly soil where all is perfect, you say, "Why any person can do that. He always liked to undertake impossibilities and carry them out. Things which staggered everyone's conception, he would attempt and perform. We might find fault, perhaps, with the expense, but in this case we have a God whose bank has no bottom, who has an unlimited treasury, and He loves to take hold on those black impossibilities, and go to work with them and show both to men and angels what wonders He can do!

Ah, poor Sinner, if you are the vilest of the vile, I think you would show forth God's Grace the better. I cannot help quoting John Bunyan again. In his, "Jerusalem Sinner Saved," he says—"There are some of us who are God's people whose love is getting very low, and whose zeal is flagging, and we are not the men we should be. Oh, but," he adds, "if the Lord would but convert some of these jailbirds; if he would but call by His Grace some of those whoremongers and adulterers, and thieves, and drunkards, what spirit they would put into the Christian Church; what new life would be poured into us, for they are always the most earnest men when converted!

The Chief Sinners Objects of the Choicest Mercies Quotes

And so," he says, "I pray that some of these big sinners may get saved, that the Church may have a new increase of zeal and love from men who love much, because much has been forgiven. Now when a man takes an oath, you do not think of doubting him, I hope.

God's Mercy is for all, even the worst of sinners

As a father would sooner kiss his child than use the rod, so would the Lord sooner see you at His feet in prayer than under His feet in destruction! He is a loving God; He is not hard to be dealt with. Since Christ became the Substitute for men, God has showed to us that He has a heart of compassion.

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  7. Come back, Prodigal, come back! My Father sends me to you; come back, I pray you; He will not reject you! Oh, Spirit of the living God, melt the heart that will not move; for surely the love of God, and the riches of His Grace might melt the adamant, and make the solid granite move!

    Let the wicked forsake his ways, and the unrighteous man his thoughts, and let him turn unto God, and He will have mercy upon him, and to our God for He will abundantly pardon. I must now briefly turn to my third point. Scarlet and crimson are colors which at once attract the eyes. There are some colors which a man might wear and pass unmolested, but when a man is clothed in bright colors, he can be perceived at a far greater distance. Now, some sins are striking, glaring sins; you cannot help seeing them; and the sinner himself is compelled to confess them.

    But the Hebrew word, most of you know, conveys the idea of doubly dyed—what we call ingrained colors—when the wool has lain so long in the dye that it cannot be washed out, though you wash or wear it as long as you please—you must destroy the fabric before you can destroy the color. Many sins are of this class. Our own natural depravity, in fact, is just like this—it is ingrained. As well might the Ethiopian wash himself white, or the leopard take away his spots—sinners who have learned to do evil, learn to do it well! Yet here is the promise of full pardon for glaring and for ingrained lusts!

    And note how the pardon is put—"they shall be as snow"—pure white, virgin, snow! But snow soon loses its whiteness, and therefore it is compared to the whiteness of the wool washed and prepared by the busy housewife for her fair white linen. You shall be so cleansed that not the shadow of a spot, nor the sign of a sin, shall be left upon you!

    When a man believes in Christ, he is in that moment, in God's sight, as though he had never sinned in all his life! No, I will go further—he is that day in a better position than though he had never sinned, for if he had never sinned, he would have had the perfect righteousness of man—but by believing, he is made the righteousness of God in Christ! We had once a cloak, that is taken away; when we believe, Christ gives us a robe; but it is an infinitely better one. We lost but a common garment, but He arrays us royally.

    Strangely indeed is that man clothed who believes in Jesus! Yon thief who is hanging on the Cross is black as Hell—he believes and he is as white as Heaven's own purity! Faith takes away all sin through the precious blood of Jesus! When a man has once gone down into that sacred laver which is filled with Jesus' blood, there "is no spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing," left upon him! His sin has ceased to be! His iniquity is covered; his transgressions have been carried into the wilderness, and are gone! This is the most wonderful thing about the Gospel.

    This does not take away part of our sin, but the whole of it; it does not remove it partially, but entirely—not for a little time, but forever! Some years ago there was a man who had committed murder. He had been, indeed, a most dreadful character, but through the teaching of a minister of Christ, he was converted to God. He had one anxiety, namely, that having believed in Jesus, he might be baptized before he suffered the sentence of the law.

    It could not be effected according to the law of the country in which he then lived, except he be baptized in chains. And so he was baptized in chains; but what did it matter? He was baptized in joy; he knew that He who can save to the uttermost, could save even him, and though in chains, he was free; though guilty before man, pardoned in the sight of God; though punished by human law, saved from the Curse by the precious blood of Jesus. And of course, do not misunderstand me, he was not saved by the baptism—he was saved by the blood.

    There is no knowing how long God's arm is; these is no telling how precious Christ's blood is— until you have felt the power of it yourself! And then you will wonder as long as you live, even through eternity, and you will be astonished to think that the blood of Christ could save such a wretch as you are, and make you the monument of His mercy! Come now, no season can be better! If you tardy till you're better, you will never come at all.

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    The Chief Sinners Objects of the Choicest Mercy The Chief Sinners Objects of the Choicest Mercy
    The Chief Sinners Objects of the Choicest Mercy The Chief Sinners Objects of the Choicest Mercy
    The Chief Sinners Objects of the Choicest Mercy The Chief Sinners Objects of the Choicest Mercy
    The Chief Sinners Objects of the Choicest Mercy The Chief Sinners Objects of the Choicest Mercy
    The Chief Sinners Objects of the Choicest Mercy The Chief Sinners Objects of the Choicest Mercy
    The Chief Sinners Objects of the Choicest Mercy The Chief Sinners Objects of the Choicest Mercy
    The Chief Sinners Objects of the Choicest Mercy The Chief Sinners Objects of the Choicest Mercy

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