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Among his recent publications are articles in Critical Reviews in Microbiology, International Journal of Food Safety Nutrition and Public Health, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, and Biosecurity and Bioterrorism, exploring the public health implications of industrialized animal agriculture. His latest book, Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching, is available full-text at no cost at www. He lives in Washington, D. Sara, with her sister Erica, is the co-owner of MooShoes www.

Originally located in a defunct butcher shop, MooShoes currently operates in New York City's Lower East Side and provides increasing numbers of caring consumers from around the world with animal-friendly footwear and information on factory farming practices.

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Their son Leo, who has been vegan for his entire life, is the embodiment of how healthy an animal product-free diet can be. They all live in New York, NY. Anna Lappe is a national bestselling author and acclaimed public speaker on food, sustainability and the environment. Food, Farming, and Climate Change will be published by Bloomsbury in She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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Both were recommended as must-reads for the next president in a New York Times Book Review feature. She lives in Boston, MA. John Mackey is the chief executive officer of Whole Foods Market www.

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Regarded by many as one of North America's most innovative--and ethical--entrepreneurs, John's fierce sense of competition, strong belief in free market principles, staunch support for a decentralized and team-based structure, keen understanding of consumer trends, and endless supply of innovative ideas has helped build Whole Foods Market into a powerhouse.

He lives in Austin, TX. Her published work includes Happier Meals: Impacting and Mitigating Climate Change co-author, , which was published in Environmental Health Perspectives, a scientific journal published by the National Institutes of Health.

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Her knowledge of factory farming and its global spread has been cited widely in the New York Times Magazine, the International Herald Tribune, the Washington Post, and other publications. Danielle worked for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic and currently volunteers at farmers markets.

She holds an M. She lives in Africa.

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Under her leadership, the Cool Foods Campaign educates consumers about the environmental impact of food choice on global warming and empowers individuals with the resources to decrease their "FoodPrint. In , The New York Times reported, "The arrival of Wayne Pacelle as head of the Humane Society in both turbo-charged the farm animal welfare movement and gave it a sheen of respectability. Pacelle on its annual Power 50 list of influential individuals in food marketing, writing that "there's no denying his growing influence on how animal agriculture is practiced in the United States. Like her cousin Christine, Julie was born into the farm worker movement and learned at an early age the importance of civil rights and understood well the plight of working people.

Like her grandfather, Julie believes that "the end of all education should surely be service to others. Paul and Phyllis Willis have dedicated their lives to promoting--and practicing--more responsible farming practices that not only benefit the welfare of animals and the integrity of the environment, but help sustain our rural communities. Paul is described by Peter Kaminsky in his book Pig Perfect as "among the most influential of a very few who are employing modern business practices in the service of traditional agriculture. Due to his expertise, he is a member of the committee convened by the National Academy of Sciences to undertake the 21st Century Systems Agriculture Project, which studies the science and policies that influence the adoption of farming practices and management systems designed to reduce the costs and environmental effects of agricultural production.

Phyllis, a community activist, has hosted hundreds of guests at their farm for food and conversation, and has worked tirelessly to prevent the expansion and development of industrial factory farms. An album evoking the horror of reality, the rejection of musical forms, the commodification of music, the hideous insect lust of Burroughs , the glory of smashing things up to build anew in their place , an obsession with and rejection of control and conformity, part psychedelia, part atonal noise, filled with a truly unsettling blend of the mournful and the nasty, shot through with shafts of utter beauty — yeah, I remember that one.

It was recorded live in front of an audience, whose names are listed in the sleeve and whatever happened to Monte Cazazza?

TG were always as much about destroying music as creating it, and playing with the idea of pop as commodity. The obsession with control, the grimness of post-industrial life, and the possibility for transcendence through rejecting convention are still as relevant today as they were back in , making this much more than just a historical document.

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What had once been an African dream for Anthony changes into a nightmare and we are there. Anderson has lived in Africa so he knows what he is talking about.

Throbbing Gristle – Heathen Earth

However if the characters are based upon people he knows, I am a bit worried about him, here is another dark adventure in the Anderson style and it has the expected twists and turns and larger than life characters. Because the plot is meant to be experienced by every reader, I can give nothing away but I will say that this is Robin Anderson writing at his peak. Sally Farmiloe-Neville - Hot Gossip. As a final gesture he then took a long, foul smelling piss into the same.

Defunct Gristle Defunct Gristle
Defunct Gristle Defunct Gristle
Defunct Gristle Defunct Gristle
Defunct Gristle Defunct Gristle
Defunct Gristle Defunct Gristle
Defunct Gristle Defunct Gristle

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