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Borough council Elections Blue plaques People Schools. Public art and memorials in London. Peter Pan Sherlock Holmes. Camden Kensington and Chelsea City of Westminster. The Artist as Hephaestus Piscator. No longer in situ see List of public art formerly in London. Retrieved from " https: Commons category link is on Wikidata.

Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 16 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The left and right sides of the circular plaque have been removed to fit into a narrow space. The London County Council re-erected the plaque in Sculptor lived here — Poet lived in a house on this site — Street level supplementary stone inscription added by the LCC to the facade of 50 Wimpole Street when the brown RSA plaque of was re-erected in A second blue plaque on the building commemorates Richard Brinsley Sheridan.

A second blue plaque on the building commemorates Philip Noel-Baker. In the plaque was resituated by the Greater London Council following alterations to the building.

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The present plaque replaces a brown London County Council plaque erected in The plaque was originally incorrectly placed next door, at 15 Suffolk Street, in The address was found to be incorrect, and it was moved to its present location in De Quincey's surname is spelt incorrectly by the plaque. The stone plaque was re-erected in The plaque was originally located at 6 Cambridge Square and placed here in when that building was demolished.

A second blue plaque on the building commemorates William Smith. The plaque was placed here in the s after its original location, 9 Arlington Street, was demolished. This plaque replaces a Royal Society of Arts plaque from This plaque was privately erected, and became part of London County Council's blue plaque scheme in The plaque replaces a Royal Society of Arts plaque from Though originally placed in , the plaque was re-erected in and ; after the houses demolition and damage to the plaque respectively. A second blue plaque on the building commemorates Frederick Marryat.

This is the third plaque on this house, after a Society of Arts plaque from and a London County Council plaque from The plaque was originally coloured green, but has faded to blue. It was re-erected in after the front portion of the building was rebuilt.

The original plaque had become illegible by and was replaced by the present one. The plaque has been re-erected in , and after successive buildings were rebuilt. The plaque replaces a London County Council plaque from The plaque was illicitly sold for scrap, but was located thanks to an article in The Lancet and re-erected in following the rebuilding of the crescent. This exhibition has been made possible thanks to the assistance of Bortolami, New York. Peaceful, uneasy postures, flowing moves of soft black pencil lines, two look alike couple images, water energy that shoots up in the air that creates unemotional almost objects like portraits of me.

Often situated in a room or in an open space the figures are interacting each other sometimes in harmony sometimes in conflict like my internal self. I grew up near mountains and sea in Japan. After moving to New York in , I often think about bringing nature elements home. I am interested in re-creating nature element that you cannot grasp such as air, water, shadow into an object.


My material for sculpture has been primarily paper. It was a challenge to make it work in an outdoor condition. It rained one day and the shape of fountain had changed. Both my drawing and sculpture involve my own body and its relationship to the space. My body can be a sculpture.

Harding examines the specificity of site and the local to explore concepts of landscape, perception and inter-subjectivity. Seeing her practice as a continuation of purposeful ramblings in the woods that began in early childhood, she undertakes engagement with site as a resonant field and collaborator without hierarchy.

Engaging the non-human environment, including mules, birds, hills, water bodies, atmospheric conditions, remains central, while there is an additional erosion of verbal language that seeks to trick the divisive potential of coded speech. Willows and Palms will be an informal presentation of several recent drawings and screenprints. The drawings are hasty and ham-fisted scribblings of nocturnal scenes in rich pastels, the screenprints more pristine representations of similar scenes in one or two strange colors.

Opening reception March 26th, 2015

This semi-autobiographical novella is dedicated to the memory of New York writer Harry Mathews. Written in the form of a daily journal, the work is a tribute to the constant strangeness of daily life. Dan is feeling much better, and we are happy to be back to work. Tension Building Yoji Kondo: Stop Motion Animation Genres: United States Shooting Format: I combine stop motion and live action filmmaking shot at the Harvard University Coliseum in Boston and the Municipal Stadium in Florence , built in by Luigi Nervi.

The motive for this film came from the question: How can I make a stadium an interactive platform for a game? Ericka Beckman- concept, camera, edit. Richard Flanagan- Boston Symphony Orchestra, percussion. Since then her work has shown in museums in the U. This is a love story for all who had lost the human emotion. Tom Morrill is an artist and composer from Florida. He lives and works in Brooklyn.

Animation, Experimental, short Genres: Experimental, Animation, Abstract Runtime: July 8, Country of Origin: A moving portrayal of an ineffable force that can be humanlike or embody itself within displayed objects. Akiko is a filmmaker and educator originally from Fukuoka, Japan. Philippe is a digital artist and animator who studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Some of his digital work includes GIF art which is the source for projected imagery in this film.

A remote-controlled video drone toy helicopter was flown within a confined area, crashing into each of the fence walls and concrete surfaces. Without an escape, the machine captures its own destruction. Rebecca Naegele was born in in Queens, New York. Louis in and is a Whitney Independent Study Program participant. Trevor Shimizu was born March 30, of Japanese born Americanized parents.

Like president Obama, he is from humble Hawaiian beginnings. Godfrey also introduced to the American public, the ukulele. He is an aficionado of film and considered becoming a filmmaker or actor. Francis Ford Coppola, the Aries filmmaker had a big influence on San Francisco, where many films were made, and where Shimizu was introduced to media and performance. His studio work is separate from his professional work, however.

Billy Bragg & Joe Henry | Shine A Light

This element of humor is especially important in his work. When he discovered he shared a birthday with Vincent Van Gogh and Francisco Goya, he wanted to paint. March 4th, pm at 3A Gallery 3rd floor. March 4th, pm at 3A Gallery annex 4th floor. This untitled wall relief is part of a new series of work, based off of drawings Patrick Jackson made over the past 15 years. He looks through old sketchbooks for repeating images, and takes from them to develop his own personal iconography. The imagery varies, but often contains body parts: Disney Disney imaginers came up with the recipe for this particularly malleable clay.

Molds are taken of the original works, and the final pieces are cast in a hard pink plasticine, a type used to create design prototypes. This model is available for free download at:. Beaumont has for years produced thoughtful and provocative work in a variety of media including photography, installations, public interventions and new media. Her work challenges global social awareness, as well as socioeconomic and ecological practices.

Beaumont has investigated such issues as energy and species diversity and is also involved with solution-based sustainability strategies, which reflect contemporary, historic and cultural perspectives and environmental and social conditions. With the tools of deconstruction and notions of sexuality and representation, Beaumont uses three elements. First, the language of narcissism; second, questioning the idea of beauty in a crushed shopping bag first presented in two dimensions as a photograph, then as a moving object on a pedestal; and finally, the motor, which is simultaneously functional and a symbol of the machine behind advertising, branding and the loss of autonomy and identity.

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The photograph Crushed takes the three-dimensional bag out of reality and puts it in a frame, flattening the image of the bag the photographed object , becoming the symbol of the symbol, that which we desire to possess. The bag remains pristine, inviolate, removed from our ability to touch or grasp. The sculpture Untitled Crushed, yellow with black presents the bag on a moving pedestal heightening the allure of the artifact under glass. The way it is presented as sculpture is enhanced by placing it in the vitrine, removed from the individual. The brand or the logo is hidden the way the seductiveness is hidden.

Yet there is still a recognition. The sculpture is understood by experiencing both front and back of the work. The sound of the motor turning the bag on the pedestal suggests the sound of voracious consumption. The sound lures the viewer to view the motor, which is also encased in glass. Although the bag has been crushed it is not detritus.

We want to own, touch or posses it. In its cast off state it is fetishized as a precious object. The recent implosion of the economy crushed the bag, transforming it into a sculpture that has architectural references, no longer retaining its original use. The on-going Untitled Crushed works are part of a project begun in with the Great Recession.

This deconstructive comment cuts the myth of beauty in two. The sculpture Untitled Crushed, yellow with black is indeed on a pedestal like an object of desire. That Obscure Object Of Desire. Gallery hours are Friday and Saturday from The flight was seven hours long, and the entire time he was deeply engrossed in an encyclopedic-style sticker book about animals.

Paul McMahon “Me”, November 5 – January 10 , 2016

I was envious of the boy. I wanted that book. After I returned to New York I bought several of my own sticker books. From them I learned that Lion is a cat.

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I had believed that he was a dog. His features make me think he is a dog. However, it turns out that most, infamous, beautiful beasts are cats. Cheetah is a cat. Cougar is a cat. Tiger is a cat. That book brought me another surprise: Cats became a common topic of discussion among friends, and soon there were others eager to make cat-related work.

From a little lion sticker there grew a large group show, featuring work by incredible artists with a variety of styles.

Joe Beak (Canal Street Station Book 14) Joe Beak (Canal Street Station Book 14)
Joe Beak (Canal Street Station Book 14) Joe Beak (Canal Street Station Book 14)
Joe Beak (Canal Street Station Book 14) Joe Beak (Canal Street Station Book 14)
Joe Beak (Canal Street Station Book 14) Joe Beak (Canal Street Station Book 14)
Joe Beak (Canal Street Station Book 14) Joe Beak (Canal Street Station Book 14)

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