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South Park - La Resistance (medley) Lyrics | MetroLyrics

La Resistance song meanings. Add your thoughts 9 Comments. General Comment Funny song -- a combination of all of the songs in the movie. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error.

General Comment this song is good. I like to sing it in the shower while humping mr.

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Wow, I'm a special pretty girl. General Comment yes this truely is a wonderful melody, beautifuly written and sung by everyone. General Comment Gotta love his voice at the beginning! General Comment The arrangement of this song is really, really well-done. People don't give them enough credit for all their talent.

General Comment Here's my uh.. Version of the um.. Lyrics but I decided to make up a version of "La Resistance" with the celebs that I've known of which includes: Cooper cameo and I almost forgot Anyways here's the um.. Someone told me once that there's a right and wrong, and that punishment would come to those who dare to cross the line.

But it must not be true for jerk-offs just like you. Looks like we may be out of luck Dexter: I want to live up there When Obama is dead and gone.

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And even though, there'll be no more Barack Obama!! Don't forget to reply to Toolshed at songmeanings. General Comment Michael Stipe: God has smiled upon you this day The fate of a nation in your hands And blessed be the children Who fight with all our bravery Till only the righteous stand Mike Mills and Angelica Pickles: Tomorrow night, we'll be entertained.

An execution, what a sight. Up there, there is so much room, where babies burp and flowers bloom. Tomorrow night, up there is doomed and so I will be going soon! Shut your fucking face, uncle fucka!

(13) Secrets de Guerre - La resistance Francaise

You're a boner biting bastard, uncle fucka! Looks like we may be out of luck! Tomorrow night we're pretty fucked! Why did our mothers start this war? What the fuck are they fighting for? When did this song become a marathon?

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I want to be up there When Canada is dead and gone, there'll be no more Celine Dion! They may cut your dick in half. And serve it to a pig. Our lives will change.

La Résistance

And though it hurts, you'll laugh. And you'll dance a dickless jig. But that's the way it goes. In war, you're shat upon! I want to be Tomorrow we fight, for La Resistaaance!



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