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Heavily greased side whiskers curling back to, or over the ears. A lock of hair twisted into a curl, usually worn by costermongers and other persons of similar stations in life.

What's the meaning of the phrase 'As black as Newgate's knocker'?

So called because it resembles a knocker, and the wearers of it are too often inmates of Newgate. Newgate as a prison is abolished, but many phrases referring to the prison still remain.

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Black as a Newgate Knocker A Newgate knocker is the fringe or lock of hair which costermongers and thieves twist back towards the ear. The phrase is 'As black as Newgate's knocker' and refers to the heavy door knocker on the outer doors of Newgate Prison that existed in London at the time. Newgate was primarily a debtors' prison, and the conditions were extreme and squalid. It referes to the black knocker that was on the gate of Newgate Prison which once stood on the site that is now the Old Bailey.

As black as Newgate's Knocker

A lock of hair twisted into a curl, once worn by Costermongers and persons of similiar status. It was so called because it resembled a knocker, and the wearers were often Newgate inmates. And your next question could be "What is a costermonger!!!? Newgate knockers is cockney slang for Knickers.

(as) black as Newgate's knocker

Related Questions What is your favorite slang word or phrase? What word phrase annoys you when referring to dogs? Once a best answer has been selected, it will be shown here. Possibly this name came about by reference to the colour and shape of the prison's real knocker. An actual door-knocker seems a more likely explanation, but it's just possible that it's a reference to hair-colour. In what circumstances did your grandmother use the phrase Pix1 Well And Truly Stuck!

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  5. As black as Newgate's Knocker.
  6. As black as Newgate's Knocker. My mum never found out what it meant.

    How to say as black as Newgate's knocker in German?

    Has anyone else heard the expression?

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