Released!: A Short Story (Susan Wingate Short Fiction Book 2)

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It was hard to put down, I ended up reading it in one day even though its a novel length book. Yes its THAT good! May 23, Syl rated it it was amazing. Hooks you from the very beginning. Did not want it to end. Deals with family relationships and secrets. Highly recommend it and looking forward to reading more from this author.

An interesting and thought-provoking story about two sister, their mother's secret, and a mysterious father. The main character, Euly seeks to find out what her mother's secret is, understand her father, develop a closer relationship with her sister, and save her marriage. A lot is going on, but the author expertly weaves these factors together. Dec 10, Denise DeSio rated it liked it Shelves: I confess, the cover and the prologue lured me in, but the book didn't deliver on its promise.

Wingate is a spotty writer. Some pieces are well thought out and beautifully written, and others read like a first draft. As reviewers have pointed out, typos are plentiful, and punctuation ruined what could have been some fine sentences, but my biggest problem with the book was its lack of solidity. For example, early on in the book, the author sets up two events: When her dying mother refuses to come clean about the boy, Euly goes on a mission to uncover the facts.

But the drowning sort of goes nowhere, and the "big family secret" ends up having nothing to do with the boy or drowning. Not to give anything away, but the "dark secret" turns out to be not that big a deal. Toward the end, the book fell flat and became more flawed. The tight adherence to POV broke down in places and the author started head jumping. Also at the end, it seemed as if Wingate threw in a bunch of wordy, irrelevant chapters to increase her word count.

As they approached, an invisible cloud radiated and hung by the door of the resort.

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It was a blend of eggs, bacon and fresh baked bread. Geoff made a straight line into the restroom. Euly poured two plastic cups of ice water the resort made available to its guests. Today they layered the water with ice, blueberries, and ice again. Yesterday it was oranges. Nice , she thought.

She wondered if Geoff would like something similar for their kitchen. As Geoff exited the restroom, he made eye contact with her. His eyes sparkled blue and she felt her stomach flip. She handed him one of the cups of water. He drank it down without stopping for a breather. That would be nice. May 07, Uvi Poznansky rated it really liked it. Reading Drowning I was truly torn between two polar extremes: For the first I would have awarded her 5 stars--for the second, alas, only 2.

The writing lacks in its grammar, punctuation, spelling, which give it a shaky underlying structure.

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I think it is imperative that indie authors proofread their work. Not doing so is a slight to Reading Drowning I was truly torn between two polar extremes: Not doing so is a slight towards the reader, and a disservice to themselves. So to help me come up with a reasonable way to weigh these opposite impressions, I made a note to myself that story-telling is a natural talent, one that comes from the heart and guts and cannot be taught.

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Not so with grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Which is why I ended up giving the author the benefit of the doubt, hoping she will come back to improve the technical aspects of her writing.

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Therefore I am awarding the story 4 stars. The cover image of a bluish head over which you can discern the flow of water is somewhat morbid, and fully becoming of the theme of the story, which includes an episode of physical drowning as well as that feeling of suffocation Euly feels, faced with the secrets in her family. She is far from being a 'likable' protagonist, and her actions are far from following any logical reasoning, which makes for surprising twists and turns in this story. Aug 06, Kate rated it liked it.

Much more meets the eye than one sees. That's what Euly discovers as she faces the slow death of her mother. Not only does her mother's death force her to confront her own mortality, it forces her to look into the eyes of her sister, Enaya, with whom she's always had a difficult relationship. As Euly goes back to her hometown of Pheonix to uncover the secrets of her parents' divorce, she questions everything in her life, including her own marriage. Yet nothing will quite Families are difficult. Yet nothing will quite prepare her for the truth that her mother could never tell her. Wingate's story is complex and heartwarming.

The many errors in the Kindle edition detract from this, as do plotlines that seem to end too abruptly at times. Jul 22, Rob Shepherd rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dark and addictive, this is a book that must be read. So effortless to read which is always the mark of a great writer. I have as varied a taste in books as I do films but inevitably come back to horror and fantasy and yet this book reminded my why having a varied taste in genres is such a wonderful gift, because once I started I couldn't put it down.

I loved the development from page one up to the the last page. Drowning by Susan Wingate needs to be o Engaging, and inspirirng. Drowning by Susan Wingate needs to be on your book list if isn't already on your shelf. Learn more at Author Central. Nothing special had happened Monday. You know, the usual. Get out of bed, work, work more, eat, field a host of busy-ness from being Deacon of the Month at our Church, straighten up around the house, fix dinner, watch the news.

You know, the same-oh-same-oh. So, on we go with the next installment of BagLady Book Reviews: Because I fell in love with this video. Check out other drastically reduced prices for all other bestselling, award-winning thrillers, family drama, and mysteries. From Our Table to Yours! Wishing you a joyous and abundant Thanksgiving season. They wanted first lines. You can view the reading below. The BagLady B Busy this month. So busy in fact that I bagged everything bag.

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Except for reading books. I definitely got a book or two in this month. Even with two waves of family visits—four from the Tacoma area and another from California. Family loved, laughed, ate, drank, and were overall merry. Then BagLady was left in a hovel of sparkles, glitter, cuttings on the floor, sheets piled and warmed by exiting sleepy folk, damp towels, crumbs on the counter, empty pl.

We hid four angry letters. She and I did.

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Released!: A Short Story (Susan Wingate Short Fiction Book 2) Released!: A Short Story (Susan Wingate Short Fiction Book 2)
Released!: A Short Story (Susan Wingate Short Fiction Book 2) Released!: A Short Story (Susan Wingate Short Fiction Book 2)
Released!: A Short Story (Susan Wingate Short Fiction Book 2) Released!: A Short Story (Susan Wingate Short Fiction Book 2)
Released!: A Short Story (Susan Wingate Short Fiction Book 2) Released!: A Short Story (Susan Wingate Short Fiction Book 2)
Released!: A Short Story (Susan Wingate Short Fiction Book 2) Released!: A Short Story (Susan Wingate Short Fiction Book 2)

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