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1. The weightiest vote comes from the eyes—especially for men.
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  3. The Strange Science Of Sexual Attraction.

Leukocytes follow the chemokine gradient to the site of injury and activate for a variety of functions such as granule release. In addition to their role in guiding leukocytes, chemokines can stimulate the proliferation of other cell types, promote and prevent blood vessel formation, and induce cytokine up-regulation. The effects of chemokines are known to be mediated by seven transmembrane G-protein-coupled chemokine receptors. These receptors snake through the cell membrane with the N terminus outside the cell and the C terminus inside the cell.

The C terminus interacts with the G protein. Chemokines made headlines when a chemokine receptor was found to be a coreceptor for HIV Chemokine receptors are percent homologous and are named according to the chemokine subfamily with which they interact. There are also miscellaneous receptors that don't yet fit into any group. Fewer receptors than chemokines have been identified, but these receptors have distinct and overlapping expression.

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  • One receptor can bind multiple chemokines and be expressed on a variety of different cells. Additionally, each cell can react to various chemokines by expressing a single receptor. The potential benefit of this promiscuity is the recruitment of multiple cell types to sites of inflammation.

    The following sections will examine some of the commercially available assays and tools to analyze chemokine receptors. Several companies now sell purified chemokines for use in assorted assays. This process starts with a design stage based on the actual or predicted amino acid sequence of the protein.

    At this stage it is possible to incorporate protein modifications such as carbohydrates, fluorescent tags, polymers, fatty acids, cofactors, FRET dye pairs, affinity tags, and NMR or X-ray crystallography labels.

    Chemistry and Attraction: When It's Healthy and When It's Not | HuffPost

    Once the design of the protein is established, peptide segments are made by total chemical synthesis. The segments are next linked using native chemical ligation to yield the full-length polypeptide chain. Lastly, the chain is refolded to create the functional protein product. Compared to biological production, which can take months, Gryphon's technology can produce functional proteins in days. This extensively validated technology generates high yields of ultrapure homogeneous proteins that are endotoxin free. Another company that features purified chemokines and chemokine receptors is Chemicon International of Temecula, Calif.

    These purified chemokines and receptors can be used as standards for western blot analysis or as blocking peptides. Becton Dickinson PharMingen offers several recombinant chemokines from Escherichia coli or insect cell preps for use in functional assays. BioSignal and Receptor Biology Inc. Membranes are typically packaged as frozen suspensions. Homogeneity between receptors is wonderful for cloning novel receptors but presents a serious problem for antibody detection--close family ties lead to cross-reactivity.

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    Much to the relief of chemokine researchers, several companies market antibodies for chemokines and chemokine receptors. And Assay We Go The following section will discuss several different types of assays that can be used to study chemokine receptors. As with any protocol, these general assays can be customized to suit the researcher. Once a chemokine receptor has been cloned, activity can be studied after stable transfection into a cell line. Some receptor and ion-channel activity assays involve taking cells in suspension or a monolayer of cells grown on a support and "loading" the cells with a fluorescent dye that binds calcium in the cells.

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    Once the cells are loaded with dye, the suspension is placed in a fluorescence spectrometer or plate reader that detects calcium mobilization upon exposure to the receptor's ligand. Chemotaxis, the movement of cells in response to a signal, is another method for examining the activity of chemokine receptors.

    Specialized media and culture supplements can be added to the coated inserts in an in vitro system to analyze leukocyte migration and adhesion in response to a chemokine. In addition to examining migration, the effects of anti-inflammatory agents can also be studied. Neutralizing antibodies to chemokines or receptors can be used to prevent chemotaxis.

    When individuals with healthy emotional backgrounds meet, the irresistible "love force" creates a sustainable, reciprocal and stable relationship. Codependents and emotional manipulators are similarly enveloped in a seductive dreamlike state; however, it will later unfold into a painful "seesaw" of love, pain, hope and disappointment. The soul mate of the codependent's dreams will become the emotional manipulator of their nightmares. Our eyes are the windows to the soul.

    Chemistry and Attraction: When It's Healthy and When It's Not

    When there is powerful chemistry and attraction, the eye contact is electric and blinding, as if looking into the sun. Breathing becomes rapid and shallow, or seems to stop altogether. Butterflies in your stomach send nervous chills throughout your body, causing weak knees and light-headedness. Suddenly our minds race with excitement and we can't sleep and eat.

    Our face is stuck in a perpetual smile. You either unsuccessfully fight your revealing smile or simply can't help grinning like a fool. Your thought process goes haywire and your mind goes blank.

    You can't remember prior conversations, you can't put two words together, and uncensored thoughts come out vis a vis bumbled statements and Freudian slips. You have difficulty working, functioning and sleeping as your mind is permeated with thoughts of the object of affection. Suddenly, sappy love songs on the radio make perfect sense. When you are physically close, you feel the heat of connection and the pull between your energy as if there is an invisible force or "love vortex" encircling you

    The Chemistry of Attraction The Chemistry of Attraction
    The Chemistry of Attraction The Chemistry of Attraction
    The Chemistry of Attraction The Chemistry of Attraction
    The Chemistry of Attraction The Chemistry of Attraction
    The Chemistry of Attraction The Chemistry of Attraction
    The Chemistry of Attraction The Chemistry of Attraction
    The Chemistry of Attraction The Chemistry of Attraction
    The Chemistry of Attraction The Chemistry of Attraction

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