Animal Campaign: How We Beat the Beltway

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Like me, you have been searching for a person of conviction and integrity; someone who will fight hard to reinstate our lost birthright. They need to know the truth about the animal rightist Rick Santorum. We were conned in and look what it got us: The results are proving to be a disaster. Now America is at a critical time in its history: Republicans must get it right this time otherwise America is forever doomed to fall into the destructive abyss of socialism and collectivist destruction.

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Finally, anyone should be able to beat the pants off the current resident of the White House. My dog could beat Obama! Michelle Bachman is generally consistent. Ron Paul is the only true Constitutionalist on the panel. And while Mitt Romney is the typical GOP establishment candidate, to his credit he is to be commended for helping reduce the numbers of imported shelter dogs with rabies in Massachusetts. As we choose the Republican candidate for President of the United States, Rick Santorum should get a line through his name rather than underneath it.

Nick Van Duren http: But look closely at his photo. Rick is blessed with the ability to speak from both sides of his mouth at the same time. Now on the right side of his mouth, Rick is thanking all those generous lobbyists for contributing to his reelection campaign. I wonder — is there any lobby money behind PAWS???????

You remember, Rick, right? We definitely want this guy gone!!! Posted in Uncategorized Tags: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

That's a violation of the IRS code, which requires that the value of transportation services provided for personal use has to be reported as income. Something made him wake up Well, it's not hard to determine what that something was.

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On June 3, , Obama clinched the Democratic nomination. That same week, Daschle told the press that he was "interested" in being "helpful" to an Obama administration on the health care issue. With his dream of an influential Obama post becoming more real by the day, with his ambitions on the line, he suddenly developed religion about the tax laws.

Reportedly, however, he didn't share his new-found religion with the Obama transition team until mid-December, after he was tapped for the HHS job; only then did he share the news about the car-and-driver matter.

Here we go, Politics and Our Animal Culture | Top Cats Roar

The result today, of course, is that he has badly embarrassed Obama. The new president has set a high bar on ethics and accountability, yet here's another prominent Cabinet nominee with baggage worse than Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner who can't seem to hurdle it.

On the other hand, it was Obama's decision to nominate Daschle in the first place; presumably, he knew all along that this guy was a classic Beltway animal. Scads of lawmakers have left Capitol Hill and promptly cashed in on their connections and expertise by signing up with the deep-pocket companies that they once regulated. Daschle epitomizes that traditional Washington two-step.

Beltway animal behavior

And he was savvy enough to elude the strictures that are imposed by lobbyists, because, while he has been giving "policy advice" to private sector clients, he has never registered as a lobbyist. Will Daschle be confirmed? A Senate Democratic spokesman said yes, citing Daschle's "long and distinguished career and record in public service. Daschle is a member in good standing of the Senate club, and it's hard to imagine that club members will sandbag one of their own, for the behavior that they too would indulge in the private sector if given the chance. At a speech at the ACLU convention in Washington in June, Warren laid out a progressive vision to a wildly enthusiastic crowd, but one woman at my table looked dubious.

Which is not to say that moving forward will be easy. Warren is the woman who famously called out Clinton for caving on bankruptcy reform. In , she used her clout to publicly rap Obama-appointed Securities and Exchange Commission chair Mary Jo White for slow-rolling the enforcement of the Dodd-Frank rule requiring corporations to release CEO-worker pay ratios. And just this spring, thanks to pressure Warren applied to her caucus, the progressive stalwart Rohit Chopra was tapped to serve on the Federal Trade Commission.

No matter that Warren has, throughout her career, described herself as a capitalist and a fan of regulated markets, at the same time as she has gone after banks and corporations for maximizing profits on the backs of the working and middle classes — those are just details. It can all happen again. It may also be different this time. Maybe not enough to land us with a lady president, or maybe exactly that different. At least some are in it for something blunter: During her first Senate race, when Warren met little girls on the campaign trail, she began a practice of kneeling down to say: Warren speaks with assertive pride about what a tough law professor she was.

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McConnell told her to stop; she kept going; he threw her off the floor. The line also points to the larger hope: Elizabeth Warren gets that.

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Warren is on a short flight between Reno and Vegas that turns out to be pretty turbulent. The plane is buzzing with the sudden awareness that the president is in town and that onboard with us is his nemesis.

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  3. Here we go, Politics and Our Animal Culture.
  4. As soon as we stop taxiing, a young woman sitting behind Warren asks the senator to make a video message for her roommate. As Warren deplanes, a diminutive middle-aged stewardess embraces her, pulling her down to plant a big kiss on her cheek. Trump has gone on a tirade about the senator in advance of her visit to the city, calling her Pocahontas. Two hours later, Warren — who has made a pit stop to pay her regards to the ailing Harry Reid — is in the brewery in Henderson in front of several hundred supporters, four out of five of them women, many in persist T-shirts, one waving a persist bumper sticker.

    She mentions the Pocahontas speech from earlier that afternoon. Continuing to recount the inaugural day, she recalls how she felt close to despair returning to Boston in the evening: Republicans now held the White House, the Senate, the House, and the state legislatures; Obamacare and Planned Parenthood funding would likely be rolled back by Monday, Tuesday, Friday of the coming week. It was the biggest protest rally in the history of the world. Another attendee inquires about top-down party strategy with regard to the proposed merger of the Labor and Education departments — can Democrats stop it?

    Warren pauses and gets quiet. Her answer to both these questions is the same: There is no magic formula from on high, from her position in the upper echelons of political leadership. Now there is only the power of the masses, which is why Warren vibrates with intensity as she tries to express to these eager people that they , not she, are the answer to what will happen next, the only real tool the left has left.

    After we talk on her sun porch, Warren has to rush to that big outdoor town hall in Natick. But before she goes, she has an alteration to make. I point out that if she just chops it with scissors, the knit will come unraveled. She shoots me a slightly withering look: Warren cuts the sweater methodically, using the first scrap to measure how much to take off all around. Warren looks up, surprised. Here is a year-old woman, scissoring the bottom off a cheap sweater at her kitchen island as a lunatic white patriarch of a president rages against her, using his tiny thumbs and a social-media platform.

    On some level, it feels absurd — the contrast between the enormously consequential political fights and the people waging them, each small in his or her own way. Who can get us out of this? The problem is that it was the assured predictions, the 85 percent chance of victory, the promises of inevitability, that landed us in this fucking mess to begin with. Those who are used to being called upon as consultants and political gurus will wonder, like Beltway Carrie Bradshaws, whether America is ready for a female president. Because everything is different now.

    We are different too. That afternoon, Warren will stand in front of 1, people in a sun-blasted field. The people in the crowd have interrupted their own holiday weekends, their getaways from the news, to come listen to this woman in her chopped-up aqua sweater answer questions and sweat and clap for them and for herself. The first man who stands to ask a question will tell Warren that she met his daughter back when she ran for the Senate in , and that she pinkie-swore to that little girl that she could become a senator one day too.

    This is her solution, not some tricked-out plan devised by a highly paid Democratic consultant, while the volunteers and protesters pound the pavement all day.

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    Warren is looking past the consultants and party leaders to the women — and the men — who are out there like her moving, fidgeting, throwing punches in the air. The agreement requires Mr. Stone to run ads in national newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, apologizing for making defamatory statements about a Chinese businessman who is a vocal critic of Beijing.

    It also requires Mr. Stone to publish a retraction of the false statements on social media. Doing so exempts him from paying any of the damages. The number of homeless Americans crept up in , marking the second year in a row that homelessness in the U. The HUD figures are based on a national one-night count conducted every year, which found , homeless in January

    Animal Campaign: How We Beat the Beltway Animal Campaign: How We Beat the Beltway
    Animal Campaign: How We Beat the Beltway Animal Campaign: How We Beat the Beltway
    Animal Campaign: How We Beat the Beltway Animal Campaign: How We Beat the Beltway
    Animal Campaign: How We Beat the Beltway Animal Campaign: How We Beat the Beltway
    Animal Campaign: How We Beat the Beltway Animal Campaign: How We Beat the Beltway
    Animal Campaign: How We Beat the Beltway Animal Campaign: How We Beat the Beltway

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