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1. Be the Fun

So when I saw this study from the American Sociological Review examining whether church people are happier or not, well, this non-church goer just had to look into it. Does religion make people happier? Our key finding is that faith alone does not make you happier. It is only when you go to church, build strong friendship networks, and thus form a strong sense of belonging to community that religion enhances your happiness.

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The study is based on a large nationally representative sample of American adults about , which means that the sample reflects religious diversity in America. A majority of our respondents are in traditional Christian religions, especially Protestant and Catholic. But our sample does include various non-Christian groups such as Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist.

But the number of respondents from those groups is relatively small.

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Women tend to be more social creatures than men, so did you uncover any relevant gender differences in your study? Create something that does good, not evil. Have forgiveness and understanding as part of your personal core values. You might be 'wrong'. Think before you speak anything".

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There is a huge difference," "Whenever speaking on the phone to a customer service person, pay attention that you are always speaking calmly. Never let any emotion show in your voice.

And be pleasant and courteous to avoid frustration. It could simply be a case of stalking.

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Organized religion is good for keeping social order and teaching the masses how to 'play nice'. It only exposes that you are an insecure person that has to control others to feel good about yourself.

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Things don't start themselves. If people know that you're a great chef, mechanic, housecleaner, dentist they'll tell their friends.

Does going to church make you happy?

You are judged by the people that you surround yourself with, whether you like it or not. Don't interrupt and say 'you said that before'. The reason someone repeats a story - when they are trying to teach you something - is because they know that you haven't learned the lesson from the parable that they are explaining. Being too quick to judge or jump to a conclusion labels you as unenlightened.

Just be really, really good at it. If you don't like your grandson's long hair, keep that bit of negative judgment to yourself. If you share it with him, you will simply build a wall that will block future communication with him.

10 Ways to Make Church Fun Again

And that's partly why there's so many messed-up rich families in America: Don't hate poor people. Don't hate fat people. Just choose not to hate.

Create A Happy Church Create A Happy Church
Create A Happy Church Create A Happy Church
Create A Happy Church Create A Happy Church
Create A Happy Church Create A Happy Church
Create A Happy Church Create A Happy Church

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