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CK 1 I expect to come. CK 1 I'm expecting Tom. CK 1 Tom expected more.

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CK 1 Tom expects a lot. CK 1 I didn't expect it. FeuDRenais 1 I expect your help. CK 1 I was expecting it!

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CK 1 Tom expects to die. CK 1 We expected better. CK 1 What can we expect? CK 1 What do you expect? CK 1 Who did you expect?

Autumn 2018: What to expect this coming season?

CK 1 I didn't expect you. CK 1 I don't expect help. CK 1 I was expecting Tom.

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CK 1 I was expecting you. Spamster 1 Tom is expecting me. CK 1 I didn't expect help. CK 1 I didn't expect that.

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CK 1 I didn't expect this. CK 1 I expect him to come. CK 1 I think I'm expected. CK 1 I was expecting this. CK 1 I'm expecting a call. To expect is to look forward to the likely occurrence or appearance of someone or something: Anticipate sometimes refers to taking advance action, as to forestall or prevent the occurrence of something expected or to meet a wish or request before it is articulated: The term can also refer to having a foretaste of something expected: The police are anticipating trouble with rowdy fans after the game. To hope is to look forward with desire and usually with a measure of confidence in the likelihood of gaining what is desired: I hope to see you soon.

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To await is to wait expectantly and with certainty: She is eagerly awaiting your letter. I expect you want to rest now. I expect you'll be glad when I leave. He sat on the bench and waited for Miguel. I'll bet you're looking forward to your holidays.

Switch to new thesaurus. To look forward to confidently: To oblige to do or not do by force of authority, propriety, or custom: I'm expecting a letter today; We expect her on tomorrow's train. They expect high wages for their professional work; You are expected to tidy your own room. I expect that you're tired. In expectation of a wage increase, he bought a washing-machine.

— expectable

He failed his exam, contrary to expectation s ; Did the concert come up to your expectations? References in classic literature? No wonder, taking the whole fleet of whalemen in a body, that out of fifty fair chances for a dart, not five are successful; no wonder that so many hapless harpooneers are madly cursed and disrated; no wonder that some of them actually burst their blood-vessels in the boat; no wonder that some sperm whalemen are absent four years with four barrels; no wonder that to many ship owners, whaling is but a losing concern; for it is the harpooneer that makes the voyage, and if you take the breath out of his body how can you expect to find it there when most wanted View in context.

As an animal, Edward excelled me far; should he prove as paramount in mind as in person I must be a slave--for I must expect from him no lion-like generosity to one weaker than himself; his cold, avaricious eye, his stern, forbidding manner told me he would not spare.

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The future situations in which we must expect to be usually placed, do not present any equivalent security against the danger which is apprehended. Gardiner himself did not expect any success from this measure, but as his brother was eager in it, he meant to assist him in pursuing it. What did girls expect of boys, sitting on a bench and tentatively striving to find out what love was?

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