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The facts are, a young boy died in the house in which the movie was filmed. Some people think it was his spirit. But what the news programs did show was just a bit too eerie for me. The most common form of this rumor claims that a nine-year-old boy committed suicide with a shotgun in the Three Men and a Baby house.

The black portions of the figure form an outline that does resemble a shotgun standing on its end, barrel down.

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Other versions of the legend merely mention that a boy died in the house, without specifying how. Starring Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg, the film, which celebrates its 30th anniversary on November 25, followed the three bachelors as they tried to bring up the love child of one of them. But behind the laughs, there was a more sinister urban myth that gripped and freaked out most viewers.

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As they walk through the New York City apartment, they pass a window that seems to have something leaning against it. Sarah Hapgood — Loch Ness: Area of High Strangeness Indeed. Apparently he used to live in the apartment where they filmed, and committed suicide with a shotgun…. Notice anything strange about the scene above? After the mother cradles the baby and they start out of the room, the figure of a young boy appears in the same window, looking out from behind the curtains. This urban legend rose to fame after Three Men and a Baby was released on video, shortly before the release of the sequel, Three Men and a Little Lady, in The story goes that the mysterious figure is the ghost of a young boy who committed suicide in the apartment where they were shooting.

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The shotgun seen in the window immediately before his appearance is the one he killed himself with. It was a cardboard cut-out of Ted Danson. But how do they figure that? It looks like a little boy — and nothing like Ted Danson! Take a look at this picture, taken from a different scene in the movie….

Ghosts #63 Ghost behind the curtain

The cardboard cut-out was produced as a part of a storyline that ended up being cut, but the cut-out still makes an appearance in the above scene. In the ghost boy scene, it was placed behind the curtains as a joke by the crew. At first glance, the cut-out, with Danson in a top-hat and black waistcoat, looks nothing like the ghost boy hiding behind the curtains.

Until you look closer…. The picture below is a higher quality image, probably taken from the DVD release of the movie. You can see the resemblance to the Danson cut-out much more clearly, in particular the curve of the waistcoat and the shape of a top hat. The reason it looks so different headless, for one is because of the angle of the camera.

Does a Ghost Boy Appear in ‘Three Men and a Baby’?

Another rather damning piece of evidence against the little boy theories is the fact that the movie was shot in a studio in Toronto, not in a real residential apartment unless the studio itself was haunted. What we can be certain of, however, is that no family ever lived there. They argue that the figure of the boy and the Danson cut-out are plainly not the same and Touchstone is feeding them lies. For those of you who need catching up, the idea that some Hollywood movies are cursed by ghosts, demons or the Devil himself is a common and creepy conspiracy theory.

A huge box office success, the movie spawned two sequels that were a case of diminishing returns critically and commercially.

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Though I always liked all three — the haunted mirrors in the third movie were a neat idea. These days the story of the first movie is rather familiar, having been imitated so many times. The Freelings, a nice American family in the suburbs, are haunted by a band of malevolent spirits.

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There are frightening scenes of demon trees, possessed clowns and a fillet of steak that comes to life seriously not yum. The gravestones were removed. The bodies were not. Julian Beck as Kane, who died during filming. Poor Mr Beck looks like he actually died before filming. The Other Side , died of stomach cancer during filming. To be fair, while his death is often cited to be part of the curse, he was diagnosed long before he took the role. After several brushes with death throughout his life, Richard Lawson, who played parapsychologist Ryan in the first film, was in a freak plane crash in that killed 27 other people.

He only survived because his ticket was upgraded to first class when the ticket agent noticed he was an actor. Apparently it was the cheaper, easier and grosser option. And his body was a skeleton. Question is, what on earth did all those witnesses see? There was a conspicuous further detail: The infamous Brown Lady photo.

Ghosts Behind the Curtain Ghosts Behind the Curtain
Ghosts Behind the Curtain Ghosts Behind the Curtain
Ghosts Behind the Curtain Ghosts Behind the Curtain
Ghosts Behind the Curtain Ghosts Behind the Curtain
Ghosts Behind the Curtain Ghosts Behind the Curtain
Ghosts Behind the Curtain Ghosts Behind the Curtain
Ghosts Behind the Curtain Ghosts Behind the Curtain
Ghosts Behind the Curtain Ghosts Behind the Curtain

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