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Kendrick congratulated his bestie on his new album in a recent interview with Hip Hop Wired and announced that he and J. Cole plan to pick up where they left off on the joint project they first teased three years ago. DJ Mustard and YG beefed over the holidays , but the pair has since made up. I slept in his garage. Maybe J Henny has plans to venture even further into rap. The Family Hustle , Nelly and T. Nelly was spotted partying it up with his bestie in September for T. Andre and Big Boi first met in high school in Atlanta.

Originally the shot zooms out but was reversed to zooming in in order to better match the musical score and for dramatic effect. This has been confirmed in interviews with by Bill Conti , who wrote the score. Cher was considered for the role of Adrian. Marie's classic line "screw you creepo" was "fuck you creepo" in the original script.

Michael Dorn 's film debut. Originally, real life boxer Kenny Norton was offered the role of Apollo Creed, but because he was pounds, it was felt he would dwarf Stallone too much, and a smaller man was sought. In his portrayal of the character of Paulie, Burt Young decided to make him mildly arthritic, so prior to each take, he would put turpentine on his hands. The original script featured a pretzel vendor named Andy who was a boxer back in his day, who Rocky frequently talked to outside Mickey's gym.

Stallone: Rocky & Ivan Drago rematch in Creed sequel

The movie was completed within budget in 28 days "the gestation time for a water bug," Sylvester Stallone said. But even though it was not part of his deal, Stallone haunted the editing room while John G. Avildsen assembled the rough cut, and continued to make unsolicited recommendations on how to improve the film.

The director didn't like his star's meddling, but he found an unexpected bonus in Stallone's presence. There were several scenes with background voices on television screens and over loudspeakers that normally would have to be dubbed by paid actors.

Rocky II (4/12) Movie CLIP - I Won, But I Didn't Beat Him (1979) HD

Stallone did them for free, a service appreciated by director and money-conscious producers. The actors were encouraged to provide their own props and wardrobe as a cost-cutting measure since the film had a small budget. For instance, many items in Adrian's wardrobe actually did belong to Talia Shire. The role of Mickey was initially offered to Lee Strasberg who was Burt Young 's mentor , but the production couldn't afford him. Part II were the other two.

Joe Spinell was also in these three films as well. The film takes place from November 25, to January 1, The movie's line "Adrian! When Rocky does his famous run to the Philadelphia Art Museum located at Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , if he took the most direct route there, he would run 5. Rocky's employer, Gazzo was originally also intended to be Rocky's older brother, but John G.

Avildsen rejected the idea, as he thought it was too similar to the film On the Waterfront Adrian's last name was Klein in the original script. Avildsen can be seen as the cameraman, and Cinematographer James Crabe plays the lighting man for Rocky's television interview in the meat-house. When Mickey's trying to convince Rocky to let him be his manager, he talks about the night he knocked Guinea Russo out of the ring.

He says it happened on September 14, , and that it was the same night that Luis Firpo knocked Jack Dempsey out of the ring in the main event, thus stealing Mickey's thunder. This is a reference to a real life incident. Dempsey immediately began to pummel Firpo, knocking him down seven times within the first two minutes.

Somehow however, in the middle of the first round, Firpo managed to land a right uppercut with such force that it literally knocked Dempsey out of the ring. Dempsey was completely disoriented upon returning to the ring, but he managed to survive the rest of the round and regain his composure. The second round lasted less than a minute, during which time he knocked Firpo down twice; Firpo was unable to get up from the second fall. Paulie is a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer, which is alluded to by the photo of him in his Navy Chief's uniform, appearing to be finishing up his retirement ceremony.

He gave this one Two scenes were written that do not appear in the final cut of the film: The locker room scene was at least filmed because production stills from it exist. Ranked 2 on the American Film Institute's list of the 10 greatest films in the genre "Sports" in June During the opening credits as Rocky is walking towards the pet shop you can hear him whistling the theme song. In the original script, Gazzo has his bodyguard bet 3, dollars on Rocky in the Apollo Creed fight.

During the script writing, Joe Spinell insisted his character of the loan shark be named Gazzo. He is named after Spinell's distant uncle Tony Gazzo. Avildsen was so excited about the film, he reduced his usual salary to about 50, dollars, and a percentage of the profits. The original ending would have had Rocky and Apollo's fans carrying them out of the ring on their shoulders after Apollo's narrow victory. Rocky then goes backstage looking for Adrian.

He finds her behind the curtain at the back of the arena, and the two walk off hand in hand towards the dressing room. Ultimately, Sylvester Stallone found this scene unsatisfying, and so reshoots were done a week or so later with the now memorable ending. Despite this, the portrait of Rocky and Adrian walking off together was the widely used poster shot.

The film has six sequels, more than any other Best Picture winner: Avildsen didn't always find Sylvester Stallone quite so sympathetic. They got into frequent arguments over certain scenes during shooting in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, but usually resolved their differences with Stallone giving in to Avildsen's greater experience and expertise. In the scene where Paulie brings Rocky home for Thanksgiving there is a photo of a bit younger Burt Young in a Navy uniform on the table by the hallway.

This is a still from the movie Cinderella Liberty in which Young appeared a couple years earlier. Rocky Graziano was played by Paul Newman and was considered his breakthrough role, just like Rocky was for Sylvester Stallone. In the original script, the conversation between Rocky and Gazzo, when Gazzo gives Rocky the money for training expenses, was extended. Gazzo asks Rocky if he has plans for the money he'll be getting from the Creed fight, and he suggests Rocky consider putting it into the stock market.

With this and Rocky II having the running time of mins, both films are equally the longest of all the films that bear the name "Rocky" in the Rocky series. Creed clocks in at two hours and thirteen minutes. Mosley auditioned for the role of Apollo Creed, but left after creative disagreements. In the original script, Paulie stated the reason he wanted Rocky to put in a good word for him with Tony Gazzo was because working in the cold, rough climate of the meat plant inflamed and swelled his joints constantly.

The only film in the Rocky series not to feature the end credits alongside a stylized visual, as they just appear as regular white text on a black backdrop. Rocky II featured the yellow and black image of Rocky and Mickey hugging next to the end credits, Rocky III featured the LeRoy Neiman painting of Rocky and Apollo behind the end credits, Rocky IV featured a montage of black and white stills of the film's events behind the end credits, Rocky V featured a montage of blue-tinted black and white stills of the major events from Rocky I through V behind the end credits, and Rocky Balboa featured both a montage of Philadelphia citizens and tourists running up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art followed by an image of Rocky or, some feel, Sylvester Stallone himself standing alone at the edge of the steps.

The movie features one of the more famous early uses of the Steadicam, developed by Cinematographer Garrett Brown.

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Sylvester Stallone wrote his spec script in just three and a half days, supposedly inspired by the bout between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner , in which Wepner was TKO'd in the 15th round. Stallone denied that this was the inspiration for the film but was forced to eventually settle a lawsuit with Wepner. Although the final decision in the movie fight, the Brazilian dubbing sets that the result was a tie between the fighters. One of two boxing movies that won Best Picture. The other is Million Dollar Baby The only film in the whole saga not to feature any footage of Rocky's end fight opponent in training.

Stallone: Rocky & Ivan Drago rematch in Creed sequel | Daily Mail Online

The word Stallion in Italian is Stallone. John Boorman turned down the opportunity to direct. Rocky has three pets at the beginning of the film. Two turtles named "Cuff" and "Link" as well as a goldfish named "Moby Dick". The original composer was David Shire , then husband of Talia Shire. He had to turn down the opportunity to score the film due to prior commitments. In the film, the total amount of money that Rocky gets from Gazzo is dollars.

Twenty dollars for his loan shark job, fifty dollars for his date with Adrian, and dollars for training expenses. Shamrock Meats was called Eastern Packing in the original script. Robert Chartoff and Irwin Winkler were quite happy to significantly cut costs. Features Burt Young 's only Oscar nominated performance. The awkward scene where Rocky is attempting to pick up Adrian in the pet shop asking to take her to a basketball game terminates with a similar scene in the film taxi driver directed by Martin Scorsese.

In Taxi driver, a shot pans away from Robert De Niro during an awkward telephone conversation. Additionally, the Balboa fortune is all gone due to an unscrupulous accountant. Rocky's family returns to their old neighborhood and Adrian returns to the pet store she used to work at, while in a subplot Rocky Robert Jr. While training other boxers, Rocky meets a young, hungry boxer named Tommy Gunn played by real-life fighter Tommy Morrison and begins training him which results in a strained relationship with Robert. Unfortunately, as Tommy begins his rise to fame under Rocky's wing, a sleazy fight promoter named George Washington Duke convinces Tommy that Rocky is holding him back and Tommy leaves Rocky for Duke.

After Tommy wins the heavyweight title, he makes a short speech thanking Duke, and is met with jeers and the familiar chant of "Rocky" from the crowd. Seething from this insult, as well as being called by publicists as "Rocky's robot" and being told that he's "no Rocky Balboa," Tommy decides to seek out his former mentor for a final showdown.

Rocky starts to walk away from the public challenge, but Paulie decides to let Tommy have a piece of his mind about how Tommy has treated Rocky and proceeds to punch Paulie. Rocky then challenges Tommy outside and the two proceed in a violent bare-knuckle street brawl, which Rocky wins. Rocky then proceeds to punch Duke for harassing him. In the end, Rocky and Robert reconcile as they run up the steps as father and son.

Long retired, Rocky Balboa still staggers around an ever-changing world; his son is grown and distant, Paulie is working back at the meat plant, and Rocky's wife Adrian has died. Rocky has opened a restaurant named after his wife, which he stocks with mementos of his prime as he tells his old fight stories to customers.

But when a computer simulated fight on ESPN depicting a bout between a young Rocky Balboa and the current champion, Mason Dixon Antonio Tarver reignites interest in the faded boxer, Rocky discovers he has not lost his fighting spirit and considers an opportunity to prove himself in the ring again. Rocky almost wins the fight but loses in a split decision just like the first film in an alternate ending Rocky won. Rocky is last seen visiting his wife's grave saying, "Yo Adrian, we did it. Adonis Donnie Johnson, the illegitimate son of the late former heavyweight champion Apollo Creed, tracks down Rocky Balboa at Adrian's and asks Rocky to become his trainer.

Rocky is reluctant, but eventually agrees. When word gets out that Donnie is Creed's illegitimate son, the handlers of world light heavyweight champion "Pretty" Ricky Conlan, who is forced into retirement by an impending prison term, offer to make Donnie the latter's final challenger—provided that he change his name to Adonis Creed.

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  • Donnie balks at first, wanting to forge his own legacy. However, he eventually agrees. While helping Donnie train, Rocky learns he has non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. He is initially unwilling to undergo chemotherapy because it wasn't enough to save Adrian from ovarian cancer.

    Donnie persuades Rocky to seek treatment and continues training while Rocky recovers. In a battle reminiscent of Apollo and Rocky's first fight, Donnie fights Conlan in Conlan's hometown of Liverpool and surprises almost everyone by going the distance and pushing Conlan to his limit.

    Conlan wins by split decision, but Donnie wins the respect of Conlan and the crowd, with Conlan calling Donnie the future of the light heavyweight division. Returning to Philadelphia, Donnie and a recovering Rocky both make their way up the Philadelphia Museum steps and look at the skyline. In January , it was reported that the release date of the second Creed movie was tentatively set for November Coogler might not return to direct due to scheduling conflicts, but he has confirmed he will still be involved in some capacity.

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    Alvidson, and Best Editing. On December 7, , Sylvester Stallone was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame and Museum, for paying tribute to boxers in writing and creating the underdog character of Rocky. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rocky DVD set containing the first five films.



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