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A sultry, dark-haired, pale, wide-eyed immortal sits demurely in her Victorian parlor, as she and her cat both turn their heads back over their shoulders, casting two pairs of green eyes up toward the moon just peeking out from behind the clouds. Other cats and a wolf surround the two. While waiting for her to return my text, I shuffled and drew the card featuring the image described above. I thought of how the call to adventure can be refused. The truth of the card hung in the balance—would we dare to try this new adventure?

Certainly this deck is accurate! Les Vampires is a card oracle deck by Lucy Cavendish, illustrated in the distinctive art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith. They are alluring, feared and misunderstood.

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In support of the theme, the deck shows many sad, lonely, hurt faces. The Becket-Griffith draws anime-inspired females, not yet grown into women, but more than girls. A friend of mine who has a teenage daughter and so knows things like this said they reminded her of Bratz Dolls or Begoth Dolls. She also mentioned that she and her daughter love this deck.

Deck Review: Les Vampires Oracle Deck by Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Becket-Griffith

The guidebook explains the card as representing the tale of Lamia, who Zeus lusted after resulting in the envious Hera changing her into half woman, half serpent. Many of the cards include mythological symbolism. One of my favorites is the image of a beautiful, flaxen-haired girl with blushing cheeks and red rimmed eyes.

Les Vampires Oracle is designed to deal with the difficult questions and situations in life. It has 44 cards with sleek illustrations of vampiric, doll-like characters, with guidance to help with the dark nights of the soul. This intriguing oracle features lady vampires as guides to both the light and dark places we encounter in our life. The vampire element is not overplayed, as only a small portion of the young females display two biting incisors.

Other pictorial images that repeat in the background include: Even if it's improbable, we want to spend a little while in a place where we're the unique ones, the magic ones. Or where we could be. And where we don't have to accept death as a final answer. This is what my own Vampire Oracle, New Life, is about. Why do we seek vampires? The hero, Kyle Madsen, is a psychologist who specializes in people who think they're vampires. He doesn't believe in them, although he'd like to.

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In a world filled with transience and heartbreak, he'd like to find a piece of the immortal. And let's face it. Who doesn't want to imagine a pair of warm lips on their neck?

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Or an insatiable hunger for what they have inside? New Life comes out October 3. Read it, and believe. Posted by Cassandra Moore at 6: Thursday, July 24, The Vampire Oracle: Okay although it took me a while to make, I enjoyed it. I think it sums up the book pretty good.

Sacrifice by Leila Brown Look for it on Aug 1st!!! Posted by Leila Brown at 9: Book Trailer , Leila Brown , Sacrifice. Tuesday, July 15, The Vampire Oracle: Hope you enjoy watching this book trailer as much as I enjoyed making it. Posted by Ericka Scott at Monday, July 7, J What else is going on today?

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Fever — Now Available at Cobblestone Press After her parents were killed by a vampire, Charlie Kennedy decided to take justice into her own hands. Julian DeLancie is serious about his lifestyle and as one of the strongest of his coven is on a hunt for the head of the Rebellion.

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But when his task is interrupted by the beautiful and seductive huntress, Julian is forced into a battle of love vs. Julian and Charlie are explosive in and out of bed, their bond deep and binding, but will it withstand the ultimate sacrifice?

The Vampire Oracle

Is it dark enough in here for you? He sits down, adjusting his large muscular body in the cushioned chair. You are a Calmae Vampire, is that correct? How long have you been a vampire? How old are you? I have been a Calmae for more than a hundred years. He, this vampire, looks just like you or me. What do you do? I am just like you, trying to live my life.

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There are some that would want you dead. Her vendetta against vampires is no secret. Do you know anything about that? He stands, towering above me at more than six feet. His light colored eyes have grown darker, his lips lifting from his teeth slightly, so that just the sharp point of an incisor is visible.

New Life (The Vampire Oracle) New Life (The Vampire Oracle)
New Life (The Vampire Oracle) New Life (The Vampire Oracle)
New Life (The Vampire Oracle) New Life (The Vampire Oracle)
New Life (The Vampire Oracle) New Life (The Vampire Oracle)
New Life (The Vampire Oracle) New Life (The Vampire Oracle)
New Life (The Vampire Oracle) New Life (The Vampire Oracle)

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