The Successful Young Entrepreneur

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2. Focus on your skills in your 30s.

There will be time later in life to explore your interest and try out different things, but you have to build a base first. What do you do better than anyone else? Commit to developing that for several years and develop a refined set of skills and expertise.

Young Entrepreneurs, This Is How You Start A Profitable Business

It may go against the societal belief that you need to, "Follow your passion", but few know with certainty what their true passions are, even in their early 30s. Expecting yourself to have found "your calling" at that stage of your life will only be a source of stress, anxiety, and disappointment.

By living life backwards, when you reach your mid-thirties, you should have ample funds to support yourself, your family, and your interests. Your 40s are the time to explore and have fun.

1. Mark Zuckerberg: Founder of Facebook

In a Benjamin Button life, you trade socializing and partying when you're young for working crazy hours. It's not a lifestyle that appeals to everyone. They have already got their initial investment back. Tufano plans on buying her mother completely out in the coming years. With the housing market potentially picking back up again, she may see an amazing appreciation unfold.

16 Young And Successful Entrepreneurs Who Prove That Age Is Nothing but a Number

Not bad for a year old. Garrett Gee turned a lucky guess into a business opportunity when the iPad 2 was about to come out.

This university student guessed that once the iPad 2 came out, there soon would be a blog post somewhere listing the top 10 apps for the device. After recognizing there should be easier to use and less clunky QR code software and apps, he made it his mission to be the first one to offer such a product fit for the iPad 2.

He quickly got the iPad 2 into the hands of his iOS developer, and after spending two sleepless nights, he had accomplished his goal. His guess about the blog post was also correct. Thanks to his hard work, he made it onto that list. He recruited two fellow classmates, and they launched Scan in February The number of downloads grew quickly, reaching 21 million by October Gee's next move is said to be the development of a monetization plan.

2. Matthew Mullenweg: Founder of the WordPress

Cameron Johnson got his start at the age of nine making invitations for his parents' holiday party. Two years later Johnson had made thousands of dollars selling cards through his company he called Cheers and Tears. Fifteen-year-old Catherine Cook and her brother were looking at a yearbook and thought it would be a good idea to build a social media website built around an online version of a person's yearbook.

The site has attracted large advertisers like Disney and ABC. Cooks reports annual sales of "seven figures.

10 Young Entrepreneurs Under 30 Share Their Start-Up Secrets

She made so much money that she dropped out of school to devote her time to her business. At the age of 14, Doherty began making jams from his grandmother's recipes. As the word got out, he began receiving more orders than he had time to fill. But the truth is, luck plays a large part in our successes -- especially for young entrepreneurs. And for some with less than stellar values, this is hard to come to terms with. As a young person, whether you're applying for an internship or pitching to investors, your fate is typically decided by others.

While you can do all the right things, some things just don't work out. But while much of luck is out of your control, I believe that there is a way to put yourself in more positions to get lucky -- thereby, creating your own luck. To do this, strive for excellence in whatever you're doing at the moment. For example, after starting his own company as a freshman, the young man I recently met with decided to dive head first into everything entrepreneurship at Georgetown.

He pulled late nights and worked hard to make entrepreneurship events on campus a success and, eventually, organized a speakers' series event for Steve Case , the founder of AOL. And when the event rolled around, he had the opportunity to meet Case. He expressed his interest in venture capitalism and then landed an internship at Case's investment firm Revolution the following semester.

Some may say that he got lucky by being able to work at Revolution at such a young age. And he'd agree with them. But was it really just luck?

The Successful Young Entrepreneur The Successful Young Entrepreneur
The Successful Young Entrepreneur The Successful Young Entrepreneur
The Successful Young Entrepreneur The Successful Young Entrepreneur
The Successful Young Entrepreneur The Successful Young Entrepreneur
The Successful Young Entrepreneur The Successful Young Entrepreneur
The Successful Young Entrepreneur The Successful Young Entrepreneur

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