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I enjoyed this book a lot. I loved that Cade and Maria had a history, even though it ended badly eight years ago.

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That connection between them is still there despite time and distance, which always works for me as a reader. The suspense of not knowing exactly what happened with Cade and Maria's brother, Riel, kept me wondering throughout the whole book.

Dangerous Pleasure

I also really enjoyed the emails that were sprinkled throughout the book. Because of their unresolved issues and emotions, My Review: Because of their unresolved issues and emotions, I sunk into their romance rather quickly and could see the chemistry between them. I liked both of their characters.

Even though Maria comes from money, her devotion and dedication to the center she works at was front and center from the very beginning, showing that there was so much more to her. For Cade, his depth of character shows every single time he is around Maria. Despite the years, he still has so many emotions for her and those come across the story page in and out. The suspense line in this was also rather good, although it's never a secret who the main bad guys are.

I liked the back story behind the terrorists and how personal it was to them rather than just being some blanket religious quest for revenge. The personal twist for it with the bad guys made their motivation and actions more understandable, although still reprehensible. The love for two women and the pain they suffered There was a glimpse of another shadowy character in this book I'm seriously hoping that Katie Reus is setting him up for more, because I loved the glimpses we saw of him.

The book was good. The suspense, while not that suspenseful, was action-packed from page one. If Maria was a real person, she'd be dealing with PTSD for loud bangs for absolutely the rest of her life. A girl can only survive so many explosions before having a nervous breakdown. But that's what makes her an awesome fictional heroine. Not only did she survive, but she managed to seduce the hot alpha tattooed male who was in charge of protecting her.

And if I'm ever in an explosion I hope that I can pull off a little of her strength. Apr 21, Bj rated it really liked it Shelves: While technically labeled a romantic suspense title, I really felt that the suspense angle of this novel was much more subdued as the motivation for the danger was relatively easy to discern early on. Instead, the story seems much more focused on how the characters navigate the danger, their past connection, and how their romance blossoms amidst the chaos.

See the full review at AudioGals. Jan 26, Hbeebti rated it really liked it Shelves: Looking for excitement, danger, suspense, and steamy hot romance? Bound to Danger by Katie Reus is the ticket. Bound to Danger is the second book in the Deadly Ops series. It can be read as a stand alone novel. The way Katie Reus writes makes it easy for the reader to jump right into the novel and become absorbed until the very last word.

She builds the story with escalating suspense, blazing sexual tension, and a well paced plot. Katie Reus writes with passion and excitement. Bound to Danger ope Looking for excitement, danger, suspense, and steamy hot romance? Bound to Danger opens with Maria Cervantes attending an elite party to network and get donations for the community youth program she runs. She accidentally overhears a terrorist plot right before an explosion kills several people and leaves her injured with a memory loss. Maria is the only witness alive.

The agencies in charge are not sure if she is a victim or a terrorist. After Riel died, Cade cut all ties with Maria due to guilt. Maria is shocked when Cade walks back into her life. Between the conflicted feelings of attraction and feelings of betrayal, Maria is not sure how to deal with Cade.

Top off the escalating danger, the hunt for the terrorists, and the multiple enemies, she is living in fear every moment. Cade is well trained, lethal, and quick on his feet. He gives her a sense of safety and reassurance that she will survive this ordeal. But will her heart survive Cade? Between the suspense, the complex web of enemies, the sexual tension, and sizzling romance, Bound to Danger will not disappoint. Katie Reus creates memorable characters, a complex plot, and a romantic story. No matter what genre she is writing, she always delivers a powerful book. She has become one of my favorite writers.

I highly recommend Bound to Danger. Oct 09, Anna's Herding Cats rated it liked it Shelves: I am always up for a little romantic suspense. Throw in a second chance at love, military men and some sweet letters exchanged while he was deployed years earlier? And I'm in heaven! Bound by Danger was quite the ride as Maria's life is thrown into serious danger after overhearing a terrorist plot and becoming the only survivor of one of their bombings.

The it's thrown into even more emotional turmoil when the man who comes in to keep her safe is none other than Cade. The man she loved years ago and who had vanished from her life without a word. Okay so I had some quibbles with the suspense aspect of the book. There were some things that hit some of my hot buttons but might not bother others. I typically prefer a more balance rom-suspense and this one leaned heavier towards suspense and from the start you pretty much know the whos and whats and whys of the bad guy. So it was a little anticlimatic even with some decent action.

It made it drag for me a bit here and there. I also didn't love that the terrorists were almost made out in a way to garner sympathy towards them and I just really didn't care for that. So I had some issues on the suspense side. But the Romance side. It was so working for me.

See a Problem?

That these two had some history with the beginnings of a romance years earlier then the two started exchanging letters--that were so perfect and sweet--while he was deployed overseas. And that crashed when tragedy struck--stealing someone they both loved--and Cade mucked it all up by turning tail and running. Just made for a fab romance. It was pretty entertaining watching them deal with all that.

Edging around his abandonment and what they still meant to each other after all this time. There was some oh-so-very-nice chemistry happening and a little bit of sheet time that while it wasn't too hot and heavy was working too. I seriously loved that their letters back and forth were included. There is just something so powerful about written letters. I really looked forward to the ends of chapters when they were included and, okay, I may have skipped ahead sometimes to read just the letters and then gone back for the story.

I am a total sucker for "real" letters like that. I really liked both of them as well. Cade's all yummy alpha male and sexy as all get out. Capable, sweet, rocking some decent moves. And Maria was a strong heroine that only on occasion had a tstl moment. I did appreciate that when she had those moments she usually got called out and realized oh hell that was really stupid. Two two really paired off nicely. There was a little bit of humor thrown in which tickled me: All in all Bound to Danger was a nice read.

While I wasn't completely won over by the suspense side of things the bits and pieces that did work for me way outweighed my quibbles and left me still wanting to go back and check out the first book in the series. Jun 08, Adria Musings and Reviews rated it really liked it Shelves: Heart pumping action, intriguing mystery and a red hot romance that left me wanting more, author Katie Reus definitely knows how to capture an audience and keep them entertained!

Maria Cervantes is the only survivor of a terrorist act that left her mother and countless others dead. The shock of the incident has left her with no memory of that night and in desperate need of protection. Being forced into close quarters with each other brings out old resentments, secret regrets and of course passion. Creating such a traumatic event so early on in the story not only made an impression on me as a reader but created such sympathy for Maria. In just a few pages she overhears a terrorist plot, loses her mother in another terrorist attack and becomes a target of terrorists because of what is lock inside her mind.

There are no whiny female hysterics from her just a shaky acceptance that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and now has to run for her life. As dangerous as he is, Cade is an emotional guy. He feels guilt over his past with Maria but he also feels this overwhelming desire to be with her again and to protect her. Cade and Maria definitely worked well together. There were so many unresolved issues between them going back eight years that when combined with their attraction to one another created some intense, sexually charged scenes.

I loved that they shared a mutual respect for one another. He respected her enough to treat her as a human being, not a possession and Maria respected Cade enough to know when not to fight him on decisions that were meant to protect her. Bound to Danger delivers both action and romance with a fast paced plot and steamy love scenes. Sign me up for the next book in the series and while I wait, it's time to check out Reus' other work! Jun 21, Reading In Pajamas rated it it was amazing. August 5, Reviewed by: I loved the pulse pumping action and danger that was thrown at them throughout the book.

I did get confused at times as to why she was still a target, but then I got immersed in the story and it no longer mattered. The romance was hot and sexy and flowed nicely with the story. I look forward to the next Deadly Ops book. Apr 15, Linda rated it it was amazing Shelves: Maria finds herself in the middle of a terrorist attack, as the only survivor. What she never saw coming was the one assigned to guard her after this, Cade. Once upon a time, he was her brothers best friend and they had something about to happen between them, but when disaster struck Cade disappeared.

Now hes back, and this time hes not planning to leave her. Suspense, action, smutty fluff and an Alpha male back to claim his love in an awesome combo.

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I received a fr Maria finds herself in the middle of a terrorist attack, as the only survivor. I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. Jul 11, Sophia rated it really liked it Shelves: Everything from the title, to the cover, to the blurb told me this one would be an exciting book that I just shouldn't miss. Aaannd, after closing the cover on the final pages, I'd say that it totally lived up to expectation. This is the second book of the series, but I had no trouble jumping in with this one though I will definitely be going back for Jack and Sophie's story.

The story opens with Maria Cervantes going to a party for the rich to connect with donors for her community youth program Everything from the title, to the cover, to the blurb told me this one would be an exciting book that I just shouldn't miss. The story opens with Maria Cervantes going to a party for the rich to connect with donors for her community youth program only to overhear a terrorist plot right before an explosion killed several and left her with memory loss.

Maria is the only living witness to the bombing leaving the authorities unsure if she's a victim or a not so innocent participant. Cade O'Reilly, ex-Marine NSA operative, discovers Maria's name on the survivor's list for a huge terrorist bombing and insists on being assigned to the mission. Years ago, he served with her brother and was best friend to both Riel and Maria.

His friendship with Maria had become something more until he suddenly cut off all contact after the death of Riel. He knew he hurt Maria, but he saw no other way. Now, however, he was here for her to protect her, help her remember, and possibly make amends if she didn't end up hating him for his part in Riel's death. Maria has lost so much and its shocking to have Cade walk back into her life. Her feelings are conflicted and bounce from anger to grief to attraction as she spends time with Cade working to hunt down the terrorists. She is terrified as danger surrounds her, but she is determined to see it through.

Having the capable and lethal Cade there with her makes it all endurable, but also gives her comfort and something much, much more. Enemies close in and continue with their deadly plans leaving Maria and Cade along with the rest of the NSA teams rushing headlong into danger. The plot was a good strong one and the little bit of intrigue caused by multiple enemies and a rogue operative upped the intensity.

There was a good balance between the romance and the suspense. I enjoyed all the big action scenes that were included. The romance was a second chance style so the hero and heroine already had a history making their flare up of attraction not as instant as it might seem. They had to get past the issue of his disappearance, but even while Maria is sorting out how she feels about the abandonment and reappearance, they get hot for each other.

I have to say that when it comes to these books telling a story fraught with danger and a race to beat the bad guys before they do something awful that I always find it a little amusing when the passion kicks up and the main couple take a brief detour into the bedroom, bathroom or wherever - perhaps several times. It's not something that makes me hate a book, but just makes me pause before I dive back in. Nope, didn't mind at all in this case because I enjoyed these two together.

Move over Maria, I might arm wrestle you for Cade. As to the characters, Maria was a refreshing Romantic Suspense heroine. Maria is not portrayed as some skilled Amazon, but just a beautiful woman inside and out whose calling is to give back to her community and help the youth that ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

She goes through a lot in short time in this one. She reacts in normal ways with emotional moments followed by good common sense. She even handles Cade's abandonment with minimal drama. She has her moments when her naivete gets her into trouble, but it all fit with her persona and didn't cross into the annoying. She sees past all the intimidating size, muscle, tattoos and lethal air to the real feeling, lonely, vulnerable man beneath the surface when it comes to Cade. Cade is a trained operative who does his work well without a hitch until he has Maria to protect then he becomes even more fierce.

I loved seeing this alpha male rein it in when it came to Maria. He is tender with her and caring even when she insists on certain things that leave her more vulnerable. He has always valued Maria's family and their warm welcome to him to be a part of them since his own family was not that way.

It's a struggle for him to put his honest feelings out there and not have them rejected because of the guilt he carries. Love the wounded warrior types. The regular secondary characters including Cade's boss and a revisit from others in the first book were a welcome addition. I hope Levi's story continues in another book. The story has multiple narrators including a couple of the villains. One of the terrorists was doing bad things, but through his narration I felt some sympathy for his motives which says a lot for the way the author paints him and her other characters with depth.

Overall, this was a fantastic read and a great first experience with this author.

Bound to Danger

The romance was sizzling and the suspense was action-packed the way I like it. Romantic Suspense lovers should definitely give this series a try. My thanks to Penguin Group for the opportunity to read this one in exchange for my honest review. Dec 19, Quinn's Book Nook rated it liked it Shelves: I have just been loving Romantic Suspense lately, and Katie Reus does good romantic suspense. Bound to Danger is the second book in the Deadly Ops series, and I actually ended up liking this more than I was expecting to.

Bound to Danger is about Maria Cervantes, a community activist in Miami. At a benefit dinner, there is an explosion, and Maria is the on I love Katie Reus' Red Stone Security series, but since that series is complete, I decided to try some of her books from her Deadly Ops series. At a benefit dinner, there is an explosion, and Maria is the only one to survive. The explosion is an attack, and the NSA is working to investigate this attack, and to stop future attacks. So Maria is of super interest to them. Here is were the hero comes in.

Cade and Maria knew each other when they were younger. Cade was friends with her brother, and they both served in the military. When Maria's brother was killed, Cade didn't handle it well, and they drifted apart. Now Cade is back, and it brings back all the feels! Maria was so easy to love. I felt so bad for her after the attack. She has survivor's guilt, being the only survivor of the attack, and not recalling the events leading up to the explosion.

But her mother also was killed in the attack, so it's made so much worse for Maria. She's doing her best to grieve, and to remember what happened right before the explosion so she can help the NSA. She's also having to deal with her unresolved feelings for Cade. I liked Cade a lot too.

I understood why he didn't handle things so well after his best friend Maria's brother died. Grief is hard on everyone. Cade is the strong capable type, and you guys, that so works for me. He's super protective of Maria, and he is trying to help her deal with everything. It was so easy to root for Cade and Maria. I liked them so much, and I complete bought into their chemistry and connection. I couldn't wait for them to figure things out.

The action is fast-paced, and I couldn't stop turning the pages. But I did have some issues. The one thing that really brought me out of the story, though, was all the time spent with the bad guys.

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  • I mean, I just don't care about that, and didn't really feel like it was necessary. Also, I got real sick of the definitions at the beginning of each chapter. These words or phrases aren't exactly unknown. And as much as I enjoyed reading this one, it didn't stick with me at all. In fact, I wrote almost the whole review before I realized I was reviewing a different book. That said, Bound to Danger by Katie Reus surprised me. I liked this so much more than I was expecting. If you love Romantic Suspense, with lots of action and a stand-up hero, you should totally give this one a try.

    This review was originally posted on Quinn's Book Nook Jun 20, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: I have recently discovered a love for romantic suspense, but I hadn't had a chance to try any of Katie Reus' novels. Better late than never, though, because she can write one suspenseful and definitely romantic story! Maria Cervantes hasn't heard from or seen Cade O'Reilly ever since her brother died while serving with him eight years ago. But when Maria barely escapes an explosion after overhearing men plotting terrorist attacks, Cade, now working for the NSA, comes in to protect her and find th I have recently discovered a love for romantic suspense, but I hadn't had a chance to try any of Katie Reus' novels.

    But when Maria barely escapes an explosion after overhearing men plotting terrorist attacks, Cade, now working for the NSA, comes in to protect her and find the men responsible for the explosion. Cade tells himself he wants to protect Maria because it is detrimental to figure out what she knows about the terrorists, but as he spends more time with Maria, his feelings from eight years ago come back even stronger.

    Cade will do anything to protect Maria, but can he save her from the danger that has already stolen some of the people she loves the most? The reason I love romantic suspenses so much is because there is much, much more than just the romance. The main couple has to deal with situations beyond their own emotions for each other, which makes their relationship that much more difficult.

    And Cade and Maria definitely had a lot to deal with as they explored their feelings for each other. Maria lost someone very close to her and had to worry about terrorists trying to kill her as she tried to remember what exactly she had overheard before the explosion that her mind had blocked from her memory. Because she was so vulnerable, Cade didn't want to take advantage of her and risk crossing the line between personal and professional.

    But Cade definitely realized that Maria was much more than a job to him. While I really enjoyed Cade's determination to protect Maria and hunt down the men trying to kill her and plotting a terrorist attack, I sometimes became lost in the details of the plotting, terrorism, and secret agent talk.

    It was hard to keep track of who was exactly who, who was good, who was bad, and where some things were taking place. When things were from Cade and Maria's point of view and not some random agent, they got themselves into some very suspenseful, heart pumping situations. I never knew how Cade would get them out of the situations the terrorists put them in or how he could resist his attraction to Maria any longer.

    There was definitely an attraction between Cade and Maria and I loved how they knew they liked each other, but had to learn to trust each other again after Cade just up and left all of those years ago. I especially loved the emails between Maria and Cade from when they first started to fall for each other eight years ago that were included at the end of each chapter. Their correspondence in the past showed us just how close they had become before Cade withdrew after Maria's brother's death.

    You can tell they really cared about each other both then and now, especially how Cade wouldn't give into his attractions for Maria in the present when she was so vulnerable, but instead was worried about what she was feeling and going through. A man with a lethal body and a super sweet personality when it comes to the woman he loves?

    Overall, Bound to Danger definitely had its suspenseful moments that were well balanced with the relationship and steamy parts of the novel. I'm excited to check out what other stories she's written because this definitely won't be the last one I'm reading! Jun 16, Michelle Leah Olson rated it really liked it Shelves: This series features all American alpha heros who work in the military and for the government protecting their country and it's citizens.

    Each book works very well as a standalone but characters from previous stories do reappear so it's fun to catch up with all these delicious specimens of manhood. When you pick up a Deadly Ops book you are guaranteed adventure with a capital A! Not to mention romance to get your heart racing! Maria is at a party when she overhears terrorists plotting to bomb Miami but before she can make sense of what she's heard an explosion rocks the residence and Maria wakes up in hospital with memory loss! She has survived but so many others were not as lucky and the tragedy puts Maria in even more danger.

    The men who set the explosion realise she knows too much to be allowed to live and are determined to find her. The NSA have to protect Maria but the agent assigned to the task is one who Maria knows only too well! Eight years ago Cade dropped out of Maria's life and she's never quite understood why. Cade had been a friend to her deceased brother but to Maria he was something more or so she thought.

    Now he's back in her life and there's still unresolved issues between them but Cade seems determined to keep Maria at a distance. As Maria struggles to come to terms with the aftermath of the explosion she's desperate to remember all that she heard but time is running out. The terrorist organisation have a long reach and there's a traitor close to home who puts Maria in the firing line! I do enjoy this authors work and if you are a fan of romantic suspense then this new series is bound to please.

    As usual Ms Reus gives us a hero to drool over as Cade is just so protective and yummy! The complicated past that the couple share is told in a very interesting way as we are treated to snippets of emails that they exchanged before the death of Maria's brother which is very inciteful and adds depth to the characters history.

    In some ways it's a story of star crossed lovers as events have kept them apart but sometimes things are just meant to be. In romance timing is everything and it's certainly time for Cade to realise that Maria feels like home to him! As for Maria well she's so much stronger than she realises and a very loyal and brave heroine.

    Whilst she may not be the most kick ass female in fiction she's no cry baby either and I liked that we see both her vulnerabilities and also her strengths. This is an action packed story, a roller coaster of emotion. If you enjoy a plot that leaves you breathless then prepare to buckle up as it's going to be a bumpy ride! There's so much happening in this book with villains who need to be stopped and yet the author even brings them to life as their motives are explained which stops them being one dimensional. I think to do that takes real talent as so often bad guys in books can just be caricatures but not here.

    Ms Reus has written a great story filled with romance and her signature heat! Her leading men are always on my wish list and Cade can be my lethal protector anytime! Jun 26, Laura the Highland Hussy rated it really liked it. She comes from an affluent family and even has a bodyguard with her at the event. In her feverish state, hugging a toilet in an unused room, she overhears terrorists planning something horr review posted on Got Fiction?

    In her feverish state, hugging a toilet in an unused room, she overhears terrorists planning something horrible. She recognizes one of the voices. She staggers to the lawn and runs for her bodyguard, and friend, Nash.

    Instead the entire mansion the gala is being held at is blown up. The NSA wants to know why Maria was in the lawn, and not inside, and they want to know what, if anything, she knows about the explosion. Unfortunately Maria has no memory of the night. Cade and Maria used to be friends, in fact, he and her brother were best friends in the military. Until her brother was killed, then Cade vanished leaving Maria wondering what had happened.

    She felt like she lost her brother, and her best friend all in one day. Cutting all contact with Maria was hard, but going back and seeing her in danger was harder. Cade was determined to keep her safe, but he also needed to know what she had overheard. You pulled one over on me. The action never stops, and once Maria remembers what it is she overheard, it only makes it that much more dangerous for her. I loved the second chance at love trope, and I really liked the cast of characters.

    View all 4 comments. Jun 06, Sofia T. This book tells the story of Maria and Cade. Maria Cervantes is a philantropist who loves helping those in need. Despite being unwell, she attends a benefit dinner, bound to help her raise money for her family's organisation. However, she is at the wrong place at the wrong time, and overhears two men plotting a terrorist attack against Miami. Maria has no time to react when an explosion destroys everything around her.

    Waking Bound to Danger is the second book in the Deadly Ops series. Waking up in a hospital and having no memory of the previous day, Maria is shocked to find out that she's the sole survivor of the attack and of course that makes her a suspect.. He served in the army with her brother and used to be very close with her until a horrible accident ripped them apart. Now, years later, Cade works for the NSA and is shocked to find out that Maria is a suspect of a terrorist attack. He refuses to believe that the girl he knew would do something so terrible.

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    Bound to Danger: An erotic thriller Bound to Danger: An erotic thriller
    Bound to Danger: An erotic thriller Bound to Danger: An erotic thriller
    Bound to Danger: An erotic thriller Bound to Danger: An erotic thriller
    Bound to Danger: An erotic thriller Bound to Danger: An erotic thriller
    Bound to Danger: An erotic thriller Bound to Danger: An erotic thriller

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