Seven Years of Surrender (Journey Series Book 1)

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Can one push-up a day change your life? You bet it can.

Seven Years of Surrender

Mini habits are the easiest way to change your habits! A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles". The practice of love to make our daily lives more fulfilling while helping to create a more peaceful and caring world. Zen and the Art of Happiness. Practical Meditation for Beginners: Lead Us To A Place: Review "A lone voice in the modern wilderness calling for surrender instead of striving, Singer shows how surrendering to life does not mean giving up our dreams.

Harmony June 2, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. The Day Gratitude Journal: A Mindful Practice for Lifetime of Happiness. Discover the daily habits to stop worrying, relieve stress, overcome anxiety and create mindfulness in your life!

Seven Years to Sin

How to Overcome Procrastination and Live a Hap Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention singer soul untethered michael spiritual surrendering flow inspiring business universe personal meditation living learn practice path truly letting changing experiences. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. First I should say I'm a lover of Michael's first book "The Untethered Soul" which radically transformed my life, so I pre-ordered this one and anxiously awaited.

Before I got the book, I wasn't sure if I'd totally buy into the premise of "complete surrender" because I'm more in the arena of "you create your own reality" not to mention believing in parallel universes etc. Michael's book is a totally different angle - life just happens, don't try to figure out why and how it's happening, you're not doing any of it, just follow life, and it'll be just fine. So with great intrigue I was looking forward to reading it.

Even though I knew his perspective on life was different than mine, I do believe in surrender - meaning it's fine to envision something but then completely let go and allow the Universe to do its thing. So even if I used Michael's viewpoint in that way, I was open to hearing what he had to share on the topic of surrendering. By the way, some chapters ended with such an incredible promise of what will unfold next that you just had to keep reading.

I told my son, "OK, leave me alone. I'll be in the sunroom for 5 hours - not getting up until this book is done! I got both the audio book read by the author and the paperback. Although I had been familiar with the concepts of not allowing your thoughts to control you, Michael Singer explained it so radically clear, that my own transformation came via the Untethered Soul. Or so I thought. I might need to go back and re-read Untethered Soul because The Surrender Experiment was mind-blowing. Surrender Experiment was more about "What if you went ahead and did the very thing your thoughts made you fearful or resistant about doing?

Surrender Experiment was somewhat of a personal demonstration of what was taught in Untethered Soul and then some - totally riveting. My other initial reaction was toward the beginning of the book when I read one of the first stories of how he did NOT give into the chattering resistance of his mind.

My reaction was "What?!!! Crap, there's no way I'd give in to a situation like that! I reminded myself that I can read any book and decide to use what resonates and discard what does not. Well hey, at least that perspective got me reading it again. SO freakin' glad I did!! He did NOT just allow that to happen!

Through the stories of his own thoughts of resistance I became aware of my own Initially he refused to be paid by someone who was insisting to pay him. Sounds like he had that "too spiritual to receive payment" concept going on - a lot of "spiritual" people experience that so it was good to watch that play out in Michael's life. He admitted that he undercharged for his services quite a bit. That refusal to be paid was a form of mental resistance that he overcame later - clearly he shed resistance to accepting money given the millions he experienced in his companies.

Mental concept separating worldly and spiritual dissolves: It was cool to witness the dissolving of his concepts "separating worldly and spiritual" as he puts it. For anyone who thinks spirituality is meditating, finding as much isolation as you can, and doing a whole bunch of spiritual practices, get ready to have your perspective shifted a bit. Michael found a way to merge deep spirituality while making millions.

In fact, his spirituality deepened as a result of his many "worldly" encounters. What's more is that he often credits his everyday experiences in life and business with deepening his spirituality MORE than meditation and isolation.

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Truly dumbfounded by how it effortlessly came together. Also, most people who think about being in a spiritual community, are often doing so to escape dealing the "worldly drama" or "non-spirituality" of regular life and to be surrounded only by like-minded people. That's the way Michael Singer started out as well - alone out in the woods. But somehow he merged living in his spiritual community with the experiences of running businesses etc.

FROM that very reclusive spiritual community. And he did so with uniquely remarkable life-changing results Is resistance holding ME back: Many times, Michael surrendered to a life situation that seemed utterly ridiculous to surrender to and the voice in my head said "You have GOT to be kidding me!!! Why would you just give in to that?! Just say OK to both??!! Are you kidding me right now??!! I know it sounds ridiculous but ya gotta read the book to really get this folks I can't even explain it here.

By chapter 34 my resistance to this level of surrender was overtaken by fascination with what may actually be possible that I have not yet tapped into.

My personal preferences won most of the time disallowing the natural flow of life. Wow, I see this SO clearly now! Life hands you the next task: Loved this quote "I'm sitting on a tiny planet spinning in out of space and this is the next task that life handed to me.

Seven Years to Sin by Sylvia Day

I'm doing this as a gift to the Universe. Although the book doesn't specifically say "follow your bliss" Michael was a living example of precisely that in many instances. He just allowed himself to fall in love with whatever he felt passionate about and lo and behold life threw him all kinds of opportunities that lined up with precisely that. It's an awesome reminder that the Universe will support you in your passion. Often times, we don't believe that we can make money with our passion so we go do something else. Pay very close attention to how that multi-million software company got started - THAT was an incredible display of "follow your bliss" supported by the Universe a million fold.

Awesome Intuitive flow I loved reading about the beautiful resonant inner flow of creativity Michael experienced where things just flowed out of him - clearly from an amazingly inspired place that delivered projects so effortlessly that it was pretty much like meditating. Really opened me up to experiencing more of this flow and reading how he got into the flow was cool as well. Is this about the "Art of Allowing? Learning to quiet or ignore the voice in his head also provided a tremendous a level of peace in tumultuous situations. Loved how he demonstrated just how easy it is to do that.

I followed his guidance and immediately was able to practice the feeling of calm and serenity in any given moment. Many people try to "do things" to attract desired experiences never once realizing that attracting is a BEING experience not a doing one. Michael Singer fully surrenders, experiences tremendous peace and joy in life, and of course naturally attracts amazing life experiences that he did NOT ever envision, set an intention for, asked the Universe for or make a vision board for I might add.

Michael's teachings are all about "Surrender your preferences and just follow the stream of naturally occurring life events. Always do what life puts in front of you? At a certain point in the book, he shared that he chose to NOT accept different biz opportunities so as to not sacrifice his meditation practice. But he also says "do what life puts in front of you.

I still love this book. There was also the time when a colleague was impressing upon Michael to build a bigger house for himself on the land he owned. In previous stories where others were impressing upon him to do something, he took it as a "sign from life" and surrendered. But when his colleague was impressing upon him to build a nicer house for himself, he said no, he'll just wait for the timing of life which he did with remarkable results but still Do what life puts in front of you even if you really don't enjoy it?

That unwavering belief is a big part the magic in all of this see my overall comment below. So at times, he says "yes" to opportunities he really does NOT want to do. That left me a bit concerned for readers who may blindly throw themselves into situations they despise which will then create very undesired life experiences. Remember, Michael did NOT allow himself to feel "despise" for any of the things he accepted but initially felt dislike for. THAT's the key and it created amazing results for Michael. If you cannot follow that ability to turn "initial dislike" into "full positive love and acceptance" for things you really don't wanna do, then you may not wanna blindly follow what Michael's doing in this book.

Personally, I believe the Universe has infinite opportunities available for us all to experience and it's much more fun for me to align with the manifestation of enjoyable ones, so I choose to do that. Is this all just too perfect? At times, after reading one life event after another that miraculously turned out just fine, I found myself wondering if this is just almost too perfect. The book is doing an awesome job of articulating a series of selected events that were perfectly timed and that worked out beautifully each time. Surely that MUST have happened a few times in 40 years.

Can't help but wonder Quite a few staff members were divinely timed hires. Certainly not all hired employees showed up effortlessly and perfectly timed for example. Yes, there was the FBI raid where all hell seemed to break loose But to be fair, there were other stories of "things seemingly gone wrong But doesn't quite say how those typical problems were experienced.

Were they all experienced with effortless serendipity? Or was it the typical corporate drama. Wait, there WERE some preferences expressed: The book seems to be heavily embracing the "surrender all of your preferences" concept but there were times when I thought "Well isn't THAT a preference? Destined to marry an Earl and brought up in a world designed for men, Jessica is resigned to her place in the world. However, she cannot help but be drawn to the dashing oh god, I used the word dashing lol, the historical stuff is getting to me!

On the night before her wedding, she happens upon him in the woods and sees something that shocks her to her core — him selling his body to a woman of high standing. Seven years later, her husband has died and Jessica decides to go on a sea voyage to tend to their plantations that are now in her possession.

Alistair manages to have her aboard his ship. Over the years, he has become quite the successful tradesman. In the first scene, he binds her to the bed with tie in a concentual, really hot way and proceeds to have his wicked not-so-stuffy way so after that, I was pretty much on board with the book lol. More than slightly dangerous. He was a flawed individual but who loved Jessica with absolutely all of his heart. His devotion to her was beautiful. I also really liked Jessica. Both of them had pasts they needed to heal from and I loved watching them fall in love, help each other heal, and realize how desperately they truly needed each other.

As for how it compares to Bared to You … it was not like the historical version of it or anything, but I could definitely see how this was where the inspiration for BTY came from. The characters were similar, but not identical. And the plot itself had small hints of similarity, but not really enough to draw comparisons. There were some really sweet moments, the characters had great chemistry so there were lots of sexy times, so if you are at all a fan of historical romance or want to try one out, you should consider giving this one a shot: How I see Alistair and Jess: View all 25 comments.

I was just chatting with a friend today about when you read a book and it works out good enough for the moment. This is probably how I'm feeling about Seven Years to Sin. The book was a pleasant read - full of great sexual chemistry and a sweet love story about two people finding love after overcoming past loss. The start of this tale had me grinning mischievously when a very naughty voyeuristic scene happened right off the bat.

I knew the stage was being set for a future series of events that w I was just chatting with a friend today about when you read a book and it works out good enough for the moment. I knew the stage was being set for a future series of events that were bound to bring this moment back to light. There were many things about Seven Years which worked out well for me. I liked the idea of two people getting to know one another again while trapped on a ship together although now I just want to go read a pirate bodice ripper because I was hoping for more of a high seas vibe.

As a historical, the fare was pretty standard. I've read better, I've read worse. I'm no expert judge of how much detail is accurate or not for the time period, so I leave those aspects to the people who know more about these things. I have to say that I missed some of the more prominent banter and wit which I've experienced in other historical romances. Truly, the strength in this story leaned more on the broken pasts of our characters and the way they learned to express what they wanted from one another.

Honestly, I found myself a little bored at times. The love story was nice It was pretty basic. Although, I do give my stamp of approval to Alistair's dirty talking. I can never get enough of that stuff. Overall, this was a fine little read to pass the time after a night of carving pumpkins and drinking cocoa If you're a fan of historical romance, chances are, you'll like Seven Years. Most people I know who've read this really enjoyed it and rated higher than I did. I think I just tend to prefer my HR with a little more flair than this book served up.

View all 6 comments. I was asked by a friend, if i wanted to join in on reading this book because apparently the main couple, Alistair and Jessica were the author's inspiration for Bared to You a contemporary romance , which i had recently read and enjoyed. This is what is considered a Regency romance, which is typically not a genre that has ever "called to me".. I can't say that i'm any more sold on Regency romanc I was asked by a friend, if i wanted to join in on reading this book because apparently the main couple, Alistair and Jessica were the author's inspiration for Bared to You a contemporary romance , which i had recently read and enjoyed.

I can't say that i'm any more sold on Regency romances now that i've actually read one Having said that, of course, i DID actually really enjoy this book! He's the "player" who's been in love with and pining for Jessica, the prim and proper girl, for years. He was sexy as all get out, and he was soooo romantic in how he treated and spoke to Jessica! The sex scenes were also "smokin hot!! If you are someone who enjoys Regency romances i would not hesitate to recommend this book Sylvia Day may not have won me over on Regency romance, but she certainly has on reading more of her books because she definitely knows how to write romance period!

View all 20 comments. From the moment that their eyes lock, something within both of them changes. Jessica is awakened to desires and urges she never knew existed. Alistair is captivated and consumed by a woman he cannot have. Jessica's destined to be married on that day to Benedict Tarley, a man with title. After seven years of marriage, her husband died leaving her a property in Jamaica which she decided to visit and sell. On her voyage she finds out she was on the same ship as Alistair. Old flames ignite,Alistair made an effort to seduced and have the woman he desired for seven years.

I love historical romance. But SD's historical erotica romance is one the best. Aside from the ooze sex appeal of Alistair, I love his patience and understanding on Jessica's situation. He love her unconditionally despite of her lacking to increase a heir. Even without verbal confirmation from Alistair love and the criticism on her affair, she's willing to risk it all.

Even after learning his now the new Marquess of Badbury after all his brother death, and realizing that with the new title comes the responsibility of producing an heir, she's willing to give him up for him to fulfill what the societies expectation. But at the end she still fight for her happiness. But overall, the book is one of the best! All I can say is, I want a carriage ride with him! I was worried going into this book that it was not going to be a good one because her last book disappointed me so much. Well I must say for me that worry was a total waste of time. ALL of the characters in this book were very well done.

The story line was very good and had a secondary story that was equally as good.

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I was really drawn into this book and wished it could have just kept on going. This is the type of book that I just can't get enough of. OH MY, the love scenes were the type out of every woman's fantasy's. This book does not just dump these two into bed and by the time they are tangled in the sheets, you could feel the passion they had for each other radiating off of the pages. Those of you who love lots of dialoged in your book's can check that box off too.

I just loved some of the things these two said to each other, it was sigh worthy. If you are thinking you'd like to read this book, I highly recommend it. I just hope if you do buy it on my recommendation that you enjoy it as much as I. I can hardly wait for your next book: View all 29 comments. I've been searching for a word to describe this book and I think I'm going to settle on delicious!.

This is my first foray into Historical Novels and who best to guide me through my first time than Sylvia Day, and guide me she did!. I was consumed by this book and couldn't put it down and for two days it felt like I was in the moment, the Era and the story itself. Everything was described so well from the clothing to the setting that in my minds eye I could picture the whole story and it was breat I've been searching for a word to describe this book and I think I'm going to settle on delicious!.

Everything was described so well from the clothing to the setting that in my minds eye I could picture the whole story and it was breathtaking. Alistair in his breeches, boots and billowy shirts together with his animal magnetism aplenty I adored the heroine Jessica, and watching these two flawed, sensual characters come together was just wonderful.

They both have something from their pasts to deal with and watching them evolve and trust was very special. Jessica and Alistair positively sizzle. If you're looking for a hot read this book has it in spades I also loved following the story of Hester, Jessica's sister.

Her story tugged at my heart strings that's for sure. There were a few outstanding quotes I shared with my girls along the way which no doubt had them downloading the book in seconds haha which I'd love to share here but don't want to give anything away. View all 18 comments. As I had stated in my Bared To You review, Sylvia Day was an author whose work I had sampled last year and I have no idea what stopped me from continuing on with her books. I think at that stage I hadn't yet joined GR and couldn't keep track of things.

Sylvia Day's writing is exquisite. Direct, straight to the point, there never seems to be any unnecessary drama in her stories. Her men are masculine and can be possessive without being excessively demanding or alpha. Her women are smart t 5 stars. Her women are smart thank you god! SD's writing talent is so brilliant that she is able to "crossover" between historical and contemporary genres and does so successfully. This seems so remarkable to me. I love that she is able to do this because I covet both genres of romance and feel very lucky to enjoy both sides of Day.

Now that I've waffled on over my girlcrush, I have no steam left for an actual review. Hopefully I'll pull this up again in a few days and add in some of my favourite quotes. I will just say though that this read includes all of the above plus perfect amounts of steamy hotness. View all 12 comments. He never wavered, never strayed, he gave his heart to Jess and no matter the obstacles he faced he was too in love to ever give her up. Sylvia Day writes some of the hottest historicals I have ever read and it is very true with this story too.

I felt the first half was a little slow, but still good. Once they returned to England it just took off for me. Also the secondary love story between Hester and Michae 3 - 3. Also the secondary love story between Hester and Michael was an extra bonus. I adore Sylvia Day, and this is, by far, her best book in some time!! This woman can write couples like no one else!! Alistair and Jessica are sublime together, and equally as interesting individually. Alistair is sex on a stick, ladies! Love, love, love this story!

Sep 09, Steelwhisper rated it did not like it Shelves: Feminist agenda in a Regency woman written in such an artificially stilted language it squeaked. With porn-level and porn-style sex. View all 4 comments. He being younger, and the 4th son of a duke and duchess, there was no role for him.

Alistair is quite a free spirit, making his own way in the world at a young age and building his own fortune by whatever means necessary. Because it was Caulfield, and he fascinated her. It was a terrible sort of captivation with which she viewed him-a mixture of envy for his freedom and horror at the ease with which he disregarded public opinion. Having spent her life under her fathers thumb and having propriety beaten into her, Jessica was just happy to be away from that situation.

Happens that her marriage was a good one, but fate had other plans for Jessica. Forever beyond his reach in reality, but a fixture in his mind. Benedict left her everything including the property in Jamaica. Almost a year into her bereavement of her husband, Jessica decides she needs to get away from society for a while and decides to travel to Jamaica to tend to the property there.

His presentation was meant to be the first salvo in what was intended to be a slow careful seduction. I loved watching these two turn their lust into love, and tear down each others protective walls. Each sharing the most emotional parts of their past with one another. Not only knowing each other carnally, but getting a good look into the true make up of each other.

Michael who has loved her since their youth wants desperately to protect her, is in difficult position. He would love nothing more than to save her but all he can do is extend his friendship and try to be there for Hester as best he can. I loved Michael and Hester, and hated Regmont! I loved this story so much!

Sylvia Day is versatile in her writing, and once again I have experienced her beautiful writing and characterization. This is story of two people falling in love, and I truly fell in love with this cast of characters and their story. I really liked Jessica, she is stronger than she believes, smart and very perceptive. In the face of propriety she embraces herself, and the hellrake she has fallen in love with. It felt as if her attraction to him had been simmering the whole of that time, waiting for his touch to free it.

View all 19 comments. I cannot express adequately how much I loved this book. Jessica always conforming to society norms of the time, she is the controlled and distant lady that is expected of her. On the eve of her marriage, she takes a walk in the some gardens and stumbles upon Alistair having sex with someone who paid him for his services. She can't leave, she has to watch, the moment seared in her mind. What she doesn't know is Alistair's mind is also seared with this memory. He cannot forget Jessica. Seven years later Jessica's husband dies and she is starting her life over as a widow.

An opportunity presents itself and Alistair takes full advantage to get near Jessica.

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I loved Alistair and Jessica, I loved the chemistry and heat between them, I loved the dialogue and the sex was smokin' hot! What I loved about these two were the obstacles they both overcame to be truly fall in love. Jessica fighting to find her voice and be the person she only dreamt she could be. Alistair fighting his self loathing and shame of his past, not feeling good enough for Jessica. And I loved the secondary story, Jessica's sister Hester, her husband beats her and Michael the man who has admired her for years.

This story was sad and broke my heart. I sometimes didn't understand what was happening because of the historical dialogue a few words and phrases that confused me , but i simply looked up the words I didn't understand I actually love the historical dialogue, it take my mind to another place, another world and it helps me to get lost in the story. The romance in this book made me gush with girly satisfaction, the dialogue was wonderful, the heat And again I found a book what did exactly what I wanted and expected, it took my mind and heart to a wonderful place View all 10 comments.

Run out and grab a copy now.. The characters, the talented phrasing, the story; just perfection. I'm not a writer, but I think there is something to be said for the talents of a writer who can write a historical romance really well. Just like a paranormal book, there is so much needed to "set the stage". Contemporary books rely so much on a readers "current point of reference".

Not needed is to draw the picture of the clothing, the transportation, the hairstyles, etc. This writer can write a "kic 5 Stars! This writer can write a "kick ass" historical romance with such sensuality that is almost breathtaking. I want to know how I've only just found Sylvia Day? So, in one paragraph I've told you all that I appreciated about this book.

The backstory for each character revealed to us very flawed characters. I think this must be a talent of S. She creates for us truly flawed characters of very deep emotions. Those who saying the words "I love you" just does not seem to be able to convey the depth of feeling they have for each other. She pulls you into their story from the very first page and keeps you until the very end.

An end you really don't want to see. You just do not want it to end. So, to answer the question I posed to myself, is this author really that good. After reading "Bared to You", I wanted to know, just a fluke or is she just that brilliant? Yes, she is just that brilliant. So, I'm on to devour all this author has to offer. I can imagine even her less stellar works will be light-years ahead of most, so am clapping my hands in glee! You will not be sorry.

View all 13 comments. Aug 02, Letitia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sizzling The night before Jessica Sheffield is to be married, her pug Temperance leads her on a merry journey through the woods to find the perfect spot to piddle. Said spot happens to be near a gazebo—one that is… quite occupied. Jessica is awakened to desires and urges sh Rating: And the memory of that moment will haunt them both for seven years. Jessica Sheffield has been hidden away behind a mask of propriety and manners and expectations.

The whole of her life has been dedicated to being a proper daughter and a dutiful wife. And that woman is delightful. Jessica really comes into her own after a lifetime of being who others expect her to be. Alistair Caulfield stole my heart. He pretty much oozes sex from his pores—the man is all things virile. I think he may even have carnality in his very bones. But even though his machismo is very potent stuff indeed, that is definitely not all there is to him. Alistair is compassionate and stoic and… patient.

Jessica manages to stir up longings and desires in him that really squeezed at my heart. I loved watching a man who puts most of his self-worth on his prowess between the sheets simply… unravel… under the force of her love for him. One of my favorite things about this couple is how there was never any indecisiveness on either Jessica or Alistair's sides. It was never a matter of if they want each other or if they'll give in to their passions. The lack of angst was refreshing and very, very welcome.

I like that Jessica was no simpering miss, fretting over her attraction to Alistair. She wants him, he wants her, they just have to figure out how to make it work. Which is not to say that their journey is easy. They both have obstacles, internally and externally, to overcome. Jessica and Alistair have both suffered at the hands of their parents. It was deeply gratifying to see them come together, to voice their demons, and to find acceptance for them in one another. It felt very honest and true. And added dimension and layers and meaning to their relationship.

Seven Years to Sin is as sensual as it is sexual. It manages to stir your heart as it heats your blood. I loved this book. I am furious when I cannot hold back any longer.

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If all I seek is the physical relief of natural lust, just as I would seek sleep or food, why would I deny myself? This book consumed me and I devoured it knowing it will stay with me forever! The journey of Alistair and Jessica begins with chaste looks and comes to a head one evening when Jessica stumbles upon a "scene" in a gazebo involving Alistair, where what she witnesses, proceeds to spark a change in her and stays with her until 7 years later when this night becomes pivotal to her future.

Jessica thought Alistair "the handsomest man she'd ever seen. When she wasn't with him, she wished to be. Seven years later Jessica who is now a grieving widow looks to overcome her grief and move on with her life. To do so she decides to travel to Jamaica to deal with property belonging to her late husband. Alistair, who has had strong feelings for Jessica since the night by the gazebo decides to travel with her and begins his "wooing" lol of her. There was no other choice for him. Somehow, he had to make himself the only choice for her.

But you must know what you do. I need you to think of who you are and where you are and who I am. Think of how things will be once we've crossed this threshold Both Alistair and Jessica have tragic pasts and are in need of fixing. They have to learn to open up and deal with the pasts that have marked them and learn to love and trust. They need to find their future, the key to their individual happiness and the happiness they can find together.

The good as well as the bad". You have to accept our attraction for what it is, with all it's faults and detriments, trusting that it will be worth whatever the costs may be" - Alistair.

Seven Years of Surrender (Journey Series Book 1) Seven Years of Surrender (Journey Series Book 1)
Seven Years of Surrender (Journey Series Book 1) Seven Years of Surrender (Journey Series Book 1)
Seven Years of Surrender (Journey Series Book 1) Seven Years of Surrender (Journey Series Book 1)
Seven Years of Surrender (Journey Series Book 1) Seven Years of Surrender (Journey Series Book 1)
Seven Years of Surrender (Journey Series Book 1) Seven Years of Surrender (Journey Series Book 1)
Seven Years of Surrender (Journey Series Book 1) Seven Years of Surrender (Journey Series Book 1)
Seven Years of Surrender (Journey Series Book 1) Seven Years of Surrender (Journey Series Book 1)
Seven Years of Surrender (Journey Series Book 1) Seven Years of Surrender (Journey Series Book 1)
Seven Years of Surrender (Journey Series Book 1)

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