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It is the human being, who plans for wealth, happiness, position etc. He runs after it. So suffering is inevitable. God has given birth, and happiness is open for every one. We need to look at it ,it is lying in front of us. But, unfortunately ,our eyes are closed, our ears are closed. We are not able to see it clearly.

A group of frogs were traveling through the woods, when two of them fell into a deep pit. All the other frogs gathered around the pit. When they saw how deep it was, they told the two frogs that they were as good as dead. The two frogs ignored the comments and tried to jump up out of the pit with all of their might. The other frogs kept telling them to stop, that they were as good as dead.

Finally, one of the frogs took heed to what the other frogs were saying and gave up. She fell down and died. The other frog continued to jump as hard as she could. Once again, the crowd of frogs yelled at her to stop the pain and just die. She began jumping even harder and finally made it out. When she got out, the other frogs said, "Did you not hear us? We speak some thing, we listen differently, we hear differently. We do not see things as they are. We twist the things ,as per the knowledge stored in mind. That is why people suffer ,and cry for help from God.

Except human being, no other creature begs to God for his help. We are the creator of our problems. And we say ,we are suffering , and put the blame on Him. Suffering has another taste. You get attention from others. Your ego is nourished. If people do not attend to you, you speak ill of them. You pray to God.

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If your wants are not fulfilled, you blame God. Please understand that God has created you. Just thank him for watching his so beautiful creation. He has given everything to you. Food is there for you ,shelter he has provided. What more you want? It is the desire to get more amd more is causuing all problems in life, Please be aware of yourself and your thoughts.

They are the barrier in your happy life. Everyone suffers, its not about good or bad. Where, as a good person we do not expect or accept any kind suffering because we are doing good deeds, we have been taught that. Maintaining both aspects is an art because everyone who has life is not living.

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Good relationships are more than gold and bad relationships are worse than breakup. Saying no is sometime more healthy than saying yes. But it should not be a quick decision. Happiness and sadness has their value because of one another. We should be grateful for our happiness and fruitful to our sadness. Looking forward is the way. Finding solution is the way.

Do not stick up to one thing that causing any kind of harm mental, physical or spiritual, etc. Time is the most valuable thing do not waste it by thinking good people suffer most. We need to accept this. However, some people make you believe that if you are good, you will never suffer in life. Hence, good people are totally unprepared to suffer as they believe that it is their divine right to lead a good life because they are not doing anything wrong.

Only Gautama Buddha told this bitter truth of life. His first sermon after his Enlightenment centered on the Four Noble Truths, which are the foundation of Buddhism. The first Noble Truth is: Just like every person who is born in this world has to die one day whether he is a saint or a sinner, every person who has a body, mind and soul has to suffer in this world.

However, the sufferings is not same for all human beings. Every one falls sick in his life. When we are sick, we suffer pain. However, if you are keeping healthy lifestyle, you are likely to fall sick less often than one who is careless about it. A healthy lifestyle does not eliminate illness.

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It reduces it substantially. Millions of students write examinations every year. Others cheat in the examination to pass the examination. When you find the percentage of the people who pass, you will find that honest people passes more than the cheaters. They have much better chance of selection in the competitive examinations than those who cheat to pass. However, it does not mean that everyone who is honest in the examination is bound to pass and score top marks. There may be some people who may score good marks purely by cheating.

However, most cheaters end up failing in examination and in life. Your score in the examination depends not on honesty, but on your knowledge of the subject. Honesty is only a means that help you work hard for the examination and acquire knowledge of the subject.

If you are just good in life, it is no guarantee to success and happiness. You have to do something positive to succeed in life and achieve happiness. Merely not being dishonest is not enough to lead a good life. People make their own heaven and hell. Bad things happen to everyone, there is no escaping the laws of physics and biology. Nothing is so good that it lasts eternally, perfect situations must go wrong.

Sometimes we make poor decisions which affect our health later in life such as being exposed to drugs, chemicals, diseases or building materials. Sometimes our diets or an injury can create a downward spiral which can eventually be crippling in old age. Our health is often a result of our past lifestyle or exposures.

I know an 86 year old man who worked a desk job all his life and he is spry and in perfect condition for an 86 year old. Then there is a 40 year old construction worker who has fallen from roofs, worked out in the sun, smokes and drink a lot. Being saintly had nothing to do with it.

Actually, saints are people who generally have suffered pain, persecution or were first bad people. Take Saul, a murderer, rapist and persecutor of Christians. Today he is regarded as one of the greatest saints to live.

She gave everything away and told the stories behind each item. She apologized to everyone she hurt and forgave everyone who hurt her. I doubt anyone in her family has any regrets. She left this world with grace, honor, love and joy. Her family would even sneak in pot cookies for her in her final months and it helped her to sleep and offered relief from pain. I grew up in a rest home and saw many elderly parents abandoned there by their children to die alone, until the will was read.

You and your mom are lucky that you can recognize her suffering and you care. Comfort her with all that it takes. I took her on trips, carrying her, pushing her and made a lot of sacrifices just so she could enjoy what was left of her life. Now that she is gone, I have no regrets knowing that - blessed are the dying for they shall be comforted. Suffering is part of the circle of life. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares.

Once there was a famous tennis player I've forgotten his name, pardon me. He was a star and had millions of fannss around the globe. He played really well and was among the richest sportsmen in the world. After his retirement, at the age of 60, he was diagnosed with cancer. All his fans were shattered with this news and thousands of them prayed for his recovery. Also, many of his fans sent letters to him. One such letter was from a nine year old child. There are so many human beings on this Earth, why God chose you? There are s of people on this earth, why did God choose me for this?

Everything happens for a reason. You know kid, there are things in life we need to let go and move on. Letting go may be the key of happiness for you. Accept what cannot be changed. A living being has to repay whatever it enjoys or abandones from all the different sources of worldy pleasures. There are some people who deposit in a bank and some people who take loan from a bank. Is it anytime possible that people will only deposit in a bank and there will not be a single person taking loan from the bank?

There will be people who take loan from a bank doing bad deeds. Similarly, there will always be people who make deposit in a bank doing good deeds. Your job is to pay NO heed to whether someone does good deeds or bad deeds. Why do majority of the good people suffer inspite of doing good deeds? According to Universal Karmic laws, some rigid nikachit paap unauspicious karmas that a noble person will have to experience in the future births, will be experienced in the present birth. There occurs Karmic adjustments. So the person who will have to experience a particular paap karma in future birth will be experienced in the present life only, So this in turn will make sure his succeeding future birth will be in a Urdhva-gati in a human or a celestial birth.

Though this is not a hard and fast rule. Why do majority of the bad people enjoy worldy pleasures inspite of doing bad deeds? The same applies for a person doing bad deeds in the present birth. Some rigid nikachit punya auspicious karmas that an evil person will have to experience in the future births, will be experienced in the present birth.

So the person who will have to experience a particular punya karma in the future birth will be experienced in the present life only. Why are there more bad people in this world as compared to the good ones?

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In the 4th epoch kaal of the descending time cycle, there were more good people as compared to the bad people. We all are currently in the 5th epoch commonly known as Kaliyug or Kalikaal of the descending time cycle. In this age, we find more bad people as compared to the good people. The Time cycle is in the declining phase, hence one finds an increase in sorrow in this world. Whether am I at fault by criticizing a person involved in some bad deeds? Suppose a bad person looses X amount doing a bad deed.

By criticizing alone, I might loose 10X amount. You can suggest or guide someone to shun doing bad deeds. But by being involved under attachment or abhorence , you will be at fault and inturn bind paap unauspicious karmas. The idea that being good or bad will create an outcome is incorrect. Results are driven by one ability. Being able to predict the outcome of the path you are on and the willingness to change in response will prevent more badness than any good act ever will.

Both good people and bad people are subject to the same rules. Bad things happen to bad people as often, its just that people believe they deserve them so they dont care or think its unfair. This is very important: You dont get what you deserve in this life.

You get what you can create. Good planning is a first step but you will never see the fruits if you dont follow through. In order to follow through you must constantly reevaluate the variables you can foresee and create contingency as best as you can for what you dont know. Anything else is luck and luck, good or bad, is just a way of saying we couldn't understand the causation well enough to predict the outcome.

You cant see nor predict all of the influences, but you will be more successful if you try than if you dont and expecting fairness will keep you from trying. Everyone deserves good things but the real world doesnt care what you deserve. The real world expects effort and thoughtfulness. Being a good person is choice you make in the face of bad things, not to avoid them.

Being good wont cause bad things to happen and it wont prevent them. Because its the right thing to do for others and wont harm you in any way. It just makes a nicer place to live. But it happens at different points in life, in different circumstances and each one of us has our own ways of coping with it. Some retract into a shell whereas some try a hand at daredevilry….. The dare devilry part is emphasised by the person starting alcohol intake, drugs, becoming anti-social etc. Such persons are criticised by the society and instead of understanding them, they are made to suffer more out of apathy.

Hence the suffering of such persons is never taken into consideration. At the other end of the spectrum are those who want a shoulder to cry on. These people would start crying at the drop of a hat, narrate their story of misfortune and are a Nirupa Roy incarnate… It is these people about whom the society talks about being moved by the stories some heard first hand and others passed on by friends and relatives. All the three are coping mechanisms with none being justified as being good or bad.

Why do good people suffer? You asked Google – here’s the answer

It is only a small part of the stories that come to light. Recently I came across an article that talks about just that. Someone asked the same question to Acharya Prashant and here is how he replied:. The question is that why good people have to suffer the most? How many of you think that it is so or how many of you have seen this happening in your surroundings that good people suffer? Kirti, man can exist, all of us can exist in three distinct states. The first state, the lowest state is that of a stone that has zero consciousness; absolutely no understanding of what is going on.

It understands nothing, none at all. And it does not suffer at all.

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Are you getting it? For a stone, for a wall, for an inanimate thing, there obviously cannot be anything called suffering. If you that find most people are not suffering then the reason is not that they are joyful, the reason is that they are so deeply unconscious that they do not know that they are suffering.

What happens before a surgeon operates on you? Assume he has to give you local anesthesia, he has to operate your hand. Now your hand has gone numb, it has gone senseless. Whatsoever may be done to it, there would be no suffering, no pain. Now does that mean actually there is nothing wrong in the hand? A lot is being done to the hand, it is being torn open. That is the state at which the stone exists, at a level of deep insensitivity.

The first event that take place when you start getting a little conscious, when somebody, some force wakes you up is that when you discover your suffering. So, suffering is nothing but an indication that you are waking up. Suffering is nothing but an indication that you are gaining some sensitivity. Does that mean that awakening, intelligence, alertness necessarily means a life of suffering? Well, no, just initially.

That is an intermediate state when you are just opening your eyes, when your senses are becoming functional again, then you feel a lot of pain. And then comes the highest stage, the stage of the awakened human being, intelligent human being. He again does not suffer. And which one is the first one? Because most of us do not even know that we are suffering.

So, the Buddha has to start by saying first thing that look at yourself, you are suffering. I come to the college. I spend life like everybody else does. Where is suffering in all this? You know that if somebody takes your hand and repeatedly hits it with a weapon, say something blunt, you will feel pain initially, but after sometime your hand will go so numb that even if somebody is beating it continuously again and again, you will not feel anything. And it becomes a way of life with you. You do not feel that you are suffering. Only the intelligent ones, the sensitive ones, they recognize this suffering.

They come in contact with that suffering. Good people are very sensitive and don't want to hurt others sentiments. However, I would say that its definitely good for anyone to be a good human being for leading a peaceful and happy life, but at the same time its important to be clever enough to learn how to handle those witty ppl, turn them down and stay away from them!!

I don't know what kind of answer you are looking for actually. Either you asked this question in frustration or in order to look for some hope. Now what you believe is up to you but what I believe is that God will not help someone who wants to just sit there and ask to get rescued.

You won't be passing any exam without writing anything and just praying for 3 hours, Right? So whatever you do, just don't ask for heaven's help until you feel you've done everything you are capable of. Sure you should ask for courage to give it everything you got and then only you have the right to ask for his help.

If Karma exists, why do good people always suffer? Lets Solve the puzzle by Ritu Singal

As far as why God isn't doing anything about your dreadful conditions. Either you don't believe him truly and just blaming him for your failure or If you truly believe him, then he is testing you. He will return all your hardwork's worth. We do know there have been thousands of religions in the course of human history, most of them claiming they are the only true religion and everyone else is wrong and is going to burn in hell, which should make a rational person highly suspicious of the whole religion thing. If there is one, it would be an entity so vast and beyond our comprehension that attributing any kind of human traits to it, like being fair or unfair, would be laughable.

The amount of information in the universe is mind-blowingly huge. About fairness, again, this is a human concept. The universe is a vast and uncaring place, operated by incomprehensible and endlessly complicated rules. Attributing human and ethical qualities to it would be the same as saying a piece of rock is unfair. God, karma, divine justice, all this is just wishful thinking.

Ask New Question Sign In. Why do the good people always have to suffer the most? Run containers with industry leading price-performance. Learn More at try. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Quora User , My 2 cents Bad guys do suffer and they suffer greatly.

As simple as that. Thank you for your feedback! Get smarter with day courses delivered in easy-to-digest emails every morning. Get started for free! Learn More at gohighbrow. Related Questions More Answers Below Why is that kindest people suffer the most and bad people have a good life? Why do most of the good people suffer more than the bad people? Why do good and kind people suffer the most in life? Does Karma really work? Why do people suffer despite their good deeds in life? Why is it that good people have to suffer the most in life?

First of all I would say let's not categorize as good people or bad people. Maybe that's not what God wanted to create? Maybe free will MUST allow injustice? The Bible adds an extra truth - a very unfashionable one but still true. The world is not only fallen and evil - the evil in the world is organized! It has purpose, intelligence, deviousness. It works against us, trying to bring us down and separate us from God. Peter says at one point "Your enemy the Devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour". You may not like to think of the Devil as a man he certainly isn't , and we don't really think about spiritual Beings much these days.

But the Bible is quite clear. There is not just "residual chaos" in the world. There is active Evil, dogging us and tripping us up. We are in a war zone! So yes, the Devil certainly attacks good people - perhaps more than anyone else. Discrediting the churches is an important part of his work. Ever notice how intensely the media report ANY sins by evangelists or priests? Remember all those hymns about "Soldiers of Christ" and "Fight the good fight"? Our fathers knew all about this. It's not the Lord that taketh away - we're in a war zone!

We are soldiers in a battle against evil, and yes there will be casualties. God loves us, and hates the suffering like we do. The Prince of this world does that. But be of good cheer - the battle will be won! Peter says "In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. You suffer a bit now, but this is not to be compared with the amazing good things to come.

And God will actually use the bad things now to make good results for you in the future. This is not just "pie in the sky". Look back at your own life, and you can actually see God working out things for good. Remember how upset you got at disasters in the past, when your desperate prayers just weren't answered like you wanted? And see what's happened since? So Christianity does have an explanation for the injustice in the world. What if there's no God, no Creator, the world is a cosmic accident?

Well, then there's no explanation at all. It's all random - why shouldn't bad things happen to good people?



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