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Now, it depends upon the perspective of a person to refer this glass as half empty or half full. Just imagine you go to a restaurant, and asks for a drink. Now, if you are asked about the quantity of drink. You might answer- half the glass is filled with the drink or half the glass is empty. Both are correct and referring to the same thing. However, psychologically and philosophically, there is a vast difference between half full and half empty.

The Shotgun Wedding Quintet- Half Full or Half Empty

Hall full phase is associated with an optimistic person as it depicts that the person is concentrating on the things he has and not on the things that are missing. On the other hand, half empty is associated with pessimists; people who only focus on things that are missing but not on the things that they already have. Generally, half full depicts a positive attitude, whereas half empty depicts a negative attitude. Perspective is like a glass on the eyes. The things in reality remain the same but due to the glass being fitted on the eyes, one tends to see things differently.

A red colored glass will make any thing look red colored, whereas a green colored glass will make that thing look green. A half full attitude always make you feel happy, whereas a half empty attitude will always make you sad. However, at least we can change the way to look at them. Especially with someone important in your life who is a certain way that you don't like. It is very easy. It means the one needs to not drink and suffering waiting for a better result. It is said that once in the desert, a skeleton was discovered.

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Next to the skull was a glass empty of course - because it's a hot weather in desert. But optimists say that since the skull was smiling, then obviously the person was positively enough attuned to life. Just it was not his day probably. Both facts literally mean the same thing, if you have half full cup that means it is also half empty. Focusing on one of the tow facts, however, reflects the bias in the attitude of the person; - Optimistic people in general have half-full attitude.

Optimistic people are biased to focus on and appreciate what they already have the full half , and that makes them generally HAPPIER compared to the pessimistic people who are busy focusing on what they are missing the empty half to the extend that they are distracted from appreciating and being thankful for the full half they have.

Positive attitude and positive thinking is believed to have effect on the way one views the world, and the choices one makes, which in effect affects the results they get. It may have worked as a foundation to apply the concept to pessimism and optimism, but when you think about it:. Or it has a little bit of water in it.


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No one, not even pessimists with whom I am a member would say that the cup is half empty to themselves, let alone Out Loud. Because it IS half full. It is a container. Honestly, if you saw someone pour out half, you may still be inclined to say it is half full, because it started as full and we think of it as something that Needs to be full. Because it is a cup. Cups are filled up. They start out empty and then they are filled up. Our expectation is for that cup to get full. That fucking bottle is half empty.

Because our mind is used to bottles looking like this:. Full to since the beginning. So just to reiterate, half full and half empty are the same, just worded differently, but no one really thinks what Science-type people would have us believe that we think. Optimism and pessimism mean nothing. This perceptive dilemma is irrelevant to reality. In actuality the glass is half full. Because I don't remember ever asking for a half empty glass of water, that's why.

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It is really obvious, and to ask for a half empty glass of water is unheard of. Now you may argue endlessly, and yet even if let's say the glass is half empty, what do I do with it anyway? Do I drink air because it's half empty? The empty half is filled with air, but it is of no concern.

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It does not matter. No one cares if it is half empty when it's the half filled water that will be drunk. It's not an empty glass certainly, and objectively it's half filled with water, because I don't remember drinking air.

Is the glass half empty or half full?

And what does it matter, if there's water just drink it already? This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page.

Ask New Question Sign In. Here are the two ways of relating to the same scenario assuming that what is in the glass is something you desire: The glass is half full — This describes the glass in terms of extent to which it is filled, which is a distinctly positive way of relating to the concept, as the emphasis is on half full. Half full is seen as positive; something you can savor. In terms of the proverbial phrase this view is deemed optimistic.

The glass is half empty — This describes the glass in terms of extent to which it is emptied, which is a distinctly negative way of relating to the concept, as the emphasis is on half empty. Half empty is seen as negative; something threatening for not lasting long anymore.

In terms of the proverbial phrase this view is deemed pessimistic. Quora has great answers. Have a great solution?

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What is meant by the half full or half empty glass philosophy? What does this quote by George Carlin mean to you,'Some people see the glass half full. Others see it half empty. I see a glass that's twice a If a glass is halfway filled with water, is it half-full or half-empty? Why do we see the glass half empty, when it is clearly empty? Early Western attempts to catagorise human types came up with the four humors:

Half Full or Half Empty Half Full or Half Empty
Half Full or Half Empty Half Full or Half Empty
Half Full or Half Empty Half Full or Half Empty
Half Full or Half Empty Half Full or Half Empty
Half Full or Half Empty Half Full or Half Empty
Half Full or Half Empty Half Full or Half Empty
Half Full or Half Empty Half Full or Half Empty
Half Full or Half Empty Half Full or Half Empty

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