Nanny Reilly Book 1: Suspense, Mystery and Fiction Illustrated ages 9 to 12 (Nanny Reilly, Book 1)

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To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on Amazon. When you click on a Sponsored Product ad, you will be taken to an Amazon detail page where you can learn more about the product and purchase it. To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Learn more about Amazon Prime. What if you were called upon by the King of the leprechauns to rescue Santa from the wicked Banshee of Raven's Point?

The two bravest nine-year-olds in Ireland, their equally courageous greyhound and five leprechauns are ready to embark on a very important mission - to save Christmas for everyone. After renewing their willingness to once again be Rescueteers, Nanny Reilly, Ned Franey and Henry Daly soon discover the Banshee and her skeleguards are on high alert awaiting their arrival.

Even worse, she has installed a wish blocking device that surrounds the entire Banshee's Cradle. Suddenly, all the Rescueteers' wishes and magical shillelagh waving are worthless. What will they do? As they attempt to liberate Santa, and punish the almost comically wicked Banshee, the Rescueteers soon realize that they may never return from their mission to the Banshee's Cradle. In this charming and magical adventure set in the Irish mythological world of leprechauns and banshees, the Rescueteers unearth secrets and a deep underworld woven beneath the infrastructure of the Banshee's Cradle - secrets that have the power to affect all of them Read more Read less.

Suspense, Mystery and Fiction Illustrated ages 9 to Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Sponsored products related to this item What's this? Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The Secret Inside Berryhill Mountain.


A rescue home--you need to be rescued from. Joey has a secret and soon learns Berryhill Mountain has it's own secrets. The Steel Falcon Book 1: But she doesn't have long to dwell on it; within days she's kidnapped by a pirate named Merrick the Monstrous, who wants to use her inventive talents to claim a treasure at the bottom of the sea. But as she tries to complete her "Water-Eater" for Merrick she realizes that there's more to the pirate than she thought This swashbuckling tale with a creative mix of futuristic and historical elements incorporates a sensitive exploration of loss in its thrilling and funny adventure.

After years bouncing between foster homes, Flora and her brother Julian have been adopted by Emily. But Flora has a hard time believing in forever; she isn't ready to use the word mother, instead thinking of Emily as her Person, and every time something goes wrong — like when Julian hoards food or Flora struggles in fourth grade — she's afraid that they'll be sent to yet another home.

So Emily decides to take the siblings on a quest to find their past Carter gently but honestly reveals the trauma that lingers in kids who have struggled in the foster care system, while still striking an optimistic tone that all children can eventually find their Person. Korra and Asami return in this official continuation of The Legend of Korra!

As they leave the Spirit World, excited to explore their new feelings for one another, Korra and Asami stumble into yet another problem. A developer is planning to turn the portal into an amusement park, but that could sever the connection between the worlds -- and at the same time, the triads are having an all-out war on Republic City's borders, right on top of hundreds of evacuees. Korra and Asami can help Fans of the Nickelodeon TV series will be thrilled with this graphic novel series!

Mary Godwin and Lady Ada Byron are back with another mystery to solve! Fossil-hunter Mary Anning is being blackmailed: They're sure they can crack the case, but with only three days before the auction, they're going to have to work fast! The newest volume in the Wollstonecraft Detective Agency series will delight young mystery lovers -- and introduce them to yet another fascinating historical figure. Sophie's world has tipped completely upside-down: What seems like a useful ability is actually confusing; even simple thoughts could have any number of meanings.

Realistic challenges with a tiny twist of fantasy make this a fascinating read for middle graders. When a lost black hole follows her home from a visit to NASA, she names him Larry short for Singularity and is delighted to discover he can make anything disappear But when Larry swallows the family puppy, her little brother, and even Stella herself, Stella may have to confront the realities of her grief in order to find her way home. Middle grade readers will feel for Stella as she goes through this painful but ultimately empowering journey of self-discovery.

Cammie O'Reilly lives above the prison where her father works, and inside the prison of her grief and anger: But in the summer of , thirteen-year-old Cammie will meet a child killer, a shoplifter, and a reformed arsonist, each of whom will play a role in Cammie's coming of age This powerful story of a struggling but compassionate girl desperately seeking meaning and redemption is a complex and fascinating read. Inspired by her mother's dream, Lena became the first black actress to receive a studio contract. As her fame grew, she dared to decline the stereotypical roles that she was offered, and she refused to use segregated entrances.

Her powerful voice became an rallying cry to many as she joined civil rights rallies and urged people to remember, "You have to be taught to be second class; you're not born that way. Julia has always disliked being short for her age, so when a theater director casts her as a Munchkin in a production of The Wizard of Oz , her lack of acting experience isn't the only reason she resists!

But then she meets Olive, one of the adults with dwarfism who's joining the cast of Munchkins, and begins to realize that being big or small isn't about your physical size. By the end of the summer, Julia is ready to stand out -- and take hold of every opportunity the director sends her way! Full of fun, fascinating characters, this book is a charming story of self-discovery.

On the Earth of the future, humans are on the run from an invading alien force that is sucking all the electrical devices they can find. Strata's family are digital rescuers, struggling to find and preserve whatever technology they can — the only link humanity may have to its past civilization. But when Strata and her brother get separated from the caravan, only a rare robot pony can help them escape the dual threats of outlaw humans and power-hungry aliens. Thrilling and inventive, with genuinely intimidating villains, this graphic novel will keep kids turning pages to the end.

Arianwyn dreams of serving in the Civil Witchcraft Authority, but when she blows up the testing device at her official evaluation, she's given an assignment in the sleepy town of Lull, with a provisional designation of apprentice witch. It's a crushing blow, made even worse by her arch-rival Gimma's glee. But when Arianwyn arrives in Lull, she realizes that things aren't what they seem in the tiny town: As she slowly wins the townfolks' confidence — and builds her own — Arianwyn begins to realize that being an apprentice witch might not be the end of her career after all.

Ever since her father died, Calliope June has faced rejection from peers every time her mother moves yet again; her Tourette's syndrome causes facial tics and noises that she can't control. George, Utah, Calli finds friendship with her neighbor Jinsong, the student body president and a sports star. But will he be brave enough to make their friendship public when Calli fails to blend in? And what if Calli's mom decides to move again just as she's beginning to feel like her differences aren't the end of the world?

Told in Calli and Jinsong's dual perspectives, in prose poetry and free verse, this touching story celebrates the power of acceptance and being true to who you are. Stef wants to have a little bit of independence from her overprotective parents — especially if it means she can ride a school bus instead of getting picked up by Tia Perla, her family's taco truck. She's tired of being called "Taco Queen" and she dreams of being able to attend the Vivian Vega concert like her former friend Julia.

But when her family's livelihood is threatened, Stef surprises herself by becoming Tia Perla's biggest advocate. In the end, Stef discovers her own identity: This book will completely disprove the myth that girls aren't funny! This anthology of hilarious tales from some of the best authors in children's literature will have girls holding their sides, roaring with laughter. How can you resist when Carmen Agra Deedy writes about her mom setting the bathtub on fire, or Rita Williams-Garcia shows two besties hatching a bird-brained scheme to get on to a TV talk show? Best of all, one section encourages to write their own side-splitting stories, with funny Mad Libs and advice from humorists like Adrianne Chalepah and Delaney Yeager.

In October , seven-year-old Bana Alabed became the voice of millions of children when she took to Twitter to tell the world about the horrors of the Syrian civil war. Following her and her family's life in Syria and eventual escape to Turkey, this book alternates Bana's words with short chapters by her mother to create a reminder of the resiliency of the human spirit, the unconquerable courage of a child, and the abiding power of hope.

Ever since she met her novelist neighbor, Mrs. Flores, year-old Cici has known that she wants to write books, too. So she figures the best way to become a great author is to watch people — especially adults — for their one special secret that tells you so much about who they are.

Along the way, Cici will solve a couple of mysteries This graphic novel, told in a combination of journal notes, scrapbook pieces, and doodles, provides just the right mix of mystery, adventure, and real-life challenges.

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Olga is a scientifically-minded girl who loves animals, so when she discovers a new species, she's ecstatic! Olgamus ridiculus is an odd creature, but she's determined to figure out key details like what it eats, where it's from, and why its burp sounds like the word "rubber. Written in the form of Olga's observation notebook, this graphic-heavy novel will get budding scientists giggling.

When Sunflower and her father are forced to move to the rural Chinese countryside, she wishes she could go and play with the children in the village on the other side of the river. When her father tragically drowns, Sunflower is taken in by the village's poorest family. There, she meets Bronze, the family's son who has been traumatized into silence by a terrible fire. The pair become inseparable, and their bond helps both of them learn the power of loyalty and love and the importance of a connected community.

Newly translated from the original Mandarin, this Hans Christian Andersen Award-winning story is not to be missed. Although Corinne saved her island from the evil jumbie Severine last year, things aren't back to normal: And when children start to go missing, the suspicion gets worse.

Corinne seeks out Mama D'Leau, the jumbie who rules the sea, to get the children back -- and prove her innocence.

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But there's a price for Mama D'Leau's help, which will send her and her friends Dru, Bouki, and Malik on a journey across the sea This action-packed sequel to The Jumbies is the perfect mix of Caribbean and West African mythology and fairy tales. Maddie's plans for the sixth-grade dance crumble when her crush, Avery, asks a different girl to dance A tornado has crashed through their town, and both Maddie and Avery's houses have been destroyed.

Their community rallies around them and a kind neighbor takes them in This coming-of-age novel that explores how relationships shift as kids enter middle school is both funny and sweet. To her parents, the idea is crazy; Lora has never even been outside of Havana! But with backup from her abuela, Lora points out that her parents have always told her to share with those in need.

Life as a brigadista is more difficult than Lora expected, especially with unrest and possibly even war on the horizon. Despite it all, Lora is determined to be part of something bigger than herself. Set in , this story sheds light on a little-known aspect of Castro's Cuba, and includes an author's note about Cuban history.

Annette O'Leary-Coggins (Author of Nanny Reilly)

For Derby's dad Garland, a life homeschooling while the family meanders the highways means freedom, but for Derby, it means loneliness, especially since she's still wrestling with the disappearance of her mother. Summers are her favorite time of year, when they settle in Ridge Creek, Virginia to sell food near the minor baseball team's stadium. This summer, things are different: This charming story with an unforgettable main character celebrates the many ways we find our home and family. Delia Bean thinks the summer at her uncle's estate will be a bore until she discovers the Time Museum's summer internship program.

It turns out that the Time Museum accepts interns as young as 12 — from every time period in history! Delia finds herself training alongside a girl from 23rd century Japan and boys from prehistory and the Roman era. But can these unexpected friendships survive both the intense competition and a mysterious threat to the Time Museum itself?

This adventure-filled graphic novel is the beginning of a new series that will captivate tween readers. It's , and Henrietta's father is away, her mother is ill, and Nanny Jane is too busy to hear about what Henry sees in their new home, Hope House. So Henry explores on her own, and discovers all sorts of secrets and mysteries. That includes a caravan in the nearby wood, the home of a woman named Moth.

When the doctor commits her mother to an insane asylum -- and suggests Henry may suffer the same mental illness -- she and Moth decide to set off on a rescue mission. But are Henry's stories and fairy-tales overwhelming her? Or will she and Moth manage to help one another move past their individual griefs and fears? Poignant and powerful, this book offers a complex tale to be read again and again. When Maya Lin proposed an expanse of polished black granite for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial -- and her proposal won -- the public was shocked.

Today, her once controversial monument is considered one of the most powerful memorials of modern times.

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In this captivating biography, accompanied with detailed photos, author Susan Goldman Rubin explores how Lin's artistic eye, Chinese-American heritage, and unique use of space created one of the most famous pieces of civic architecture in the world. When Miriam Makeba was rising to fame, South Africa was at the peak of apartheid, the brutal racial segregation system that held back so many people.

She used her fame and her voice to bring the issue to the forefront at jazz clubs, at rallies, and even before the United Nations. In this defiant and inspiring biography, full of vibrant illustrations by Charly Palmer, author Kathryn Erskine uses call-and-response text to capture Makeba's fight for equality -- and the power of voices that speak out against injustice. The old growth forest behind their home is Fern's refuge, so she's devastated when she hears that a fracking company wants to put a wastewater pond there.

But for her poor community, it means chance to pull themselves out of poverty. So with her dead mother's recipe book, Fern sets out to show just what could be lost along with the forest. A touching and nuanced look at complex issues like environmentalism, poverty, mental illness, and more, this book will give middle grade readers plenty to think about. After being abandoned by her mother and ignored by her scientist father, Elizabeth created an imaginary friend named Zenobia.

But when Elizabeth's father moves them into his childhood home, her "friendship" with Zenobia becomes strained. Zenobia is convinced they'll find a ghost in the house, and forces Elizabeth to conduct seances and investigate the history of the house. And in their investigations, Elizabeth learns a family secret: What other things at Witheringe House aren't as they seem? With an eerie atmosphere and evocative language, author Aussie Miller crafts a story about finding friendship and the power of the imagination.

The world's greatest fourth-grade detective, Moxie McCoy, is on the hunt for the person who's kidnapped the school's beloved mascot So her interrogations now serve a double purpose: Nobody quite seems to suit, and Moxie can't solve the case on her own. But when her quiet, tentative, boring little brother Milton proves he's an excellent listener, maybe the pair can form an unexpected alliance.

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Warm and funny, with clever "debrief" questions that encourage readers to examine Moxie's narrative, this will be a hit with mystery fans. Olivia has a plan to get her family out of Sunny Pines Trailer Park: Of course, she also has to take care of the daily chores, stay home from school to watch her little sister Berkeley while her mother works, teach Berkeley and herself the skills they miss when they're not in daycare and school, and keep up with writing to her father — even if he's never written back. Olivia thinks of everything What she hasn't realized yet is that there are a lot of people who want to look out for her too.

Maybe the family you need sometimes is the family you never realized you had all around you. Sussy and Guy have been best friends since kindergarten, and their newest adventure together is purchasing a leopard gecko: Matylda with a "y" so the name is all her own. They imagine Matylda as a warrior, and Guy has a special connection with her. But when Guy dies in an accident while protecting Sussy, she isolates herself in her room, and desperately tries to get Matylda, all she has left of Guy, to love her.

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Eventually, though, Sussy will have to confront her grief and find a way to live without Guy This story sensitively explores survivor's guilt and finding ways to love after loss. The summer her parents get divorced, Wren Jo Bird is sent to visit her grandparents -- before she can even tell her best friend Amber what happened. But when she gets home, even more has changed: Amber has become friends with an outspoken new friend, Marianna.

And because Wren hasn't told Amber about the divorce, she can't tell her how much she needs a friend right now. As the year goes on, though, it turns out that the people in Wren's life, including her parents, Amber, and even Marianna, have a lot to offer as she recovers from these big changes. This warm story about a tween dealing with big changes highlights the value of relationships when you need a hand. Amelia Wishart's Christmas spirit gave Santa that extra touch of magical power he needed, making her the first child ever to get a Christmas present.

But now, things are different. Amelia's mother is sick, she's been sent to a workhouse under the cruel Mr. Creeper, and after a year's diet of gruel, without a whiff of kindness, her hopes have faded away Santa — with the help of his reindeer, one curious cat, and Charles Dickens — has mere days to find Amelia and figure out how to make her believe again. Inventive, heartwarming, and fun, this Christmas story will delight middle grade readers and remind them of the transformative power of kindness.

This puberty book takes an unusual tone by using the voices of nine fictionalized girls to pass on accurate, girl-friendly information about growing up! The girls of Bunk 9 are ready to answer all your questions about puberty -- from what changes you'll notice in your body to how to manage mood swings to details about health and hygience that every girl should know. The accessible framework and friendly voices make this a book girls will be eager to read, and the information is all pediatrician-approved! Tweens are often eager to get involved in all the fun of the digital world, from social media to texting to online gaming — and while there's plenty of fun to be had online, it's important for girls to know how to use their digital tools responsibility and how to keep themselves and their personal information safe.

In this newly revised and updated book, girls learn how to deal with cyberbullying, safety tricks, and more so that they can effectively and safely use their cell phones, tablets, and computers to enjoy the best parts of our digital, connected world. In this keepsake journal, grandmothers and granddaughters can share thoughts, experiences, and precious memories easily! Thoughtful guidelines and prompts encourage them to talk about everything from childhood experiences to favorite books, and even their hopes and dreams for the future.

There's plenty of free space to personalize the journal, as well as pages for drawing pictures and for writing a collaborative story. Written by the creators of Just Between Us: Mother and Daughter , this journal will quickly become a beloved connection between the generations.

The non-profit Girls Who Code has taught over 40, girls to code — and now, you can learn too! This inspiring book is full of exciting illustrations and accessible explanations of coding principles. Real-life stories of girls and women in programming will show you the incredible range of careers and possibilities that coding provides, while information about the next steps you can take will get you ready to jump into your coding adventure! You can also check out The Friendship Code , the first book in a new fiction series by Girls Who Code for ages 8 to This is definitely not your mother's puberty book!

Then on the other hand, there are writers who fall-short with indifferent material and they lose me halfway through the second sentence. We as readers are finicky like that. We want and love to be engaged and enchanted by an author. Throughout my Catholic up-bringing under the guidance of a lengthy chain of conscientious, meticulous, fastidious nuns, almost every school day was a boot-camp for refinement, eminence, grind and foresight. In fact, looking back now, I wish I was more attentive. Article Marketing Newbie Feel the Fear And Write It Anyway If you want to try Article Marketing to promote your products and services but doubt your ability to write four or five hundred words on a topic you are familiar with, my advice to you is, feel the fear and write it anyway.

If you can talk about something, you can certainly write about it. What did he do that was so special to set the book marketing world on fire? Social Media Gives Everyone an Equal Voice However, just because we have a voice, does it mean that we have to use it all the time? All the social media platforms allow for posts, updates, and comments to be posted as much as you like.

Is this the best strategy for marketing? After all, you want to get your voice heard by m. Writing web copy with originality is a great piece of armor to have in your internet marketing. Original Copy Writing One of the things that makes the Internet so appealing is the fact there is plenty of useful and entertaining information to be found. Of course, some website owners prefer to simply copy data from other sources as a way to flesh out the content of their sites. When this happens, th. To whom it may concern…, I on occasion read to children at the local library.

It is always a small group of kids with mom and or, dad, grandma or a chaperon. There is always room for plenty more. The 80 to 90 per cent of empty chairs is an indication of that. This in turn led me to wonder, why are there so few kids here when the readings are advertised weeks in advance and reminders are constantly posted? Do the parents know? If they do, are they too bus.

Fuel The Imagination With a Fairytale. This in turn gave me and my ten siblings a zest for reading. We read every adventure book we could get our hands on. The influence of the storytellers and reading adventure books certainly contributed to our wealthy and happy childhood. Not monetary wealth, as back. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price:

Nanny Reilly Book 1: Suspense, Mystery and Fiction Illustrated ages 9 to 12 (Nanny Reilly, Book 1) Nanny Reilly Book 1: Suspense, Mystery and Fiction Illustrated ages 9 to 12 (Nanny Reilly, Book 1)
Nanny Reilly Book 1: Suspense, Mystery and Fiction Illustrated ages 9 to 12 (Nanny Reilly, Book 1) Nanny Reilly Book 1: Suspense, Mystery and Fiction Illustrated ages 9 to 12 (Nanny Reilly, Book 1)
Nanny Reilly Book 1: Suspense, Mystery and Fiction Illustrated ages 9 to 12 (Nanny Reilly, Book 1) Nanny Reilly Book 1: Suspense, Mystery and Fiction Illustrated ages 9 to 12 (Nanny Reilly, Book 1)
Nanny Reilly Book 1: Suspense, Mystery and Fiction Illustrated ages 9 to 12 (Nanny Reilly, Book 1) Nanny Reilly Book 1: Suspense, Mystery and Fiction Illustrated ages 9 to 12 (Nanny Reilly, Book 1)
Nanny Reilly Book 1: Suspense, Mystery and Fiction Illustrated ages 9 to 12 (Nanny Reilly, Book 1) Nanny Reilly Book 1: Suspense, Mystery and Fiction Illustrated ages 9 to 12 (Nanny Reilly, Book 1)
Nanny Reilly Book 1: Suspense, Mystery and Fiction Illustrated ages 9 to 12 (Nanny Reilly, Book 1) Nanny Reilly Book 1: Suspense, Mystery and Fiction Illustrated ages 9 to 12 (Nanny Reilly, Book 1)
Nanny Reilly Book 1: Suspense, Mystery and Fiction Illustrated ages 9 to 12 (Nanny Reilly, Book 1) Nanny Reilly Book 1: Suspense, Mystery and Fiction Illustrated ages 9 to 12 (Nanny Reilly, Book 1)

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