The Invasion (Uprising Trilogy Book II)

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To win the war back home, she needs weapons, and she knows knowledge is her most valuable weapon. The first book of the trilogy goes by the same name. It mixes military science fiction with travel through a multiverse by means of portals called Rifts. Ryn Whittaker is a super soldier known as a Citadel.

As the story opens, she is leaping between universes with her fellow Citadel named Levi. She is looking for her beloved Ezra, a human from a parallel universe who opened her eyes to the lies her masters were telling. The story is somewhat episodic. Ryn and Levi find themselves on strange alternate Earths. Partway into the story, people they identify as Roones start tracking them. As Roones are responsible for their current plight, danger seems to be at hand.

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  • We talked to Amy S. Foster about her amazing new book, “The Rift Uprising”;

The story focuses on the relationship between Ryn and Levi. He pushed Ezra through the portal after all. However, as she attempts to deprogram him from being a killing machine, she finds he is a dependable teammate. Her feelings for him grow, complicating her feelings for Ezra. The story is exciting with adventure waiting around every corner, or at least on every new Earth. Oct 31, Lisarenee rated it really liked it.

She was the head of her own unit--beta team--until she realized all she believed and had been taught from an early age was a lie. After securing her base and debriefing all who work there, she and her fellow Citadel Levi are on a mission which will take them through the multiverse to find Ezra who holds the key to finding out exactly who the Roones are and what they want with Ryn's version of Earth.

They know not what dangers they will encounter or how many jumps it will take to find Ezra, but God willing, they should end up in the same place. Hopefully sooner rather than later for time is of the essence. In the first book we learned that an experiment into dark matter caused several gateways called Rifts to open around the Earth. Creatures and people crossed over into our world creating the need for the Rifts to be patrolled and guarded.

Ryn is a seventeen year old Citadel, one of several groups of children who were medically enhanced to make them into the perfect super soldiers. The enhancements were made with the help of a species known as Roones who passed through one of the Rifts shortly after they opened. Ryn and Levi are attempting to travel through The Rift to find Ezra, whom Levi pushed through the Rift, and get some answers.

He holds in his possession a computer with information on it from the Roones which they hope he can decode. They spend the majority of the novel jumping from one version of Earth to another looking for Ezra and information as to who the Roones are. As one would expect along the way they make friends, enemies, and allies.

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They also start finding answers and learning things that the Roones never wanted them to know. Things they find deeply disturbing. While Ryn begins this adventure disliking Levi, things start to change as she finds herself constantly in situations which require the two to have each other's back. Keeping their distance from one another becomes, at times, impossible as going though The Rift sometimes throws them literally together. This creates dangerous situations for Ryn because of Levi's programming which causes violent reactions when he comes in contact with a person he finds himself attracted to.

Overall, I gave this one 4 out of 5 roses. I liked the book, but frankly wish the whole love triangle going on had been toned down a notch. At this point I'm not sure I like either of Ryn's love interests. Maybe one of them will redeem themselves in the next novel? We'll have to wait and see. As for the main story line, it still has me hooked and was highly entertaining.

There were plenty of twists, turns, action, and drama. I look forward to seeing what will happen in the next and final book of the trilogy. I'm betting it's going to be something good. Nov 16, William Bentrim rated it it was amazing. The Rift Frequency by Amy S. Foster This book features a butt kicking female protagonist. Ryn is seventeen and a Citadel team leader. Citadels are enhanced humans who protect society from a trans-dimensional invasion.

Rifts are breaks in reality allowing entry into this earth. The multi-dimension theory is that there are infinite earths that may have developed in different ways from the current earth. Citadels are enhanced teenagers who are tasked to guard the Rifts and prevent any cross over bei The Rift Frequency by Amy S. Citadels are enhanced teenagers who are tasked to guard the Rifts and prevent any cross over beings from running lose in our earth. In this book Ryn and Levi are exploring the Rift trying to determine what ARC, the controlling entity of Rift guardianship is doing and why they are doing it.

Ryn has been deprogrammed and discovers some unpleasant truths about the lies she has been told since a child. Ryn and Levi search for Ezra a Rift traveler and discover the Roones are also not what they seem. They find some excellent but surprising allies and discover that an enemy may be an ally. I enjoyed the book. Incidentally the author actually lets real teen behaviour and angst bleed through the persona of the enhanced warrior. What can I say about this book? The whole book I was like great, we know about the rifts and that they lead to billions of other worlds, now jump the fuck in one!

Even with all the advanced tech from the Senmachs, rifting is still insanely dangerous, and Ryn has What can I say about this book? Even with all the advanced tech from the Senmachs, rifting is still insanely dangerous, and Ryn has drones to scope out the areas and get a decent idea where they are on another earth. Get this, Levi rifted with her, that angry douche bag from the first book who Ryn saved his sister from being raped?

The desert island earth I think is the only place they rifted to where it was no one but her and Levi. The mish mash of the Rome with technology earth was interesting, Ryn and Levi became shaves and had to fight robotic machine to secure their freedom. No one wants to be a slave, reminds me of Game if thrones with Dany trying to free all the slaves. That earth can go fuck itself. Apparently the roones are batshit crazy, well not like mental institution crazy with straight jackets and everything, but their definitely nuts.

They seem have a god complex that desperately needs to be cured. These robots are nice though, and very accommodating, and most importantly, not the reason human beings disappeared from the earth, at least on that planet. Ryn and Levi get some pretty cool and advanced tech from them. I loved this book! It sucked me right in from the very first page! The action starts immediately which I loved. I finished this book in six days which must be a record for me. Excellent book and it definitely sucked me in! Ah well, I have some other books to finish. Jan 08, Rachel rated it it was ok.

With the first book I had trouble deciding whether or not I liked it. I did not have that problem with this one. Mostly it just suffered from sequel syndrome. My 3 complaints are 1 the relationship between Ryn and Ezra. It would have worked better had he been an alternate Earth version of someone she had known but who had died or something like that. It would make them being so in love more believable. The story is strong enough without it and it just kept reminding me t With the first book I had trouble deciding whether or not I liked it. The story is strong enough without it and it just kept reminding me this was a teen book.

It also makes all of them kind of annoying. It's brought up way too often and takes away from the good parts of the book. I'm also not sure of its message to the young girls this book is marketed to that having your boyfriend become violent during sex isn't really his fault and that they shouldn't defend themselves when it happens. All that being said, I'll be reading the 3rd book to see how this all ends.

Aug 27, Yara rated it it was amazing Shelves: I liked this book even more than the first one. The author was really creative with descriptions. I loved experiencing different Earths with Ryn through the multiverse, different atmospheres, species, cultures, customs, and possibilities, even alternate Ryns. I loved that various languages are an underlying prominent factor. I liked getting to know more about the mysterious and stoic Levi, and whether he'll ever be able to be reprogrammed away from the Blood Lust.

We find out more Minor spoilers. We find out more about the Roones and Karetins, who's truly bad or not, who's lying and why. Ezra shows a different side of himself which wasn't alluded to in the first book, not really a good thing. Hopefully he can grow up and mature some. I can't wait to see what the author thinks up next in the third installment. Feb 14, Nancy rated it it was amazing.

Book two of The Rift Uprising trilogy and the story just keeps getting better and better! Ezra has been pushed through the Rift and teenage super-soldiers Ryn and Levi are traveling the multiverse trying to find him and bring him back to their Earth. The laptop Ezra has with him holds information that could explain everything about the Rifts, the alternate Earths and about what was done to them as children to make them the weapons they have become.

Foster is an excellent story teller and Book two of The Rift Uprising trilogy and the story just keeps getting better and better! Foster is an excellent story teller and I can't wait for the concluding chapter! May 20, Veronica rated it it was ok. I was disappointed with this novel. The Legend of Orin. The Adolescence of P GamebookAnd its source books, supplements and sequels was the first role-playing game from Palladium Books, conceived and written by Kevin Siembieda.

In Colorado, years after a nuclear war in the USA, humanity is back to the stone ages. Fist of the North Star [ citation needed ]. Animated Japanese film based off the manga of the same name. When the Wind Blows. Jimmy Murakami - adapting the graphic novel by Raymond Briggs. Series by David L. Robbins - first book Stephen King - Aliens remotely control machines trucks, cars and even vending machines to kill the human population before invading. Based on the Stephen King short story Trucks. Whitley Strieber and James Kunetka.

The End of the Whole Mess. Stephen King - short story The End of the Whole Mess a distillate of a Texas aquifer, originally harvested and distributed worldwide to reduce human propensity for violence—curses humanity with premature Alzheimer's disease and senility. Cherry [ citation needed ]. Death Run [ citation needed ]. Hell Comes to Frogtown [ citation needed ]. The Soviet Union blames the U. Based on the Jerry Ahern pulp novel series. Three technicians working in an underground laboratory discover that a nuclear war has destroyed most of the above ground world. Series by Isobelle Carmody - first book War interstellar , Aliens ancient civilizations , Disease Mutations , Technology Use of Artificial Intelligence , Supernatural Daemons and Sorcery , Future collapse Isolation of colonised planets , Social collapse Return of medieval superstitions , Human decline Negligence of fundamental human rights.

The Eldar , a technologically advanced race who dominated the galaxy until the 29th millenium and was superior to the nascent human race, fell into moral decadence, causing the disfigurement of reality to numerous star systems colonised by the people of Earth fuelled by the negative emotions of countless sentinent species brought into instability and unending conflict merely for survival, while at the same time the majority of humanity's population had degraded to a pre-industrial society due to the loss of technology due to a massive confrontation with artificially intelligent machines over thousands of years, until an Empire forcefully united most humans under a fascist totalitarian theocratic regime that conducted an unending war for the genoside of every other advanced lifeform, including some affected by supernatural factors.

David Gemmell - The world is devastated by huge tsunamis. Most of the technology left in the world is on par with the mid to late s but there are some newer weapons around. Twilight of The Gods. In the Country of Last Things. Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future. After a war against the machines in which the humans lost, a small group of resistance fighters must keep humanity alive against the evil forces of Lord Dread. Groundbreaking anime movie based on the manga of the same name. Miracle Mile [ citation needed ].

She-Wolves of the Wasteland [ citation needed ]. The Gate to Women's Country. A computer game set in an alternate timeline where the earth's population is enslaved by an alien species known as the Orbs. Miniature wargaming Miniature wargame by Games Workshop - A role-playing game franchise composed of the game and associated novels and short-story anthologies set within the Dark Future universe. Pat Cadigan - A novel set in a cyberpunk world following a vaguely described natural cataclysm.

War of the Worlds: The second season of this television spin-off from the movie was set after a successful alien invasion. The Blood of Heroes [22]. Australian film written and directed by David Webb Peoples. Empire of Ash II [ citation needed ]. Empire of Ash III [ citation needed ]. Folk of the Fringe. Orson Scott Card - novella "West," plus several short stories.

A racing game by Atari Games set in the aftermath of nuclear war with races taking place in the wastelands left over from the war. Al Sarrantonio - About a worldwide uprising of werewolves. Rogers - Combines themes of the rapture and zombies. Story by Joe R. Bacteria causes the dead to rise. Bounty Hunter chases quarry and encounters evil cult. The Handmaid's Tale []. The Girl from Tomorrow. Australian children's drama in which a girl from the 31st century after the Northern Hemisphere has been destroyed in the Great Disaster, later revealed to be a nuclear holocaust becomes stranded in the 20th century.

In the sequel, Tomorrow's End , she and her friends fight to prevent history from being changed in such a way that the Southern Hemisphere is destroyed as well. Isaac Asimov , Robert Silverberg extension written by Silverberg of the Asimov story of the same name. A nuclear exchange triggers the return of Ley Lines and Interdimensional Rifts or portals.

These Ley Lines and Portals subsequently cause several natural and supernatural disasters. A mysterious plague has swept over the entire world, causing everyone to suffer from amnesia, leading to the collapse of civilization. Based on a novel by Hideyuki Kikuchi. ITV show, about 3 people who lived after everyone else in England was turned to dust by a chemical that was accidentally released by a television presenter. The City, Not Long After. Pat Murphy - In the wake of a devastating worldwide plague, a handful of artists transform the City of San Francisco, and fend off marauders with a touch of magic.

Also known as Dark Angel , directed by Craig R. Taking place in the year , the loss of the ozone layer has left most of the planet a desolate wasteland scattered with highly radioactive Death Zones. Dickson - A man and a wolf band together to survive in an America devastated by financial collapse.

The Captain Planet two-parter Two Futures , in which the character Wheeler gets a glimpse of what could happen if damage to the environment was allowed to continue unchecked. Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro. Larry Niven , Jerry Pournelle , and Michael Flynn - Space-based civilization exists despite the government's wishes during an ice age.

A film following the one woman who is able to conceive life after a third world war leaves the world's population sterile. Al Sarrantonio - The galaxy passes through a 'cloud' in space, which causes all previously expired creatures on Earth to return to life as bloodthirsty skeletons shrouded in ghostly mirages of their former selves. Cyborg 2 [ citation needed ]. Robot Wars [ citation needed ]. UFO Defense and subsequent follow-ups. Parable of the Sower.

One man's quest for revenge in a world where toxic waste has driven the remains of civilization into the Arctic Circle. The Fifth Sacred Thing. Norman Spinrad - The results of global warming. Ben Elton - The Earth 's population is forced to live in Biodomes for 50 years while the environment recovers from humanity's actions. Takes place long after a time of environmental collapse that destroyed the world's older advanced civilizations. The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect.

In which dinosaurs reclaim the earth. Based upon the comic series " Xenozoic Tales ". Mega Man X series. A computer game series created by id Software - about a demonic invasion of human colonies on the moons of Mars. The sequel to the original game, Doom II: Hell on Earth , sees the demons invading Earth itself.

Made for TV movie that was designed to be a pilot for a post- Apocalyptic spin-off from the original Knight Rider. A Super NES game were a comet passes next to Earth, which is a malicious being whose light turns humans into monsters. The story takes place in an altered reality, where to approaching comet already changed timeline and reality.

Titled Final Fantasy III in its initial American launch, this RPG features a plot twist in where villain Kefka moves magical statues out of their intended alignment, which in turn causes the balanced fictional world to fall into ruin, and for Kefka to become its new god while protected by the powers of the same statues. And sequels, from Sierra Entertainment.

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Looking Glass Technologies - incorporates elements from Alien invasion theory. The Winchester Mystery House "The House" serves as a focal point for parallel universes and inexplicable energies that are changing the world and its post-Vanishing children. Hitoshi Ashinano - Japanese manga series, set in a peaceful post-cataclysmic Japan, after an untold environmental disaster. Live-action martial arts film based on the manga of the same name.

Loosely based on the comic by Jamie Hewlett. The console game, where modern civilization is at risk of being destroyed by an alien parasite in AD. Global Warming has caused all landmasses on Earth to be covered by the sea. The remnants of humanity survive on "atolls," mechanical floating cities that are constantly attacked by pirates with steam-driven ships. Some humans have evolved to become amphibious to live among the old wreckage beneath the waves. Many people live in hope of finding the mythical "Dryland," the place safe from the seas which turns out to be the Himalayan Mountains.

John Barnes - A tactical nuclear strike in the North Pacific releases massive amounts of methane, spawning worldwide super hurricanes. Anderson and Doug Beason - A microbe consumes all materials based on petroleum. Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith. A vertical shoot-em-up scroller game, with two layers for Nintendo's Virtual Boy video game system. Humanity's unearthing of a being known as Adam brings about Second Impact , a catastrophic shockwave which destroys Antarctica and subsequently leads to the extinction of thousands of organisms, the destruction of much of the civilized world, and the deaths of billions.

Millions more die from the social and economic troubles which follow this impact and the ensuing wars. The third installment of the Mortal Kombat series. Supernatural warlord Shao Kahn has taken over the realm of Earth, taking the souls of much of the populace. Extermination squads roam the land in search of the few surviving Kombatants that oppose him. A radioactive, self-replicating alien crystal known as Tiberium crashes on Earth in and gradually renders most of the Earth's surface uninhabitable over the next several decades.

The sequel to Escape From New York , the film is set in an America that has become a theocratic dictatorship. Central to the plot is Los Angeles Island, the remains of what was once the city of Los Angeles after "The Big One," where those who break the government's new laws are deported to. First Contact [ citation needed ]. Harry - limited nuclear war between the United States and Russia. Based on the trading card series Mars Attacks Charles Pellegrino and George Zebrowski - Aliens conduct a preemptive strike against humanity with relativistic missiles.

The Rift Frequency by Amy S. Foster

Anderson - Edited by Kevin J. Anderson is an anthology of short stories set during the events of The War of the Worlds by H. The Tale of IG The House of the Dead. The House of the Dead series of Sega video games. Curien finds a way to reanimate the dead, though not without disastrous results. Later in the series' timeline, Caleb Goldman uses the undead in his mission to destroy the human race and protect the Earth from further destruction by humans.

The episode " Resurrection " and the episode " The Human Operators ". In the series' backstory, a brutal war sees multiple space colonies dropped on Earth, rendering much of the world uninhabitable. Partly based on the David Brin Novel. A mining accident unleashes a virus from within the colonized moon Io. Races are held to determine the winner of the last seat in the last shuttle leaving. LeVar Burton - American civilization crumbles after a civil war pitting blacks against whites and a devastating earthquake. Set in an unspecified post-apocalyptic region on an Earth shrouded by an impact winter and plagued by a dangerous mutagenic substance called "Archessence" - the game centres on a technologically regressed medieval-like society.

Stephen Baxter about a manned mission to Titan while China directs an asteroid to hit Earth. The Chosen, a group consisting of a corporate- and government-determined human elect, depart a heavily polluted Earth via a fleet of starships, returning as a force to reoccupy Earth, fighting against the titular 7th Legion, a coalition of the most advanced post-apocalypse humans on Earth. A setting for the GURPS role playing system, where machines have taken over the world after a war with humanity that the humans lost.

Features a deleted scene restored to the film in the Alien Quadrilogy box set in which Ripley and the other survivors land the Auriga in a devastated Paris. The cause of the destruction is never made clear. A nuclear war in devastates much of the US. Players start out in underground shelters called Vaults. Vehicular combat game from The 3DO Company.

Nearly all women around the world are killed in a nuclear war and few female survivors are prized by men. Directed by Robert Rodriguez - Six students are about to find out their teachers really are from another planet. The OVA, where a combination of a nuclear missile and amorphous alien Invaders results in a war with the fate of humanity at stake.

Charles Sheffield - Alpha Centauri goes supernova and causes cataclysmic climate change. Charles Pellegrino - All the insect species on Earth die out, and the ecology crashes as a result. Is the sequel to KKnD , as part of its plot, Series 9 are advanced farming robots that have taken it unto themselves to destroy all life. PlayStation game set in a world with two nations fight with weapons found in ancient ruins.

Also human fossils are all recent in the planet. Also, the series of films made in the s and s by Cloud Ten Pictures. It's an Endless World. The — anime series in which a man made disaster has caused Earth's moon to fragment, resulting in a constant rain of meteor strikes on the planet and forcing humanity to move out into the solar system. Now and Then, Here and There. An Anime series that takes place 10 billion years into the future, where humanity lusts for power, and children are forced into military duty.

The Last Train []. The console game, where in alternate time lines modern civilization was destroyed by an alien parasite in AD. PCDeveloped by Outrage Entertainment, which explains that mostly mining robots attacked by an unknown virus and now attacking people. PCDeveloper Relic Entertainment - A small human civilization on the desert planet of Kharak on the edge of the galaxy is brought to the brink of extinction for violating a forgotten year-old treaty forbidding them from developing hyperspace technology.

The survivors, however, are fortunate to have the use of the recently completed Mothership - a large colony vessel meant to take them back to their ancient and forgotten homeworld near the center of the galaxy, Hiigara - The game was succeeded by sequels Homeworld: Cataclysm and Homeworld 2. Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. The New Zealand TV series, that takes place in a near-future in which all the adults have been killed by a man-made Virus and the children have to survive on their own. Series of films dealing with a future where machines have trapped humanity in an illusory world, and the struggle of the surviving humans of the post-apocalyptic real world to free the rest of humanity from the illusion.

On the Beach [ citation needed ]. Also Earth The world is destroyed in and people settle on mars in A Nintendo 64 game where the main character, Link, has three days to save the world of Termina from its moon that has broken from orbit. Based on the novel of the same name by L. Is a squad based action adventure computer game developed by Rebellion. John Shirley - revolves around a demonic invasion of Earth. After terrorists detonate a nuclear weapon in the Earth's orbit, all computer data is destroyed, bringing about an economic collapse, but with minimal loss of life.

Created by James Cameron and Charles H. Series by Phillip Reeve - first book , Set in the distant future after a nuclear war. Cities are turned into machines on wheels which hunt other cities and 'eat' them. The first book follows the story of two children who have fallen off a city, and are trying to find it again so they can get back on, while the dictator of their city plans on using a weapon to destroy all of the land dwellers - people who haven't upgraded their cities to be on wheels.

Ever Since the World Ended [] []. The Night of the Triffids. PlayStation 2 game centered in a fictional continent years after an asteroid crashes at several locations. CGI animated film about spirit-based aliens roaming Earth after an asteroid crash over 30 years before. Earth created robotic lifeforms allegedly to mine Titan's resources, though in reality they were to be used as a secret army. When the plan surfaced, the World Council lost power but the robots returned and occupied the planet in the name of their creators.

And its sequel, the video game Pikmin 2 , is set on an unnamed planet simply called as the planet of the Pikmin , inhabited by animals and plants. Although it is unnamed in-game, several cutscenes shows it as Earth, or at least a very Earth-like planet. Further hints is man-made objects in both games like the Abstract Masterpiece, a bottle cap , and the Remembered Old Buddy, a R. Brawl , Distant Planet, which its data refers to as Earth.

Kiyoshi Kurosawa - In which the world is overrun by Humanoid Ghosts , and everything is destroyed by them. Based on a novel of the same name. Equilibrium [ citation needed ]. After barely surviving another worldwide conflict, humanity rejects all emotion and outlaws all forms of expression which might encourage emotional response. Ordinary citizens are forced to fight through hordes of rabid zombies after a virus ravages Britain.

Set in the post-apocalyptic future where majority of humans die from a mysterious viral plague, the remaining humans have conformed to primitive tribalism. Directed by Larry Clark. The Years of Rice and Salt. PCVideo game featuring a group of ex-soldiers who spent ten years underground after the Spontaneous Genome Degeneration Syndrome SGDS , an artificially created virus raged across the globe in , nearly wiping off humanity. Although the virus was released to make money with the antidote, it wasn't distributed for some reason. Downfall of man caused by the Moon breaking apart and bombarding Earth with rocks after extensive lunar mining.

The tenth Friday the 13th film, Earth became a polluted wasteland by - Humanity left Earth and colonized a planet designated as Earth 2. The Legend of Zelda: Video game in which a flood has decimated the fictional world of Hyrule. Anderson - Part of the Dune universe. Mobile Suit Gundam Seed. Anime Series involving a war between naturally-born humans Naturals and genetically enhanced humans Coordinators.

Game for the Personal Computer by Reakktor Media. Showtime cable television series, based on the comic of the same name. In the year , 15 years after a virus kills everyone over the age of puberty, the child survivors have grown up, living on the scraps of the old world. Legends Of Dune trilogy. Vaughan and published by Vertigo Comics. Homeward Bound [ citation needed ].

Apokalipsa wedlug Pana Jana. The Third World War. The computer game and its sequels UFO: Afterlight by Altar Games. Set in the year , the Earth's surface is in a cataclysmic upheaval, much of it transformed into wasteland by unstoppable storms the byproduct of the destruction of the ozone layer. It was directed by Oscar Luis Costo. Part of the Dune universe by Kevin J. The Polish role-playing game from Portal Publishing. Ion Storm developer Eidos Interactive publisher. After total global economic collapse an event known simply as "The Collapse", all religion is collected into one, which is in conflict with the new world order.

Throughout the game, the player can choose to be on either side, affecting the game's outcome. Casshern [ citation needed ]. Based on two Japanese anime series. A race of super-robots led by their leader, Black King, take over the world. David Mitchell - one of the six novellas is set in a post-apocalyptic future. Dawn of the Dead. Individuals try and survive a zombie outbreak by securing a shopping mall. Remake of movie. A Planet for the President. The asteroid Bay-Leder 7 was found to be powerful enough to wipe out the whole civilization. Although a top-secret experimental satellite weapon was able to cut it in two, the smaller piece impacted in West Russia, turning Europe into an ice-covered "death zone".

The Day After Tomorrow. Adam Roberts - The world is buried under kilometres of unnatural snow. The television movie Category 6: Day of Destruction where Chicago is suffering from a series of tornadoes from numerous changes occurring in the climate. This series was followed in by Category 7: The mini series Last Days of Gaia. The focus of the game is the deep story and the unique characters, with living environment offering many well thought sidequests.

Gameplay similar to the Fallout series, although with a more traditional RPG approach in which the player can assemble a whole party in order to improve chances in battles and include specialists with complementary skills. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. The Battle of Corrin. A manga series created by Takuya Fujima. A role-playing game set in the midst of a war between humans and a worldwide computer intelligence. The Reverie of a Little Planet. Takes the premise that with no natural predators to thin the population of the world, evolution simply rewards whoever can pass on their genes the fastest, who are depicted as sexually promiscuous drunken brutes.

The average IQ is 80 by , 60 by , and 40 by Anime series, set in a future Japan that is a wasteland. In the Great Kanto Desert, scattered humans eke out a living in the hot sand. Scott Westerfeld - Uglies , Pretties , Specials and the companion novel, Extras , take place in a future civilization that arose after our current civilization collapsed because of an engineered bacterium that attacked not people, but oil, changing its chemical composition so that it exploded on contact with oxygen first explained on p.

Dance Of The Dead. An episode of Masters of Horror directed by Tobe Hooper - It has a triple apocalyptic theme as it features a man made virus causing a zombie outbreak after World War 3. Series by Dmitry Glukhovsky - Set in the metro tunnels of post apocalyptic Moscow. A man named Artyom journey's to the central city of the metro, Polis, to find answers about a possible threat called the Dark Ones. PCA game in which, after a tutorial area set in a "pre-Searing" time, a race of beasts called the Charr summon meteors down upon the humans, destroying nearly all of the cities and all of the life trees, animals, etc.

War of the Worlds. Directed by Steven Spielberg , along with the independent productions H. Wells' The War of the Worlds and H. Wells' War of the Worlds , all based on the H. Douglas Niles - Is a retelling of the original The War of the Worlds story, but displaces the events to It is not a sequel, rather it is an update. The console game, in which the player controls a Furon alien in an attempt to overthrow humanity. A Sound of Thunder.

Peter Hyams - A group of travelers returned in the time and made changes in the past which lead to colossal alterations in the future, where they came from, and less than in a week everything in the world started changing chaotically, putting in danger the life of every living thing. Brian Keene - set in a post-apocalyptic world where it started raining one day and never stopped.

How to Survive a Robot Uprising. A semi-satirical book by Daniel H. Sunao Yoshida , illustrations by Thores Shibamoto - Light novel involving a war between humans and vampires. This anime features several teens living in Hakodate , Hokkaido who come in contact with their future selves using time travel as a last resort to end the destruction of their world by abducting their dear friend Haruka Kaminogi from the past as a sacrifice to make the ultimate weapon against the destroyer known as Noein.

Anime series and its video games are set 10, years after humans had to leave the earth due to a Coralian appearing in Africa. In the current timeline, the remnants of humanity are now settled on a planet they refer to as the "Promised Land". Anime series where an earthquake triggers a series of worldwide natural disasters that devastate Planet Zi. Radio sitcom by Graham Duff - much of the world was destroyed by an event known as "the Withering".

The Dark Hour [ citation needed ]. CBS - the residents of a small Kansas town remain isolated in the aftermath of a series of nuclear attacks on America. Will Self - split between modern London and post-apocalyptic London where a new society and religion is based on the legacy of a cab driver. Game While seemingly caused by aliens, it is in fact human mistakes, breakdown and war that forges Auto Assault's apocalyptic world. British made movie in which a virus creates a plague of zombies, viewed entirely from the POV of a character's video camera. This film was made and completed before George A.

Johnathan Rand and Christopher Knight - A mutated bird flu virus wipes out everyone except the young. Max Brooks novel about a global zombie outbreak and humanity's efforts to stop thems. Three Moons Over Milford. Life as We Knew It. Susan Beth Pfeffer - Asteroid striking the Moon and knocking it into an orbit closer to Earth, concentrating on how a family in Western Pennsylvania is affected.

The video game, which takes place on the fictional planet of Sera, humans are shown fighting a war against alien monsters that have emerged from underground. The World Sinks Except Japan. A parody of Japan Sinks - All the land on earth sinks into the ocean, with Japan being the last to go. PC first-person shooting game about a war fought over land unaffected by a new ice age that renders most of the Northern Hemisphere uninhabitable.

Anime series by the Japanese production company Manglobe - an undefined global ecological disaster has decimated the surface of the Earth, and the small remaining human population lives in isolated, city-state dome complexes. TV movie for Sci Fi Channel. Children of Men [96]. The human race has become infertile. Based on the book of the same name. Stephen King - A strange cell phone signal turns ordinary humans into killer zombies.

The Quick and the Undead. And its sequel Pulse 2: Thomas Glavinic - A novel in which a man wakes up to find that everyone else has disappeared. Game BoyIn which a small group of humans escape to a post-apocalyptic utopia after the "old world" is destroyed. While the game never explains what happened to the "old world", they say that the humans were the ones that caused its destruction. Cormac McCarthy - After the end of the world a father and son attempt to survive while traveling through the ruins of the United States.

Masters of Science Fiction. Alex Scarrow - sudden end of oil availability leads to worldwide social collapse. The World Ends in Hickory Hollow. Sequel to 28 Days Later. During the efforts to repopulate Britain, the discovery of a possible cure to the "Rage" virus may also begin the apocalypse all over again. I Am Legend [96]. In an abandoned New York City set in , military virologist Robert Neville tries to find a cure to a man-made virus that killed almost everyone on earth, while at the same time trying to survive against the vampiric zombies it left behind.

Written, shot and directed by Gareth Edwards. Directed by Pearry Reginald Teo. About the conflict between a wealthy couple and a poor laborer after a worldwide terrorist attack isolates them in a small remote ranch. The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell. Dream Warrior on imdb. Jeff Carlson - Slated to be a trilogy. A speculative documentary produced by the Discovery Channel which hypothesizes the effects on modern-day earth of a large comet impact.

A mysterious virus brought by spaceborne microbes possesses humans and renders them devoid of emotion. Invasion of the Pod People.

List of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction

PC-MMOGA disastrous solar event in and leaves the world devastated, with only small pockets of human survivors scratching out a living in a bleak, irradiated world. Largely fuelled by the stockpiles of hardware left behind by a dead civilization combined with the desperation of a new world order, the gladiatorial deathsports begin, around The vast expanses of wilderness between the towns are menaced by gangs of road pirates armed with heavily armed cars and trucks, and travelled by equally well armed trade groups, making a living by carrying food, fuel, and other specialist equipment between the towns.

A group of survivors, called Foragers, take cover in an old abandoned hospital where the group attempt to re build society. All we know of the apocalypse is that man "Ran out of gas", but not in the sense of oil, just that our time was up. Directed by Danny Boyle - The film follows a spaceship crew in the year who are tasked with reigniting Earth's dying sun. American series about a man living in a post-apocalyptic United States after an unspecified cataclysm.

Backstory involves a race of nomadic, space traversing humanoids known as 'Quarians', who created a race the Geth of networked artificial intelligences. Soon, the Geth revolt against the Quarians and forced them into the vastness of space aboard a fleet of star ships without a safe refuge in the galaxy. Remake of the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series. The first of the four films, Evangelion: The fourth is forthcoming. City of Ember [ citation needed ].

Based on the book of the same name by Jeanne Duprau. Mutant Chronicles [ citation needed ]. Stephen Baxter book about huge underground oceans leaking to the surface, lifting sea levels by thousands of metres over several decades. Young adult series by Suzanne Collins about a survival tournament set in a post-apocalyptic continent. BBC television series a remake of the 70s series of the same name. The Martian General's Daughter.

Collapse of global civilization caused by virus-like nanotechnology. Multiplayer video game released by Valve. Featuring people transformed into crazed zombie-like mutants by an infection. The game diverges from the traditional zombie trope with the inclusion of "special infected" or zombies with specialized traits. Stephenie Meyer - An alien race, called Souls, take over Earth and its inhabitants. The novel follows one Soul's predicament when the mind of its human host refuses to cooperate with her takeover. Earth is abandoned after becoming too polluted to sustain life.

A robot stays behind and cleans Earth. The poisonous Sontaran gases creating the titular "poison sky" above Sylvia and Wilfred's street ignite as the flames from the Doctor's atmospheric converter spread globally. American remake of the Spanish horror film REC. Jim Munroe art by Salgood Sam - a post-Rapture graphic novel. Turn Left Doctor Who story Russell T Davies writer.

Explores an apocalyptic parallel universe in which British society has collapsed due to the death of the Doctor. James Kunstler - Explores life in an agrarian village in upstate New York after America collapses under the combined trauma of plague, peak oil , global warming , and nuclear terrorism. The Series , document life on earth after all humans have instantly disappeared.

The shows does not mention a cause of their disappearance. The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Astro Boy, a robotic reincarnation of his creator's lost son lives in highly advanced metro city; last of its kind floating above the clouds in the skies of post-apocalyptic earth. A virus changes most of the populace into vampires sometime around At the point where vampirism is considered "normal", the remaining humans attempt to escape being farmed for their blood, while also attempting to find a cure.

Directed by Benjamin Rocher. The film is set in one of French tower blocks, wherein a small group of people trying to make their way out of it thrusting through hordes of zombies. Rod Glenn - Five friends struggle to survive 20 years after the collapse of civilisation. Set in northern England. The sequel to Left 4 Dead.

Expanding upon the original game with new characters, maps, and weapons. Paolo Bacigalupi - In future Thailand, where calories are the most needed energy source, an unexpected girl struggles to live like as she wants. The ABC Special Earth explore the future if humans do not take actions to help the eco-system that can prove to be disastrous. Lucy, the speaker, explains about this world and wonders how she was one of the lucky humans to have survived. The Power Rangers protect the last remnants of humanity, who are now settled in the domed city of Corinth, after the accidental release of a government created computer virus known as "Venjix".

Malicious and self-aware, it leaves most of the planet in nuclear fallout, constructs an army of attack bots and begins cybernetic experiments on human prisoners.

The Rift Frequency

The Forest of Hands and Teeth. Carrie Ryan - Set generations after the zombie apocalypse, a girl struggles against the religious order in her village hoping for life beyond the fences protecting them from the Unconsecrated zombies in the surrounding forest. Tells of a story where the end of the world, caused by a solar flare erupting onto the solar system, is accurately predicted.

A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse. James Wesley Rawles - An apocalyptic survivalist novel about a total socio-economic collapse. Les derniers jours du monde. Depicts the story of a man, Robinson, who travels across France and Spain during the end of the world. Reality television style drama about a group of survivors forced to live in a warehouse in the virus ravaged city of Los Angeles, California. Together, the three brave the ruined city and try their best to make it home safely. The Age of Misrule. Trilogy of novels World's End, Darkest Hour, and Always Forever by Mark Chadbourn following several characters in England through the slow collapse of modern technological civilization as the previously suppressed world of natural magic and mystical, godly beings rises to take over the course of human events.

Humanoid creatures or Titans are giantic human flesh-eating monsters that lived outside of the humanity's curtain Wall Maria and the civilization was on the erge of extinction, but some are force to fight back by joining the muilitary, called Survey Corps. But there are some humans that transform into titans to fight and kill other humans, and titans.

The adventures of Jake the dog and Finn, the only known remaining human in the post-apocalyptic land of Ooo hundreds of years after the "Great Mushroom War". Although never directly stated, enormous craters can be seen throughout the film and characters mention an event called "the Flash". The writer, Gary Whitta , stated he wanted the audience to figure out the nuclear event slowly.

Low-budget film - On an island off the coast of North America, local residents simultaneously fight a zombie epidemic while hoping for a cure to return their un-dead relatives back to their human state. Directed by George A. Rodger Ten years after a devastating global pandemic, the lives of two survivors collide in a sequence of events that threaten both their sanity and their lives. Justin Cronin - A virus turns humanity into vampire-esque creatures, leading to the collapse of civilization, while survivors eke out a bleak existence.

A gigantic meteor enters Earth's orbit and begins to disintegrate, showering the entire planet with debris. A comet makes an unexpected turn towards the earth where all life may cease to exist within days if small town heroes fail to find a solution. Rex is an evo working with the military organization Providence, to put an end to the outbreak of violent monstrous human mutations known as evos which are created when people are exposed to unsafe nanites, a nanobot technology developed to fight diseases within humans. Wars between evos and humans ensued when nanites started to get out of control.

Aliens or creatures called Skitters, Mechs and Overlords attack Earth, as the series is showing the struggles six months after the initial attack on Earth. Davis Schneiderman - Lake Michigan mysteriously empties of water, and an end-of-time cult occupies the lakebed, waiting for a reflooding of the zone by the power of giant Worm. A Story of 22nd-Century America. A comedy survivalist book by Forrest Griffin. Vincent Gessler - A novel in which Syn the trapper and Ack, his cybernetic wolf, survive in a world covered with forests, facing robots and humans. A video game by Daedalic Entertainment, in which climate change has made the Earth uninhabitable.

A US-television series featuring the world overrun by zombies. Zero Reverse was a disastrous event in which the evolutionary use of quantum mechanics in the Enerdy system led to its reactor exploding and causing a massive tectonic shift that separated a chunk of Domino City from the rest of the landmass, splitting it in two and creating an island later known as Satellite, which was the area hit hardest by the energy release, while the Earthbound Immortals were released from the Underworld. Fist of the North Star: MultiA floating self-sustaining city contains what may be the final remnants of humanity, after global warming causes sea levels to rise.

A Novel of the Coming Collapse. A worldwide pandemic of unknown origin causes every human to begin losing their five traditional senses one at a time. A century-spanning war between humans and vampires has devastated the Earth's surface and led to a theocracy called The Church. Set in a post-apocalyptic world in the country of Panem where the countries of North America once existed.

Based on the book of the same name by Suzanne Collins. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. An asteroid is announced to hit Earth as a man searches to find his significant other before the impact occurs. Terri Blackstock - novel series covering how people react and survive after a natural EMP blast from a distant star knocks out all electronics all over the world.

A Japanese schoolgirl, Sakura, finds her average life in a small town turned inside out when all the males suddenly become zombies and begin to attack and kill females. A particularly virulent strain of bird flu kills a large majority of humanity, leaving birds to become the dominant class of animals. The protagonist is one of the few humans naturally resistant to the flu.

A plague, primarily on the Eastern coast of the United States , is spreading rapidly, causing diseases over the majority of those infected and granting special abilities to some individuals, designated as Conduits, while one of them, Cole MacGrath, in the Evil alternative ending of the game, manages to absorb the powers of his rival John White who had been renamed as "The Beast" due to the rampage he caused by the use of his powers over several weeks, and united most mutants under his leadership while waging a successful battle against the authorities, while Joseph Bertrand, a corrupt tycoon who had been secretly transforming into a bestial form known as the "Behemoth", managed before dying to sell the technology mutating normal individuals, usually into either poisonous reptilian monsters or muscular savages with control over ice, to several terrorists, including Osama bin Laden.

The promotional trailer shows many trademark DC Comics heroes and villains fighting each other to the death with Lex Luthor emerging as the ultimate victor, but as immediately after the culmination of the traditional battle between those legendary characters, Brainiac according to statements manages to conquer Earth unhindered by its defeated protectors as most of them have already ended up killing each other and enslave humanity's population, until Luthor alongside Batman manage to survive and time travel back towards the past to warn their respective factions to cease their everlasting war and cooperate against the approaching enemy, with the custom player-controlled heroes contributing for the preparation of both previously hostile sides to confront the anticipated invasion as soon as it arrives.

A PlayStation 3 video game that depicts the West Coast of USA that was hit by several disasters, like tornadoes, earthquakes, rains, and thunderstorms. A film about the psychological unraveling of a group of survivors, who have holed up in the basement of their apartment building during a nuclear attack. Edward Richtofen, a Nazi German scientist attempting to succeed in conquering the world during World War II despite the failure of Adolf Hitler , creates an army of zombies army as well as various advanced infantry weapons and biological enhancements using an alien substance, called Element , and invades a space station on the Moon while cooperating with American Patrick Dempsey, Soviet Nikolai Belinski and Japanese Takeo Masaki in his effort to survive from the zombie horde until he manages to control it, and succeeds in transforming the Earth into a wasteland after attacking it with missiles that is overrun by the endless tide of zombies in which almost everyone died.

A PlayStation 3 video game about a futuristic Tokyo that has become deserted by humans and overrun by many types of animals. Animated web series created by and starring Tom Hanks. A webcomic where children play a game called Sburb which causes multiple meteors to hit Earth. They survive by abandoning Earth. A fighting-style game where a meteor hits Earth and wipes out modern technology, reducing them to several Stone Age -type tribespeople. The continents are rearranged, and seven dinosaur -like deities fight for control over the new Urth. Christmas with the Dead. Earth's population has been almost entirely taken over by alien parasites that created a perfect planet.

Human civilization is replaced by synthetic replica's that never age. When the last biological humans who are drunk from drinking too much beer confront the supreme intelligence with the possibilities that humanity might not want to be "improved", this contradiction leads to a crash in the simulant network, destroying most of the world as a result and throwing the planet into a new dark age without technology. A disease transforms many humans into zombies and isolates them from society, despite a lot of them managing to retain most of their consciousness.

In the aftermath of a global war, the surviving nations introduced a ban on all firearms in an attempt to quell man's appetite for destruction. Hypothetical docudrama concerning humanity's efforts to seek out a new home on a distant Earth-like planet, in the face of Earth's eventual destruction by an approaching neutron star. Video game by Ice Water Games. The destruction of lifespan-extending technology installed in major cities led to massive outbreaks of fatal illness, followed by wider social collapse.

The Rise of Echsenfriedl. Absurdist sci-fi comedy film. The growing tension between the last two remaining superpowers - China and Google - escalates in the early 21st century, and results in the global inferno of the "Google Wars". Days of Future Past. Machines built to identify and eliminate mutants eventually target most humans as well. With much of the world destroyed, one mutant is sent back in time to try to prevent this future from ever happening.

A Syfy series focused on the days after a zombie apocalypse has killed most of the world's population. One man was experimented on before society's collapse and his body contains the only know antibodies to the zombie virus. The only survivors of a nuclear war live in a space station, which is falling apart. Short story and collection by T. A graphic novel and podcast series set on a failed terraforming colony.

The series focuses on the daily struggle to survive on a distant planet with extreme resource scarcity. A millennium from now, in Japan, exists a utopia. The protagonist, Saki Watanabe, lives in an idyllic village barred from the outside world. Her world is ruled by the people who possess the "gods' power" of psychokinesis. Novel by Paolo Bacigalupi. Southwestern United States suffer social collapse because of a water shortage. Song by the band Muse from the album called " Drones ". The Death Gate Cycle. Set in New Zealand, survivors of nuclear war known as The Oil Wars attempt to rebuild society while fending off the ambitions of a militaristic despot who has based himself in a mobile, armoured vehicle.

Breath of the Wild. Set years after Hyrule has been largely destroyed by Ganon. Might and Magic series original universe. The games are set in colonies of the Ancients, an advanced spacefaring race, several thousand years after all contact with the Ancients was lost due to them being engaged in interstellar war with an alien race called the Kreegan. This event, called the Silence, caused the colonies to regress into a medieval state and consider Ancients and their technology as mythical in nature. An attempt by Aes Sedai researchers to tap into a newly discovered source of magic more advanced than the One Power leads to an experiment to bore a hole in the Pattern.

It goes awry when it is discovered that the Bore leads to the Dark One 's prison, allowing the Dark One to influence the world. This causes the male half of the One Power to be tainted, driving all male Aes Sedai mad and causing the Breaking of the World. The society regresses from futuristic to Renaissance -era, with only a few artifacts of the Age of Legends remaining. The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. The game's main antagonist Malefor the Dark Master claims that it is the destiny of all purple dragons to bring about the world's destruction.

He is almost successful when the Destroyer, a massive golem he resurrected to cross the Belt of Fire and issue the world's end, completes its circle until he is defeated by the game's protagonist Spyro and Cynder and sealed away by the ancient dragons' spirits into the world's core and Spyro unleashes a powerful Fury wave to rebuild the world. First three issues started already reveals that everyone who have negative thoughts are unknowingly infected with Nantie virus that Velma, her team and her brothers created, In third issue begins mutated negativity infected festival goers where Velma's research complex located and surrounding area of most locals into monsters, eventual few issues are seem more people mutating regionwide leaving remaining uninfected people and includes main characters to survive.

The current issues after twenty-one issue now take places an three months after event happens. A action adventure game based on the Mad Max franchise. The fourth installment in the Mad Max series. This film follows the titular character who ends up in the fight between Immortan Joe, who rules as a god out of his settlement the Citadel, with his War Boys against Furiosa one of his lieutenants. This movie features a change in actors for Max with this movie starring Tom Hardy. At the end of Part 3, the main characters are forced to deliberately awaken the supposed "dark god" Yune in order to avoid her being awoken accidentally by a war which has spread across Tellius.

The goddess Ashera, upon learning that the beorc and laguz have long since broken a covenant forbidding military conflict between the races, petrifies nearly all inhabitants of Tellius despite Yune's protests. This calamity leads into Part 4, where Yune, while considering how to revive the petrified people, tasks the survivors with preventing Ashera from finishing the job. Glenn Talbot , under the corrupting influence of gravitonium , inadvertently destroys Earth in a careless attempt to mine more of the substance, forcing humanity's survivors into the Lighthouse, a subterranean bunker under Lake Ontario.

The first arc of the season involves S. The series follows two girls, Yuuri and Chito, as they navigate the ruins of civilization after an unknown apocalypse, and as they travel in their modified Kettenkrad , they seek food and supplies while surviving day-to-day. Impact with celestial bodies meteorites, asteroids, planets, etc. Near-impact knocks earth out of orbit. Ecological catastrophe Global climate change causing a new ice age Global warming melting of icecaps, global flooding Global pollution.

Monsters and Kaiju Vampires Lovecraftian horror Biologically altered humans. Apocalyptic wars between humans and technology Cybernetic revolt—war with, or revolution, by robots, computers, etc.

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Cyberwarfare computer virus or malware attacks by humans, aliens, machines, etc. Mechanically or Biologically altered humans.

The Invasion (Uprising Trilogy Book II) The Invasion (Uprising Trilogy Book II)
The Invasion (Uprising Trilogy Book II) The Invasion (Uprising Trilogy Book II)
The Invasion (Uprising Trilogy Book II) The Invasion (Uprising Trilogy Book II)
The Invasion (Uprising Trilogy Book II) The Invasion (Uprising Trilogy Book II)
The Invasion (Uprising Trilogy Book II) The Invasion (Uprising Trilogy Book II)

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