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The white horse is a recurring motif in Ibsen's play Rosmersholm , making use of the common Norse folklore that its appearance was a portent of death. The basis for the superstition may have been that the horse was a form of Church Grim , buried alive at the original consecration of the church building the doomed protagonist in the play was a pastor , or that it was a materialisation of the fylgje , an individual's or family's guardian spirit.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 29 April Edda , page The Story of the Volsungs , page The Rite and Its Logic.

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Thames and Hudson, Book 3, Vana Parva. Translated by Kisari Mohan Ganguli, — Government of Sri Lanka. Book of Revelation, Ch 6: Book of Revelation, Ch Rishel and Suzanne L. Yale University Press, St Vladimir's Seminary Press, Uastyrdzhi and Nart Batraz in Ossetian mythology. The Defeat of Kerbogha , excerpt online at Medieval Sourcebook.

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Carl Gilkes; Gilkes, R. Introduction to the Endtimes.

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Retrieved 26 January The Muslims expect their own savior, the twelfth Iman , the Muhammad d'ul Mahdi , to come to the earth before Jesus returns. Their Mahdi will solve all their problems [ Mythic Patterns in Ibsen's Last Plays. University of Minnesota Press. Retrieved from " https: Horses in culture and religion Animal worship Mythological horses Mythologies of the indigenous peoples of North America Blackfoot culture Hungarian mythology Korean mythology Philippine mythology Christian mythology Zoroastrian legendary creatures Hindu mythology Mabinogion Celtic mythology Scottish folklore Horses in Norse mythology Buddhist mythology Vietnamese legendary creatures Unicorns Greek mythology.

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This page was last edited on 3 April , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Albino mice occur due to a recessive mutation of the C gene. No such mutation exists in horses. While mammals derive their pigments only from melanins, fish, reptiles and birds rely on a number of pigments apart from melanins: As a result, birds and reptiles without the ability to manufacture tyrosinase are more accurately described as " amelanistic.

The retained pigment of dilute horses, like cremellos, is not comparable to the retained pigment of amelanistic "albino" birds and reptiles. The cream gene, which is responsible for palomino, buckskin, and cremello coat colors, was mapped to the MATP gene in However, other benign mutations on MATP are responsible for normal variations in skin, hair, and eye color in humans. Many famous horses, past and present, were alleged to be "white" by observers, but were actually grays with hair coats turned fully white.

Likewise, most white horses used in movies are actually grays , in part because they are easier to find. However, there are a few truly white horses who were used in film.

One of the best-known examples was "Silver," ridden by the Lone Ranger , a role actually played by two different white horses. At least one horse who played "Topper," ridden by Hopalong Cassidy , was also white.

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Throughout history, white horses have been mythologized in many cultures. For example, Herodotus reported that white horses were held as sacred animals in the Achaemenid court of Xerxes the Great ruled BC , [26] In more than one tradition, a white horse carries patron saints or the world saviour in the end times, including Hinduism , Christianity , and Islam.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about visually white horses. For the dominant white gene, see Dominant white.


White horse

For Sabino-white, see Sabino horse white horses with white hair coats white horse. For other uses, see White horse. The American Genetic Association. Phenotypes may vary from tiny depigmentated body spots to white head and leg markings, further on to large white spotting and finally nearly complete depigmentation in white-born horses White markings result from the lack of melanocytes in the hair follicles and the skin University of California - Davis. Breaux; Sheila Archer; Bruce H.

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American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists: International Society for Animal Genetics. The progressive loss of colour in the hair of grey horses is controlled by a dominantly inherited allele at the Grey locus GG. Foals are born any colour depending on the alleles present at other colour determining loci.

After birth, horses carrying the GG allele begin to show white hairs that are intermixed with their original hair colour. Although the rate at which horses will turn grey is variable, the amount of white hair increases with age until the coat is completely white at maturity. Pigmentation of the skin and eyes is not affected by GG. Dark skin distinguishes the grey phenotype from that of pink-skinned cremello and white horses.

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International Champagne Horse Registry. No true albino mutation of the color gene is known among horses, though several varieties of white horse are popularly known as albinos. The b-Locus and c Albino Series of Alleles". Paso Fino Horse Association. Connemara Pony Breeders Society of Australia. Introduction to veterinary pathology 3 ed. Albinism results from a structural gene mutation at the locus that codes for tyrosinase; that is, albino animals have a genetically determined failure of tyrosine synthesis.

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