Carthaginian Empire 07 - Handro and Athens

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This time, it's personal! This time, they know he's coming! Carthaginian Empire 20 - Caesar Free! August 31, by Bluewood Publishing. The tribes of Gaul have been a thorn in the side of Carthage. When a slave of Roman descent saves a Carthaginian force from defeat he is given his freedom and joins the officer corps of the army. It is 56BC and his name was Julius. Carthaginian Empire 19 - Crucify Them! Seventy years ago the might of Carthage was brought to bear on the city of Rome.

Now as Carthage focuses on troubles further abroad Rome sees the chance to rebel, the final chance to win back their freedom and their own destiny. If they lose, the savagery of the response will knows no bounds. It is BC and now Carthage intends to truly rule the Mediterranean. Surrender or be sacked. Based on a true documented incident. There is an secret to the way the Carthaginians build galleys - built to a standard design and each piece is marked. You can take one apart and use it as a set of templates to build more.

Rome uses a captured galley to build a fleet of ships in less than 45 days and challenge Carthaginian supremacy. Its BC and Rome takes its chance. Over several years the armies of Carthage and Rome have fought each other to bloody stalemate. Neither can gain a decisive advantage.

When two empires meet history shows only one will stand. Persia covers more land than Carthage who controls the Mediterranean and its wealth from shore to distant shore. As the two empires confront each other in a hundred little skirmishes one will survive and one will fall. It is BC and if Persia falls only one small emerging state will stand in the way of Carthaginian suzerainty - Rome. August 30, by Bluewood Publishing.

Having conquered Egypt it is time for the army of Carthage to move north up the coast. First the city of Tyre stands in their way and if they can subdue the fabled island citadel then Darius is massing the largest army ever seen to face them on the banks of the gentle river Issus. A river that will run with blood before the year is out. It is BC and Carthage must fight on land and sea. Unsettled by the Persian advances into Africa and threatened by the increased Persian military presence along the East Coast of the Mediterranean from the Dardanelles all the way to Egypt; Carthage must act.

The Persians are expecting a naval attack from a naval power so when the Carthaginians strike from the desert surprise is paramount. It is BC and Carthage faces its greatest enemy yet.

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Seven Sisters by David Bowman Series: Seven Sisters , Book 1. December 18, by Bluewood Publishing. In an intact 9th Century Roman Empire one man has the chance to fight one battle to bring an end to civil war. To besiege the most highly fortified city in the empire, its seven forts and water defences. He can do this, but can he do it in time? October 3, by Bluewood Publishing. Now he must lead a last desperate rebellion against the overlords from across the sea.

Is it still his destiny to rule or has Carthage the wit and might to destroy the dynasty before Alexander is even born. It is BC and the nexus of history is upon them.

Carthaginian Empire Handro and Athens by David Bowman on Apple Books

After the failed assassination Handro must act. Has Lysander truly decided to change sides? Why send a Theban? Why are there plumes of thick smoke rising from Thebes? If Lysander is dead and the Spartans have gone mad with blood lust is it time to remove this cancer from Greece? Handro is taking a well earned rest in Athens. One night a slight sound disturbs him.

Is the assassin still in the room? Why does he want Handro dead? All is not as it seems as even his allies are turning against him. Has the whole of Greece gone mad? It is BC and Handro is fighting for his own life in his own bed while the world waits breathlessly on the victor.

Handro and Carthage have won but the cities of Greece have closed their gates to him and his Spartan allies. The Spartans stormed Corinth and reduced it. Handro must avoid that fate for Thebes and Athens. Can he destroy the powerbase states without destroying the cities? Its BC and Handro must act to prevent barbarism. September 1, by Bluewood Publishing. Ten years of bitter war - the combined armies of Sparta and Carthage under charismatic leaders Lysander and Handro have the chance to end it.

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They must eliminate the armies of their four largest opponents. Sparta are the masters of hoplite warfare. Carthage with their sea power are masters of flexibility. Can these two actually work together and win? Greece is in the melting pot. Athens has been humbled in battle, her army broken, her fleets destroyed. Athens herself is untouched. Handro has his orders to humiliate but not sack the city. By capturing the Vestal Virgins will he go too far?

Army of the Wolf.

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Carthaginian Empire 07 - Handro and Athens Carthaginian Empire 07 - Handro and Athens
Carthaginian Empire 07 - Handro and Athens Carthaginian Empire 07 - Handro and Athens
Carthaginian Empire 07 - Handro and Athens Carthaginian Empire 07 - Handro and Athens
Carthaginian Empire 07 - Handro and Athens Carthaginian Empire 07 - Handro and Athens
Carthaginian Empire 07 - Handro and Athens Carthaginian Empire 07 - Handro and Athens
Carthaginian Empire 07 - Handro and Athens Carthaginian Empire 07 - Handro and Athens
Carthaginian Empire 07 - Handro and Athens Carthaginian Empire 07 - Handro and Athens

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