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Biopsy device selection depends on the assumed tumor entity since histology and also immunohistochemical, molecular pathological and cytogenetical analysis are necessary to differentiate pediatric tumors small, round, blue cell tumors. In addition to diagnostic procedures, therapeutic interventions drainage, injection therapies, neurolysis, and radiofrequency ablation can also be used in children and can provide an alternative to surgery in selected cases.

With justified indications and precise performance, CT-guided interventions can be successful in pediatric patients with limited risks. BrainGain is a common trend within the last ten years in Europe and all-over the world. Managers, key players and scientists are allowed to choose wherever they want to work in the world. As there is a lack of qualified individuals for companies and universities, BrainGain has become a necessity, and mostly - the higher educated individuals are moving away according to a better offer elsewhere in the world. Therefore, a lot of expats are moving around with their families.

Many times, the lack of integration at the current place, country or city, is the critical success factor for staying or leaving. Furthermore, if the family does not feel happy in the current location, then the manager or scientist will move away or return home and the investment will be lost. Moreover, many students have received a good education in a state university, however afterwards they have not secured a satisfactory job in the country where they have studied, therefore they are moving away to utilise their know-how.

Measures to retain the know-how include a common placement and a welcome-culture in the country, and also exchanges on an international level. Die Visualisierung von Quellennetzwerken am Beispiel Plutarchs. Full Text Available This paper focuses on the research on visualizations that support close and distant reading of textual data in the digital classics.

The visualization and analysis of textual relationships will be thematised suggesting a taxonomy of classical textual sources as well as the surplus of potentially beneficial visualization approaches for research using graphs to analyze the textual relationship. Heterotopie aus Fakt und Fiktion. Full Text Available Heterotopia are spatial challenges to social order.

They are energized not only by real spatial conditions but also by established ascriptions. The example of Venice displays the entanglement and efficacy of the interplay between a specific spatial order and venerable images. Full Text Available BrainGain is a common trend within the last ten years in Europe and all-over the world.

As there is a lack of qualified individuals for companies and universities, BrainGain has become a necessity, and mostly — the higher educated individuals are moving away according to a better offer elsewhere in the world. Seismologische Karten - ein Beispiel thematischer Kartographie. The example of refrigeration technology for air conditioning plants.

Practice-oriented advanced training at Technische Akademie Esslingen training centre. The training lasts several days and comprises a total of 12 courses on the subjects: In the present article the structure of the training is illustrated for the example of refrigeration in air conditioning plants.

The article also discusses questions concerning the assessment of the training and its benefit to the participants. Insgesamt werden in diesem gesamten Themenkomplex 12 Lehrgaenge angeboten: Am Beispiel des Themenbereiches Kaeltetechnik in Klimaanlagen wird die Lehrgangsausrichtung dargestellt. Ferner werden Fragen der Lehrgangsbewertung und der Nutzen fuer die Teilnehmer diskutiert. Ex-ante Evaluation von Investitionsalternativen.

Developing a model system for simulation of changes induced by more effective circular flow concepts in industry and energy management. Systems technology and economic modelling aspects shown with the example of the materials flow in the paper industry; Entwicklung eines Modellsystems zur Simulation der energiewirtschaftlichen und strukturellen Veraenderungen einer verstaerkten Kreislaufwirtschaft. Systemtechnische und oekonomische Modellierung am Beispiel des Stoffstroms 'Papier'. The impacts of a long-term change from our present industrial society to an economy based on circular flow concepts approaching the characteristics of the concept of sustainable development have to be taken into account in macroeconomic modelling as well, or else there is no appropriate basis for examination and assessment of the effects of various resource management policy options on the economy.

One possible methodological approach is to link single, process-oriented models of sectors of the industry with input-output models and macroeconomic models. This study presents an approach using as an example the pulp and paper industry of Germany, covering the period from until The results are found to improve the methodological perspective between the process models and the MIS model of the family of IKARUS models and also offer an additional advantage in that they may serve as a data source for other input-output models and macroeconomic modelling.

Ein methodischer Weg zu dieser Aufgabe ist die Verknuepfung einzelner prozessorientierter Branchenmodelle mit Input-Output-Modellen und makrooekonomischen Modellen. Der vorliegende Bericht will hierzu einen Baustein am Beispiel der Zellstoff- und Papierindustrie fuer die Bundesrepublik Deutschland fuer die Zeitperiode beitragen. To present a patient care evaluation program exemplified by a rehabilitation clinic for complementary and alternative medicine CAM with focus on aspects of structure quality, steps of quality assurance and interventions administered.

Assessment of previously defined criteria of structure general characteristics of the facility, staff, medical equipment and constructional features, medical concept, continuing care, internal communication and measures of qua For almost twenty years now, museums of old masters invite contemporary artists to intervene in their rooms.

This paper traces the development of these interventions since ca. The period in question can be divided in two phases. Until the s, contemporary movements such as institutional or museum critique, activism and artistic research shaped the intervention Biotest-directed identification of toxic organic compounds in sediments - a contribution to risk assessment of complex contaminations using the small river Spittelwasser as an example; Biotestorientierte Identifikation toxischer organischer Sedimentinhaltsstoffe - ein Beitrag zur Risikoanalyse komplexer Kontaminationen am Beispiel des Spittelwassers.

Eintrittswahrscheinlichkeit der betreffenden Wirkung abzuschaetzen. Umweltkompartimente wie Sedimente sind in der Regel nicht durch eine definierte Chemikalie belastet, sondern durch komplexe Mischungen unbekannter Zusammensetzung aus natuerlichen und anthropogenen Substanzen. Eine Risikoanalyse komplexer Umweltkontaminationen erfordert daher einen zusaetzlichen vorgeschalteten Schritt, die Identifikation potenziell wirksamer Schadstoffe. Hierbei hat sich der Einsatz sequenzieller Teststrategien bewaehrt.

Sie kombinieren biologischen Wirkungstests, physikalisch-chemische Fraktionierung und chemsiche Analytik wirksamer Fraktionen mit dem Ziel einer schrittweisen Eingrenzung wirksamer Stoffgruppen und letztendlich einer Identifikation von fuer messbare Wirkungen verantwortlichen Schadstoffen. German Airlift During the Battle of Crete. Research into these texts reveals that the Germans constructed an In the light of an increasing importance of the discussion on reurbanization, the article analyses the current socioeconomical and structural development of the city of Moenchengladbach.

City development processes are marked by a high degree of dynamic individualization - an increasing number of cities have achieved a stage of reurbanization, whereas others have not completeley reached that stage of urban renewal. An analysis of Moenchengladbach indicates that quantative aspects of reurbanization are fulfilled, whereas qualitative reurbanisation processes as an increasing attractiveness, urban revaluation, and gentrification of innercity areas remain a future potential.

Google is supposed to be the dominant player in most search markets around the world. But what is a search market? Does the search market also include product search and therefore Amazon and eBay or the search for private or personal contacts like on Facebook or LinkedIn? And is this relevant? Search engines do not charge users for their services, they earn money exclusively with advertisement. Components - methods - examples. Komponenten - Methoden - Beispiele. Mechatronics combines the main disciplines electrical- and mechanical engineering and informatics.

Its increasing importance occurs in all kind of on-line control systems, process control, sensor guided robots, magnetic bearings, automobile engineering etc. This book addresses students in all this fields. The main topics are: Ihre wachsende Bedeutung findet sich wieder in der gesamten Leittechnik, Verfahrenstechnik, sensorgefuehrte Roboter, Magnetlager, Fahrzeugtechnik usw. Dieses Buch spricht Studenten in all diesen Fachgebieten an.

Aktoren, Sensoren, Signalverarbeitung, Prozessdatenverarbeitung, Modellbildung von Mehrkoerpersystemen, Trajektorplanung, Regelung mechatronischer Systeme mit ausfuehrlichen Beispielen und schliesslich ein Anhang mit mathematischen Grundlagen. Frauen haben bedeutsame Rechtspositionen erlangt, die national, inter- und transnational Geltung haben und zumindest theoretisch Anerkennung gefunden haben. Sie wirken mit als Beteiligte staatlicher Delegationen, als Mitglieder von Kontrollgremien und internationalen Organisationen, und Frauen sind wesentlich beteiligt in Nichtregierungsorganisationen.

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Augmented Reality als Vergleichswerkzeug am Beispiel der Automobilindustrie. In dieser Phase sind wesentliche Arbeiten die Ver- und Abgleiche realer Bauteile mit ihren computergenerierten Konstruktionsvorgaben. Esenins Gedichtzyklus Ljubov' chuligana AJ - Letters, Mass-media, Audiovision. Side-effects and complications of intra-arterial tumour therapy - experience gained from interventions; Nebenwirkungen und Komplikationen der intraarteriellen Tumortherapie - Erfahrungen aus Interventionen.

Medizinische Klinik und Poliklinik; Kunze, V. The treatments were carried out for pelvic, hepatic, renal and mammary tumours, for bone metastization, pulmonary carcinomas as well as tumours of the gastrointestinal tract or the extremities. Except for cases, all patients had previously been subjected to surgery or radiotherapy to cure the disease now treated by the intra-arterial method.

The cytostatic and embolization drugs used varied according to tumour histology and vascularization. They were observed to be two times more frequent for tumour embolization 1.

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An invariable use of refined methods like intraarterial computerized angiotomography to monitor perfusion and a choice of cytostatic drugs also based on anatomic determinants may further diminish the number of serious complications during perfusion therapy. In Abhaengigkeit von der Tumorhistologie und -vaskularisation wurden unterschiedliche Zytostatika verwendet. Verbesserte, konsequent eingesetzte Methoden zur Perfusionskontrolle wie das intraarterielle Angio-CT sowie eine Zytostatikawahl, die unter anderem auch an den anatomischen Gegebenheiten orientiert ist, koennten helfen, die Haeufigkeit von schweren Komplikationen zu senken.

Radiology and Nuclear Medicine; Kropf, S. Assessment of radiologist's hand dose in CT-guided interventions and determination of influencing factors. The following CT-guided interventions were included: Core biopsy, drainage, periradicular therapy, and celiac plexus neurolysis. The default parameters for CT fluoroscopy were kV, 90 mA and a 4 mm slice thickness. The tumor size, degree of difficulty 1 - 3 , level of experience and device parameters mAs, dose-length product, scan time were documented.

The lesion size was 4 - mm median: The fluoroscopy time per intervention was 4. The measured hand dose ranged from 0. The median hand dose for different CT-guided interventions was 0. Therefore, the annual hand dose limit would normally only be reached with about interventions. Evaluation of a novel Seldinger-needle for computed tomography guided interventions: To evaluate a new Seldinger puncture device for computed tomography-guided interventions under difficult conditions, to analyze applicability, and to investigate assets and drawbacks.

This novel needle serves as a guide for many different interventional devices due to a guide wire welded on the proximal needle end. It allows continuous application of anesthesia via four tiny holes at the distal needle end until the region of interest is reached. Each intervention was subject to difficult interventional conditions. Handling, success, advantages, drawbacks, complications and patient tolerance were noted after each procedure. A pain scale from 1 - 10 was used to grade the pain level during the intervention.

All interventions were performed successfully and no severe complications were observed. Regions with dangerous and difficult access were successfully reached with the new Seldinger needle in 15 of 16 cases by dilatation of the puncture tract and continuous administration of local anesthesia via the system. Furthermore, different devices such as Trucut systems and a drainage catheter were able to be inserted without complication via the needle.

With a proximal removable luer-lock connection, liquid material was able to be aspirated in six cases. Under difficult interventional conditions, the use of a Seldinger needle as a reliable technique for CT-guided interventions can provide a safe and successful procedure. Economic evaluation of angiographic interventions including a whole-radiology in- and outpatient care; Wirtschaftliche Evaluation angiographischer Interventionen einschliesslich einer radiologischen stationaeren und ambulanten Patientenbetreuung. To determine the economic efficiency of a whole-radiology in- and outpatient treatment with angiographic interventions performed as the main or sole therapy.

The calculations represent the data of a university radiology department, including the following angiographic interventions neuroradiology not considered: Vascular intervention PTA, stent implantation of kidneys and extremities, recanalization of hemodialysis access, chemoembolization, diagnostic arterioportal liver CT, port implantation, varicocele embolization, PTCD, percutaneous implantation of biliary stent.

First, the different angiographic interventions are categorized with reference to the German DRG system Considering the example of a university hospital, the individual cost of each intervention is calculated and correlated with reimbursements by G-DRG and so-called ''ambulant operation'' EBMplus.

With these data, profits and losses are calculated for both in- and outpatient care. Radiologic interventions of inpatients yield a profit in the majority of cases. The data of outpatient radiological interventions average between Euro up to Euro lower than compared with profits obtained from in patient care. Conservation-psychological interventions to change individual behavior. Such an approach provides a basis for deciding whether psychological interventions such as environmental education, attitude change, and.

Further development of the methodology for the realization of safety analyses concerning the controllability of operational malfunctions and accidents. Report on the working package 1. Review and development of safety-related assessment for final repositories for wastes with negligible heat generation and the provision of the necessary set of tools using the example of the final repository Konrad; Weiterentwicklung der Methodik fuer die Durchfuehrung von Sicherheitsanalysen zur Beherrschung von Betriebsstoerungen und Stoerfaellen.

Bericht zum Arbeitspaket 1. Untersuchung und Entwicklung von sicherheitstechnischen Bewertungen fuer Endlager fuer Abfaelle mit vernachlaessigbarer Waermeentwicklung und Bereitstellung des notwendigen Instrumentariums am Beispiel des Endlagers Konrad. In the research project on the ''Review and development of safety-related assessments of disposal facilities with negligible heat generation; development and provision of the necessary set of tools, using the example of the Konrad disposal facility'' Untersuchung und Entwicklung von sicherheitstechnischen Bewertungen fuer Endlager fuer Abfaelle mit vernachlaessigbarer Waermeentwicklung; Entwicklung und Bereitstellung des notwendigen Instrumentariums am Beispiel des Endlagers Konrad - Forschungsvorhaben R , the state of the art in science and technology of the safety-related assessments and sets of tools for building a safety case was examined.

The reports pertaining to the two work packages described the further development of the methodology for accident analyses WP 1 and of building a safety case WP 2 ; also, comparisons were drawn on a national and international scale with the methods applied in the licensing procedure of the Konrad disposal facility. As part of the project, the report of Work Package 1 depicts the methodology of the operating safety analysis in order to control malfunctions and incidents accident analysis using the example of the Konrad mine accident analysis. Set of criteria in this connection is the state-of-the-art international and national comprehensive body of legislation identifying the incident requirements.

In extracts complementary safety analysis procedures of other countries are presented where applicable. It becomes apparent, that the majority of the investigated countries use a deterministic accident analyses to identify incidents. Here, common international practice is to com-plement the deterministic accident analysis by a probabilistic analysis. This procedure acts on the IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency terms of reference using both deterministic and probabilistic methods for the determination of facility hazard potentials. Based on the Konrad mine method, aspects of incident.

Has the audio cassette been the medium so far to distribute the musical productions of a homerording musician who is constantly suffering from the low-budget syndrome, he will now be able to stand up to popular standard owing to a new device, installed into his computer. With the help of a CD-recorder now every creative musician will be in the lucky position to offer his works suitable to the media in the widespread format of the compact disk. This is not the case only for the indivudual who Moreover, the safe operation of the wastewater treatment plant can be guaranteed by simple means without significantly increasing stormwater overflow discharges.

In the catchment area of the Wilhelmshaven wastewater treatment plant, an integrated, fuzzy-based control system has been in place for more than a year now. Vertragliche Vereinbarungen als Instrument der Wirtschaftspolitik am Beispiel des Altschuldenkompromisses in der ostdeutschen Wohnungswirtschaft. Relational contracts when employed as a tool of economic policy create mutual dependency between State and enterprises.

However, transaction cost theory points to potential transaction cost savings, hence efficiency improving features of relational contracting. The paper analyses the Performance of relational contracting b Mathematics of quantum mechanics. Foundations, examples, problems, solutions; Mathematik der Quantenmechanik. Grundlagen, Beispiele , Aufgaben, Loesungen. This book mediates the fundamental terms and methods, which are necessary for an understanding of quantum mechanics. It shows, how mathematics can contribute to the understanding of quantum mechanics. The presented quantum-mechanical problems aim at the illustration and exercise of the most important mathematical methods.

Because of the clear and understandable presentation and the numerous completely calculated examples and problems this book is suited for the self-study, for the accompanying of courses on quantum physics, for the accomplishment of exercise problems, and for the preparation on examinations.

Prozessmanagement in Bibliotheken am Beispiel der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. It is a well-known fact that many students of German have difficulties reading and thereby understanding LSP texts written in German. This is the kind of question that is normally answered within a cognitive framework. In this article, however, the point of departure will be syntactic Ecological reconstruction of older buildings. In response to an initiative of the Ernst Friedrich Schumacher Gesellschaft fuer politische Oekologie e. Apart from the energy conservation effect, practical experience was to be gained on the ecological and energy efficient application of different measures.

The project is to serve as a model for future sanitation projects. Am Beispiel Westfalen-Lippes zwischen — Examples from power plant engineering; Produktionsintegrierte Emissionsminderung - Beispiele aus der Kraftwirtschaft. The contribution presents examples of how environmental protection can be integrated in the production process: Low-NOx coal furnaces; 2. Flue gas desulphurisation; 3.

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Mercury in sludge from flue gas desulphurisation systems, 4. Production of acid aerosols in the power plant process; 5. Semi-dry flue gas desulphurisation. Apart from generating power, modern coal power stations also produce recycleable materials like gypsum, filter ash, granulates etc. Avoidance of residues is the main goal; if this is not possible, recycling is given priority over dumping.

The parameters concerned, i. Solutions range form high-grade fuels and product requiring high investments e. High investments and high-quality products are economically efficient only if there is an infrastructure for product sales and distribution. Coal power plants therefore must be optimised for the conditions of a given site. Rauchgasentschwefelung REA ; 3. Quecksilber in REA-Schlamm; 4. Sauere Aerosole und ihre Entstehung im Kraftwerksprozess; 5. Es wird resumiert, dass ein Kohlekraftwerk heute mehreren 'Meistern' gehorchen muss. Der Grundsatz 'Vermeiden vor Verwerten vor Beseitigen' wird dabei nachdruecklich verfolgt.

Darueber hinaus hat eine Nichtverwertbarkeit der Reststoffe gravierende Auswirkungen fuer die Wirtschaftlichkeit. Die Parameter Brennstoffe, Feuerungstechnik, Rauchgasreinigungstechnik, Produktverwertung sind je nach Standort individuell zu bewerten. Das Spannungsfeld liegt zwischen hochwertigen Brennstoffen und Produkten, fuer die in der Anlagentechnik auch entsprechende Investitionen erforderlich sind z. Staubfeuerung mit Kalkstein- oder Ammoniakalischer Waesche oder einfacheren Verfahren mit zum Teil geringeren Investitionskosten z.

Rauchgasreinigung mittels Trocken- oder Halbtrockenverfahren. Es ist nicht wirtschaftlichm in eine Anlage zu investieren und hochwertige Produkte zu erzeugen, wenn fuer deren Abnahme keine Infrastruktur existiert. Kohlekraftwerke sind unter Nutzung der technischen Moeglickeiten fuer den jeweiligen Standort zu optimieren. Problembasiertes kollaboratives Lernen mit virtuellen Patienten in der Kinderheilkunde: Produkt- und Innovationsmanagement an Bibliotheken: Prozessfindung am Beispiel wissenschaftlicher Bibliotheken im deutschsprachigen Raum.

Die kognitiv-metaphorische Motiviertheit beim Erlernen von Idiomen am Beispiel eines Aufgabenblattes. Full Text Available The cognitive metaphorical motivation of idioms is one of the most treated subjects in English-language articles about teaching of idioms. In German-language phraseodidactic literature it is a rather rare phenomenon. The metaphorical motivation of several idiomatic expressions is undoubted.

In this article we argue for their cognitive metaphorical motivation. It is hypothesized that the joint representation of several typical context examples, with idioms of the same conceptual metaphor, not only promotes the recognition and understanding of idioms but also the detection of cognitive metaphorical motivation of idioms.

Context-sensitive tasks make a significant contribution to uncovering and learning the metaphorical idioms for learners of German as a foreign language. The learning-enhancing role of this method for the acquisition of idioms and their meanings are to be illustrated with the example of the conceptual metaphor life is a journey, the metaphorical idioms based on this conceptual metaphor, and an example worksheet. Geometrische und stochastische Modelle zur Verarbeitung von 3D-Kameradaten am Beispiel menschlicher Bewegungsanalysen.

Der Einsatz der sozialen Medien im Place Branding. This article focuses on the opportunities and risks of using social media in place branding. Where local authorities provide their content in the context of a place branding via social media, the users gain attributes of a prosumer, most important of which is the high potential for participating in the actual branding process.

This active participation causes a variety of changes compared to a branding process without social media. Thus, a qualitative, a quantitative, as well as a temporal and spatial increase of contact with the brand can be determined, though, by virtue of the anonymity provided by the Internet, it is quite possible that this all takes place covertly.

A permanent monitoring of the branding process on the part of the operators has become necessary in order to react quickly to changes. As the title of her book professes, Beate Rudolf wishes to point to the obvious changes in this relationship. Women are not only possible victims and thus the object of international legal protection in political conflicts or areas of contention. Women also have achieved significant legal positions that have national, international, and transnational validity and therefore have, at least theoretically, received recognition.

Women actively change international law. They participate in national delegations, they are members in advisory committees and international organizations, and they are significantly involved in non-governmental organizations. The volume, however, also points to the dangers inherent in these new positions.

Batteries for energy storage. Examples, strategies, solutions; Batterien als Energiespeicher. Beispiele , Strategien, Loesungen. This book presents the variety of battery technologies and describes their mobile and stationary applications and uses. The major social project of the energy transition requires a holistic approach that takes into account especially the issues of energy saving and efficiency in addition to the power generation and distribution from renewable resources. In addition, the book provides an outlook on the further development possibilities of battery technology and battery applications.

Improved battery technology is an important factor to help electromobility and stationary applications of batteries as distributed energy storage breakthrough. Not least, the importance and the need for the recycling of batteries and the variety of battery technologies are presented that have the greatest importance in terms of resource conservation and resource security. Das gesellschaftliche Grossprojekt der Energiewende bedarf einer ganzheitlichen Betrachtung, die neben der Energiegewinnung und -verteilung aus Erneuerbaren Ressourcen besonders Fragen der Energiespeicherung und -effizienz beruecksichtigt.

Daneben bietet das Buch einen Ausblick auf die weiteren Entwicklungsmoeglichkeiten der Batterietechnologien und Batterieanwendungen. Eine verbesserte Batterietechnik ist ein wichtiger Faktor, um der Elektromobilitaet und der stationaeren Anwendung von Batterien als dezentrale Energiespeicher zum Durchbruch zu verhelfen. Nicht zuletzt werden die Bedeutung und die Notwendigkeit des Recyclings von Batterien und der Vielfalt von Batterietechnologien dargestellt, die im Hinblick auf die Ressourcenschonung und die Ressourcensicherheit groesste Bedeutung haben.

Progression und Regression produktiver und rezeptiver Lernersprachenbereiche am Beispiel mehrsprachiger SpanischlernerInnen. Full Text Available The present paper will discuss results in the progression and regression of language production and language reception in school context in a multilingual group of Spanish learners. The learners were provided with a twelve-hour-a-week intensive course for twice a period of two weeks respectively: The break of eight weeks in between was due to a pragmatic-organisational decision and depended on school-internal reasons. The two months without any input in the target language together with the two intensive instruction periods allow an analysis of learner language production and target language comprehension in order to get to know whether the development of production and reception follows the same pathway.

Data were drawn at the beginning and at the end of both intensive courses. Data referring to morphosyntactical Pienemann and pragmatic aspects House , Wurnig in learner language production were elicited by oral dialogues between the learners followed by an interview with the researcher. Data concerning the receptive skills of listening and reading were elicited by standardised tests which lead to the certificate examination D. Results will be discussed in the framework of language acquisition and language attrition research. Das Beispiel Open Science Lab.

Secondary maritime climate protection. The example of ocean fertilization; Sekundaerer maritimer Klimaschutz. Das Beispiel der Ozeanduengung. In the focus of the current debate on the handling of climate change are strategies to prevent greenhouse gas emissions and the adaptation to the impacts of climate change. The author of the book under consideration deals with the climate engineering.

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Using the example of ocean fertilization, the standards of international public law are analyzed with respect to their applicability and suitability for the evaluation of the concept. The first part of this book describes the scientific background of the ocean fertilization. The second part is devoted to the existing law and recent developments in the field of ocean fertilization. The third part of this book proposes a reading of the international environmentally legal concept of the provision. The intention is to meet the target conflicts due to the different approaches and regulations according to international law.

Blended Learning in der Musiklehrerbildung. Erfahrungen und Perspektiven am Beispiel eines Praxisprojekts. In der Lehrerbildung zu Beginn des Das Beispiel Educational Media. Nach einer Bedarfs- und Zielgruppenanalyse wurde ein Curriculum entwickelt, das hier vorgestellt wird. Wandel der Migrationsstrukturen bei den Thakali Nepal: Das Beispiel des Ortes Marpha. Im Laufe des Besonders fielen die Wanderungsverluste der er Jah Untersuchung strategischer Marketingkonzeptionen deutscher Handelsunternehmen in Russland am Beispiel der Einzelhandelsbranche.

Erfahrungen und Lernpotenziale am Beispiel Schleswig-Holstein. It has become more and more complicated for the customers to make their food shopping in local environments because smaller shops close down and the distances to supermarkets and discount stores have increased, especially in rural areas. The paper will discuss which alternatives of food retailing exist outside the supermarket world and analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of shop formats on the micro level. The statements are based on a conscious selection of different shop formats and expert interviews in rural areas of the province of Schleswig-Holstein.

Vom "Buchcontainer" zum Community Centre: Ein Beispiel aus Danemark. Verhaltenstherapie bei Enkopresis am Beispiel einer Patientin mit chronischem "Toiletten-Verweigerungssyndrom". Nachfeldbesetzung und diskursive Strategien der Hervorhebung. Eine Untersuchung am Beispiel von nationalsozialistischen Politikerreden.

Full Text Available Post-field syntax and focalization strategies in National Socialist political speech. This paper deals with a syntactic feature of spoken German, i. This paper aims at pointing out the communicative pragmatic function of right dislocation in the NS political speech on the basis of some collected examples.

Research in the Federal Republic of Germany. Forschung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Beispiele , Kritik, Vorschlaege. This book is about research and, consequently, researchers. It shows the kinds of questions they ask themselves, how they solve them and how they use the results. A great deal of discussion is going on about research in the Federal Republic of Germany: Are we doing enough research. What inner and outer conditions will best ensure the prosperity of research. This book is a plausible attempt to provide the discussion with a solid basis: This book has the merit of giving a voice to men of the arts and of the sciences and to the engineering community as well.

Successful research, today, always carries an aspect of associating diverging scientific domains. Yet it does not try to give a comprehensive view of research in the Federal Republic of Germany, but limits itself instead to examples. Each of them is illustrative in a particular way.

In their totality, they convey a unique picture of the scientific culture of the present. Ein Beitrag zum industriellen Stoffstrommanagement. The study focuses on Sochi: This Black Sea resort, of little importance before the revolution, became the preferred object of Stalinist development plans in the. The example of the Saarland: Activities and public relations. With its innovative projects the Saarland often finds itself at the centre of public attention and energy-political discussions.

Whether it is time-variable electricity rates, the foundation of an energy agency or an extraordinarily high payment for solar power supplied to the mains: The Saarland often picks up topical subjects, comes up with a new approach and thereby challenges Sclerotic rules of the Federal Government.

Exposition of the operator's eye lens and efficacy of radiation shielding in fluoroscopically guided interventions; Exposition der Augenlinse des Untersuchers und Effizienz der Strahlenschutzmittel bei fluoroskopischen Interventionen. Efficacy of radiation protection tools for the eye lens dose of the radiologist in fluoroscopic interventions. A patient phantom was exposed using a fluoroscopic system. Dose measurements were made at the eye location of the radiologist using an ionization chamber. The setting followed typical fluoroscopic interventions. The reduction of scattered radiation by the equipment-mounted shielding undercouch drapes and overcouch top was evaluated.

The ceiling-suspended lead acrylic glass screen was tested in scattered radiation generated by a slab phantom. The protective properties of different lead glass goggles and lead acrylic visors were evaluated by thermoluminescence measurements on a head phantom in the primary beam. Applying the top in addition to the drapes reduces the lens dose by a factor of 2 for PA projections. In 25 LAO the dose is reduced by a factor between 1. The highest doses were measured for AP angulations furthermore the efficacy of the equipment-mounted shielding is minimal.

The ceiling-suspended lead screen reduced scatter by a factor of about The lead glass goggles and visors reduced the lens dose up to a factor of 8 to Depending on the specific design, the tested models are less effective especially for radiation from lateral with cranial angulation of the beam.

Occasionally the visors even caused an increase of dose. The exposition of the eye lens can be kept below the new occupational limit recommended by the ICRP if the radiation shielding equipment is used consistently. Comparison of two navigation systems for CT-guided interventions under special consideration of the ergonomic properties of the used systems; Vergleich zweier Navigationshilfen fuer CT-gesteuerte Interventionen unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung der Nutzungseigenschaften der verwendeten Systeme. In order to investigate the influence of the navigation aids on the success of the interventions, 96 prospective, randomized, and standardized punctures were performed on a specifically developed, rigid phantom.

PinPoint significantly reduced the length of the examination time 12 - 25 min as compared to PatPos Invent 20 - 40 min. The expectation conformity and comprehensibility of PatPos Invent were assessed significantly more positively than PinPoint with regard to the general handling of the system. In contrast, the assessment of the usability during preoperative setup favored PinPoint. The type of navigation system has no influence on the precision of the implementation of a puncture procedure. Full Text Available [english] Despite critical voices lectures are still an important teaching format in current medical curricula.

With the curricular reform at Hamburg Medical Faculty in the year , all subject specific lectures were replaced by cardinal symptom oriented lectures LSV in the new clinical curriculum. LSVs are taught throughout all six thematic blocks in years three to five.

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Since regular student evaluations after each thematic block seemed to demand improvement of the LSVs, this study was carried out using evaluations of individual LSVs by the participating students and by trained auditors final year students and academic staff. Based on these evaluations feedback containing the individual evaluation data was given in written form to the lecturers combined with information material on planning an LSV using modern didactic techniques. In a second evaluation period, the effects of this intervention were studied.

When individual items were evaluated, especially the didactic quality, significant improvements were noticeable. Overall, on the basis of individual items students ranked the quality of the LSVs significantly higher than trained auditors during the first evaluation period. This effect was no longer seen after the second evaluation period. The inter rater reliability among the auditors was very good. This study shows that regular quality assurance is needed on the structural levels and for staff to accompany the process of embedding teaching formats into curricular concepts.

Further investigation is needed to determine the adequate frequency of evaluation and the format of feedback to guarantee sustainable effects of the didactic quality of lectures. In einer zweiten Erhebung wurden die Effekte der Intervention untersucht. Insgesamt bewerteten Studierende die LSV in der ersten Erhebungsphase bezogen auf die Einzelmerkmale signifikant positiver als die geschulten Auditoren.

Dieser Effekt war in der zweiten Erhebungsphase nicht mehr nachweisbar. Integrative data management - Examples from the environmental monitoring; Umweltinformationssysteme. Integratives Datenmanagement - Beispiele aus der Umweltbeobachtung.

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Knetsch, Gerlinde; Jessen, Karin comps. The small town of Altena is among the fastest-shrinking cities in western Germany and has recently attracted national and international attention due to its "welcoming culture" for refugees. This can be understood within the context of the town's strategic urban development policies aiming to counter the demographic change. This article argues that a regeneration strategy directed towards immigration and integration can offer a chance for shrinking cities but is simultaneously faced with considerable challenges and uncertainties, which could be dealt with through an "integrative approach" to urban development.

Fish populations under stress. The example of the Lower Neckar river; Fischpopulationen unter Stress. Das Beispiel des Unteren Neckars. Heidelberg Germany ; Hollert, Henner [Inst. Background, aim, and scope: Reports about declines or unusual structures of fish populations in native aquatic systems in Central Europe and North America are in sharp contrast to an obvious improvement of general water quality. The Neckar River may serve as an example of a formerly severely contaminated freshwater system in Southern Germany, the ecological situation of which could be substantially improved over the last three decades.

Nevertheless, there are still deficits in the composition of the fish fauna, which cannot be explained by conventional chemical-analytical, hydromorphological and limnological methodologies. Therefore, in search of explanations for ecological deficits, ecotoxicological investigations with an increasing focus on sediment contamination have been performed along the Lower Neckar River over a period of 10 years.

In addition to sediment tests, fish populations were screened for genotoxic and embryotoxic effects as well as alterations in the structure of central metabolic organs such as the liver. Roach Rutilus rutilus and gudgeon Gobio gobio from the Lower Neckar River were studied with respect to histo- and cytological alterations of the liver as well as the induction of genotoxicity in liver, gut, gills and blood cells by means of the comet and micronucleus assays. At the same time, both native sediments and acetonic sediment extracts were tested for toxicity to zebrafish Danio rerio embryos and permanent fish cell cultures.

Massive disturbances of the liver ultrastructure indicate severe stress in the fish from the Lower Neckar River despite good supply of nutrition. Both cyto- and embryotoxicity tests document a considerable toxic potential of sediments from the Lower Neckar River, and results of both the comet assay and the micronucleus test provide evidence of the presence of genotoxic agents in the sediments and their effects in fish. There has been no decrease of genotoxicity over the last 10 years. Cytopathology in conjunction with general cyto- and embryotoxicity in fish from the Lower Neckar River contribute to a syndrome which cannot be neglected in the interpretation of abnormal compositions of fish populations.

In comparison to weight-of-evidence studies at other river systems in Southern Germany, the Neckar is characterized by an elevated embryotoxic but by a relatively moderate genotoxic potential. The ecotoxicological burden of sediments at the Lower Neckar River is mirrored in the condition of native fish populations. A potential contribution of chemical contamination to the phenomenon of fish declines in aquatic ecosystems cannot be ignored. The improvement of the ecological status of freshwater systems may not be abused as an argument to discontinue biological monitoring programs.

Rather, continuous surveillance of the environment and in-depth investigations into the consequences of chemical contamination are indispensible. For the identification of the chemical basis of biological effects, methodologies such as effect-directed analysis appear to be promising approaches. Modern programming of field devices, using the example of electrical actuators; Zeitgemaesse Parametrierung von Feldgeraeten am Beispiel von elektrischen Stellantrieben.

Modern fieldbus systems nowadays make it possible to set several dozen parameters, depending on the complexity of the actuator arrangement, using software only. The actuator system can be programmed using local operating elements, using a laptop either via cable or WLAN or via the fieldbus. The same also applies to reading-out of diagnosis messages and data. The value of uncorrected and unstructured OCR full text is fairly low. As multiple millions of pages need to be processed, the method should be efficient with respect to expenditure and costs.

Therefore, we introduce an almost fully automated approach for the post correction of OCR full text. One of the requirements, a list of historical word forms, was easily generated. An efficient algorithm carries out the matching of 1,7 million word forms against almost 80 million words taken from the historical journal Die Grenzboten. The parametrization of the algorithm, i.

The results which can be achieved strongly depend on the initial quality of the full text, the dimension and quality of the list of historical word forms and the error model applied. For example, specific types of errors can only be corrected by taking context information into account. Furthermore, the cloud service overProof was enhanced by the ability to correct German Gothic typeset.

This was done in a cooperation with the Australian company ProjectComputing. In the discussion, requirements and options for the future are presented. The disease burden is high not only for individuals but also for society as a whole. Estimated annual economic costs in Germany due to sick-leave and lack of productivity due to OD are more than 1.

Concepts underpinning these initiatives include multidisciplinary skin protection teaching programs for various high-risk professions, which turned out to be pivotal for the success of these projects. A corollary of this work is a nationwide multi-step intervention approach currently implemented by the public statutory insurance system.

This approach offers quick preventive help for all levels of severity of OD. These nation-wide activities are accompanied by a national Prevention Campaign: Despite the high prevalence of OD and its poor prognosis, little is known about the molecular mechanisms underlying individual susceptibility to develop chronic irritant dermatitis. Skin irritation tests are thus far of only limited value. Presently, our institution, in collaboration with Amsterdam universities, focuses on immunogenetic risk factors potentially involved in individual susceptibility to OD in order to improve pre-employment counseling and predictive skin testing.

Additionally, combined outpatient dermatological and educational intervention seminars secondary individual prevention, SIP are offered to affected employees. We recently demonstrated the sustainability of the SIP approach in hairdressing for periods of up to 10 years. For those cases of OD, in which the abovementioned outpatient prevention measures are not sufficiently successful, specific interdisciplinary inpatient prevention measures have been developed tertiary individual prevention, or TIP. TIP comprises 2—3 weeks of inpatient dermatological diagnostics and treatment as well as intensive health-related pedagogic and psychological counseling.

Subsequent to this, 3 consecutive weeks of outpatient treatment are given by a local dermatologist. Each patient remains on sick-leave for a total of 6 weeks to allow full barrier recovery. Recently obtained SIP and TIP data reveal that there are reliable, evidence-based options for multidisciplinary prevention and patient management of OD, using a combined approach by a network of clinics, practices and statutory social insurance bodies.

A multicentre study, which aims to further standardize TIP and evaluate sustainability of prevention in more depth 3-year dermatological follow-up of OD patients is currently being conducted in Germany. Energy report for Schleswig-Holstein. Situation, focal areas, examples; Energiebericht Schleswig-Holstein Since the Land of Schleswig Holstein has been going new ways in its energy policy.

Its declared aims are energy saving in heat and electricity supply, efficient energy utilisation, a greater utilisation of renewable energy resources, and, of principal importance, the phase-out of nuclear energy. As the legislative competence of the Laender is very restricted in matters relating to energy, the new policy has primarily been designed as a means of demonstrating by way of example that there actually are considerable potentials for saving energy and that they can be exploited. Energieeinsparung im Waerme- und Strombereich, rationelle Energieverwendung, staerkere Nutzung erneuerbarer Energien.

Ausstieg aus der Kernenergie. Da die Bundeslaender nur ueber eine sehr eingeschraenkte Gesetzgebungskompetenz im Energiebereich verfuegen, zielte die neue Energiepolitik zunaechst darauf ab, durch Foerderprogramme beispielhaft zu zeigen, dass tatsaechlich erhebliche Einsparpotentiale bestehen und auch umsetzbar sind.

Full Text Available Der Beitrag betrachtet die Auswirkungen der Kompetenzorientierung in den Fremdsprachen und stellt die Frage nach der Aufgabe von Fremdsprachen im Kontext einer humanistisch orientierten Allgemeinbildung. Limits of applicability in NDT inspections. Beispiele aus der Praxis. Property owners, developers, architects, planners and in many cases courts require further information regarding the state of existing and under construction buildings.

In order to avoid concerns on the building structure and to avoid nuisance by noise and dirt and ultimately save costs, structural inspection should be carried out as non-destructive. NDT methods, however, always have application limits that can be very different depending on the methods used and test equipment.

However, not every inspection task, the implementation of which customer want, can be solved with NDT methods. The following article presents practical examples of application limits of different NDT methods. Um die Bausubstanz nicht zu beeintraechtigen, Belaestigungen durch Laerm und Dreck zu vermeiden und letztlich Kosten zu sparen, sollen Bauwerksuntersuchungen moeglichst zerstoerungsfrei durchgefuehrt werden.

ZfP-Verfahren weisen jedoch immer Anwendungsgrenzen auf, die je nach eingesetzten Verfahren und Pruefgeraeten sehr unterschiedlich sein koennen. The main changes in the research area are: The international cooperation using the example of the reactor accident in Chernobyl; Die internationale Zusammenarbeit am Beispiel des Tschernobylunfalls. Digitale Medien und Schule. Hierbei wird auf John Dewey The article deals with the possible educational value of computer games.

Drawing on John Dewey, a distinction is proposed between open and closed gameplay experience. It is argued that this distinction is only in part dependent on the game at hand, but foremost the active and social reception of the work is crucial, like in any form of art and especially regarding games. However, tools of analysis and ritual practices of common active reception of games not yet widespread. So despite the availability of serious games, which are useful to a certain extent, the educational and cultural value of games in general is still little used.

The article argues for the habitualization of active reception of games in the context of family and school, also and especially regarding seemingly "educationally worthless" games. Playing as Learning the World. Considerations concerning the Generation Concept. Zugleich relativeren sie die einseitige Deutung der Generation als Traumagemeinschaft, die dort entsteht, wo der Traumabegriff genutzt wird, um das zu definieren, was eine generationsbildende Erfahrung ausmacht.

Wichtiger als eine spezifische qualitative Definition einer ge- nerationalen Erfahrung ist ihnen dabei, dass diese sich stets im Raum zwischen unvermittelbarem Erlebnis und dessen Darstellung bewegt. Die Natur der Gesellschaft: Es wird der Frage nachgegangen, inwiefern eine kommunikative Grenze zwischen Generationen etabliert bzw.

Einleitend wird dem Zusammenhang von Generation und Narration nachgegangen. Es folgt die Darstellung einiger empirischer Fallbeispiele. Thematisch im Zentrum steht die jeweilige Haltung der Interviewten zum 'Werk' ihrer eigenen und vor allem der Generation der 68er. Hierbei lassen sich zwei Dimensionen unterscheiden: Insgesamt stellt sich die Frage: Experience - Narrative — Identity. Foundations of Role Theory. Hier werden Fragen gestellt wie: Was erzeugt was, der Einzelne die Gesellschaft oder umgekehrt?

Neue Impulse in der Hochschuldidaktik: Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften (German Edition) Neue Impulse in der Hochschuldidaktik: Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften (German Edition)
Neue Impulse in der Hochschuldidaktik: Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften (German Edition) Neue Impulse in der Hochschuldidaktik: Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften (German Edition)
Neue Impulse in der Hochschuldidaktik: Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften (German Edition) Neue Impulse in der Hochschuldidaktik: Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften (German Edition)
Neue Impulse in der Hochschuldidaktik: Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften (German Edition) Neue Impulse in der Hochschuldidaktik: Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften (German Edition)
Neue Impulse in der Hochschuldidaktik: Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften (German Edition) Neue Impulse in der Hochschuldidaktik: Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften (German Edition)
Neue Impulse in der Hochschuldidaktik: Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften (German Edition) Neue Impulse in der Hochschuldidaktik: Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften (German Edition)
Neue Impulse in der Hochschuldidaktik: Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften (German Edition) Neue Impulse in der Hochschuldidaktik: Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften (German Edition)

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