Southern Storm (Cape Refuge Series)

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Southern Storm Book 2. First a dead stranger. Now a missing police chief. Did Chief Cade run off to elope? Or has he met with foul play? The body in the morgue had no ID. And when Cade learns that the victim had a recent gunshot wound, finding his identity becomes even more urgent. Then Cade himself vanishes.

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His disappearance makes him look even more suspicious. The man Lisa Jackson loved most may have betrayed her. Another used deception to manipulate her. But did one of them kill her? Blair Owens—in her new role as newspaper reporter—begins searching for the woman who wrote the letters. Does the clinic hold any clues?

The Cape Refuge Series

I will likely read the reast of the Cape Refuge books. They do keep me turning pages and what more do you want from a suspense book? Aug 12, Nancy rated it liked it Shelves: Nice cover and good title for this suspenseful story as there is a storm at the start and end of this tale. Blair is the one to watch in this story. She has a razor tongue and dogged determination to find Cade and clear his name. Nov 19, Clara rated it it was amazing. I thought the book Southern Storm was good because it leaves you on the edge of your seat.

I think this book is better than the first one in the series. I feel this way about the book because they used a lot of details. An example is when Chad, a police officer, hit a man who ran out in front of him, and how he looked after wards. When I read this, I could picture it clearly in my head. I saw how he sat in the police station at his desk with his head in his hands. He was soaked because of all the rain and was staring at the ground with guilt.

Southern Storm (Cape Refuge, #2) by Terri Blackstock

This book leaves you on the edge of your seat by starting to tell you where people are then it throws a twist about them missing. When Chad ran over a man, he interviews people and then goes missing after being seen with one of the interviewers. Did one of the suspects take him and hurt him or has he just disappeared for a while to get away. Aug 27, Heather Zuber-Harshman rated it it was amazing. Terri Blackstock effectively weaves a number of mysteries into one so you are continually trying to piece things together.

She does so while keeping the pace moving. Not a chapter goes by without learning or wondering something. This book is even slightly better than the first one in this series because the mystery is more complex. I found myself more intrigued and engaged by the characters. While the reading is easy and the story line is not complex, it is still entertaining and realistic. It's Terri Blackstock effectively weaves a number of mysteries into one so you are continually trying to piece things together. It's a nice book for commuting or short bits of time here and there because it can easily be put down for a few days or read a chapter or two at a time without having to catch up by rereading pages.

May 29, Lauren rated it it was amazing. So please forgive me if I give details of book three in this series as well. It is not intentional but very possible. So were back in the island town of Cape Refuge. After a couple of murders and mysteries have been resolved, all is going well. Until a storm rolls in Chief Cade is trying to get to an area for traffic control when someone walks out in front of him.

Cade is devastated until he learns the man was shot I have to warn you, once I started reading this series I could NOT put it down. Cade is devastated until he learns the man was shot before being ran over. Could this have anything to do with the other crazy stuff that's been happening close by? After the man is identified his grieving wife becomes a suspect when Chief Cade disappears. Too bad its only Blair that's really believing her involvement in all this. Blair and Cade have become close over the last couple months, so she really doesn't believe the note that comes in the mail.

It details Cade running away to marry some secret girlfriend. Do you know Cade? Around the same time of Cade disappearing a woman extremely pregnant shows up on the doorsteps of Hanover House. Karen was about to burst, which made Morgan and Jonathon accept her without the usual hassles to get into the program.

When she finally goes into labor which isn't really that long everyone is happy and excited to watch the new mom and baby grow together. Until a nurse comes into the room saying they needed to run some tests on the baby, that nurse and the baby never come back into the room. With Cade missing, everyone starts to believe he has something to do with it except for Blair.

She would spend very few hours at her job running the library and practically every waking hour looking for Cade. Cade in the meantime is being held and drugged into doing what the captors want. It isn't until Blair gets brave and breaks into the woman's house that we get all the answers we were waiting for. The baby is eventually returned, and all is well that ends well. Or so they think I really regret not talking more about Blair with the first book.

She has really become one of my favorite characters in this book. Blair and Cade have there own love story developing, and honestly that surprised me. Blair is no longer working for the library, she ended up quitting when they threatened to find someone else if she kept closing early or not even opening. But don't worry, she will be fine. I also left out in the first one that Morgan and Jonathon had gotten legal custody of Sadie and her baby brother until their mom is released from prison.

Again, please forgive me if I'm intertwining books, but if you are reading them you will understand!! Jan 26, Elaine rated it liked it Shelves: Cade hits a person with his vehicle and the man dies. Cade is now missing and Blair is really worried. He's last seen with a mysterious woman.

Jonathan starts to become concerned. Newborns are disappearing from hospitals and Karen from Hanover House is in the hospital after just delivering a boy. Even though the believability aspect is questionable, there's something about this book that I like.

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It's got some excitement to it. Blair's got guts but what's up with the scar angle. We Cade hits a person with his vehicle and the man dies. But why keep bringing it up? It's like every emotion Blair has, those facial scars flare up along with the emotion. She's the hothead in the group and won't take "NO" for an answer.

If others aren't going to do anything, she will!

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There's Sadie who the girls at school are talking behind her back about and what's up with the popular guy at school? There's Morgan and Jonathan who are in the middle of it all. Morgan is Blair's sister and married to Jonathan.

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  • Jonathan and Cade are good friends. For Morgan to help Blair, she really can't tell Jonathan what she's up to. For Sadie to tell what she knows, she has to tell what she's been up to. There's mystery here but only for a time for the reader. The mystery is for the characters in the book to piece together. There's plenty "Don't do it. I wouldn't do that if I were you" in here. Mar 02, Wendy Sparkes rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved the Cities of Refuge theme from the Bible. It was definitely a unique touch that had added so much to the story.

    A series I recommend reading in order, as a lot of the background of this story happens in 1. Cape Refuge Series 1 2 3 4. Apr 27, Gina Hott rated it really liked it.

    Southern Storm and Cape Refuge

    They think Cade ran away and got married without telling anyone? Why on earth would people believe something like that? Well, yeas, there was a letter from Cade saying that he ran away to marry some girl he never had introduced anyone to. Who would believe that? All of the cops. Just not Blair so she sets off to find out who that woman was that he was last seen with. Then Karen, one of the residents of Hanover House, hands her baby to a nurse in the hospital. Only it wasn't really a nurs They think Cade ran away and got married without telling anyone? Only it wasn't really a nurse - it was a kidnapper - and now her baby is missing.

    And Sadie, poor Sadie, can't make friends. So what is a seventeen year old to do? This is really an enthralling book.

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    It is very interesting and watching their trust for God grow and change is encompassing. It's definitely worth the read - I couldn't put it down! I still have to read a book by Terri Blackstock I don't like. This book kept me up way past my bedtime to finish it. The suspense was a page turner, and the story-line was realistic, well except for the letter. I had some early on suspicions on what is going on and who was involved, but not until the scene with the bloody bandage did I truly believe I knew who the accomplice was. I liked that the story-line kept me guessing right up till the end.

    The Christian message of God being your ultimate refuge was well included in the story-line and lives of the characters. If you like Christian suspense, definitely recommend you pick up this series or anything else by Terri Blackstock. Mar 13, Kristina rated it liked it. This is the second book in the Cape Refuge series by Terri Blackstock. It was an entertaining and enjoyable read. I do have a hard time wondering just how realistic such a small town having so much large scale crime like murder, kidnapping, infant snatching, loan sharking, etc really is But if you can use your imagination and get past that it is a pretty entertaining series to read.

    Dec 29, Aerykah rated it really liked it Shelves: Great second book in the "Cape Refuge" series by Terri Blackstock. Can't wait to get my hands on book 3!

    Southern Storm (Cape Refuge Series) Southern Storm (Cape Refuge Series)
    Southern Storm (Cape Refuge Series) Southern Storm (Cape Refuge Series)
    Southern Storm (Cape Refuge Series) Southern Storm (Cape Refuge Series)
    Southern Storm (Cape Refuge Series) Southern Storm (Cape Refuge Series)
    Southern Storm (Cape Refuge Series) Southern Storm (Cape Refuge Series)
    Southern Storm (Cape Refuge Series) Southern Storm (Cape Refuge Series)
    Southern Storm (Cape Refuge Series) Southern Storm (Cape Refuge Series)

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