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Cruel eyes, youthful, generous, pitta temperament, impulsive, slim waist. Hot and passionate, vehement, terrifying, short and slim, firm of limb, speech direct, a hero used to killing, taking and opposing, dressed in red, violent. The key words are, therefore, independently compiled using statistical methods. In them are seen its coming into being and its passing away; even in the circle of the constellations does it have its essence in them. Sometimes, the influence of constellations may outweigh that of planets.

For example, having three or more planets in a sign may cause the nature of the sign to dominate a character. A person with Scorpio strong may think herself or himself into holes and fight to maintain this position. It is not that her or his arguments are right, more an astrological reaction to the situation of apparent attack. People with Fixed signs dominating their charts will tend to be fixed in their ideas and opinions.

Those unconscious of the significance of the Kalachakra seem to collect around themselves objects associated with powerful constellations and act out these starry realms in their daily lives. Only a thumb-nail sketch of the constellations has been given for each sign. This is because it is felt important that their meaning be divined by personal observation. A separate diary could be started for each constellation which could be added to as you meet more and more representatives of the types. Symbol The ram is a leader who has to stand alone in his flock.

He needs subservient people sheep in order to stand out from the crowd. While he leads the way for sheep , he is unable to resist a carnivore's superior strength and aggression.

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Hindu Astrology Aries, according to the Hindu classification, rules land, fire, weapons, blood, red, copper, minerals, smelters, battles, children, spears, flags, thieves, generals, sheep and armies. Self assertive and aggressive, the individual may not welcome others' suggestions. Given to radical solutions, someone with Aries strong always likes to be in the lead and doesn't like to follow. A slave-driver, he or she is able to get others to work for her or him. Fixed in their ways. Symbol The constellation is feminine and the cow may be a better symbol than the bull.

A cow is docile, easily domesticated, fixed in its ways, stubborn, gentle, placid and can be pushed around sometimes with difficulty. As with the other Fixed signs, the cow tends not to move around a great deal. Hindu Astrology The sign symbolises parks, garlands, women, woods, gardens, wells, milk, grass, flowers, city squares, oxen, ploughs, fields, carts, wheels, perfume, works of beauty, ornaments, things of worth. In People If Taurus is strong in a birth chart, the person is a peace-lover, tame, docile, contemplative, patient, tolerant, steady in application, simplifiers, quest for knowledge, rarely read fiction, worship truth, is soft, gentle, persuasive, amiable, shrinks from violence, sensitive, sensible, free of sarcasm, a family lover.

Kind and placid, she or he may be persistent in clinging to ideas, not liking contradiction, fond of comforts and steady in nature. Gemini Planets Mercury represents the man, Neptune the woman, Air the intellect, Sun the extroversion, Mutable the constant indecision. Symbol The traditional symbol is that of a naked man and a naked woman. The man holds a club and the woman a lyre. The man is ruled by Mercury and the woman by Neptune. A person with this constellation strong is ambiguous in nature. In People The sign bestows youthfulness, dexterity, good communication skills, cleverness, wit, skill in music and dancing.

Geminians may be athletes, writers, mathematicians, dancers, astrologers, broadcasters, journalists and writers. With a somewhat amoral temperament, they are good at buying and selling, hate to part with money, hate being alone and their opinions change from moment to moment. Restless and seldom at ease, they crave variety and so like travel. They like books, are quick-witted and sprightly, have good memories and learn easily, although their knowledge may be rather superficial.

Symbol The crab is very soft and vulnerable and always, in some manner, wears an assumed appearance. Charitably this can be called camouflage, uncharitably, fraud. In response to a problem, she or he will move sideways and has pincers which look more threatening than they actually are. Even ordinary crabs are able to change their shell colour to suit their surroundings.

They never face their problems head-on. Very sensitive to situations, which may be taken to be symbolised by the movement of currents in their environment. Hindu Astrology Rules women, ascetics, rivers, lotuses, lilies, cold wet and soft objects, sweets, mirrors, crocodiles, crabs, frogs, turtles, trees, water plants, white birds. In People Merchants, traders, imaginative, dramatists, actors, painters, poets, inner insufficiency, live in make believe world that they may be able to convince others actually exists.

Love home, children, mother country, generous to own. Love all mass gatherings, hyper-sensitive, moody, touchy, like mysteries, grimace a lot, self-conscious, able to assume a disguise. Symbol A male lion is fitfully active, preferring to let lionesses do the hunting, scarcely stirring, yet very irritable, fast and fierce if disturbed. Then he is able to move and act powerfully. His worst enemy, like most life-forms on this planet, is the human race. He takes his own power for granted. In People Egotistic, vain, regal, splendid, showy, ostentatious, lusting for honour, takes own royalty for granted, great faith in self, rarely atheistic, loyal, large- hearted, liberal, magnanimous, honourable, lordly, brave, disliking meanness or smallness, egocentric, thirsting for fame, off-hand with money, kingly, speaks with authority and dignity, likes pedigree, heraldry, castles, fortresses, architecture, attracted to danger, liking heat.

Symbol A virgin standing in a boat and holding wheatsheaf and flame. Apparently, she knows nothing of sexuality. Can we believe this? Hindu Astrology Virgins, health, shyness, blushing, women, incense, cosmetics, jewel-boxes, lamps, ships, bodices, needlework and tapestry, poetry, birthmarks, beauty marks, coolness of affection, eloquence, tales, singing. In People Conscientious, adhering to principles, intelligent, learn easily, versatile, expert with fingers and toes, lack ambition, lack drive, lack independent action, make good librarians, teachers, nurses.

Like uniforms and love uniformity. Addicted to details, respectable, meticulous, expert in home and kitchen, poor lovers, very jumpy, pre-occupied with health, slim, youthful in appearance. Whatever is put in one side causes the other to rise. One pan is Venus and the other is Saturn. Both have their passive side, waiting for something to be put onto them.

Hindu Astrology Balances, measures, wares, streets, clothes, guides, brokers, exporters, playboys, playgirls, artists, diplomats, hair-dressers, fashion designers. In People Peace loving, good looking, sullen, bad memories, absent minded, good sense of taste, decorators, exuberant, cheerful, like art galleries, not egotistic, good lovers, charmers, peace makers.

They move between gloom and despondency Saturn and happiness and cheer Venus. The soft interior is covered by a hard carapace, the exoskeleton. The joints of this armour can be pierced and are its vulnerable points. Every person with Scorpio strong has these points. Find them and the person squirms, fights back. A scorpion moves forward to attack even against superior force. Even when copulating they are ready to fight.

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Their sting probes into secret places and can paralyse. Men and women fear them but need only stamp on them to remove the threat. The bee loses its life with its sting and some Scorpio people do have a sense of self-sacrifice. Digging themselves into intellectual holes, they may be teased by prodding them with a stick.

Hindu Astrology Holes, ants, serpents, those killed by weapon or poison, the maimed, the struck down, the reviled, crawling insects, scorpions, mongooses, lizards, anything that lives in holes, murderers, the corrupted, implements of war, magic, ash. In People Good fighters, rash, outspoken, fight for fighting's sake. Like personal combat, stirrers, persevere in attack, not malicious, have to fight to survive, fight with all and everything. Reckless, suffer from fractures and cuts, can still survive even when maimed, skilled with snakes and insects, medicine, poison.

Slither when they walk. Fixed in their ideas. The centaurs guard morality. The gods don't like people to know their rules of world maintenance and patriarchy, the centaur willingly but without intelligence guards this point of view. Hindu Astrology Horses, elephants, chariots, wheels, bows, armour, weapons, arrows, mantras, sacrifice, sacrificial instruments, gods, priests, knowledge, duty, instruction, traditions, grammar, kingdoms, ministers, councillors, counsellors, lawyers, judges.

In People Respectable, fearing public opinion, pronounced sense of right and wrong, socially ambitious, acute moralists, gossips, reward the righteous and punish the wicked, refined, cultured, tidy, avoid anything that is unorthodox and heterodox, well behaved, law abiding, cheerful, like all that is open and above board. The goat eats anything and is sacrificed.

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The crocodile is not too fussy about what it eats. Some say the front half is a deer, but goats are timid too. Hindu Astrology Anything old and decayed, lead, iron, noose, poor land, mines, low people, slaves, the bonded, causeways, sailors, ruthlessness. In People Find new or some say any ideas difficult. Doubter, pessimist, likes the dark, does lowly jobs, resentful, callous, lacks sympathy and compassion, difficult childhood, lives as a recluse, hates waste, economises overmuch, wears sombre old or dilapidated clothing, sparing in speech and all else, dour, mysterious, strange, unorthodox, takes punishment too far.

If empty, there is a hollow ring to it, it is dark and dusty.

While a utensil, it can also be an ornament. Hindu Astrology Tanks, wells, dams, slaves, poor grain, outcastes, prisoners, old men, eunuchs, the defeated, ascetics, vessels of every type. In People Procrastinating, creatures of habit, hate disturbance, hide in the shadow of things Gothic, touchy, hate criticism, serious, sensitive, useful, sympathetic, long-winded, get depressed easily, technically skilled, know how to do things right, shy, stubborn. Pots tend to congregate together.

This is the combined influence of Neptune and Jupiter, Neptune eluding and Jupiter happy and optimistic. The appearance is deceptive as it is refracted through water. The native darts away from trouble. Hindu Astrology Deep water, oceans, river banks, ships, fish, conch shells, sounds of women, sailors, baths, vistas, ceremonies, massage, vows, justice.

In People Placid, easy going, resilient, ingratiating, can cajole, dodge, deceive, delude. Like to entertain, epicures and Sybarites. Voluble but entertaining in speech, gamble, absorb knowledge easily, attracted by glamour, theatre, colour, fantasy, mystery. Copy other folk, good mimics, ventriloquists, like the dramatic and sensational. The only part I kept are the aspects, and I link astrology to the doctrine of harmonies. The main aspects and those listed below are the conjunction, opposition and the square.

Where celestial bodies are close to the angles of a chart or aspect the Sun or Moon, the influence of such aspects appears to be much greater. A chart is judged on the basis of the closeness of the planets and luminaries to the background or foreground. The latter implies one or both of the planets are close to the angles and the former that planets are distant from them.

If planets in mutual aspect are not angular or in the foreground, they seem to have little effect. If a planet is strong by aspect or angularity but weak by constellation, it seems to give rise to debased or corrupted energy, still in consonance with its own nature. When observing astrological factors in other people, it is sometimes hard to distinguish the difference between solar and lunar aspects. According to Ptolemy1, the Sun tends towards a more impressive and robust effect and the Moon towards better proportion, greater slenderness and a more moist temperament.

These words mean that one planet in aspect represents the energy, the other how that energy is to be expressed. Aspects have, therefore, two meanings. The Sun represents creativity and self- expression, so if it is with Mars this may be expressed through aggression, competition and the like. Mars represents vigour and energy, so if aspected by the Sun, this means such energy is expressed in a firm, hard and creative way. Planets and luminaries seem to express their nature most purely when on the angles of a chart and if the constellation they occupy is harmonious.

In such cases, there seems to be direct access to the real nature of the planet. Horoscopes may be conceived of as frozen time frames of what really is in continuous movement. If the combined sounds form harmonies there is concord in the nature of the person. Sometimes these mutual interchanges can become very complex but still should be considered.

If a planet is strong by angle but weak by constellation, it will produce disharmony. Traditionally, the Ascendant is entrance into the world, the MC heaven, the Descendant entrance into the underworld and the IC the underworld itself. The angles are the foundation of sound astrology. The following brief descriptions of aspects have to be studied while bearing in mind that their nature is affected greatly by their position relative to the angles and according to which constellations they occupy.

The influence of an aspect may change entirely depending on these factors. It does seem to denote some inner division or conflict. It has been noted that those with it strong may switch from being very passive Moon to being very aggressive Sun. But frequently it seems to overpower the person in whose chart it is found with narcissism and grandiose ideas. Situations of conflict are provoked and enjoyed. If the Sun and Mars are in signs such as Aries or Leo, there is too much energy and the person, although accomplishing much, may stop at nothing which lies in the way of the goal.

This aspect has an obsessive element to it. Their self confidence seems so great, their optimism so abounding, that it takes subtlety to find the inner lack and depression that may lurk at the root of it. Vitality and physical appearance seems low, but such people are often, despite their words and actions, capable of achieving much. This aspect makes an individual compulsive, cold and hard in their expression. Others may not be able to perceive that behind the vagueness, inability to make decisions, waffle and softness is an individual.

If any others come into orbit, they may not even notice her or him. Loathe to speak or to express their feelings, Sun Plutonians seem to have the key to invisibility. However, Mercury is also superficiality and what appears on the surface may not reflect real knowledge. Owing to their versatility, people with this aspect have a smattering of knowledge about a huge range of subjects. This is because the Venusian gives so much to other people that others are unconsciously flattered. Moon Venus people seem very charming, have a pleasant manner and often a nice voice and appearance. The person seems sympathetic, generous and good humoured.

If Jupiter or the Moon are in exalted places and strong, this aspect seems to protect the individual and may bestow wealth. Frequently, this aspect bestows a shapeliness and softness of form which can be alluring. They are always lone wolves. If the Moon and Pluto are strong but afflicted, this aspect denotes a schizoid split in the nature. The person may be a singer, an artist or a romantic novelist.

It is an acid combination and the person may be argumentative and sarcastic. However, this comes at a price, with this aspect showing strongly in the charts of the garrulous and the self-conceited. In traditional Hindu astrology, this aspect is associated with hermaphrodites and eunuchs. Feeling may be absent. The neutrality of Mercury may cause a certain lack of affection and feeling for others.

This aspect is often found in the charts of schizophrenics and this could be because expression is separated in some way from reality. Plutonians are not the most realistic of folk. This aspect may also lead to the person being subject to sexual offences by others, particularly if Mars suffers aspects from Saturn or Pluto. If the aspect is angular and in a good constellation, this aspect bestows a rajayoga with the individual seeming to glide through life. There seems to be some need to assume a disguise, so that a partner never gets close enough to the individual with this aspect.

It depends on its position in the natal chart as to whether the person is an attacker or the victim and it may cause both. An element of brutality is attached to the aspect. A surgeon is a licensed knife-man and if she or he did not have legal sanction to cut deep into human tissue, the action would be that of someone committing grievous assault. Fagan asserts it is the aspect of the daredevil.

These people can be very controlled in their aggression and may seem to have some sort of chip on their shoulder. Given to outbursts of aggression which may erupt from no-where. If found in a return chart, this aspect may denote unexpected attacks or accidents. The Tetrabiblos of Ptolemy, translated by F. Loeb Classical Library, This work is the source of most modern tropical astrology. Translated to the Arab from the Greek, it formed the basis of astrology in Western Europe during and after the time of the Renaissance.

However, not all astrologers subscribed to the Ptolemaic view of the universe. There is some evidence that the English mystic, Robert Fludd, used a sidereal astrology in his Rosicrucian speculations. While the work of Gauquelin has not revealed significance in the aspects.

See Gauquelin's The Cosmic Clocks, for an interesting review of the available scientific evidence.

Cardinal is rajas, Mutable tamas and Fixed sattvas. These qualities are said to be the threads from which the whole creation is woven and are active, passive and reconciling. The philosophical basis of Ayurveda incorporated the three gunas in a subtle and sophisticated view of mankind and its place in the world. These elements are made up of the three strands or gunas. Overpreponderance of one of the three humours is what gives rise to disease, perfect health existing only when 3 doshas, 7 dhatus and 3 malas are in balance.

Astrology was held to be an essential part of Ayurveda as the time of birth and the influences prevailing at that time bestowed a certain tendency toward the predominance of one or other of the three doshas. The qualities of the three doshas can be summarised in the following way: The classifications by the Indian physicians and astrologers have been found very relevant to sidereal astrology.


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For example, the following table links the humours to planetary temperament: Vata Vata Weak connection with the physical body but round of limb and outwardly well nourished Sun Pitta Sles. For example the Jupiterian appears well nourished Sleshma but is basically weak Vata. This connection with physiology is the key to the physical signatures of the planets. The physical characteristics may be considered as a closed circle or cosmos in movement, in which one quality turns into another. Vata functions primarily through the central nervous system, Pitta through the circulatory system and Sleshma the lymphatic system.

The 3 doshas permeate the macrocosm and microcosm and are present as food and in food. The fire of digestion Pitta functions in the alimentary canal, the lungs and in the sense receptors to transform the triple substance of Nature. Each tissue takes what is required, throws off waste substances and passes, transformed, into the next state. This is simplified here, as breath and sense impressions also enter into the process. Perfect health is thereby said to exist when there is a flow-through of the appropriate kind in the human organism.

Ill health exists when there is malnutrition or if the waste substances cannot be expelled or if there be a congenital tendency to excess or deficiency of one or a combination of the 3 doshas. Edible food including water nourishes the physical body, breath the emotions and impressions the brain. All three are linked together as one cosmos. Such influences seem to be as strong as their natal counterparts. When judging a natal chart, first consider angular planets. If there are no planets within orb of the angles, consider relative angularity.

Planets or luminaries in the background exercise minimal effect. Only look at aspects after judging angularity. Solar and lunar aspects have more influence than inter-planetary aspects.

What is Sidereal Astrology?

Proficiency in interpretation is an art rather than a science. But following these rules will build proficiency. Interpretation should not be treated superficially. After erecting a chart, it is necessary to meditate and think long on it, perhaps taking several days before deciding on an interpretation.

Interpretation is really synthesis, drawing on the knowledge of signs and planets and the various astrological rules. Planets and luminaries signify the dynamic powers of an individual. The Sun represents self-expression, the Moon the image, Mercury how we communicate, Venus the mode of affection, Mars how we act, Jupiter our power of expansion, Saturn our sense of scepticism, Uranus our powers of analysis, Neptune our ability to dream and Pluto our ability to withdraw or to be detached. The following check-list may assist an interpretation: Is that planet angular?

Does it make close aspects with an angular planet? Look for angular planets in the natal chart and also check for planets which are angular from the navamsha chart. If from direct observation you feel a particular planet or constellation is strong yet this is not revealed in the chart, check the time as given and your calculations.

Interpretation of a chart is characterological and also predictive. It has been said that what we are as people determines our fate and no doubt this is true, yet ancient astrology promised much more than just a psychological profile of an individual. In modern times, astrology has definitely tended towards the psychological method of interpretation, current magazines are full of adverts for astrological counselling and therapy.

It rather goes against the tide to suggest that astrology is capable of predicting actual events with timings, yet the ancient world insisted that their astrologers did just this. Things are rarely this clear-cut but it is certain that there are many combinations which do bestow unusual power to a person. If the planet is angular, the effect is much greater, particularly so if within one degree of the angle. If the angle is the Asc or MC, the effect will be greater. If two or more of these planets are angular, the effect will be proportionally greater again. Even if these planets occupy these constellations angular and are not on the precise exaltation hypsomatic point, the person will become powerful.

If the appropriate planets are on these points in the navamsha chart and angular they will constitute a rajayoga, all other factors being taken into consideration. If, instead of being angular, they aspect the Moon in radix or in navamsha, they will also confer power.

The other rules resemble those given above for the hypsomata. This effect is known in tantrik astrology as sambhanda. All rajayogas are modified by aspects which may mar or strengthen the different effects. The effect is increased if the retrograde planet is in a good position and angular. If the Asc is in the same position in both, this confers power. If any planet or luminary has the same sign in both, this strengthens the effect of such planet.

However, if the constellation is inharmonious, this increases the discord. Not a Virgo ascendant. Moon conjunct Mars in Aries and angular. Venus conjunct Jupiter angular. Jupiter partile an angle. Saturn in Aquarius and Moon in Taurus, one of them being angular. Study of all of the above will reveal the patterns which create worldly success or power. The sound basis for assessing the quality of a planet is based on its position, angularity and how it is affected by mutual aspects. The reverse is true if it is afflicted, weak by position etc.

Sun Sun rising, malefics in angles or aspecting the Moon. Sun in MC aspecting Mars and Saturn. Moon Moon conjunct malefic in Virgo or Scorpio and strong. Moon conjunct Mars in Pisces, malefics rising in Pisces, no benefics in angles. Mars conjunct Saturn in Taurus or Leo, aspecting Moon. Moon in Scorpio or Pisces Asc aspecting malefic, no benefics in angles.

There is a similar rule in the yearly horoscopes of men. The first of these is founded on the supposed analogy between a day of a person's life and a year of time. However, progressed charts can scarcely account for disasters when, say, 20, people may lose their lives within just a few moments. Transits occur when the constantly moving planets contact important points in a native's horoscope. The odds are even that at any given moment a transiting planet will be within half an arc degree of a conjunction, square or opposition of any of the natal planets.

Although transits are relied on heavily by many astrologers, this statistical fact makes their validity highly dubious. Solar and lunar return charts are cast for the time the Sun and the Moon occupy the exact point with reference to the fixed stars that they held at the time of birth.

Return charts have a long history and were used in the ancient world. Experience shows them to be invaluable guides to the nature of the year Solar return and the month Lunar return respectively. Although there are many Indian methods for predicting charts, for reasons of space this work will only deal with the return methods of prediction.

If the navamshas for the return charts are also calculated, these charts become even more useful. Planets on the angles at the time of return act upon the native. We will illustrate this important point with an example: If, however, Sun and Mars are for the time and place of the return on the angles, then there could be violence meted out to her or him.

The distinction between these two possibilities in important. Nevertheless, predicting the exact effect of a return chart is often difficult, due to the numerous possible combinations. What follow can only be general descriptions. These may only be of significance when the influences are reinforced by similar configurations in a return chart. Depending on the natal strength and aspects of the Sun, the native becomes more independent, strong minded and powerful.

If the Sun is weak in the birth chart, no effects may be noticed. The more powerful effects occur if the Sun is well placed and well aspected natally. If this planet is natally strong, the individual will become interested and involved in the expression and communication of ideas.

The type of ideas may well be influenced by the natal configurations of Mercury. The individual feels more gregarious, loving, spendthrift, generous, affectionate and outgoing, particularly if Venus is strong natally. Flooded with energy, this configuration may prompt a person to hasty actions, fights and sporting activities.

The urge to compete will be increased. Depending on natal aspects, the individual becomes more expansive. The negative side of this may be an overweening narcissism. Unless Saturn is strong in the natal chart, the person may feel slow, absent minded, self deprecating and feel a failure. Trying to boss others about, the individual will be concerned with control and analysis. She or he will attempt to escape from difficult situations, becoming elliptical and vague, interested more in fantasy than reality. The most powerful configurations occur when transiting planets on angles of a return chart simultaneously transit natal planets.

Transiting Planets The effects of transits will only be of real importance when either the transited or the transiting planet occupies an angle in the given return chart. Attracts the attention of others to the native. Others seek the company of the native. This may bring renown as the public Moon seek out the native angle. If malefic planets are involved, the native may suffer from the attention of others. The person may receive an important communication, valuable books or documents or this transit may indicate travel.

Native receives the love, affection and favour of others, sometimes betokened by small gifts. This is if Venus is unafflicted. If Venus is natally afflicted or if the transiting Venus is afflicted, this may mean that the affectionate feelings of the native are, in some way, trampled upon. Something sharp, cutting or penetrating affects the body of the native. This may indicate infections, cuts or burns.

The severity or otherwise of the attack will be shown by its natal position, its inter-aspects, whether it is retrograde and how close it is to the angle. Gives rise to great happiness and may indicate an increase in wealth and fortune generally. All seems to go well. The natal position and power of Jupiter will determine the extent of expansion. The person angle comes under restricting conditions, the type of limitation depending on the natal aspects and positions of Saturn.

Delays, frustrations and the harshness of others may impede progress. This often seems to indicate that the new makes its way into a native's life. If Uranus makes close aspects to other planets, the effects will be accordingly modified. Mars Uranus, for example, can cause accidents perhaps involving machinery. Confusion, bewilderment, anaesthesia, traps and humiliations have all been noted with this transit on an angle of a return chart. Usually indicates a shock of some kind. This will be modified by the aspects Pluto makes and also by the natal configurations.

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Tantrik Astrology: A Manual of Sidereal Astrology by Michael Magee (Paperback, 1989)

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Tantrik Astrology: A Manual of Sidereal Astrology Tantrik Astrology: A Manual of Sidereal Astrology
Tantrik Astrology: A Manual of Sidereal Astrology Tantrik Astrology: A Manual of Sidereal Astrology
Tantrik Astrology: A Manual of Sidereal Astrology Tantrik Astrology: A Manual of Sidereal Astrology
Tantrik Astrology: A Manual of Sidereal Astrology Tantrik Astrology: A Manual of Sidereal Astrology
Tantrik Astrology: A Manual of Sidereal Astrology Tantrik Astrology: A Manual of Sidereal Astrology
Tantrik Astrology: A Manual of Sidereal Astrology Tantrik Astrology: A Manual of Sidereal Astrology
Tantrik Astrology: A Manual of Sidereal Astrology Tantrik Astrology: A Manual of Sidereal Astrology

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