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Which came first, the story or the art? Unlike comics, where the author and the artist are often one and the same or work in tandem with one another, in fandom often a piece of fanart will inspire a flurry of stories, or a piece of fanfic will inspire an artist to create a comic or illustration. How can fanart and fanfic feed into each other and inspire each other? What happens when multiple inspirations occur? As gamers grow up and settle down, where do games fit in?

How can parents juggle gaming and parenting? Come hear a discussion on gaming as adults and parents and learn how to squeeze gaming back into your schedule. Many parts of the world were impacted by the British Empire during this time period and many have their own vision of Steam Punk just waiting to be explored. Before you can take to the air with your own home-built drone aircraft, you will need to first master the basics of flight.

Hands-on exercises will be limited by the availability of simulators and aircraft and space to fly safely. Please come prepared to follow instructions, be respectful and aware of your environment. If you know you can hover — we need you! Bring a micro-sized heli and a controller, and help us introduce attendees to the fun of RC flying. Space opera was once a term used to dismiss some types of science fiction. But things have changed, and in the past couple of decades, space opera has not only thrived, but become respected.

But now SF is experiencing hard times — is space opera today able to thrive as it so recently did? Our panelists look at space opera today. Harness the power of giveaways to better serve your fanbase and build your readership. Pros will demo by handing out prizes to audience members. As art continues to evolve, has digital media made all other mediums obsolete or is there still value to be found and is wanted in the hand-created object, be it collage, an oil painting, an acrylic painting, or a hand-pulled print?

A parable fantasy about two children living on a beautiful blue planet where there are no adults. One day a strange adult crash lands on the island — and he is not all that he seems. Learn the tools and tricks of pdcasting, and see panelists demo effective techniques. This is an unmonitored hour in a quiet corner for those with infants who would like to chat and let their babies stretch and crawl around for a little while. There will be a tote with some baby toys available for your use as well as some pillows. Consider the case of ten-year-old Jasmine McClain and the scores of other children who have ended their own lives rather than endure another taunt from a bully.

Even one life lost is too many. How can we raise our kids to be kind? How do we explain terms like sexual identity, gender dysmorphia, racism, misogyny, and oppression in terms young children can understand? How do we discuss it with older children without being condescending? Can work made this way stand as something other than gimmick? Join nerdcore artist Klopfenpop and our other panelists as they explore — and demonstrate by example — how writing in Hard Mode stimulates the creative mind.

The ability to genetically modify humans is moving from science fiction to science fact. Soon, we will be able to design future generations that are stronger, smarter, more talented and free of genetic diseases. What is it like standing in the shield wall? Instructors will provide training swords, shields, and spears to be shared by participants. Some conventions are adopting policies against harassment, something Norwescon has not had in its 36 years of existence. Do we need this in our community? Please come give input to members of the committee charged with making recommendations to the Norwescon 37 Executive Team.

Trailers have become an art from unto themselves. Come see some of the best and worst professional and fan made examples of how to sell a movie. Wednesday Wolf talks in depth about his work in the show and shares his thoughts about selected other works as well. Limited to 10 people — sign up at the Art Show. No longer mainly read by 12 year olds, mainstream comics have had to change with their aging fans, not to mention indie comics being affected by the age old stereotypes they encompass.

How do newer comics treat the idea of a superhero? How have superheros saturated other media? Are they becoming diluted due to overuse? And then there are the comic book heroines with their improbable poses and battle lingerie… What does all this say about the future of feminism? And how do we inspire the next generation of girls to love the same genres we do?

Our Guests of Honor are available to sign autographs. So that as many fans as possible can participate, we will be enforcing a three-items-at-a-time or single-sketch autograph limit.

Everybody wants to make a demo. How little can you get away with; or, if you have even a small budget, what can you do to turn a spare bedroom into decent recording space? Hardware and software solutions are discussed. How music can kill or save our favorite movies and television shows, and what are some of the best and worst movie and television soundtracks? An overview on the latest space news, missions, discoveries and trends with an emphasis on European and Asian space programs which are seldom reported in the west. The first movie of the Hobbit trilogy is out — does it make you want to go to the next ones?

Does it do justice to Tolkien, or are there voodoo dolls that look like Peter Jackson in every household? How does the movie reflect on the written novel?

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Come for a lively discussion. Within the fandom fanfic writers receive acclaim and praise. Why is there such a stigma against fanfiction and how can we change that? It was the age of great industrialists and titans of industry and immense wealth, from the simple silhouettes to upscale middle class visions of elegance to court gowns of Charles Frederick Worth, we ascend and survey the heights of couture from the s through How can you tell one werewolf universe from all the others?

Or one alien planet from the next? Don your best mad scientist outfit and come create marvelous monsters and creative chimera! We will take cute fluffy stuffed animals and hack them into pieces only to reassemble them in wholly unnatural ways. Not for the easily distressed or children!

We will be working with scissors and needles and as such only mature mad scientists will be allowed to participate.

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The only skills required are rudimentary sewing skills plush is very forgiving and a sick sense of humor. Players will collect points based off a casual and fun focused system, and the players accruing the most points over the two days will be the winner. Epic moments will also receive prizes over the course of the event. No admission fee, this is a free event for Norwescon members. Part 2 of 2. An excerpt of a piece destined for a limited run Origins anthology and Triumph Over Tragedy , a new anthology benefiting the victims of Superstorm Sandy. How do you go about blending households, finances, and lives?

What about negotiating and re-negotiating boundaries? How do you plan for the long term, and do you need a lawyer? Our panelists have a wide variety of experiences, observations, and suggestions to share. Our Attending Professionals are available to sign autographs. Anderson, Carol Berg, S. Boomer, Kurt Cagle, Chelsea M. David Nordley, Brian D. Spotlight Publisher Baen gives us a tour of the great new titles and rereleases coming soon from Baen.

Come for the information, stay for the giveaways! Can these two genres co-exist in the same room together? What do they have in common, and what are the benefits and limitations of each style of play?

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  • Is it possible to like both? Industry experts and indie creators discuss the differences between traditional tabletop role-playing games, GM-less story games, and everything in between.


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    Have you ever wondered how people figure out what kind of musical instrument they want to play? Several of our pros have volunteered to bring their instruments and introduce them to people. This is a hands-on workshop; after an introduction of the instruments, participants will be able to try out various instruments, and given brief introductions on how to play them, by their owners. Adapting historical silhouettes to contemporary figure types — join our panelists in this discussion using patterns and techniques for adapting costumes from various time periods — from creating shape to minimizing curves.

    This is show and tell: Bring your cool things for the delight of the crowd and the panel. Items should not explode, burn, discharge excessive energy outside the auditory and visual spectrums, nor alter the space-time continuum in any significant way. Be based on amino acids and proteins? Require water or oxygen? Our panelists will address Terran provincialism and how alien life will almost certainly be more bizarre than we can imagine.

    Who would win in a fight? Captain Picard or Jack Sparrow? Come vote and defend your choices in the battle to end all battles. Two brackets, one for Science Fiction the other for Fantasy until only one character reigns supreme!

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    Bring them back to compete and win prizes!! Heinlein is inarguably one of the most influential and popular SF writers ever. What made his work so influential? And what makes much of it remain so popular? Two teenage witches navigate the dangers of small town living as a necromancer is forming a cult that threatens everything they know. Artist Guest of Honor Lee Moyer talks in depth about his work in the show and shares his thoughts about selected other works as well.

    Nolan, Frances Pauli, John J. Audience participation VERY encouraged. In this hands-on workshop-style panel, audience members will pitch our panelists as if they were agents or editors. What are the differences between workshops? How can you get the most out of them? Can they really teach you how to write? This summer, the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva announced the discovery of the Higgs Boson, the particle long theorized to give mass to matter. But how do physicists detect particles… and how do we know this one is the Higgs?

    The latest Tolkien film brings us back to the rich production design of the world of the Lord of the Rings and expands its look at hobbits, dwarves, elves and more. We review the clothing of these various cultures and share thoughts on what we would like to recreate and how.

    Join in with your favorite peeve! When a mass murder shatters the calm of bucolic Westfield, New Jersey, veteran detective Joe Henderson is unprepared for the fallout when the shooter turns out to be a well-known local guy, a fellow soccer dad, and a friend. For Henderson, the nightmare is just beginning.

    He is about to be challenged by the preeminent biotech genius Dr. In a tale worthy of Michael Crichton and Raymond Chandler, author Lawrence Kaplan weaves an epic medical murder mystery based on scientific discoveries torn from today's headlines. Readers of Kaplan's earlier work, House of Ghosts, will recognize Detective Joe Henderson, the hard-drinking, chain smoking, politically incorrect heir to Phillip Marlowe and his sidekick the devious, Russian emigre siren, Alenia Gilbert.

    Essential reading to develop your brand's story. This book is for those who have something to sell, to brand, to market whether on social media, video, digital, store channels and even print. This book has been particularly well-received in Europe and the UK, where its rich stories about the origins of seminal American brands are new to many readers. Successful marketers know that buyers are seeking miraculous solutions to their problems. That's true for consumer products as well as B2B sales. And you will learn how to easily apply that persuasive power to increase the ROI of all your marketing and sales communications.

    Each embodies the mystique and status of luxury, and the promise of super-human performance. Discover how to bring credibility and authority to your brand messaging by conveying your brand's mystique and magic A masterfully written, fun to read and easy to comprehend book where the mercurial wit of the author enhances his sharp insights.

    As if by magic! Download now for free or you can read online House of Ghosts: A Joe Henderson Mystery book. Detective Joe Henderson is the modern incarnation of Philip Marlowe--hard boiled, hard drinking, hard loving, delightfully cynical, offering wry observations of life in the age of Starbucks. At his estate sale, retired local police detective Joe Henderson discovers a diary describing a rogue attempt by a Jewish-American pilot named Paul Rothstein to drop his bombs on Auschwitz's killing complex where nearly , captives were about to be murdered. With the fortitude of a Maccabean zealot and the patriotism of an American freedom fighter Rothstein had set out to defy his commanders who had prohibited any attempt to save Jewish lives.

    Joe Henderson's curiosity launches him on a crusade for the truth and a shocking revelation when he tracks down the last living witness who can solve the mystery of why the raid never happened. Epic in its breadth, House Of Ghosts sweeps effortlessly from contemporary Westfield, New Jersey to the Princeton University of , and on to the aerial battle above Italy and Poland in Rothstein set out to defy his commanders.

    When a mass murder shatters the calm of bucolic Westfield, New Jersey, veteran detective Joe Henderson is unprepared for the fallout as the shooter turns out to be a fellow soccer dad, and a friend. He is about to come face-to-face with the biotech genius Dr. Gene Killers shines a spotlight on FDA ineptitude, Wall Street corruption, organized crime, and how a madman in the White House can bring America to the brink of total destruction. Readers of Kaplan's earlier work, House Of Ghosts, will recognize Detective Joe Henderson, the hard-drinking, chain smoking, politically incorrect heir to Phillip Marlow-and his voluptuous sidekick, the devious Russian emigre siren, Alenia Gilbert.

    Land of Mistasia book. Phillip Harper and Michael "Whizzy" Whizzenmog have been best friends all their lives. They have just begun summer vacation before what they believe to be the biggest adventure of their lives High School, but one early morning these boys find themselves swept away into a scary and dangerous place The Land of Mistasia.

    There the boys must defeat the evil King Cragon, save Whizzy's twin sister, Rachel, and free the creatures of Mistasia.

    Along the way they discover that they have special abilities and meet a elven warrior that must help them save the world Return to Mistasia download Phillip and Whizzy Book 2: Download now for free or you can read online Phillip and Whizzy Book 2: Return to Mistasia book. Phillip Harper and Michael "Whizzy" Whizzenmog have begun their freshmen year at Greenville High School and both were more than ready for the holiday break when an unexpected visitor arrived.

    Once again Phillip, Whizzy and Rachel Whizzenmog were back in Mistasia where it had been many years since their last visit and things seemed very different from the moment they arrived. They must escape, find there way back to Cadieux Castle and stop the sorcerer from freeing Cragon Cadieux. They will need to battle new creatures and travel across new lands along the way. Mistasia may once again find itself under the control of the evil King Cragon.

    Download now for free or you can read online Mistasia: Land of Mistasia - Whizzenmog Betrayal novella 1: Two brothers torn apart by one's inner battle between good and evil; one is lead astray by an evil sorcerer. Land of Mistasia - Grace's Quest novella 2: Queen Merran Cadieux hears rumors that her parents are alive.

    She sends Grace Tallon, leader of the Elven Warriors, to find them. Download now for free or you can read online Mistasia Anthology book. Last Emerald download Phillip and Whizzy Book 3: Download now for free or you can read online Phillip and Whizzy Book 3: In order to return, they must convince, Rachel and Whizzy's grandfather, Rainer Whizzenmog to help them with the use of a mystical green emerald.

    Their travels through Mistasia will be more dangerous than ever before, as King Cragon and his heinous sorcerer, Pierre LaCroiux will stop at nothing to keep them from reaching the castle. Unexpected, new friends and foes will force Phillip, Whizzy and Rachel to fight for their lives. Everything hinges on their ability to keep King Cragon from stealing the one item that would allow him to rule Mistasia forever, the Last Emerald. Exploring the Ancient Mediterranean download Phoenician Secrets: Download now for free or you can read online Phoenician Secrets: Exploring the Ancient Mediterranean book.

    The mysterious Phoenicians and the ancient Mediterranean are experienced in richer detail than ever before in this well researched and intriguing narrative. Instead of seeing darkness in the years before classical Greece, we now see glimmers of light revealing a continuous parade of remarkable societies, great leaders and epic events. Drawing back the veil of secrecy surrounding the Phoenicians uncovers new glimpses of Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and people of other societies. Elected a member of the prestigious Royal Historical Society for his work in this field, Holst has presented academic papers on the Phoenicians at universities around the world.

    Working with respected experts, often on-site, he has added photos, sources, and five years of additional research to his previous work. This is a walk through the idyllic ancient Mediterranean you will long remember. Nature's Medicine Cabinet download Moringa: Download now for free or you can read online Moringa: Nature's Medicine Cabinet book. Moringa may provide the boost in energy, nutrition and health you've been seeking. And this book has everything you need to know-Moringa's medicinal properties, nutritional content, where to get it, the best way to grow it, and how to prepare Moringa for best results.

    Packaging should be returned in an undamaged condition with the item. Shipped in 12 to 14 working days When do I get it? Our picking, packing and delivery is linked to what you order, where you want it delivered and how you choose to pay, so delivery times can vary. Collections Currently only available at our Cape Town warehouse.

    Collection times vary, please wait for your Ready to Collect email before visiting the warehouse. Prepaid codes are delivered to you via email as soon as payment has been approved. Gift vouchers are delivered via email to the recipient as soon as payment has been approved.

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