The Wild Seed (The Cordwainers Book 6)

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We offer a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee. English , Place of Publication: Good amount of views. Top-Rated Seller, day return policy, ships in 1 business day with tracking. Like us on Facebook. She retreats into a world inhabited by the ghosts of her forebears and becomes like a spider, putting out her deadly trap in order to ensnare the woman she hates.


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When Hari Morgan's father died, he left her nothing but an ailing mother and the tools of his shoemaking business. But what he also passed on to his daughter was a rare and unusual gift - that of designing and making shoes that were stylish and different.

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One of the first to realise this was Emily Grenfell, spoilt, pettish daughter of Thomas Grenfell, one of the richest men in Swansea. Emily, who resented the beauty and courage of Hari Morgan, nonetheless was delighted with the dancing slippers she made for her debut at the Race Ball, one of the grandest events of the year. It was to be the beginning of a lifetime of friendship, hatred and rivalry between the two girls for, as Hari's business and fame began to grow, so did Emily's fortune began to decline.

And between the two girls lay an even deeper tension, for Emily was about to be betrothed to her cousin, Craig Grenfell, a man whom Hari could not help loving and wanting for herself, a man who finally betrayed her.

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From then on, Hari was determined that nothing and no-one would prevent her rise to a triumphant success. This series is currently not available for purchase. Books in This Series 6 Books Hide books already in your library 0. Buy now with 1-Click.

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Emmeline Powell had been born a country girl, in a small, whitewashed cottage on Honey's Farm. When her father died, Emmeline, bereft and lonely, married Joe Harries, a man much older than herself and one of the fishermen of Oystermouth. The wives of the oyster catchers were sturdy, stoic women, used to helping their men with the catch, and they didn't like the frail outsider who had married into their community.

Nina Parks especially didn't like her - Nina was a widow who thought Joe Harries should have been hers. Emmeline - Eline - grew more isolated, more unhappy, trapped into an ill-matched marriage without friends to help her. And then she met Will Davies. Will was to open new worlds to her, worlds of personal achievement, the unfolding of a talent she never knew she possessed, and the realisation that she knew how to love. As tragedy and passionate feuding began to erupt in the oyster village, so Eline clung to her integrity, her ability to work, and her hopes for the future.

Publication Series: SFBC 50th Anniversary Collection

Honey's Farm The Cordwainers Jun 30, High on the hills over Swansea stood Honey's Farm. When the sick woman finally died, it was only a matter of time before Jamie asked Fon to marry him, look after his small son, and help him with the backbreaking work of the farm.

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Fon adored the handsome Jamie and was happy to be his wife, even though she knew he did not love her. As conditions on Honey's Farm became more difficult, it grew apparent that someone was determined to destroy Jamie O'Conner - his home was smashed, his crops damaged, and finally Fon herself was threatened. Supported by the friendship of Eline Harries, who had once lived on Honey's Farm herself and who was facing betrayal by the man she loved, Fon resolved to win through, to stand courageously against the dangers confronting her, and earn the love of her husband.

Arian The Cordwainers May 31, Arian - named in Welsh for the colour of her silver hair - was both spirited and unconventional, often shocking the residents of World's End with her wild behaviour. As she began to make a name for herself in the leather and shoe-making trade, she won the backing of the intriguing and charismatic Calvin Temple, a backing that was to prove disastrous whe her venture with a French company failed and it looked as though all their money would be lost.

In desperation, Arian set out for France in hope of salvaging their investment. Falling foul of the law in France, Arian was given a grim alternative to prison - a loveless marriage with a man she despised. Would she ever be able to find fulfilment with the man she loved, or was she forced to face a life sentence of unhappiness? Sea Mistress The Cordwainers Mar 22,

The Wild Seed (The Cordwainers Book 6) The Wild Seed (The Cordwainers Book 6)
The Wild Seed (The Cordwainers Book 6) The Wild Seed (The Cordwainers Book 6)
The Wild Seed (The Cordwainers Book 6) The Wild Seed (The Cordwainers Book 6)
The Wild Seed (The Cordwainers Book 6) The Wild Seed (The Cordwainers Book 6)
The Wild Seed (The Cordwainers Book 6) The Wild Seed (The Cordwainers Book 6)
The Wild Seed (The Cordwainers Book 6) The Wild Seed (The Cordwainers Book 6)

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