Bigger than Hitler – Better than Christ

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Another thing that really bothered me was that he did not allow for his book to be proof read and checked for grammar mistakes, although I partially agree with his point that reading the book exactly as it came from his typewriter adds to the originality and interaction, that small point hardly compensates for the mess it created.

It wasn't even the spelling mistakes that really bothered me, his very long and unstructured sentences however did. It's not uncommon, actually I encountered it almost every page, in this book to find a sentence that has been interrupted by hyphens only to find an endless 5 line-sentence between it that does not seem to end, only to find out that after you read that huge 'sentence' you couldn't even remember anymore what the sentence was about before it was interrupted.

Rik should have owned up to the fact that he could use some help from experts in literature. If you are a big Rik Mayall fan like me you should give it a try of course, but do not expect to be blown of your chair. I never managed to finish the entire book. Jun 12, Chrissie rated it really liked it. I decided to read this book as I was deeply saddened when Rik died. I've been a massive fan for about ten years and this book was always on my reading list but I just never got around to reading it, mostly due to educational commitments.

This book is for a bit of a niche audience. It isn't really an autobiography someone can just pick up and say 'Oh that Rik Mayall guy, I want to read about his life. Rik does briefly mention aspect I decided to read this book as I was deeply saddened when Rik died. Rik does briefly mention aspects of his life and career but it's filled with lies and jokey spelling mistakes.

The first paragraph of Rik Mayall’s autobiography is brilliant (and filthy)

But who would expect anything serious from this man? The brief moment in which he is serious is when he writes about his quad bike accident but that's very brief and I think if he was to write a more sensible autobiography obviously no longer possible it would have been better received than this. I think this is sort of a spoof as Rik always seemed to be quite a private man. He never really mentions his family and home life in the book and he never really spoke a lot about them in interviews, which is fair enough. If you're a Rik fan you'll probably like this book. There's lots of laughs and it literally just feels like Rik sitting at a typewriter writing down his thoughts.

The footnotes are hilarious and on one occasion had me laughing so hard, Coke the drink came out my nose on a train! Personally, I wish I'd read this when he was alive as I probably wouldn't have cried to much at the final paragraph which is just kinda sad to read now. The rest is silence. All that remains is dust. Although I've always found Adrian Edmondson funnier, I'm still a fan of Rik Mayall so I was looking forward to reading his autobiography.

What I didn't expect was to read such illiterate and nonsensical drivel. Firstly, he tried too hard to be funny, which ended up having the opposite effect. His constant off-topic ramblings made the book very hard to read and I almost gave up on several occasions. And I'm sorry but if I was the boss of HarperCollins, I would have flat-out refused to allow such badly written work to be published.

He reminds the reader several times that he insisted his book was published exactly how he wrote it, without even a proof read. Poor grammar, spelling and punctuation makes a book very hard to like. Also, the footnotes are a pain, especially on the eBook version.


Not only do they make you lose track of where you are, half of them boot you out of the book when you try closing them. The one semi-good chapter in this book was where he described his quad-bike accident. If only he'd written the rest of the book like this it could have been so much better Aug 28, Benito rated it really liked it. If you like Rik's style on stage and tube then you'll find this hilarious.

It satires the celebrity biography while being one at the same time. Jan 17, Rachel rated it really liked it. Essential reading for fans of alternative comedy. Apr 27, Nicola Mcfall rated it it was amazing. This book is absoluetly hillerious!! The believe the man may actually be insane after reading this! To call it an autobiograhy is misleading - considering that the bulk of the book is completely fictional!

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I mean his name IS Rik Mayall and he is an actor and he was in all the programmes, films, and wonderful adverts he states he was in - but thats where the truth quite often ended! In this book Rik takes the truth and runs into the realms of fantasty with it! The result is laugh out loud funny!

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My favourite bit in the whole book was when he was on stage in and in the audience are all the different fans he has - The young ones fans, the bottom fans, the kevin turvey fans, the new statesman fans etc, and they all start to riot! I laughed so hard!!! The only glimpse of seriousness that we see in the whole thing is when he discusses the quadbke accident that nearly killed him. I accept this is never likely to happen though. After all Rik is the man who told us back at the start of his career that, "There is no point in telling people my favourite food or what I do with my life.

It's none of their business and its not entertaining. I don't want people to be interested in me as me. Sep 23, Ian Wood rated it really liked it Shelves: Rik lets us in to his life of debauchery and infidelity before telling us of his Quad bike accident which left his in a coma for five days and reveals that God spoke to him during this time and told him of his plan for Rik to be the new messiah. On the main the book is a success although as an autobiography it leaves you more curious than before with all the facts obscured by a massive, although fictional, ego. Nov 04, Garry Marlton rated it it was amazing.

This was a funny read but you have to be a Rik Mayall fan. Jun 14, Emma Grant rated it really liked it. I personally loved this.

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You'll be missed Mr Mayall. Oct 17, Neil rated it really liked it. Confused rambling and ranting Rik will always be a comedy legend to me the young ones and bottom will go down as two of Britain's greatest comedys. Aug 09, Charlie rated it liked it. I love Rik Mayall's off the wall sense of humour so was looking forward to this, but it wasn't quite what I thought it would be. I particularly liked his interactions with Ade, and his random letters and tale of heading to the US for 'Drop Dead Fred' were the highlights for me. Part of me would have liked to find out something more about the person behind the persona.

Bigger Than Hitler, Better Than Christ | Harper Collins Australia : Harper Collins Australia

I also would have liked more of, well, anything about 'The New Statesman', out of purely personal reasons as it's my favourite thing he did. Got pregnant by reading this book. What's on these pages? Shut the bloody hell up!! Ive been reading this book forever while you ramble on for what seemed like years. See you in the afterlife, love your work. Jan 14, Jacqueline Williams rated it it was ok. This book is absolutely written by Lord Flasheart; hard to spot anything serious and totally arrogant!

Wooh Wooh I miss you Rik x. Jan 13, Lanny Vogel rated it did not like it. I am a huge fan of Rik's comedy but this is awful. Unfunny stream of consciousness drivel.

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  • Bigger than Hitler – Better than Christ.
  • Bigger Than Hitler Better Than Christ by Rik Mayall.
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The links will take you to the Web site's homepage. From there you can navigate to the title you are interested in. Interest-specific online venues will often provide a book buying opportunity. Click here for a list of interest-specific sites grouped by category. If you are located outside the U. In this electrifying autobiography, Rik stands naked in front of his vast legions of fans and disciples and invites them to take communion with the blood he has spilled for them during his thirty year war on show business. He invented alternative comedy with The Young Ones, he brought down the Thatcher administration with The New Statesman and he changed the face of global culture with his masterpiece Bottom.

Not only was his number one single Living Doll the saviour of rock 'n' roll but he also rescued the British film industry with the vast revenues created by his legendary movie Drop Dead Fred. In , he survived an assassination attempt and spent five days in a coma before he literally came back from the dead. When You Dead, You Dead. Never Judge a Book by its Cover.

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Bigger than Hitler – Better than Christ Bigger than Hitler – Better than Christ
Bigger than Hitler – Better than Christ Bigger than Hitler – Better than Christ
Bigger than Hitler – Better than Christ Bigger than Hitler – Better than Christ
Bigger than Hitler – Better than Christ Bigger than Hitler – Better than Christ
Bigger than Hitler – Better than Christ Bigger than Hitler – Better than Christ
Bigger than Hitler – Better than Christ Bigger than Hitler – Better than Christ

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