From the Deep--an Archon horror story

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Filidor broke off the dispute to take another look at Kaslo.

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Filidor addressed Kaslo in a tone that was meant to be reassuring. Or, rather, I should say threats, because there were two. The first was the device that became stuck in the membrane between this plane and the Seventh. My predecessor and I deactivated the thing several years ago, before I assumed the office of Archon. Obron blinked and looked about as if expecting sudden danger.

It has become a term without a referent, all its powers evaporated. Your enemy no longer exists. For the next several minutes, Kaslo told the Old Earther all that had happened since he and Obron had taken up together: He told the Archon what had happened to the refugees in the village, and of the entity whose touch had filled the op with sorrow and despair. When Kaslo had finished he looked to Obron. The Archon took a long inward breath and let it out just as slowly.

Filidor wore the look of a man who has to face yet another evil just when he thought he had already done his full share of evil-facing. We have a problem. For answer, a screen appeared in the air.

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On it formed an image that Kaslo recognized as the terrace outside, where Saunterance waited. The dragon had curled itself around the Conveyance and appeared to be sleeping. But now the viewpoint pulled back to show not only the dragon but the sky above and to the east of the Archonate palace. A bank of cumulus clouds had ramped up on the horizon and shone pink as they caught the last rays of the setting sun. It had the form of a thick, boiling clot of dense black vapor.

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Kaslo saw shapes appearing and disappearing in the roiling motion of the black stuff: The voice from the air answered him in the same tone as it might have used to tell him the time of day. It would call itself an athlenath; we would call it a demon. This time Filidor answered. It has difficulty holding its form here and must strain to keep itself together. That process causes it to experience its equivalent of pain. It will be very angry and eager to end its discomfort. The Archon looked at Obron, who was staring at the screen in mixed fascination and horror as the pulsing cloud filled the frame.

The viewpoint pulled back to show the athlenath entering the airspace over the palace. In moments, its speed and course would bring it to the terrace where Saunterance lay dozing. Saunterance pushed itself up and onto its hind legs, but could do no more; though it opened its wings, it strained against an invisible restraint. On the screen they saw Saunterance shake itself.

Then it sprang into the sky, its great wings digging deep into the air as it drove itself in a rising spiral to gain height. Obron knew the answer. The athlenath was bearing down on the place where the Conveyance rested. The creature was even larger than Kaslo had thought and it seemed to be gaining greater control over its form: The spikes on its head also continued down its back in two parallel rows. It slid down an incline toward the terrace, head-first and all four arms extended. But as it neared the Conveyance, it pulled up sharply to hang vertical in the air, its head turning from side to side as if seeking something.

Then it spotted Saunterance, circling high above. Even deep within a palace hewn from a mountain, Kaslo could hear its roar. The screen showed the athlenath shooting up into the sky, clawed hands spread to grapple with the dragon. Saunterance gave over its circling, folded its wings, and plummeted toward the attacker, leading with the talons of its hind feet. From several places on the upper reaches of the Archonate palace, beams of coruscating energy, of an eye-straining ultraviolet shot through with gold and silver sparks, reached up to converge on and surround the rising demon.

The creature was momentarily limned black against a surrounding aura. It swatted at the beams like a man beset by a cloud of midges. Then it pulsed twice and lost cohesion. Head, limbs, torso, hands, feet, all became puffs of black smoke that dissipated in the wind of its own passage. The energy beams ceased, the purple aura disappeared, and Saunterance plunged hindfeet-first through the emptiness that moments before had been filled with raging demon. The dragon opened its wings, braked against the air, and descended to land lightly beside the Conveyance. It craned its neck to examine the sky in all directions, then lay down, curled itself once more around the shining dome, yawned, and closed its eyes.

Filidor sat in his chair, his chin in one hand while the other tapped its beringed index finger against the desk top. Kaslo saw him come to some conclusion, then look up at Obron. Events that may have transpired once or twice on the Foundational Domains have happened here many times.

The op turned his practical mind toward the realities of the situation. The wizard and the Archon turned toward him as if he were a bumptious youngster interrupting an adult conversation. Kaslo fought down a flash of irritation and maintained a professional demeanor. As he did with the men who attacked Obron, the fire elemental, and the preyns. Because his real goal may be to draw us to him, so that we arrive, overconfident, in a place where he has the strength to deal with us, once and for all. The Archon looked to Obron.

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His instincts are indeed good. It may be a trap. It looks as if our enemy intends to do just that. He spoke to his assistant. The screen appeared again, and instantly filled with text and images. Majestrum was not the only survivor of the disaster. A highly descriptive document of an entirely different world [from the one we know].

The Nag Hammadi texts provide a description for what the Gnostics believed. Gnostic is a Greek word meaning knowledge — gnosis. The Gnostics believe that liberation can only be achieved by knowledge, by the consumption and evaluation of reality through knowledge. The library at Alexandria was run by Gnostics and they were the first people to collect scrolls and books and assemble this information. Their culture spread throughout Europe and the Middle East.

This was long before the advent of the Western religions outside of Judaism which was mostly concentrated in Israel.

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Gnostics preached that there was an invasion that occurred about 3, BC and, about 1, years before the Nag Hammadi texts were buried, they wrote that this invasion was like a virus and, in fact, they were hard pressed to describe it. The beings that were invading were called Archons. These Archons had the ability to duplicate reality, to fool us. One looks like a reptile and the other looks like an unformed baby or a fetus. It is partially living and partially non-living and has grey skin and dark, unmoving eyes.

The Archons are duplicating reality so that when we buy into it, when we come to believe that the duplicated, false state reality is the real reality — then they become the victors.

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Yes, according to the texts, they can get into people and can manipulate people to do things very suddenly that are very odd. As the Archonic presence has spread across the earth and has escalated in the 20th century, you can see that they are responsible for sprawl and the mass ugliness that is everywhere. Humans are imitated on television but the imitation is altered and is nearly always obscene and profane because the Archons not only do not understand the sacred but they hate it.

They are jealous of the natural world and of human beings with the natural world. Also of sexual relationships: They create war to consume energy from the dying. The Archons seem to be making their big move now, at this time. You can find out about the Nag Hammadi Library on the Internet, which is the living record of the great Gnostic movement.

Gnostics and Templars seem to have been all but cleansed from history. How, in the texts, have the Archons been described as coming here? Is there any reference to their mode of transit, travel? Supposedly, they live or lurk outside the inner planets near Saturn i. The Gnostics thought that Jehovah was an alien, off planet, demon and that he was a fake god — a masquerading Archon again — duplicating reality.

Interestingly, Jesus defined his belief as being of the one true God, always delineating it. I believe many of the stories of Jesus are actually Gnostic myths about a possible rebellion against the Archons who came down very severely on the rebel.

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Jesus was very interested in relating this idea that something was going to happen at the end of time. So we can learn more about the Archons by reading about the Annunaki who came here and altered us genetically [using our DNA]so that they could make slaves of us. But eventually, the forces of Jehovah conquered the last of them and now they are pretty much in control of the system and are getting ready for the final, gleeful [sarcastic]orgy of despair and horror [imposed upon humans]which is what they like.

So, following Tim Rifat and his horrific description of what is about to happen. This is very appropriate, very accurate because this is exactly what they want to occur. When I did a show for the History Channel last year, I shot it so that it would not end up making people fearful.

This is the head of a major network. Ask any young person what their life is like and you will hear much of what Jay Weidner is describing. There was a news story, the average year old watches an average of one and half hours of hard core porn per week. There are current terms that we use which could be ascribed to Archon activity: We must realize that we can tell which ideas are the truest by how much they are repressed.

From the Deep--an Archon horror story From the Deep--an Archon horror story
From the Deep--an Archon horror story From the Deep--an Archon horror story
From the Deep--an Archon horror story From the Deep--an Archon horror story
From the Deep--an Archon horror story From the Deep--an Archon horror story
From the Deep--an Archon horror story From the Deep--an Archon horror story

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