Rule OCD: 20 Tips to Overcoming OCD

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Besides therapy, I think it will help him to join a martial arts class to rebuild his confidence and sense of self.

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It is amazing to me and so relieving to know that my specific intrusive thoughts are centered around what is actually really important to me. Thank you so so much! Wow i never thought of it that way it scares me becouse it's the opposite of what I want to do thankyou! I just want to say thank you so much for creating this article. I've suffered from OCD and intrusive thoughts for about 4 years now and it has been treacherous!! Due to the nature of the thoughts, there was no way I felt comfortable to share my experience with those around me and walked around with this deep dark "secret" feeling that I was a terrible person.

Getting Rid of OCD Patterns!

I've done everything from binge eating to abusing alcohol and other substances to help alleviate the agony. Its such a relief to know that I am not a monster and that there is actually a name for this. This was very helpful and enlightening to the kind of intrusive thoughts I am having. I have an appointment with a professional and will bring up this! I don't feel so scared anymore.

Thank you so much for this. Coming from a professional, it's even more powerful Thank you. I'm going to take your suggestion to buy a book to start a self-therapy since I don't have money for a therapist. As I am lying in my bed, it is But this description and advice about ocd brought some peace. I don't need to obsessivly do anything I do have tourettes syndrom which is commonly paired with OCD. I know that I am a good person who has always wanted to help people but sometimes the thoughts take over.

Could this still be OCD?! Hi, I have that same problem, but I believe that it's OCD because I've always had intrusive thoughts with no compulsions and as I am getting older, my life is getting very complicated stressed life due to University and bullies and some compulsions are now kicking in. I believe the thoughts alone are a symptom. The thoughts their self are obsessive and compulsive. I'm just now finding out intrusive thoughts even being a thing. I am 31 and have been tortured by my thoughts just about my whole life. Yes, it could be.

Look at this https: This typically has very little to no compulsive behavior s. Yas there are many variations of ocd. Sounds like you have obsessive thoughts and ruminating. Thoughts going on over and over in your mind. Check out doctor Richardson video on YouTube- pure ocd. Although reassurance is not good, it helped me understand what was going on and I had aname for what was happening to me , i then sought therapy an was no longer afraid to discuss it with a trained specialist who completely understands ocd which is very important.

Thank you so much for writing such an informative and well-written article. The discomfort that intrusive thoughts cause for those with anxiety disorders is a serious issue. As someone diagnosed with OCD, having read this article made me realize that I am not alone or wierd. Me too suffer from Pure O and Anxiety Disorder, disturbing, grotesque and mosntruous thoughts invade my mind making me feel a monster that could kill my family haunts me daily and all the time.

Reading that it is something common, that are not a hidden trace of personality and affecting what is most precious to us, makes me feel so good, cause I've never wished for the harm of noone, and then suddenly thoughts of me harming other strangers and family is hell scary. I can't even tell you how much this post made me realize I am not alone and definitely NOT the only one fighting with these thoughts. I've always been scared to tell anybody about all those terrible insecurities and intrusive thoughts I've experienced so far.

Thank you all for sharing.

I, too, find hope in these words. I am a mother, a nurse, a Christian, and a wife. I love people, and the very heart of me lives to love, care for, and help others. I have been suffering with this alone for a little over 10 years now. I am beginning the healing process.

I must say, this is a scary battle to fight at times. There is hope and beauty to come. I unfortunately can't take meds I have tried more types and kinds of meds Either I get sick, sleep all the time, worse, or nothing The sick part is bad for me I am extremely sensitive to meds Bile pucking, migraines, nausea and diahrea So I can't do that But I wish I knew of a book since counseling I can't afford I am beyond greatful to have come across this particular website.

This right here is my breakthrough!!!! I always had intrusive thoughts. Every single day without a fail since I could remember. Particularly about things that I love the most, including with religion. God has given me the key to my peace. Thank you, Debra Kissen! God bless you all!!! Your not alone we are al equal!

Really I need help I don't know from where a question arised that from where word came Shweta I also have this problem , wondering where my words come from , or they real , how did they form , how do I store them , where ideas come from , etc. It is like the brain questioning itself non stop , had this for 4 years , it is exhausting me, my head feels like it is going to explode , yet I am able to still converse with people , How I do that is beyond me , when I am thinking these mad thoughts non stop.

The only good thing is I sleep well as the constant talking in my head makes me so tired. I am going to get help soon from a therapist , I tried medication but it made me feel worse , I hope you find some peace soon , it is the most dreadful time consuming type of intrusive thoughts ever. You are the first person that has ever mentioned this.

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Sometimes just sitting and concentrating on my breathing helps to quiet my mind for a while , but then the same questions come back. When I went into a sudden fear of leaving a candle burning at my house and wanted to go home to check on it, I was told not to come back to my boyfriend's house after I left. We live 5 minutes from each other. This seems very punitive and unhelpful sending me into more anxiety. His approach is not to be an enabler such as you might find with an alcoholic. Is this best practice?

Rule OCD: 20 Tips to Overcoming OCD

For what it's worth, I have discovered that worry and stress due to worry comes in waves, like an attacking army in the brain but it does eventually diminish, I guess like a tsunami So take the example of something extremely embarrassing, like a faux pas I had the handwashing thing, and the checking front door thing and all the related things like -surely the iron is on right now at home and about to burn down my flat- I defeated the handwashing thing by rationalising that my folks didn't have to wash their hands all the time, so why should I have any special privileges than them in life I defeated the checking door thing partly by saying WTF, but practically by saying "Check Out" on locking the door and giving it a thumb It is great to be human My thoughts are so overwhelming and crippling at times.

I feel the need to overevluate just about everything in my life. The bigger issue it is in my life, the more thoughts I get. I feel like I need to get the best out of everything. Its not a feeling like someone is going to die or I will kill somebody? That's why it seems different than others. Does anyone else have thoughts like this? Has anyone found a way to deal with these? Suffering from intrusive thoughts people think are my real thoughts. People are threatening me all the time.

I turned into a clean freak at about age My half brother had been raped by his brother a while back, and I think it affected me way more than it should have. I know that feeling really well. There have been so many devastating, sad killings and rapings that it becomes a target of my OCD. It feels really real while I'm in it, but when I go out of these phases, I can feel more neutral about the thoughts.

Getting help like was recommended in the article is super helpful; I was always afraid if I went to the doctor that it would be validating my fears somehow. Though that fear still comes up for me some times, when you push through it, it feels wonderful to get help.

I had my first Harm OCD thought in over a year and a half just a couple days ago. I had a vivid thought that I stabbed my mother who is my world. Even at 33 i'm still a mama's boy. After I stabbed her in my head that is I immediately stabbed myself. I stinks because I thought I had it beat.

All my harm thought's originally were against my ex fiance who was at one point my hole world. She walked out last year so I decided to go off my Zoloft. Most of the SSRI medication have sexual side affects. It contributed but not the reason we ended. The will to be physical with her was just not there. I have been off it for 5 months and the OCD has come roaring back.

I hate that it attacks the one's I love but I can not beat it alone. I know sex sounds trivial when it comes to mental health but I want a wife and a family someday. I know they have medicine to fix that issue and they prescribed it to me but my insurance does not cover it. It's hundreds of dollars out of pocket that I can not afford. I feel like i'm left with 2 choices living in fear or being alone forever.

Neither is living and i'm so lost any advice could help as i'm not okay: I understand and struggle with the same dilemma. I believe it is possible to be in a healthy relationship and to live in a mostly fear-free existence. I'm still navigating what this looks like myself but I am optimistic. We all have challenges specific to our own lives but we have to push through and see what these challenges have to offer and teach us.

I know some of my challenges with OCD have made me a more empathetic, open, and resilient person. I wish you well. Write to the medication maker and find out if they have a reduced plan for payment, or if you can get some for free. Write to both the generic and the original makers. Many times they will come through. Let your doctor know that your medication is too expensive, and maybe he can order a different one that is much less.

I love your outlook and approach to intrusive thoughts, the positive attitude and approach is what most people with OCD need to combat their condition. Also, if new thoughts appear, be sure to tell your therapist so you can keep them informed. Be willing to accept risk. Risk is an integral part of life, and as such it cannot be completely gotten rid of. Remember that not recovering is the biggest risk of all.

Never seek reassurance from yourself or others. Instead, tell yourself the worst will happen, is happening, or has already happened. Reassurance will cancel out the effects of any therapy homework you use it on and prevent you from improving. Reassurance-seeking is a compulsion, no matter how you may try to justify it. Always try hard to agree with all obsessive thoughts — never analyze, question, or argue with them. The questions they raise are not real questions, and there are no real answers to them. Try not to get too detailed when agreeing — simply say the thoughts are true and real.

This will only have the opposite effect and lead to thinking more thoughts. Studies have shown that you cannot effectively stop or push down particular thoughts. If you slip and do a compulsion, you can always turn it around and do something to cancel it. The good news is that you are in this for the long haul, and you always get another chance. It is normal to make mistakes when learning new skills, especially in therapy.

It happens to everyone now and then. Remember that dealing with your symptoms is your responsibility alone. Everyone goes at their own pace. When you have a choice, always go toward the anxiety, never away from it. The only way to overcome a fear is to face it. If you want to recover, you will have to do this.

When faced with two possible choices of what to confront, choose the more difficult of the two whenever possible. Review your therapy homework assignments daily, even if you think you know all of them. As half of the therapist—patient team, you should be able to have a say in your own therapy.

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The goal is for the homework to produce some anxiety for you to get used to tolerating — not to overwhelm you with it and cause you a setback. The perfect moment is whenever you begin doing them. Perfectionism can be another feature of OCD. If you do find yourself obsessing about having to do your homework perfectly, you risk turning it into another compulsion.

International OCD Foundation | 25 Tips for Succeeding in Your OCD Treatment

Watch out for having to do your homework according to the same rigid rules each time you do it. Remember that you still have a life to live. Try to read over your homework assignments at the start of each day.

Rule OCD:  20 Tips to Overcoming OCD Rule OCD: 20 Tips to Overcoming OCD
Rule OCD:  20 Tips to Overcoming OCD Rule OCD: 20 Tips to Overcoming OCD
Rule OCD:  20 Tips to Overcoming OCD Rule OCD: 20 Tips to Overcoming OCD
Rule OCD:  20 Tips to Overcoming OCD Rule OCD: 20 Tips to Overcoming OCD
Rule OCD:  20 Tips to Overcoming OCD Rule OCD: 20 Tips to Overcoming OCD
Rule OCD:  20 Tips to Overcoming OCD Rule OCD: 20 Tips to Overcoming OCD
Rule OCD:  20 Tips to Overcoming OCD Rule OCD: 20 Tips to Overcoming OCD

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