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Series Craft by Patricia Gilliam

You are offered 1 complimentary "make up" class if you miss a class, which we offer as a credit for a class on our schedule for a similar lesson. This is a 3 hour class.

Roasted Cauliflower with Salsa Verde. Beer Battered Onion Rings. Classic Potato Gnocchi with Pesto. Polenta with Spicy Sausage and Braised Fennel. Curry Quinoa with Beluga Lentils. Black Bean Turkey Chili. Crispy Fried Chicken Legs. Pork Milanese with Arugula Salad. Ginger Salmon with Cucumber Salad. Crab Cakes with Remoulade. We are located on the third floor next to The Curious Palate and Arclight movie theatres. There is plenty of parking on level 4 of the parking structures 7 or 8.


Please arrive on time in comfortable attire and close-toed shoes and avoid heavy perfumes and colognes. You are offered 1 complimentary "make up" class if you miss a class, which we offer as a credit for a class on our schedule of similar lesson. Join acclaimed Chef Taji Marie for a four-week intensive cooking series focused on plant-based meals.

Chef Taji will weave in classic cooking techniques with her vast collection of recipes curated from her world travels to give you a varied rotation of easy-to-make meals. Each week will focus on a different cuisine and how to stock your pantry accordingly. Weeknight Vegetable Ramen with 6-Minute Egg. Matcha-Vanilla Bean Chia Pudding. Roasted Cabbage with Aleppo Yogurt. Green Rice Bowl with Sumac Carrots. Creamy Vegan Saag with Three Greens. Whole Grain Samosas with Mint Chutney. Mini Chia-Spiced Banana Breads. Mushroom Mole Enchiladas with Pickled Cabbage.

Thank you for registering! Our classes are held in commercial kitchens, so please arrive on time in comfortable attire and closed-toed shoes.

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Learn how the bean to bar process works and make a batch of your own chocolate, from cacao beans to bar and create perfect craft chocolate and candy bars. A complete education in the science and history of chocolate making will be covered, as well as how to create a craft chocolate operation. You will roast, winnow, grind, conch and learn how to create a small chocolate-making enterprise from home. Roast, Winnow and Grind Cocoa Beans. This 4-week series is designed to teach culinary fundamentals to establish your foundational cooking skills.

You will work at your own station under the guidance of our Chef Instructor who will teach classic techniques, and give you a great series of recipes to add to your repertoire. Bring containers to class - you'll love your next day lunches! For 4 weeks from 6: Sharpen your knife skills and learn to make four classic dishes that make perfect lunches and sides while learning two awesome do-ahead dressings. Learn to use various parts of the chicken while making 4 complete dinners. Menu items subject to change. If you need to substitute an ingredient, call the school to let us know.

You can make up up to one class in the series should you miss one.

Lecture 1 - Basic Mechanics Leaguecraft 101

This class takes place at our state-of-the-art cooking school at the Santa Monica Place Shopping Center. There is plenty of parking in Parking Structure 7 off Broadway directly behind the school, best level to park on is Level 4 if possible. Please note that we do not offer refunds but honor a hour cancellation policy in order to reschedule your class or receive an account credit. For 4 weeks from 10am-1pm. Join us for five intense days of working the line!

You'll pick up knife skills, plating, how to fry, sear, and bake while you make every component from scratch. Spend 4 days making, perfecting, eating, dreaming and baking pies. You'll master crusts, decorative borders, decadent fillings, pillowy meringues and savory bits for four straight days, one pie master after the other. This four-day series includes pie tins, farmers market-fresh ingredients and all the pie knowledge you can get your hands on just in time to start training for the Pie Contest! The Science of Pie: Intro to Crust-making and Classic Fruit Pies with Evan Learn about using different fats, from Straus butter to lard, lattice work and crimping.

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Custard Pies with Clemence. This class centers on baking crusts blind and making a variety of custard pies with mile-high toppings.

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Spelt, Sonora, Cornmeal with Clemence. Mill locally grown wheat to make a variety of flaky and out-of-this-world crusts. Savory Pies with Evan. Master the savory pie with everything that's in season. You'll make custards, fillings and meats for a spectacular savory finish. Classes are BYOB bring-your-own-beverage if you would like to bring your own beer or wine, as you sit down and enjoy what you have made. Otherwise, we provide water, coffee and tea.

This is a vegetarian class. This day series is designed for the novice culinary student or home baker looking to learn the basics of the art of baking and pastry. These five-hour classes are taught in a professional environment. Introduction to Basic Techniques and Cookies, Brownies and Bars Start the series off by learning about the chemistry of baking. The proper use of pastry bags, reading formulas and the importance of mise-en-place will be discussed.

Muffins, Quickbreads and Poundcakes We will exploring three different techniques and learn about ratios to create rich baked goods for breakfast, lunch and dessert. Egg-based Desserts Learn how eggs coagulate, expand and thicken to create a variety of desserts and textures. Tarts Perfect the buttery crispness of a tender tart crust and pair it with a smooth, classic pastry cream and seasonal favorites.

Pies Tackle the flaky wonder of pies! Petit Fours Small bites make big impressions, and attention to finishing details are key. Cakes made in class will be reserved for decorating the following day. Cutting even layers, masking cakes, piping, decorating. Learn to work with various doughs, from lean to rich and quick to long-fermented. You will be working with locally sourced grains and milling your own flours in class, learning to shape Baguette, Boules and Batards, make Brioches, Sticky Buns and Dinner Rolls as well as artisanal Boules.

The science of yeast, gluten, fermentation and aging will be covered, as well as seasonal jams and handmade cheeses. We will learn how to grow our own cultures, feed the sourdough for maximum strength and how to create loaves with thick crusts, wonderfully irregular holes and pearly crumbs. Classic Strawberry, Blueberry Orange Blossom. The Boulangerie Series is designed to give you a well-rounded education in the art of bread making.

Each student will work independently, and breads will be made primarily by hand and rarely with a stand mixer. All of these courses can be taken individually or as a grouping with a discount. As with all of our courses, please wear comfortable, close-toed shoes and bring containers with you to transport your finished products home in bread classes, we recommend bringing grocery bags.

Chef May Hennman has been teaching people how to cook for 20 years and brings her classic culinary education, love of local, seasonal produce and study of world cuisines to her culinary classroom. For 10 Weeks from 6: Our classes are held in commercial kitchens, so please arrive on time in comfortable attire and close-toed shoes. It's too late to register for this series. The cutoff date was Mon, Dec.

Learn to Cook in A Week.

Series Craft 101 Series Craft 101
Series Craft 101 Series Craft 101
Series Craft 101 Series Craft 101
Series Craft 101 Series Craft 101
Series Craft 101 Series Craft 101
Series Craft 101 Series Craft 101
Series Craft 101 Series Craft 101
Series Craft 101 Series Craft 101
Series Craft 101 Series Craft 101

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