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While in its own way a sex-oriented urban fantasy, it creates a world of complicated, realistic characters. Of all of the books, this was the most memorable to me. I think it was because the main character was so identifiable, wi Love this series. I think it was because the main character was so identifiable, with her hopeful search to find her calling and unwillingness to settle. May 05, J. Some good BDSM action as Robin first undertakes to complete the specialised training she needs in order to pass the stringent standards required to be sold as a willing slave to the highest bidder, and in the process earn a sizeable sum for herself at the completion of her contract, and then her ongoing adventures as she takes her place in a wealthy household.

Well Written With lots Of Depth My first book to read of the series! Now going to start Book One! A wonderful first read about serious folks who indulge. Nov 30, Miss rated it really liked it. More emotional and feminine than the first book in the series, more in depth regarding the slave's psyche.

Jan 28, Alice Bromley McEwen rated it it was amazing. Loved it, my favorite of the Marketplace series. Jan 26, TinaMarie rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Listened to audio narrated very well by Elizabeth Jasicki. During her training she recounts her sexual history, how she discovered her needs, knowing they weren't like everyone else and the various ways she found in attempt to get her needs met.

We get to see Robin from her memories growing up, to what led her to Chris for training and then to sale and life as a slave. Very graphic, heavy BDSM. Well writing and very engaging. Apr 23, Theresa Glover rated it it was amazing Shelves: We all read smut. There's no reason to deny it. But there's no reason to read bad smut when there is intelligent, well-written, complex, and engaging erotica like this on the market.

Just because something sells a bajillion copies doesn't make it good. Quality matters, and what makes a good book, regardless of genre, is good writing. Laura Antoniou is a respected member of the BDSM community and clearly busts her ass to write a damned good book. I read the first Marketplace books The Marketplac We all read smut. I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to meet the author in and started re-reading the series then.

Due to reasons , I wasn't able to finish at the time, but have finally finished the last two books this year. Like many fans have already howled about, there are some seriously gut-wrenching moments in the last book, but it is a satisfying, gratifying, earned and well crafted end to a fantastic series.

I highly recommend getting this series on audiobook because the voice talent embellishes the high quality of writing with a gloriously dignified and sophisticated accent. Besides, who doesn't like hearing graphic sex scenes read in a wonderfully prissy British accent? Mar 21, Marisella rated it really liked it Shelves: Robin is an art appraiser, an intelligent lovely woman who has felt the desire and need to be submissive and to serve all of her life.

She is found "spotted" by Ken Mandarin, a flamboyant Mistress. Robin has never heard of the Marketplace, but immediately recognized Ken's introduction to the Marketplace as her gate to the world she's been dreaming of. Alex and Grendel, the trainers we met in the first marketplace book, are not available to train Robin, yet Chris has a short amount of time available. In a very short period of time, Robin is taught all of the basics, and is beautifully and happily ready for auction.

Chris is incredible in this book, he seems to know just what Robin needs every moment and follows through, and is as supportive emotionally as he is tough in every other way. I believe Chris sees the perfect heart in Robin that he has himself. Robin is sold at auction to her dream prince. Her dream prince and his lover then whisk her away to California, where she begins to live an incredible life. I loved this book, the sex was of course hot as hell, and it was well written and paced.

I, like Robin, completely fell for Chris: Sep 23, Danny Tyran rated it it was amazing. I had even translated it in French just for my Master and his other slave who did not speak English, so they could savour it too. It was worth the effort because they loved this book too. This is probably the most SM book of this series. So much that sometimes I thought: Personally, I stay black and blue for weeks after a caning. Even a strapping leaves me with bruises all over for days.

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So being ridden as harshly as Robin was for two complete weeks I would have been a gigantic bleeding bruise. I didn't find that part very realistic, but this novel is just a long fantasy after all. I first read this book in high school back in the early 90s and was gifted this edition recently. I have been enamored of Chris Parker ever since I picked up that first well worn edition at a yard sale, and was very pleased with the new edition bringing this formative work back into my life at such a perfect time.

I adore Laura Antoniou's work, and have finally been able to read the rest of the Marketplace books, something I had given up on years ago. Every one is a jewel, building a world I wi I first read this book in high school back in the early 90s and was gifted this edition recently. Every one is a jewel, building a world I wish I could be a part of! The wide range of human sexuality that is shown in this series warms my heart among other organs because it proves to me that a book doesn't have to be of a single, easy to define sexuality in order to be popular.

The Slave has been in the back of my mind during all of my writing, encouraging me and definitely influencing how I write my own characters. Oct 11, Carlie rated it really liked it Shelves: This is as good as the first book, a joy to read. This happens during his vacation time so we are not at the familiar house with the masters. We learn of the fates of those from the first book and I am disappointed. Sharon was my favorite. This is an old series with two more additions for me to get through. I would have loved to have seen more of the masters and the other slaves This is as good as the first book, a joy to read.

I would have loved to have seen more of the masters and the other slaves from the first book instead of a new cast. It is still a good book with a good ending. Maybe in the future the author will give us an update on everyone if it is not in the next two books. Would love to see a book on Sharon. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope the author reads this.

May 14, Boho Beannie rated it it was amazing. This was a re-read. The second in the series, this is nice to see what happens after training - to see how slaves and masters live their lives day to day. The secondary characters are developed enough to be interesting and help flesh out the story. Robins journey and development is good.

The sex scenes are of course, outstanding, but the real enjoyment is in the mental game of it all. Memorable This was a re-read. Memorable description of what a slave should be: And at the same time, you want to be available, open for every touch and caress. Mar 30, Peche Esse rated it liked it Shelves: Not so much plot as background on slave training. I like using Heather K's rating scale 1 star- Didn't like it or worse 2 stars- Thought it was blah, just okay. Feb 18, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: I believe I gave this book a 4 star rating the first time around but as I read it this time my situation has changed and I saw it in a new light.

Therefore it earned a 5 star rating from me this time. Not a book for the masses -its an interesting exploration of a little understood sub-culture. I like the authors attempt at showing the emotional journey and sacrifice that truly being a part of this culture requires from the main character.

Slave, The (Book 2 of The Marketplace) by Laura Antoniou

Aug 03, Heather Key rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think this series just gets better as it goes and it is best to start with book one and go on from there. The fantasy mixed with the modern setting is great, all genders and sexuality are depicted in these books. I love the series and have reread the books. Sep 20, Vic rated it really liked it Shelves: I enjoyed reading Robin's journey. I wished she and CP had made more of connection recognized by CP. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Other books in the series. The Marketplace 6 books.

Books by Laura Antoniou. See All Goodreads Deals…. No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from The Slave. They had been dating for about two months. They had met in the gym, where they had been eyeing the same karate class. And since she was in the gym so much anyway, she came to watch him shoot baskets and drill with the coach.

Soon, they were going for lunch together, and then, wham, they were dating. And of course, everyone knows what eventually happens when you date someone. Nor, apparently, after all of her careful hints and coaching, had he gotten around to understanding her more specific desires. A terrible, nervous weight settled in her stomach. Oh God, why am I doing this? In the end, all that Greg had brought was the condom in his pocket. No scarves, nothing to bind her or to blindfold her, or anything. Because the minute he closed the door behind him, he was all over her.

His big hands encircled her body in a rush, and he kissed her hard and long, the way they kissed after at least twenty minutes of warm-up stroking, nibbling and licking. Robin tried to think of what she was doing as submitting to his desires. She allowed him to lead her to the bed, passively standing and turning for him as he pulled her clothing open, up, down, off. Her disappointment over his lack of attention to her careful hints was so overwhelming, and his eagerness was so clean-cut and so achingly stereotypical!

His own body was as handsome as his face, a strong chest and beautiful long legs. She reached out to touch it, and he fairly purred. Her imagination switched on, and she heard his purr change to a growl. Tell me you like it, slut. Tell me how much you want to kiss it. Get down there and make me believe that you love this cock. Instead, in cold reality, he quickly guided her backwards to the bed and practically fell on top of her. He shifted to find a good position, trying not to lean an elbow on her, kissing her when he could, trying to keep at least one hand on her tits. And then, he remembered the rubber in his pocket and had to go back to get it, leaving her lying on her back, staring up at the ceiling.

She looked over to one side of the room, where the frat boy had pinned up about a dozen overlapping beer posters, all featuring big-chested girls in skimpy bikinis, running around at the beach, their hands full of dark, sweaty bottles. She looked back down at her own body, with her small breasts and her short legs, and felt a sudden wave of inadequacy.

By the time Greg got back, fumbled around in his idea of foreplay for a little while longer and then heaved himself up to put the condom on, she found herself wishing that the experience would be as painful as some of her romance novels suggested it was; instead, it felt a little like a lightning-fast cramp.

She then tried to imagine that he was someone else. Her very distant and cold Italian teacher, for example. Yes, that was it! Or, maybe, when Greg was done, he would leap off of her, pull a pair of handcuffs out of his knapsack, and snap them on her while she lay back in an exhausted swoon.

And they would come, first to ogle, and then to paw at her, and then to finally thrust their way into her body, again and again…Yes… yes…. Was it good for you, too? It was such a letdown! Robin blushed, but nodded. But I still feel like I really messed that up. I should have waited… I should have been clearer about what I needed. It should have been special.

And I threw it away. An oddity, perhaps, but not especially valued. Experience is what counts, Robin, and you should know that. I talk a lot when I get nervous. By the end of our time together, I want to know all about your past experiences and dreams and how you felt about them. Robin glanced up and looked out the window. The late evening darkness was cool, enveloping. I could still walk out now, she thought, catching the shadow of her reflection in the glass.

I could just tell him that I must have been mistaken, insane, I have a job to do. I have to go to Italy in two months. I can leave and just go on like I was. I can find someone new. Never know if I was really ready for this. If I could have been…. Robin turned back to Chris and lowered her head. He rose, and with a speed she could have never suspected, pulled her up off the couch by the front of her jacket. She gasped at his strength, and rose to her toes, her eyes just barely above his. His fist was tight against her throat, his body terrifyingly close.

Robin gasped in another breath. Oh, I want this! What do I say?

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What does he want me to say? I mean, thank you, sir, yes, I want you to make me a slave!

30 YEARS A SLAVE - Thirty Years a Slave by Louis Hughes - complete unabridged audiobook - US SLAVERY

He let her go, and she fell back onto her heels, but kept herself erect. She tried to control the urge to pant; her breath returned in short gasps. Robin took her jacket off immediately and cursed her trembling fingers. She laid it on the couch and tried to be graceful as she unbuttoned the silk blouse.

He had gone into the adjoining bedroom without a word. So she unclipped the expensive stockings and rolled them off, and then wiggled out of everything else. Almost as an afterthought, she unclipped the gold necklace and dropped it and her watch and earrings on top of her clothing. Now she was as naked as the day she had entered this world. She drew herself up into a standing posture that seemed appropriate, with her hands behind her back, and then fretted about whether she should kneel. He kept her waiting for what seemed to be a long time.

She could hear pauses, and the sound of his light laughter. He had to be on the phone. I wonder who he called. Or maybe to try me out. Oh, get a grip, Robin, you should be over those fantasies! A slight chill built in her upper arms and spread across her shoulders, raising goosebumps.

As the first shiver ran through her, a tightness settled around her nipples and drew them achingly up. This is only a test, she thought, trying to calm herself. I am being good. I am being patient. When Chris Parker returned, he paused to examine her. He had taken his tie off, and unfastened the top button of his shirt, but that was the only change. His eyes registered neither interest nor appreciation.

Well, of course not, Robin thought.

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Think of where you met him, girl. This is one man who is just not interested in the temptations of the female form. Amazingly beautiful ones, men and women. He walked around her slowly, not touching her. When his finger finally did land on her shoulder, she jerked a little more upright, and a faint shuddering ran down her arm. You should have kept your gaze up, or turned with your eyes already cast down.

The sudden sharpness stabbed into her and she gasped again, feeling a flush rise along the back of her neck, and a familiar thrumming between her legs. He sat down again, and watched as Robin approached the door, hesitated, and then maneuvered her way around it so anyone standing in the hallway could have only gotten a glimpse of her bare arm and shoulder.

She slipped the chain lock into place, fighting back the familiar fear that came every time she played with someone new. Of course, this time it was far stronger than it ever had been before. Hundreds of questions resounded within her in an instant. Would Chris Parker demand new or unfamiliar service from her? Would he be as brutal as his appearance last night had suggested?

Was he really worthy of the trust she was about to give him? Would he want to have sex? Concentrating on moving her limbs cleanly and guiding herself around the corner of the chair without awkwardness took over from the morass of concerns which had temporarily flooded her, and she relaxed in the performance of that simple task. She halted in front of him, and let his hands guide her to the precise position he desired. His hands swept over her body in an examination. While she held herself still, her hands and knees pressed firmly in place against the carpet, he touched every part of her that could be reached.

His hands circled her throat and then stroked it, trailed across her shoulders and down her arms, probing at the muscles in her upper arms, tapping the inside of her elbows. His fingers tickled her ribcage on the way to gently cupping her breasts, pressing them up against her body lightly, then letting them fall. Ignoring her, Chris placed one firm palm on her lower back while the other hand stroked and probed her midsection and her belly.

A tap from that hand and she pushed her knees further apart, and then still further, so that one hand could comfortably reach between her thighs to explore the tenderness of her pussy. She had shaved only that morning; it was a habit left from her time with Troy. But Chris gave no indication as to whether he approved or disapproved. He did cup her entire sexual delta in one hand and compress his fingers around it until she moaned again. And when one finger slipped along the edges of her lips, she gasped, and lifted her ass just a little bit more, her face flooding in shame.

But he left off teasing her in that fashion and continued his examination, cupping her round buttocks, squeezing her thighs and running his fingers across the bottoms of her feet. She felt his hands suddenly leave her, and the creaking of the chair as he leaned back into it. Her entire body felt primed for attention. Every inch ached for another touch; her skin felt like it was alive with electricity. And this just from being so lightly handled!

But before she could complete her turn to face him, he grasped a hand full of her hair and dragged her toward him, throwing her off balance, sending her crashing into his knee. She winced and he jerked hard on the fistful of hair he still held. With his free hand, he cuffed her lightly across the mouth, and she gasped in the shock of impact.

The Marketplace

No one had ever done that to her before. I know what you can take, girl. Humiliated to her core, Robin tried to allow her body to follow his manipulations, but it was hard, because he moved quickly this time, never allowing her to fully relax. He twisted her head one way and then the other, and then dropped the hand from her face and slapped her heavily across her left breast. Before she even had enough time to gasp, he slapped her right breast and grasped the nipple between his fingers, pressing tightly. Robin bit her lip to keep from moaning, and the heat from the slaps seemed to rise through her chest and into her face.

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  4. Her breaths came in short gasps, punctuated each time he compressed that captive nipple, and when she whimpered at the pain, he switched and took up the other one and did the same thing. His hand went back and forth between her nipples, twisting and pinching them, while he still maintained a tight grip on her hair, bending her backward. Dimly, through the haze of intoxicating pleasure and pain, she heard her own voice offering thanks, again and again, until Chris pulled her back forward and touched her lips with his fingers.

    She panted, her chest rising and falling heavily, her nipples burning and itching with pain. He released her hair, and she wavered a little, catching her balance, but managed to press her lips against his hand, lightly. Now raise your hips. Present that hungry cunt to me, girl, lift it high. Robin followed his instructions, so that she was still resting on her calves, her back curved like a bow.

    Her legs were still wide apart, and this position opened her pussy lips before Chris, giving him a perfect view of the wetness his treatment had drawn from her. He leaned down and opened her, carefully, keeping his eyes on hers. When she looked away, unable to bear his gaze, he thrust two fingers inside of her, slipping through her folds like a hand sliding through thick layers of glossy silk.

    The Slave (The Marketplace Series Book 2) The Slave (The Marketplace Series Book 2)
    The Slave (The Marketplace Series Book 2) The Slave (The Marketplace Series Book 2)
    The Slave (The Marketplace Series Book 2) The Slave (The Marketplace Series Book 2)
    The Slave (The Marketplace Series Book 2) The Slave (The Marketplace Series Book 2)
    The Slave (The Marketplace Series Book 2) The Slave (The Marketplace Series Book 2)
    The Slave (The Marketplace Series Book 2) The Slave (The Marketplace Series Book 2)
    The Slave (The Marketplace Series Book 2) The Slave (The Marketplace Series Book 2)
    The Slave (The Marketplace Series Book 2) The Slave (The Marketplace Series Book 2)

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