Understanding Gods Kingdom

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So what did the disciples understand? What did Jesus and the prophets foretell?

Understanding Kingdom 1

A careful study of the Scriptures provides clarity. Where is it going to be established? When will it come?

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A literal or a figurative kingdom? The Kingdom of God is a literal kingdom.

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God gave King Nebuchadnezzar a dream of an image of a man with a head of gold, its chest and arms of silver, its belly and thighs of bronze, its legs of iron and its feet partly of iron and partly of clay. This great image, whose splendor was excellent, stood before you; and its form was awesome. And the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth.

Now we will tell the interpretation of it before the king. FB Meyer wrote, " You do not test the resources of God until you attempt them impossible ". Our Lord instructs us to pray; as His servants, this should be the end of the matter! Psalm 2 echoes through the life of Jesus, in the book of Acts 4: Praying for the nations can have significant personal consequences as well — for countless missionaries, their first step on the path toward Christian service began with prayer and resulted in their obedient response to God calling them to be answers to their own prayers.

There is No Doubt as to Call of God for us to Pray!

The imitation and adoration of Christ must necessarily include prayer, for His own life exemplified prayer. What is more, when we pray, we are recognizing the sovereignty of God as well as acknowledging our own helplessness.

Knowing About God's Kingdom

We put Him back on the throne of our own lives and of the world. Psalms 67 and 96 are resounding examples of the intricately bound nature of prayer, worship and mission.

The temple — the locus of the presence of God on earth and the centre of worship for the nation of Israel — was set out to be a house of prayer for all nations Is When we seek to rescue unreached peoples and lost souls from the grip of the evil one, we must expect violent opposition in the heavenlies. The gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, but they must be stormed; they will not open of their own accord. Warfare has casualties, but we are not mere collateral damage. God is in control, yet at times He allows His people the honour of suffering the consequences of this war.

As noted above, our choice to stand in the gap can have heavy consequences. But beyond the spiritual price that intercessors often pay, the simple choice to pray usually happens to the exclusion of something else in our lives. Often that something else is frivolous, but at times prayer must come at the expense of important things, such as our own work, our sleep or our time with loved ones. Busyness is an especially modern affliction, yet even years ago Luther understood this principle: Jesus retreated from perfectly legitimate ministry activities to seek intimacy with the Father.

Grace and Peace and Thanks to You

How can we do less? It is simply making the Kingdom of God a reality to the people around us. We communicate this Kingdom through words, attitudes, and actions and then invite people into this Kingdom through Jesus. They were to go straight to their destination and bring peace to the homes that they entered. Then, they were to heal the sick people in the town.

However, there were people who rejected the Kingdom. They were not peace-loving; they were not Kingdom-loving. Jesus instructed His disciples to wipe the dust off their feet, leave, and bring evidence of the Kingdom to the next town. When Jesus is ruling over and through us, we bring the Kingdom to every physical square inch of the realm that lies within our circle of influence.

We bring the Kingdom with us when we feed the hungry, when we clothe the poor, when we teach people about Jesus in a spirit of love, when our words and actions are marked by the fruit of the Spirit, when we do anything for someone else out of love for Jesus.

We are to lead, not in competition with other Christians, but alongside other Christians. This is perhaps one of the most mind-boggling promises of the Kingdom of God. Our future with Christ will not be marked by petty grudges, arguments, and hurt feelings. Can you imagine what it would be like to live in such a community?

Neither can anyone else. Not in competition with one another but in collaboration.

Understanding Gods Kingdom Understanding Gods Kingdom
Understanding Gods Kingdom Understanding Gods Kingdom
Understanding Gods Kingdom Understanding Gods Kingdom
Understanding Gods Kingdom Understanding Gods Kingdom
Understanding Gods Kingdom Understanding Gods Kingdom

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