My Son, Billy: A Father Remembers the Greatest Pitchman Ever

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I was also wondering how you got into music and what other bands, if any, you get your inspiration from my first thought was Explosions In The Sky. I would recommend "Gently" which was the album o wrote dealing with my father's passing: Or eardrops which is my more recent ambient collection: And I would say some big influences on my music are: Fuck yeah Reggie Watts. Also, listening to Frequent Seas just got that when typing it.

You make very beautiful sounds. Yes, Reggie has influenced me so much because I've always been more comfortable improvising than playing fully written material and you can tell that most of his stuff is improvised. There are A LOT but this is definitely up there: He took me to LA when he was on Conan one week before he died.

I always said that if he got on Conan that he'd HAVE to take me with him and when it was confirmed, there was no question. What do you think about the Jabo0ody Dubs parody videos of your dad ex. A playlist of all 16 of his Billy Mays parody videos here! We've been in contact with the man behind the dubs and he's good people. My father was not a perfect man.

He grew up in a notoriously shady town and it's a wonder he ever even made it out of there alive. He liked to party growing up and these bad habits did indeed follow him into his adult life. He struggled with many different impulses throughout his life. I can say, without question, that in the years before his death I would say the peak of his career he was in no way a "cokehead. And with his history of addiction, this was not a great combination.

by Sr., Bill Mays; Virostek, Marc E

It got to the point where he had trouble being his public self traveling, always working on shoots, etc.. And as for the "cocaine" found in his system, it is quite possible that he indulged in the drug sometime before his death but once again Actually, the drug itself was never found in his system.

Only a certain residu that is usually attributed to cocaine use. For the record, I'm not trying to cover up anything. I just think it was a shame how the headlines were written after the report came out and the fact that people say he "overdosed. Notwithstanding, I will not lie and say my father didn't struggle with drugs throughout his journey.

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Billy Mays Dies and the Media Decline to Take It Seriously - CBS News

But, as I lived with him for the final 5 years of his life, I know that he was not a "cokehead" and that he tried his best to be a good human being. Thanks for the nice replies, everyone! And thanks to whoever gave me Reddit Gold! And I will enjoy it, I'm sure! While I realize you are probably interested in this Kind of a dick question, man. I still don't think it was a cool question to ask, but I guess, sometimes in life, you just have to ask the hard questions. Thanks for defending, my friend. But I have dealt with this for a very long time and have made peace. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

If he doesn't want to answer it then he won't answer it. I know I wouldn't want people talking like that about my parents after they passed Glad you made peace with it, and I plan on checking out your facebook page tonight when I get home. I just wanted to say that my dad was a heroin addict, but it all started because of the prescribed pain killers in the hospital.

I don't believe it makes him a bad person, he just made some poor decisions to turn to the drug. I'm so sorry to hear about his passing, but as an outsider, I assure you this isn't what he will be remembered for, despite what the headlines said. My sister died when I was 16, they found traces of cocaine and Ecstasy. What shocked me most was the way people reacted, kind of turned their noses up at it. I can only imagine how hard it was to go through this but in the public eye. Sorry to hear that. Yes, I think people are judgmental of weakness in the form of drug addiction because they're afraid of their own impulsivity.

Thanks for being candid. My dad struggled with addiction as well. His death, however was due to hospital neglect and too much morphine. I can relate to the confusion and irony here, and I appreciate your honesty. Your father will be missed. I've always used the analogy of a blanket from The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo: How was your father discovered? He was trained by some of the best boardwalk pitchmen of Atlantic City and beyond, a dying breed. Link for those interested: Have you ever over heard someone talking about your dad or making a joke not knowing you were his son? Yes, I usually like to let them talk and then allow them to feel slightly awkward when they find out.

But I usually always assure them that I don't mind. Most people in person are generally polite when discussing him even not knowing he's my dad. I've found it's the anonymity of the internet that makes people say shitty things, usually.

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He always said that "Nerves are good. I don't really know why I loved your dad's commercials when all other commercials like it I tend to tune out. I guess that was part of the magic that made him so great. Anyway, how was it for you and your family when he started to become such a well known and successful name?

I'm not entirely sure how fast his popularity rose, was it all at once, or did it build slow enough to make it easier to adjust to? I'm just kind of curious as to how things changed for you and your family because of it. He really didn't become "famous" until he was 40 years old. Your father motivated and inspired me to pursue my inventions for years. I'd stop and make time just to watch him sell anything. I was shocked when he died. I miss him still, and you have my deepest condolences. His generosity was hard to really describe.

Not just with money but with time, love, listening, etc.. So many people continue to share stories with me about how much he gave to them. And I believe it because he gave so much of all those things to me. What was your dad like outside his job? Do you know how he got started in his career? He liked luxury cars At the time of his death, he was leasing 4 totally unnecessarily expensive cars. I think he just liked to drive them because, to him, it represented some level of success that he had finally attained. Just wanted to come by and say that your music is pretty cool. Not long after your father passed, I saw an experimental music show where somebody played triggered and manipulated audio from various Billy Mays commercials over drone loops while another person played the drums.

Fairly new, American Standard Classic. And that's pretty much my baby.

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I also have an American Fender Strat but I'm about to pass it along to a friend. I think that means we're best friends. Can I be your friend too? Pretty please with a cherry on top.

My Son, Billy: A Father Remembers the Greatest Pitchman Ever by Bill Mays Sr,Marc E. Virostek

Yeah, my grandfather is Billy Mays I aka Senior.. Although there were two Billy Mays's before him with different middle names. Obviously from your other post, you were able to meet Hulk Hogan as a result of your dad's career It appears that they were inspired by Billy Mays, and to date, I have always believed those ones are the best. Have you ever seen them? Do you think this would be something your dad would have appreciated and laughed at? I'm sorry you lost your father so soon. Are there any recordings of your dad in his normal speaking voice?

If you can find it, I would recommend his interview on the Tonight Show. The Conan one was more silly and less personal. Also, there are some great personal interviews with him from the PitchMen series on Discovery. Your father was the best pitch-man i've ever witnessed. Anytime he'd come on TV, you would just be drawn to watch him. He seemed to have that genuine enthusiasm for life that makes people just want to be around him. What is the coolest or funniest memory you have of your dad? One time after he was already mildly famous , he got chosen out of the crowd to be part of a David Copperfield illusion.

Needless to say David recognized him and so did the crowd.. It was a uniquely funny moment. As an epilogue, my dad ended up being the only person NOT to sign the non-disclosure agreement about how the trick was done. Of course, he told me and I was not impressed. What did you think of it? Your dad and my dad were good friends in our home town where your gram still does notary. He told me a story years ago about how your dad placed a brand new computer on this local struggling families front door for Christmas and never took claim for it. It always stuck with me that when I would see your dad on tv to know he was really a good man and never forgot where he came from.

I just wanted to share this so people would know we really did lose a good man and not just someone who was on television. It's always good to see someone from your hometown make it but it's even better when you know the person deserves it. Not a question, but just wanted to let you know that I have this engraved on my Caps Lock key on my keyboard.

Not sure, I was shopping around for a mechanical keyboard at the time and WASD offered custom keys with an image of your choice. I just so happened to stumble upon the image of Billy Mays and thought it'd be awesome if I can activate Billy Mays mode at will. If heaven were a real place, yes. I didn't think this tongue-in-cheek comment would be so controversial but oh well I won't delete it. If not, who cares?! I'm swimming in Reddit Gold! What do I do with Reddit Gold again? If you mean family as in the criminal drug addict black sheep that nobody ever talks about, then sure, yeah, they're family.

I don't call myself an atheist. But, coming from a catholic upbringing and being aware of the stupid parts of organized religion, you can see how I might be sympathetic to the subreddit, no? Also, I do agree that it is annoying at times.

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They may not feel welcome, but that is on them, because they are welcome. The commenter above you is in now way correct or representative of the opinions of most Redditors. He is representative of a small group of vocal atheist-haters. We are the largest atheist community anywhere, and we are not afraid to be vocal regarding our opinions among this community. Many people dislike us for being ourselves, and to more easily dismiss us, create straw men regarding our character. I've considered it and I've been asked to, but I am creating my own life and if it intertwines or mirrors his, then it will be natural rather than forced.

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  • Black Ops 2 called "BMay" stupid clan system only allows 4 chars, it was BMays in previous games and all of our names are products that your father pitched. There are others who have played occasionally as well, but those are the main ones. Your dad is an icon. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for your loss, the last episode of PitchMen got me right in the feels.

    With the occasional help of production makeup artists on shoot days.. Hi Makeup Artists, thanks for doing what you do! He's not famous but my good friend and brother from another named Michael is a beatboxing master. I would always ask him "How do you do it? Sorry if this oversteps any boundaries, but how is your relationship with Deborah? Deborah and I have a strong bond. Almost more so after his death. But yeah, that's kind of personal.. No, but don't worry.. My friends from Pittsburgh, whom I grew up with, still call me Turd to this day.

    I don't feel like I'm letting out any kind of big secret. Me and my friend spent a summer imitating your dad, at first we made fun of him but after a while we realized that we wanted to be him. I always miss the good AMA's and don't ever see them until they were long finished and inactive. Since this one is still developing, this is very exciting. I'd just like to say thanks for doing this, and let you know how awesome I thought your dad was. I always enjoyed when one of his commercials was on, and really enjoyed Pitchmen.

    Looking at your twitter cover I'm assuming you're a musician. If you sing do you use the same glorious voice you're father has? Also, I thought you might enjoy knowing I idealized you dad at a very young age. He was my first crush, a husband who could get my whites THAT white in just one wash?!

    RECESS WITH LIZZZA / Playground Memories - Lizzza

    And I wanted to be just like him. My poor family endured me "projecting" for many years, "with the stain removing power of oxy you can get that right out! I just want to tell you he really was a phenomenaly charismatic person and I will always own my family reputation as his biggest fan. Yes, I worked on a lot of his infomercials as a production assistant.

    It was always a blast working with him. Most of my friends growing up knew him before he was famous and still treated him like a human being. I don't think he would be quite literate enough to do anything on it himself. But I'm sure he would've done his own AMA and made me type. He DID end up getting into Twitter just before his death. I even taught him how to tweet on his own.

    I have no question, but I use your dad as my Mii. Long live Billy Mays. I would always watch infomercials as a child on saturday mornings and would sit through the entire duration of them! Yeah, Oxi-Clean was his most notable product but he did have some other extremely successful more independent products. Mighty Putty being one of them.. Listened to a little of your music, really interesting stuff. Have you been playing music since you were younger? What did your Dad think of it?

    He supported my music fully. In fact, he always encouraged me to follow that and never tried to force me into any particular line of work. This was my Halloween costume the year your father passed away. People always told me I looked like a younger billy mays, so in February, I had settled on being him for Halloween. When he passed away, I was devastated. I still wore the costume after much deliberation. I hope you like it. Since your dad had probably cast and most likely still does a rather large shadow - what do you do in your own life that you hope will make a name for yourself?

    I make music and stuff: That they all die. Just kidding, I'm still stuck in Season 3. Haven't kept up much. I lost my dad a few years ago and kept a voice mail message from him on my phone for weeks. Well, as you can see, I do still keep up with his public persona. I just enjoy exploring his impact on pop culture: What do you think of jaboody dubs on youtube?

    He does put some obscene language over your fathers work, does it offend you or do you find it funny? Dude, your music is awesome. Thank you so much for doing this AMA! What is your favorite activity aside from being a musician? I am into all forms of art! I write a lot.. Also, I'm into health. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and stay active. A while back I recall you were selling some stickers of your fathers face on your site Where's Billy Mays.

    Do you ever plan to sell them again? I want to buy a collection of them and stick them everywhere. I never sold them. Only gave them away. And there are only a few left. I may get more printed in the future perhaps! Also, i work at a concert venue. Would you ever consider going on tour? We'd love to have you here!

    My wifi is named after your father. I don't have any questions as I will blissfully remember him as I want to. May he rest in peace. I'm sure you won't see this by now, but I remember being really little I was born in 93 when the first OxiClean commercials came out.

    My family and I started impersonating your father any time we wanted to convince each other that something was awesome, and when he started getting more mainstream success, we were really happy. Just wanted to let you know. After his death, I was really upset that they started using other spokespeople for his products Since you're Billy Mays's only son does that make you immediately awesome in every aspect in life? Just wanted to say thanks for doing this.

    I am sorry for your loss, he was definitely taken too soon. I am happy to know he left behind a great legacy. Keep up the awesome work and continue making him and the rest of us proud. As a matter of fact, yes. His hugs were known for being amazing. I pride myself on my hugs, as well.

    I play a game called APB: He modeled the character to look like your dad.

    Here is a screenshot. This is a video of him in action. He is one of the best players in the game Mind if I post it on http: How do you react to people that quote Billy Mays in memes and jokes saying things like "But wait, there's more! Does it make you feel proud, offended, or what?

    Your dad's passing really got me down, and I've been following you on both Twitter and Instagram since. I don't really have a question, but I wanted to say that I admire what you do and all of your passion and strength. I also wanted to admit that I think "Infinite Third" is an extremely clever name. All the best to you and your family!

    Well done, very well done. You won't see this but just wanted you to know I've spent the last couple of hours watching your dad's commercials at work. I had forgotten how awesome they where. Just goes to show the power of technology and the ability to bring back lost memories. Are you aware your dad is a playable character in a video game mod known as Garry's Mod?

    Yes, I've posted their tribute on http: In his final years, he really liked the band Snow Patrol for some reason. They're pretty good, I guess. I found out at the game that your dad was a FSU alum For whatever reason, he descended down from the upper levels of the stadium and walked on to the sideline. He walked right through the middle of the crowd. He posed for pictures and signed autographs the whole way down.

    He just happened to pass by me when I took this. Seemed like a real genuine guy. I make lots of different other stuff too.. I just went through Frequent Seas, truly impressive. I'm checking out that stuff too now, it gives me hope that "electronic" music can still be good quality. If you don't know them already, check out Muse. They are a truly great rock trio that incorporate elements of digital and "space" into their tracks.

    Very unique and interesting work though, best of luck in the future! Never lost a parent, can't fathom what it must feel like. Is there anything about your relationship with your father that you would've changed? Showed him that you cared more, for example. Fortunately, I was always very appreciative of him and always expressed it. Which made it easier to cope with his death, I think.

    Not really a question, but I think I saw you at some festival in Wisconsin a couple years ago. You were advertising something for dryers. I remember you saying that you liked to do things in person while your dad liked tv more. I don't know if you're still around. I love your music; I listened to it before I even knew who you were. What are some other ambient artists you're into? What kind of education do you have?

    The only reason I ask is because your answers are articulate and well written beyond what I'd expect from any average Joe. But I've yet to actually have to mention those two degrees to anyone who pays me for anything. He gives great tutorials on all aspects of being a musician: I don't know if this counts but all the pallbearers myself included wore blue shirts and khaki pants.

    You can find photos somewhere on the internet, I think. Did you attend Jesuit High School? I remember abou 6 or 7 years ago, I was at Maggiano's at West Shore Mall when I saw you and your dad pull up in a Bentley and you were wearing a nice blazer and someone told me you went to Jesuit and were a few grades below me. I'm class of ' Do you still live in Tampa? Went to High School in Pennsylvania. Yes that was probably me at Maggiano's and I still live in the Tampa area now. I met your dad once and spoke with him fo a while.

    He seemed like a really nice guy with tons of energy. Not a question, just a story. When your dad passed, that year in October? I was at Roger Williams Pumpkin Fest and they had a group of pumpkins memorializing all the celebs that we lost that year. Your dad was the second one and whom ever carved it did an awesome job. I thought he was an a cool guy and it hit me right in the feels. Just answer the question. Like Geaux, I also chose your dad as my Halloween costume the year he passed. One of my best Halloweens to date. What was one of the best pieces of advice your dad ever gave you that you found the most useful in your life so far?

    I see you like guitar pedals. What's your favorite atm? Mine's between a Murf Moogerfooger and a few Death by Audio pedals. I'd love to hear your music. It's the heart of my music. Are you stoked to have a strain of marijuana named after your dad? I really liked that CD that you gave me at the new years party 2 years ago.

    But i will admit that I did lose it. No questions from me, but I wish I coulda seen you play while you were in town. Keep up the good work man. I thank you for opening my eyes to the vegan world too! What made you get into the drone music? I don't really know.. It kind of just happened. Sorry if that answer sucks but it's probably the most honest way to explain it.

    Same thing happened with me man. I made some drone compositions in college and my friends were like "who the fuck would listen to this" until about 5 mins in when it started kicking in hard and they truly enjoyed it. This'll probably get lost in all the other comments, but I remember reading a comment a few months back when someone else figured out who you were, and mentioned doing an AMA at some point.

    I just wanted to say kudos to you for following through on it! I have a song called "Billy Mays Cocaine", which is about hipsters and named in a bit odd tribute to your father. I about cried when I saw he was dead on the tv at work, given the string of celeb deaths going around but now I'm feeling as if I should rename the song, never really thinking how his family might feel.

    So basically would you be okay if I kept the song title or would you feel better if I changed it to something else? If you think it's appropriate then keep it. I'd obviously prefer that not be the title but it's your artistic decision and I support it either way. I'm listening to your song "Stillness in Movement" right now. Would just like to say that I'm really enjoying your music.

    I have a bobble head of your dad. My GF apparently paid decent money on eBay to get it for me as a birthday gift. I think you should know that the night before your father's death, my friends and I repeatedly said "Billy Mays here" for a long time and to this day, we're convinced we killed him, so sorry. Hey man, I'm one of tue guys who was there. We felt so horrible, you have no idea. Did you or a sibling go to Full Sail in Orlando? My friend said your father was at her graduation.

    Sorry if you're still not answering questions but how did you cope with losing your dad? I lost mine in January and I'm still having trouble coping. Sadness is perfectly natural. Letting go is the lesson you're being taught. Since your father seems to have been a man who appreciated football, and a native to the Pittsburgh area, I would much like to know if he was a Steelers fan. I am interested in hearing about you. Clearly, you are a man of good character, and I suspect your father had something to do with it. I saw you on the Pitchmen tribute special and you look so much like him!

    Your music is awesome and so are the tributes to your father RIP. In the tribute you did say there's no question your first son would be Billy Mays IV. If and when you have your son future Billy Mays IV , could you post some pics of the little guy in khakis and blues like his grandpa? Thank you for doing the AMA by the way. I really enjoyed the picture yesterday with Hulk and your dad. I listened to some of your songs and I think they are pretty mesmerizingly good!

    Well, I endorse a few things locally through word of mouth but nothing on a major scale yet. Yesterday while I was pushing my 4 year old son in a shopping cart through Home Depot, my Son rose up from the cart and pointed to the Oxy Clean display and said, "Dad, look! I don't have a question -- and I may be too late for this -- but I just wanted to let you know that your dad was an icon in the best way.

    After listening to "Gently," I can say that your music is wonderful. With all this talk about you father, and I loved his work. What are your interests? What makes you tick? I create sounds and other stuff. Here are some links to check out if you're interested in Infinite Third: Always a good time.

    Music Box says whatsup! I consider The Venture Compound my "home venue"! It's pretty much where I developed my sound. Seeing as you are only 26 and your dad died in , you were 22 when he went. Seeing as how I'm 22 and had my dad die eleven months ago tomorrow, what do you feel helped you the most coping with the loss of a parent you were close to? Letting go takes time but acceptance is important. Hope you're doing OK with it. Took me a few years to let go of some of the heavier emotions associated with it. A hawker of small wares, as on the streets or at a carnival.

    Commerce an itinerant pedlar of small merchandise who operates from a stand at a fair, etc. Switch to new thesaurus. References in periodicals archive? The cute cold-weather bird is a pitchman for everything from vodka to hockey. Giant ancient penguin was human-size. The onetime football star turned actor and TV pitchman nicknamed "The Juice" during his playing career was found not guilty in following that sensational, month trial in Los Angeles, which was televised live daily, transfixing much of the nation.

    Simpson freed on parole after nine years in jail. Maybe I'm the wrong person to judge this since I don't have to be sold on the benefits of condoms, but it seems to me that rapper Lil' Dicky is a fantastic choice for a condom pitchman. This paper aims to analyze the attitude of soccer fans after the outcome of matches under the influence of a pitchman celebrities and idols , involvement and fanaticism. Effect of victories and defeats on the attitude of soccer fans:

    My Son, Billy: A Father Remembers the Greatest Pitchman Ever My Son, Billy: A Father Remembers the Greatest Pitchman Ever
    My Son, Billy: A Father Remembers the Greatest Pitchman Ever My Son, Billy: A Father Remembers the Greatest Pitchman Ever
    My Son, Billy: A Father Remembers the Greatest Pitchman Ever My Son, Billy: A Father Remembers the Greatest Pitchman Ever
    My Son, Billy: A Father Remembers the Greatest Pitchman Ever My Son, Billy: A Father Remembers the Greatest Pitchman Ever
    My Son, Billy: A Father Remembers the Greatest Pitchman Ever My Son, Billy: A Father Remembers the Greatest Pitchman Ever
    My Son, Billy: A Father Remembers the Greatest Pitchman Ever My Son, Billy: A Father Remembers the Greatest Pitchman Ever

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