Pedido de Casamento (Série Clube do Buquê - Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition)

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Mackay und Edward Schenley an Palmerston, Havanna, 1. Drafts and Dispatches, Letters. November Fall Manuelita. Madden, 7th November printed copy, no publication information , West India Miscellaneous, ; Vol: Madden and Superintendent Mr. Clarke, Foreign Office, Correspondence from Dr. Mackay an Duke of Wellington vom H Schenley aus Havanna, Schenley aus Havanna an Lord Palmerston, Havanna, Schenley aus Havanna an Lord Palmerston, Havanna, 3. Februar an Viscount Palmerston.

Mai an Palmerston. Juli an Palmerston Kroomen. Zeuske, Amistad …, p. Dalrymple an Palmerston aus Havanna vom 1. Dalrymple an Palmerston aus Havanna vom Juni and 3. April Preliminary Inventory of the Records of U. Bereits gegen Ende war die Provinz Santa Clara in 15 "informations-districts" unterteilt worden.

Die Liste38, die im Dezember erstellte wurde, weist die "erste Besetzung" auf. Zum Teil wurden diese Offiziere im Laufe der Zeit durch andere ersetzt. RG , Records of U. Powers reports has been elected chairman of the municipal council of Palmira. Powers fwds [forwards - M. Is a brother in law to Gen. Ryans report as prominent leader in Cruces. Beach as one of leaders of rumored outbreak on Feb. Beach re [relative - M. Michaelis on Zapata Swamp"[39]. Sagua la Grande" Sep. Kirkpatrick as one of the Miguelista leaders of Sagua la Grande.

Rural Guards Aug. Smith reports owes his job to Gomez [J. Smither as wealthy resident of Boston interest. Ryans report as owner of Dos Hermanos sugar estate, Cruces. Nolan as one of the Miguelista leaders at Caibarien. Kirkpatrick as one of the Miguelista leaders of Caibarien. Ryans report as prominent Liberal leader in Ranchuelo. Kirkpatrick as one of the leading Miguelistas of Sancti Spiritus. Die Mitlieder der Gesellschaft " Angesichts des Datum dieses Protokolls Centro Africano La Caridad.

Reglamento, balances, correspondencia cruzada con el Gobernador Provincial, y entre el Gobernador Provincial y el Alcalde Municipal. Gasser as one of the Miguelista leaders in the Ayuntamiento of Guanajay. One of the signers of the Lajas Manifesto to negroes. Kirkpatrick as a leading Miguelista of Santo Domingo. Colonel 15th Cavalry [das ist einer der US. Powers reports [Collado y C. Alberich engineered plot to kill Jacinto Portela, who was elected Alcalde of Palmira; plot failed.

Jones in daily report to Col. Parker re political situation in Santa Clara Province. Stone furnishes personal history of -. Name of Agustin Cruz and Ferrera mentioned therein.

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Personal history of by Lt. Ryans report as prominent leader in Cruces; Liberal. Cameron as bad man of Ciego Montero, 8 mi. Stone furnishes personal history of son of , Dr. Agustin Cruz y Gonzalez. Hickok as father of man of same name in pers. Gomez [das ist ein sehr wichtiger Gesichtspunkt - ich nahm bisher an, die negros, an deren Spitze Morua, seien auch wichtig, hier aber sind sie die wichtigsten! Nolan one Miguelista leaders in Caibarien. Kirkpatrick as one of the Miguelista leaders of Constancia. Kirkpatrick as one of the leading Zayistas of Cienfuegos.

Rowell -- Chief Police of Palmira re disturbance there. In report on same by Lt. Was over some negro rebels in Aug. Ryans report as manager of sugar mill Dos Hermanos. Ryans report as administrator of above sugar estate, at Cruces. Nolan as one of the Miguelista leaders at Remedios. McReynolds -- leading Liberal about Sancti Spiritus, out of town, etc. Kirkpatrick as one of the leading Miguelistas of Placetas. Kirkpatrick as one of the Zayista leaders at Ranchuelo. Name of Agustin Cruz ment therein.

Dickinson reports says he will not employ any but old negroes, as younger ones are worthless owing to politics, and think they will not have to work if Gomez is elected. Beach as reported trying to maintain their [negroes? Doherty reports that recent visit of Zayas [Zayista meeting at Camaguey night of the 16th June -M. Parker on situation in Santa Clara province. Beach as shrewd uneducated, aggress. In the nomination of presid. Beach as one of generals in interview at cafe in Cienfuegos re arrival of Gomez. Name of Agustin Cruz mentioned therein.

Kirkpatrick as being leading Zayista of Palmira. Colonel, 15th Cavalry mehr. Gomez around the Island and his standing with the people; states Gomez eems to be very popular, etc. This man is an expert mining engineer, and was with Pino Guerra al trough the war. Beach as owner of coffee plantation on Rio Hondo, 18 mi. Ryans report as prominent leader in Ranchuelo. Ladd explaining various matters connected with the revolutionary movement of Longan in connection with personal history of Zayista leader of Sagua la Grande.

Lear re manifesto circulated among negroes. Danforth as having large following of negroes in Camaguey Province. Smith as having had conference with Genl. Monteagudo occasion latter's visit to Trinidad during past week. Longan gives name and description of as man in whom might be found the latest qualities of a "Diaz".

Miguelista leader of Sagua. Nolan as one of Miguelista leaders at Caibarien. Larned reports elected Alcalde of Caibarien on Aug. Dickinson reports that cannot get enough negro laborers as younger element think that after elections are over the Government will take care of them, etc. McReynolds as about to marry daughter of J. McReynolds reports that Sancti Spiritus Liberals held meeting and elected -- as one of four delegates to provincial assembly Liberal.

McReynolds reports Juventud Miguelista, president, held meeting in house of S. Rowell as holding political meeting at Palmira Sep. Gasser as one of Miguelista leaders of the Ayuntamiento of Cabanas. Miguelista leader of Ranchuelos. Miguelista candidate for Gov. Miguelista candidate for Mayor of Havana. Lear in report on political situation in Santa Clara Province.

Zayista candidate for Alcalde of Havana. Miguelista leader of Caibarien. Powers reports is Liberal candidate for Representative from Hormiguero distr. TXT unter Erbschaftssachen] Miguelista leader in Ranchuelo. Zayista leaders of Ranchuelo. Miguelista leader in Yagajay [Yaguajay -M. Smith as uncle of Gen. Miguelista leader at Buena Vista [Caibarien Inf.

Smither during latters absence. Kirkpatrick sends in pers. Smither in report on same. Green as owner of sugar central Hormiguero. Miguelista leader of Manzanillo. Powers re a Zayista prominent in the Zayista faction in Palmira; stated there would bloodshed if Conservative won in elctions. Powers reports is Liberal candidate for Representative for Hormiguero district.

Rowell -- absent during disturbance in Palmira. Powers reports is a brother of Jacinto Portela, recently elected Mayor of Palmira, who will appoint -- Sergt. Nolan as one of Zayista leaders at Caibarien. Doherty reports formerly Governor of Camaguey, and a leading Zayista, came out the 24th with a circular letter denouncing Jose Miguel and advocating Menocal.

Zayista leaders of Sagua Rowell -- re Zayistas and Alcalde of Palmira were conspirating to cause him trouble. Of Cienfuegos Apr. Smith as Liberal negro leader in Trinidad out for Zayas. Logan as one of the Miguelista leaders at Mayari. Rowell reports - had quarrel with Dr. Alberich; Alcalde of Palmira; has been discharged and replaced by white man. Ryans report as prominent leader in Ranchuelo; Liberal. Not cordial to Americans. Lear states that in event of trouble election day will probably be one of the leaders.

Now followers of Jose Miguel Gomez. Nolan as one of the Conservative leaders at Caibarien. Juni Box 15 "Special": Field Service in Cuba. Compiled from Daily press dispatches" 44 Seiten; siehe Kopie. Railways m lang 12m breit. Detail of Intelligence Officers, U. Is considered a leader among the colored men of Moderate party od Artemisa and Candelaria. Is not a wealthy man. Is considered a conservative man. Was elected as representative to the Central Government from the district of Havana in to October when he was forced to resign by Governor Magoon.

Joined revolution at Artemisa in September as a Colonel of the Revolutionary forces. Supporter of Jose Miguel Gomez. Recognized as one of the leaders of the colored people; has great influence over them. During the revolution of he travelled all thru Cabanas and Bahia Honda influencing all colored population to oppose the government, assuring them that they were on an equality with the white people.

Is a man of revolutionary tendencies and would be dangerous in case of political trouble. It is thought probably that he will not visit Lajas, as it is strengly Zayasista [sic - M. Rowell aus Palmira, Marine Barracks, Rowell aus Palmira, 7. Supposed to be outlaws. Denig aus Lajas, Box 20 Ticklers and Misc.

Overton schreibt vom 6. Bild ; Cardona, Gabriel, Cienfuegos w. Galdos, Juan Manuel, Cienfuegos w. Sotero, Santa Clara w. Abelardo Gato Prieto w. Manuel El Isleno , Camajuani, "Liberal" w. Guides Von den "Guides" etwa: Correspondence with Moderate and Liberal Party includes a number of confidential reports. National Archives, Record Group Office of the Director of Intelligence G Card List of Names of Cuban Guides, including biographical information, n.

International Claims, Spain, Convention of , case files, c. Es geht immer um "claim for losses of property in Cuba sustained during the insurrection against the Spanish Government, assumed by the United States under Article 7, Treaty of Paris of December 10, State wether you have any interest, direct or indirect, in the claim which is the subject of this inquiry and are you related to the Claimant.

It is not possible for me to be relative of his: He is white, and I am colored. Do you speak English? No, sir - I speak Cuban. The colonia "Luisa" lay outside of this line of forts, did it not? But the colonia "Luisa" contained some large forts and a blockhouse, did it not? Towards the last - later. Deposition of Ygnacio Mesa 5.

Deposition of Miguel Angel Abad 4. What was the condition of Melones [colonia - M. Z] when you left? When I left, I left there because the guerrilla had burnt it all. What guerrilla was that? The one of the Camarones station. What did they do at Melones? Fire everything that was there - finish up everything - destroy everything that was there. State fully what was there that you knew to be burned or destroyed?

Well, everything that was there was burned, - the houses, the cane, and the fences -- fences - houses, that were there, and everything Who commanded that guerrilla, if you know? What sort of forces were this guerrilla? You mean the number of forces that they brought. How many of them were there? There were about sixty odd - more or less - I can't state eyactly.

State whether this guerrilla was an insurgent or a Spanish force? Objected to as leading. Deposition of Marcos Rodriguez 4. Kennen Sie Sixto Roque? He is planting on land near the colonia Jicotea, and delivers his cane on our railway switch at Jicotea. He was a pretty active insurgent chief in this neighborhood, was he not? Have you a contract with him - verbal or written? We have a verbal contract with him. Ponvert war am 4. Claim , Part I: Deposition for Defendant of Fernando Melero Prado Deposition of Benigno Najarro for Defendant Did Sixto Roque who afterwards becam an insurgent work on the Angelita before the insurrection?

Yes sir, he worked there ever since ha was a child. Unter "Amendment Petition" Box Cornelia Alvarez de Otazo vs. Deposition of Jesus Roman Patricio Ponce de Leon vs. Verschiedene Depositions aus Aguada bzw. An einer Reihe von Briefen bspw. Swanson, Gail, Slave Ship Guerrero. I have used this material partly in: Briesemeister, Dietrich et als. Max Niemeyer Verlag, , pp. Universitat Pompeu Fabra, pp. Revista de Historia, Cultura y Territorio, No. Revista de Indias Vol. Octave De Armas, Vol. Caire, Louis Thimelet Volumes Caire, Louis Thimelet Volumes A.

Caire, Louis Thimelet Volumes B. Pollock, Carlile Volumes Pollock, Carlile Volumes 48 Probate Matters. De Armas, Felix Volume Esclavage et Travail, K2: Louis, 23 juin [wahrsch. Transports et Transmissions Navigation fluviale et maritime , O2: Idearios de todos os Sucesos grandes do mundo especialmente de Portugal desde o anno de ate o de Benedict, Fulton Street, , S.

Das Original des Pamphletes findet sich unter Nr. A Vacation Voyage, London: Smith, Elder and Co. Sentencia contra los negros alzados en el cafetal de La Esperanza, 1 folder. Documents containing sentences pronounced upon slave conspirators online: Published in the Aurora de Matanzas, 14 July online: Ms report of incidents of revolt at plantations in Camarioca Matanzas, Cuba. Includes pen and ink map of properties online: Official communications concerning the Negro Conspiracy, grouped by the following administrative divisions in Matanzas online: Lists, and undated 1 folder.

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Lists of plantations involved in the Negro Conspiracy, including names of owners, value of properties, and names of slaves and prisoners online: Documentos para la historia de Cuba, vol. Oficina de Arazoza y Soler, impresores del gobierno constitucional, , S. El Sabio, Las Siete Partidas. Blaeu, Joan, Atlas Maior of Taschen Classics by Taschen , s. Commodities of Empire Project http: Yale University Press Discussion Paper , S.

Medieval Mediterranean Slavery unter: Dibujos de Ignacio Tovar, 2 Bde. Gobierno de Canarias, Niane, Djibril Tamsir dir. Parliamentary Papers, London unter: House of Commons Parliamentary Papers Online August Royal Navy and the Slave Trade unter: Walvin, James, Atlas of Slavery, London [etc. Impendis Georg Bishop, Consejo Nacional de Cultura, Arquivo Calculo Cacahenda, Lisboa: Imprimerie de Crapelet, online: Senado Federal, Conselho Editorial, Imprenta de Repuelles, In deutscher Bearbeitung von Hauff, Hermann. Nach der Anordnung und unter Mitwirkung des Verfassers.

Humboldt anerkannte Ausgabe in deutscher Sprache, 4 vols. Anales de la Isla de Cuba. Imprenta La Habana, Imprenta de la Antilla, Imprenta la Antilla, Imprenta de la Antilla, , S. Anales de la Isla de Cuba …, , S. La Cartera Cubana, La Habana: Imprenta Literaria, , t. November , in: Arango, Obras, I, S. Documentos para la historia de Cuba, 5 vols.

Editorial de Ciencias Sociales , Bd. Biblioteca Ayacucho, , S. Nach Tonbandaufnahmen herausgegeben von Miguel Barnet. Suhrkamp- Verlag, suhrkamp taschenbuch Barros, Auf dem alten Seewege nach Indien: Dos feitos que os Portugueses fizeram no descobrimento e conquista dos mares e terras do Oriente. Actualizada e anotada por Hernani Cidade. Batrell Oviedo, Ricardo, Para la historia. Guerra de independencia en la provincia de Matanzas. Its Nature and Lamentable Effects, Philadelphia: Benezet, A short account of the part of Africa, inhabited by the Negroes …, Philadelphia: Southern Baptist Publication Society, online: Translated by Mary Howitt, 3 Bde.

Bremer, Die Heimath in der neuen Welt. Bremer, Cartas desde Cuba, La Habana: Arte y Literatura, Detlef Brennecke, Stuttgart [u. Editorial de la Universidad de La Habana, , S. Delgado, Jose Matias, Lisboa: Imprenta La Universal, Casas, Obras Completas …, Bd. Historia de las Indias, S. Casas, Obras Completas, Bd. Alianza Editorial, El libro del bolsillo , S. Cedulario de Margarita , Caracas: Van Court, 1. Coggeshall, Voyages to various parts of the world: Editorial Miguel de Villa, 72 Siehe auch: Francisco Javier Hernaez, 2 Bde.

Imprenta de Alfredo Vromat, Reprint: Columbus, Christoph, Dokumente seines Lebens und seiner Reisen. Las luchas por la independencia nacional y las transformaciones estructurales ; Bd. Publicaciones de las Cortes Generales, , Bd. Henrique, [] 2. Viudas de Arazoza y Soler, Impresora del Gobierno por S.

The Cuba Commission Report. A Hidden History of the Chinese in Cuba. The Original English-Language Text, introd. Southern Illinois University Press, Getrokken uyt verscheyde hedendaegse Lantbeschrijvers en geschriften van bereiste Ondersoekers dier Landen. Wissenschaft und Technik Verlag, , S. Das Leben in den Kolonien, ed. Schmitt; Beck, Thomas, Wiesbaden: Der Aufbau der Kolonialreiche, ed. Editorial de Ciencias Sociales, , S. Documentos para el estudio de los esclavos negros en Venezuela. Editorial de Ciencias Sociales im Folgenden: Schmitt, Eberhard, 5 Bde.

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Mai , S. Editorial Nuevos Rumbos, Real por Juan Flamenco, ]. Academia Real de la Historia, auch: Mit Vorwort von J. Eichborn Verlag, Die Andere Bibliothek, hrsg. Librairie Gide et fils, Entwurf einer physischen Weltbeschreibung, 5 Vols. Mit einer einleitenden Studie von Manfred Kossok, Berlin: Politische Ideen zu Mexico.

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S with a new set of maps adapted to the work and a copious index, in eight volumes, London: Ortiz, Los negros esclavos Oktober , in: Va dividida en cvatro tomos, con Indice general, y al principio de cada Tomo el Indice especial de los titulos, que contiene, 4 Bde. Ortiz, Fernando, Los negros esclavos, La Habana: Imprenta del Gobierno de Matanzas, The New Press, Pichardo, Documentos, I, S.

Torres- Cuevas; Reyes, Esclavitud y sociedad Rothenschen Buchhandlung, [76]. Mit einer Vorrede v. Traduction, introduction et notes par Mette Dige-Hess, Paris: Dauvin et Fontaine, Viaje a la Habana, a las costas, al interior, a Santiago. In Guinea hielt er sich von etwa bis auf. Viuda de Gil de Montes, Saco, Historia de la esclavitud de los indios en el nuevo mundo seguida de la historia de los repartimientos y encomiendas.

Torres-Cuevas, Eduardo, La Habana: Alianza Editorial Alianza Universidad , Sandoval, Un tratado sobre la esclavitud Ediciones Universal, Cuba y sus jueces. Schiller, Friedrich, Universalhistorische Schriften, hrsg. Insel Verlag, insel taschenbuch Serra, Rafael, Para blancos y negros.

Imprenta El Score, Mendoza], Escritos del Libertador, 23 Bde. Sociedad Bolivariana de Venezuela, Arno, sowie Originalmanuskript vor der Bearbeitung von Mayer: Payne, Pall Mall, second edition, corrected. Neue Auflage ; mit V illuminirten Kupfertafeln, Berlin: Transcribed for the First Time from the Original Manuscript, ed. The Johns Hopkins University Press, Tattersfield, Nigel, The Forgotten Trade. Carolina Auersvald Language Arts — Ms. Police Officers Police Officers are community helpers. They work riding their motorcycles and driving police cars. Police Officers wear a uniform.

If you are lost, talk to a Police Officer. They get robbers and put them in jail. Language Arts — Ms. She is very small. Lala has a long pony tail. When Lala shakes her head the sparkle comes out. She wears a pink dress and high heells. She has a wand. She wears a purse.

She is happy and beautiful. She likes to get your teeth. She takes them to the castle and puts the teeth inside a big pink box. Jessica Cheng Language Arts — Ms. We went by airplane. I played Lego and went ice skating. I ate Canalons, Parma Salad and meat. My favorite moment was when I opened my presents and my second best moment was when I was with my family having our Christmas dinner. Bianca has blond and long hair. She wears a pink dress and pink flats. Bianca is beautiful and happy. She gets teeth from the children. She has blue wings that shine when she flies.

She has a colorful dog, a wand, and wish stars. Bianca is married and she has babies… Gugu Dada! Kadlec Bianca Firmino Pilots Pilots are community helpers. They work in the airplanes and in airports. They take people around the world. They wear black and white uniforms. They are very important because they fly people everywhere.

My School International School of Curitiba is my school. It is big, fun, and beautiful. Here there is a gym, a soccer field, and a Music Room. My favorite is the soccer field. My school is organized, big, and neat. My favorite subject is PE because I love Ms. ISC is truly international. Kadlec Bernardo Grupenmacher How to Brush Your Teeth First, go to the bathroom.

Then get your toothpaste and your toothbrush. Next, put some water on your toothpaste. After that, brush in and out, top and bottom. Then, spit the water in the sink. Then, put the things away. Finally, go back to the classroom. It is big, beautiful, and cozy. Here, there is a playground, a library, and a gym. My favorite place is the computer lab. My classroom is big, fun, and cozy. My favorite subject is language arts because I like letters! Lifeguards Lifeguards are community helpers. They work at the beach. They wear special shorts. They have a whistle, a float, and a flat. They are important because they save people when they are in the sea.

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They have 3 body parts and 6 legs.

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Teachers are important because they teach us! Henrique Gradowski Language Arts — Ms. Super is big and tall. His hair is short and black. He wears pink pants, a purple shirt and black crocs. He is cool and good. He will give me money when I loose a tooth. My tooth fairy is fast. Rocky is tall and big. He wears a colorful shirt and colorful pants. He has an electric guitar and he wears glasses. Rocky is cool and nice. He flies to get teeth and he gives money to the children.

Advait Kalayil Language Arts — Ms. My Vacation I went to Porto Belo during my vacation. I traveled by car with my family. It was hot and sunny there. I played with my brother and I ate shrimp. I love Porto Belo! It is colorful and fun. Here there is a playground and a gym. My favorite place is the playground. My classroom is blue, big, and cozy. My favorite subject is PE because I like to run. Bernardo Malucelli Language Arts — Ms. Luciana Kuzma Colored pencil Community Helpers Firefighters are community helpers.

They work at the fire station. The firefighter saves us from the fire. They wear a helmet and a special uniform. They use hoses, trucks, and ladders. Firefighters put out fire. Firefighters are important because they protect us. Community Helpers Police officers are community helpers. Police officers work in the police station and on the streets. They wear a blue uniform. They use guns and cars. They catch the robbers. They are important because they save people. Community Helpers My community helper is the firefighter. The firefighter works at the fire station and on the streets.

Firefighters wear helmets and a fireproof uniform. They use a hose, a truck and a ladder. The firefighter gets to places by truck. I think that they are important because they save people. How to Brush your Teeth First, turn on the water and wet the toothbrush. Then, turn off the water. After that, put some toothpaste on the toothbrush. Next, brush your teeth for about two minutes. Finally, rinse your mouth and spit it out. Freja Rossen Language Arts — Ms. My Vacation I went to New York. I traveled with my mom, my dad and my sister, I traveled by plane.

In New York it was cold and snowy. I rode in a limo and I ate barbecue. I love New York! Her hair is long, blond and curly. She wears high heels and a blue dress. She has a crown, wings and a wand. She is annoying and beautiful. She gets my teeth and she gives me a dollar. I wish I could see the tooth fairy. Police Officer Police officers are community helpers. Police officers work on the streets and in the police stations. They protect people from robbers.

They use guns, cars, radios and handcuffs. Police officers help people to get their things back. They help people stay safe. De repente, um elefante do circo pegou Alem pela tromba. Ele parou de chorar e o elefante ficou olhandoo. Alem levou um susto muito grande. Ele brincou de pular com Alem.

O menino ficou super feliz. O menino pensava que queria ir ao banheiro, mas a professora estava falando: A Bad Dream Once upon a time in the U. A there lived an ordinary family. In the family there were two kids. One kid was named Jack and the other was named Jeff. In their room there was a magic mirror. One day they were sleeping and the mirror started glowing and it sucked them into another world.

When they woke up they were in Candy Land! When they saw everything around them was made of candy they were amazed. Jack loved green gummy bears so he started eating them and he finished all of them. Then he went deeper and deeper into the pile to find more green gummy bears. He looked inside and was surprised to see a crocodile inside. Luckily for him the crocodile only ate candy and not kids. In the meantime Jeff saw peanut butter. He loved peanut butter so he ran toward it.

He jumped into the peanut butter pond. He found out it was actually peanut butter quicksand. When he started sinking deeper and deeper he started screaming. Then he woke up and found out it was only a bad dream. Tenho que fazer xixi Um dia, tinha uma professora que estava ensinando sobre elefantes. A professora disse que ele esperasse o sinal bater. Nerd, Normal and Champion Once there lived a nerd that created a new computer.

The nerd named Fred had a lab to create things, but one day when he came home he saw his lab door was open and he saw that he was robed. He saw something on the ground and it was his minicomputer! He saw where his things were but he remembered that he needed to do something and he went and he grabbed his coat and just went to have a haircut and he bought flowers to a nerd girl.

He went back home like a normal kid that is a boyfriend. He got a little more friends but he still is a little nerdy. One day he saw a dog who could not breathe in the pool and he was going to die. He jumped in the pool and he became one of the 2nd best swimmers in the world! The 1st best swimmer said to Fred to go to the Olympics!! Fred went to the Olympics and he became famous and he traveled around the world on his tour and took the nerd girl too and they lived happily ever after!! A pomba Vicentina Era uma vez uma pomba chamada Vicentina.

Ela estava voando por um parque. Depois, Vicentina passou por uma casa. Ela viu uma menina sem flores para vender. Vicentina viu um jardim. Ela pegou flores do jardim. Viveram felizes para sempre. Branca de Neve percebeu que eles eram legais e comeu com eles. Eles se casaram e viveram felizes para sempre. Um menino estava vendo o show. Ele se perdeu do seu pai. Ele estava com medo porque estava pegando fogo. O elefante que estava participando do show foi ajudar o menino a encontrar seu pai. O menino estava feliz de novo porque o elefante o ajudou a encontrar seu pai. Quando Caio chegou em casa, viu Fernando vendo TV.

Fernando colocou o volume muito alto. Caio falou para Fernando parar! Depois, Fernando e Caio conversaram e Fernando abaixou o volume. Um dia, a madrasta disse para o seu espelho: Ela queria achar um jeito para pegar a Branca de Neve. Eles a convidaram para um jantar. Eles fizeram coisas divertidas com ela e nem se preocuparam com a madrasta. Um dia, a madrasta maldosa perguntou ao espelho: Ela achou um plano para pegar a menina. Eles se casaram e ficaram felizes para sempre.

Ela perguntou de novo: Ele a levou para a floresta, onde ela iria estar segura. Na floresta, ela encontrou uma casinha bem pequena e, quando entrou, viu 7 caminhas. Como ela estava muito cansada, colocou uma cama ao lado da outra e adormeceu. A madrasta ficou ainda mais brava. Olha o Gato Era uma vez , um rato chamado Beto. Ele estava dando uma volta. O gato se bateu. De novo Beto viu uma bola, mas ele pensou que desta vez era somente uma bola. So he just rinsed his mouth and came out.

His parents were very happy to see that he was an independent boy. He then went to sleep. Every day he started doing this. His parents organized his 5th birthday party. Tony was very happy. On his birthday, he had a tooth ache, so he went to the dentist. I have not been brushing my teeth at night. He said to himself, next time I will not let this happen. I did not actually fool my parents, I just fooled myself! Eshann Saxena Language Arts — Ms. A Rafaela viu o arbusto se mexendo e disse: Paula Bertagnoli Earth paint, sand and charcoal A Paula e a Sofie foram ver o que era.

Quando viram, era um coelho verde com um monte de machucados. E a Paula disse: Quando perceberam, estavam no meio de um monte de bichos com machucados. O Cachorro e o Gato Era uma vez um menino chamado Alberto, ele estava no parque com seu cachorro Luiz e de repente achou seu amigo Tomas e seu gato Bernardo. Um dia, um rato chamado Bacon estava passeando. De repente, o gato assustou o rato. O gato estava tentando pegar o rato. Quando o gato estava tentando pegar o rato, ele bateu na parede: O gato desmaiou e o Bacon olhou na porta.

O Bacon estava andando bem relaxado. O Bacon estava encostando no gato e de repente. Caio Gobbo de Oliveira Portuguese — Ms. E quando viu, era apenas o dono dele. Earth paint, sand and charcoal Alexia Apples Love Especially loves mac and cheese I love you! Always amazing LA — Ms. Melissa My sister is nice Excellent Lovely I love my older sister.

She plays a lot. September birthday At night, she reads a book. Ananda Always respectful Never mean Adores pizza Not perfect Delighted to do stuff and favors for other people! April is my birthday month! Ananda Mehta LA — Ms. Ela agradeceu e ficou bem feliz!

Ela agradeceu e Vicentina voou com um sorriso no rosto. Helena Nascimento Portuguese — Ms. Never gets cold Constantly smiling I am in Brazil. Layers Amanda Dobrow Have you ever noticed that soil has layers. There are different kinds of layers. The layers are top soil, bedrock and humus. There are types of soil size also.

They are sand, silt and clay. Soil comes in many different colors like yellow, brown, black and red. The layers are formed in different soils. Clay is the strongest and darkest of all soil size layers. Sand is the one that gets looser. Silt is a little lighter than then clay. Sand is the lightest of all size soil layers. These are all the soil layers and soil size layers that are the most important to soil. These are also good so plants grow big, strong and healthy. Muppet Soil wolski owner 48hotmail. We did a Mini Metric Olympics contest for a math project.

This graph shows the results for cotton ball. In this event, we throw the cotton ball and we measured how you get it. The range is from.

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Maria Clara did the most with Vini did the least with cm. The mode is nothing because they are all different children got that amount. The median is The mean is The person closest to the mean average is scored by David. I learned that you can see how you is perfect in the games of Olympics games you can get it any score! I am like an ostrich Rushing in the desert with energy, Jogging around a park luckily, Standing tall in the sky bravely.

I am like the rain, Falling in the landform fast, Dropping in the ranch drained, Puddling in the city exhausted I am like a backpack Excited about the trip, Traveling around the world happily, Tiring out on my journey. Humus is one of the best layers because it helps the roots of the plants get through and it has nutrients. Humus is organic matter which is decaying matter. The first is humus which is organic matter. Last but not least bed rock which is broken up rocks. Humus is good for the plants. But we are building houses on the best soil. So if your job is to build houses try not to destroy the good soil.

If you have a garden those are the layers of soil. Those layers of soil are in the same order every day and everywhere. T black, brown, red, wh grey. You would norm orange in Brazil. You w color in Poland. You w in America. Black a dark because they ha are certain colors bec in them. There are als soil. There Those types are hite, green, and mally find a reddishwould find a brown would find a black il is green because cean.

You would hina they use it to and grey soil are ave humus in it. Silt of Soil Soil is formed by Mother Nature. It is formed like this. First comes weathering which cracks the bed rock. Then the rocks get smaller and smaller and organic matter forms. Then, the top soil is formed and other layers are below it. Top soil is made of broken up rocks, dead leaves and dead bugs. The basic material is parent material. Eduardo Amaral I am like. I am like a cheetah, Running across the savanna with speed, Chasing in the grassland hungrily, Climbing up trees to rest quietly.

I am like a jet ski, Growling noisily as I start, Flying across the ocean speedily, Floating down the river lazily. I am like a back pack, Traveling to places by airplane, Going to school with homework, Full of ideas. I am like… I like a Bugatti Veyron Running fast on the racetrack Humming on the street quietly Looking high tech I am like a tiger Growing angry hunting Running hungrily cute Small fast jumping I am like the rain jumping to the earth falling fast from the sky making a lot of noise.

I am like a glass, seeing everything, making the people see better, having lots of colors. I am like… I am like a cheetah, Sneaking in the savanna quietly, Dodging in the forest smartly, Running in the grassland freely. I am like a jet plane, Carrying my passengers quickly to their destination, Wasting fuel above the clouds, Landing in the station softly. I am like a video game, Waiting to reach a high score, Standing still in a corner tired of the work, Everyone playing with me. I am like a waterfall, Falling in the forest powerfully, Leaving peace all around, Rushing from the river to the fall.

This graph shows the results for Giant Step. In this event, we step as far we can, then a person in our group measures how far we step. The range is from to 75cm. Bruno did the least with 75 cm. I have two modes 98 and because children 2 got that amount. The median is 99, and 1children got each amount. I really enjoyed doing this project! This graph shows the results for high jump.

The Reckoning: A Novel

In this event, we need to jump and touch in the paper. The range is from 28cm to 16cm. Laura did the most with 28 cm. Vini did the least with16cm. The mode is 24 because 3 children got that amount. Breno, Julia and Mateus are exactly average at I like this event because I know that I jumped high. My Favorite Things My favorite things make my life fun.

My favorite foods are really good. I like my favorite Holidays. I like to go to restaurants. I like my favorite food. I like strawberry ice cream in cones and I like to eat ice cream on a hot day. I like green or purple grapes that are sweat. I like to eat these foods. My favorite restaurants are good, nice and beautiful. Badida is a barbecue place and has really good cheese bread and good foods. It has a lot of types of rocks Manuela Silveira Vino has really goods desserts and really goods foods and Vino is a good restaurant.

This restaurant was very good. My favorite holidays are Christmas, my birthday, and Easter. During Christmas, I get presents and toys, and I spend some time with my family. During my birthday I get presents, I get older, and I play with my family. At Easter I get toys, chocolate and chocolate eggs. I love these foods My favorite foods are really good. My restaurants are fun to eat at or go to. My holidays are fun. I like these things. I am like a cheetah Rushing at the savanna with lots of speed Not getting tired at the plains Spying in the grass for my snack.

I am like a video game Standing in a house with a high highscore Sitting on the floor quietly Resting in a corner turned off. The Best Soil By: We put worms in my soil because we get just the top soil. My soil is good for plants not for weeds. If you buy in my company you are going to be impressed. If you like my soil we are going to give bones for you. Tanks for buying at Roar Soil. How Soil All soils have different colors. Soil has different minerals that help us with plants to grow.

The soil colors are brown, black, red and gray. The soil is good when is at the top has all the nutrients. If you want your plant to grow you must have a good soil! Types of Soil Soil is formed break. The rock into soil this years or more. Over are going to b the rocks are b The soil can b leaves too. Th pieces of the r how the soil is m The soil is made ng of rock or r time the layers be formed.

When broken very small. Is like this med!!! The basic thing that plants need is sun, water and are. Different seeds need different temperatures to grow. The plants need food like people and animals. The food that the plants need is decomposes, water and sun shine. The plants like to grow in hot and worm places. If yours plants do not grow you are in the wrong business. Science— Rae Leiper I am like I am like a lion, Running dangerously to get my prey.

Acting like the queen of the savanna.

Nine Perfect Strangers

Taking care of my cubs. I am like a jeep, Driving slowly on Miami street, Cruising coolly in the cold after noon, Bring fun to people. I am like a river, Carrying people slowly along, Bumping madly over the stones, Splashes playfully on the rocks. I am like an earring, Hanging neatly in the shop, Swinging prettily from people ears, Shining in the sun. Clifton My Favorites I love my favorite things. My favorite animals are the cutest animals. My favorite places are fun. My favorite foods are delicious. Look and see my favorite things. I get really happy when I have favorite foods.

I love my favorite foods. The cutest animals are my favorite animals. Horses and Mariana Machado Cats are small and good climbers. Snow leopards are really fury and big and big good climbers. My favorite animals are really cute. My favorite places are really cool. I like Fernao de Noronha because it is I get really hot and the water is clear. Jriquaquara is small and sandy. Gaspar is hot and small. Good food keeps me from being hungry. My life would be sad without cute animals. Cool places keep me from being bored. Do you know what plant need to grow healthy?

Plants need CO2, H2O, air, nutrients and minerals. One of those is CO2 that means carbon dioxide. The next one is the H2O that it means is water. Air is also very important to plants. Nutrients are also important to plants because it is in the soil. The last thing is the minerals that also important to plants and it is also in the soil. What Do Plants Need?

Layers of Soil Types Soil is amazing. There There are six different The soil is different co on parent material. Th white, brown, black, g soil is green because it the ocean. We can find find red at Brazil and o on the soil. You can fin Poland, little bit on Am places in the world. W soil in America. The so Gravel is the biggest si second biggest is the s smallest or the third b is the same size of the the size it is the clay.

It to see in a scale you w Did you know that there are layers of soil. The letter of the layers are A, B, C and D. The first layer is the letter A humus that has organic matter. The second layer is the letter B that is the top soil. It is a mix of humus and soil. The third layer of soil is the letter C. In this soil there is rocks and soil. The last one that is the fourth layer of soil is the letter D that is the bedrock. Bedrock is broken up pieces of rock.

They stay like this because the water from the rain will crack the bedrock. Then the rocks get smaller because the organic matter is growing on top. It is so fun to study about the layers of soil. Green t is made and found under d white soil at china. We can other places that have iron nd brown soil at Brazil, merica and lots of other We can find a lot of the black oil can have different sizes. The sand with 1mm. The second biggest is the silt is 1mm and e sand. The smallest of all of ts size is 01mm. Soil is made from different things.

To make top soil the ingredients are broken up pieces of rocks, dead leaves, dead animals, tree limbs and also dead bugs. How soil gets its minerals in the soil. When a Living thing like an animal or a plant dies little bugs eat their meat then their pop gives the minerals to the soil. I am like I am like a turtle Walking on the sand Defending myself against my enemy Swimming through the water. I am like a thunder storm Crashing thunders through the sky Floating above the earth with anger Realizing darkness wherever I go. I am like a rock Sitting quietly in the grass Sleeping all day never talking Keeping my secrets.

I am like a mini van Carrying lots of people Keeping my focus Driving until I get to my target. I follow the school rules by doing the work, stay quiet and being respectful. Following school rules is important at ISC. April Pareja Language Arts — Ms. I got to this school in toddler and Gabriel and Diego played with me so they became my friends. ISC means a safe place to do things. That is what ISC means to me! I am a friend by being fun. I am a friend by playing.

I am a friend by being nice. Helping others is important at ISC We are all friends! I love It when I Play Tennis! It is so cool. I win all the games. I like to play tennis because I saw my dad playing when I was two years old. Now I have played since I was two years old. It is super cool and it is fun. If I could play tennis for the rest of my life, I would.

Pedido de Casamento (Série Clube do Buquê - Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition) Pedido de Casamento (Série Clube do Buquê - Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition)
Pedido de Casamento (Série Clube do Buquê - Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition) Pedido de Casamento (Série Clube do Buquê - Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition)
Pedido de Casamento (Série Clube do Buquê - Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition) Pedido de Casamento (Série Clube do Buquê - Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition)
Pedido de Casamento (Série Clube do Buquê - Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition) Pedido de Casamento (Série Clube do Buquê - Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition)
Pedido de Casamento (Série Clube do Buquê - Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition) Pedido de Casamento (Série Clube do Buquê - Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition)
Pedido de Casamento (Série Clube do Buquê - Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition) Pedido de Casamento (Série Clube do Buquê - Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition)

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